July 22, 2010

Back to university life & Chicken Arabbiata

Rest assured, even though I have been long since I last updated anything here, I am still alive.

Just that now I am in Perlis. Trying really hard to make ends meet academically in this last semester.


Trying hard as well to understand even more mind-boggling stuffs about microcontroller.


Not to mention that I have to take on a difficult final semester project. Whatever it is, I still have to weather the storm. No options.


I did try to enjoy life here though.

Few days ago, I went to Pizza Hut to satisfy my glutton again. But I didn’t eat pizza there. I ate rice.


It’s part of the still-affordable Sensasi Delight personal set meals. It feature a main dish (pizza, pasta or rice), bread sticks, soup and Pepsi.

All for RM9.80. STILL very much affordable, even though it could be much cheaper to eat at nearest mamak stall.

Just keep going on. With God’s grace and providence, I can overcome almost everything.

God bless you all!

July 2, 2010

No mercy to “baby”

This “baby” was left alone inside the room. Nobody seems to care about “him.”


So, I took him, and I absolutely had NO MERCY.



Am I doing plastic surgery or something? Destroyed the “baby’s” face?


Or maybe indeed I am doing plastic surgery. To try to dismantle, clean up, and reassemble his face.

Looks like I won’t become a good daddy in the future. Hmmm

Playing Baby Anne the mannequin is so damn fun. :P

God bless you all!