August 30, 2006

Rather happy and FREE

It's a pretty free day for me. Everything goes on well for me.

Thank God I did receive Holy Communion this morning, without any stomachache. That's why I am happy!

At school, I am also rather free. Doing my prefect's duty freely, listen to lessons freely, chat freely, play freely etc etc, everything just free for me. I offer up my smiles, my silly dance, my chats, all FOR FREE. No need pay money, how cool is that?

After school, I spend a fortune to KFC in town. Shock to see many people at there in weekday though. I tried the newly launched "Chick'n Fingers", which obviously just like nuggets. Cheezy wedges is as tasty as usual, and no other chickens can match KFC Spicy recipe. Having KFC as lunch as lunch once in a while is really satisfying.

Back to school, I just helped a bit in tomorrow's Family Day preparation. After some vacumming on stage, all of us just have some chit-chats. Sad to see and hear all my colleagues backstabbing others with words, which contradicts what Jesus teach, that's not to judge anyone.

Back home with sense of relief, and here I am blogging after skipping the evangelizing talk. I know God is always with me. I trust in Him always.

If I can dream it, with God's power, why I cannot make it come true?

God bless you all!

August 29, 2006

Doing nothing much, but tired

This day starts off with STOMACHACHE! I could sense it already when I am on the way to school. My stomach starts "revolting" again in Mass. Towards Doxology, I can feel I am almost fainted, and just could not stand it anymore. Therefore, I rushed in the toilet. Too bad cannot receive Holy Communion, but I always think about Jesus and pray in toilet. Thank God, I am rather well after that, just only that slight disappointment.

As for tests, Maths gives me the greatest joy as I beat all the arch rivals to claim the top spot! I am not acting or behaving proud now, but it worths it after much time trying.

How happy I am! Praise the Lord! Oh yeah....

Physics, Biology and Moral all are beyond the danger level, that still keeps me a clean sheet for not failing any subjects ever in St. Joseph Secondary School. I am not trying to be proud OK!

Prefect's duties are as usual, where I am busy taking photos during the Merdeka Convoy. Some naughty guys approached and asked a lot of questions after I asked them to pose for photographs. Guess I will be busy with my camera again in the coming functions.

Afternoon was like nuts to me. It's so boring, doing nothing, and yet I come home with an almost flat engine. I even slept for few times in tuition. Feeling so lonely, very lonely without the presence of my loved ones.

OK then. I treasure all my dreams to God! He is my stronghold and my strength!

God bless you all!

August 28, 2006

Looking back, nothing to regret

Holiday is over, but the mood of it is still can be felt now.

Holiday is so much rampant with the planning of Inter Clubs Camp. I cannot regret anyting of it, as I feel that I am the most free and laziest in that camp. Only know how to eat and sleep, just like life in prison. So much envy and jealous when I read Kristine's blog, about how they celebrated Chew Rou's birthday last Saturday. I guess I won't have that chance anymore.

It's does not really mean only disappointment in that camp. I do meet new friends, despite that they don't know me. It's cool to talk, to lead, to barbecue etc etc. Thank God on that. Much more freedom as an AJK, as I am allowed to go Mass everyday. Activities were lame at first, but getting more interesting as we gripped the gear. Participants also enjoyed it much.

Share with you some cool pictures of mine in the camp!

Here's your handsome and humble servant!

With Khin Sheng also known as "Fankuatzai." We really talked on some "VERY INTERESTING ISSUES."

Here's the camp commandent, Ming Chai with me! He's very nice to everyone.

Fierce huh? Does not look handsome though, haha.

Feel like celebrity.

With Jia Ying and Ik Ching before the First Aid relay. They are very nice and pretty.

Barbecue alone, for myself and rest of AJK in late night.

Hope this week will be a fruitful week. Have faith in the Lord!

God bless you all!

August 24, 2006

Frustration never prevails

Today is still another busy holiday. After Mass, I have to carry all the stuff bought at Monday, which is like 20 kilograms to carry. Nothing much to do at there, talking, discussing, paperworks. Really frustrated at there, and you also know, it's because I am thinking too much. Too much on girls, too much on money, too much on myself.

This draws me even near to tears. Helplessly I just table-sleep, but never got well.

Nevertheless, I managed to get out from there. Happily I bought a new CD writer to be installed on this PC. At least can end the long wait for this.

Add Maths tuition is just getting interesting with differentiation. Great satisfaction to successfully tackle all those questions. Not hard to memorize, just no need think too much. Night is much relaxing, do some final jobs on Priscilla's PC, plus also maintaning my own PC. I also received some request to reformat their PC, and I am happy with that.

Tomorrow starts the Interclubs Camp, in which I still not packed my luggage. Hope I won't think too much, and I give everything to my Lord.

I really miss my loving Lord, and also the ones whom I love.

God bless you all!

August 23, 2006

Why become so moody?

I don't know why, when I get up at 1900 just now, suddenly it's like a running mood storm crushing against me. Since that, I tried to smile, but it didn't last long

Why like that? Is it hormonal changes, just like girls? Or simply think too much?

I don't know, it's just came like that.

Whenever I am in bad mood, I tend to eat. Just now, I want to eat the Drumstick with Kit Kat just to escape from the stress after buying kerosene. However, it's disallowed by my father. Yes, that ice cream is expensive, but who cares? It's much better than eat durians that leave my mouth stinks and heats up my body temperature, which makes my mood even poorer.

It's all very lame. A bit relieved when do received a few SMS. Priscilla want to come to collect her PC from my home tomorrow, but I insisted to go to her home and explain everything I have done to her computer and some advices. Neither I know when I am able to return her PC because of the camp.

I always think too much on this, whether what she thinks, what this what that. Nevertheless, grateful that she gave me a chance to kill my time and train my computer skills, hehe.

Emma also help me reduce the stress. Although it's a hanging chat, but I can still satisfied. If not because of the camp, I can go out with them to celebrate Chew Rou's birthday. Oh man, how disappointed I am!!!!

Whatever, I still hope! The joy of the Lord is my strength, my hope my everything.

God bless you all!

Dreaded like "dut"

Haha, I am using Priscilla's newly reformatted PC to write this blog. Cool man!

Yesterday is just like a full drag for me. I went to Priscilla's house in the morning, where I was asked to fix her computer. It's headwiring to determine the problem, and do many stupid things just for the sake of unbootable CD. Anyway, great to chat with her along fixing the computer, and her family is treating me well too. Well impressed by them, and a heartiest thanks for them.

Priscilla and me at her home! Cool!

After successfully reformatted, setting up and optimized her computer, I am forced to watch the "dut" Royal London Circus. It's much expected, even some already being watched before. Very dull, I would rather stay at home and do my works than watching all these "dut."

And earlier this morning, I really walking crazy. I could only walk, walk and walk. I am proud, to walk from MRCS HQ to Riverfront, and towards Bus Station, via Krokop! Wahaha, cool right? Tiring, but satisfying. Just back from bank with RM200, still considering how to spend it. Maybe a new CD burner? Haha....

Hope in my Lord is the POWERFUL ENERGY in MY LIFE!

God bless you all!

August 21, 2006

Fun, Fun and FUN!!

What can I say? It's rather fun to go out with friends and went hiking in the mountanious terrain in Canada Hill, and also strolling until night at Tanjong Lobang. Check these out, hehe.

A self-shoot at my handsome smile, Lol....

Below Grand Old Lady, courtesy of Khin Sheng.

Emma and me in the jungle trail. Cool right?

Everyone's shooted together at one stop. I like the smiles.

May you rest in peace, lol.....

Emma, Kim How and Jing Kwong delighted with their discovery of such a beautiful clam!

Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Wuahahaha....

Oh, this was certainly FANTASTIC! Oh, how I wish I can enjoy like this again!

Anyway, priority no.1 in my life is always God.

God bless you all!

August 19, 2006

Emotions towards girls

I have great respect towards girls. Sometimes they will drive me crazy. Sometimes they brighten up my day. Sometimes takes me into deep valley of despair. Sometimes give me much hope, and believe that dreams may come true.

Certainly, I have to thank God that I still like girls, a lot of girls. For this, I strive my very best to treat them as sisters, and also try very hard to avoid to have crush on somebody. These emotions to me are all nuts, useless, sometimes even bring lust.

Girls are always pure in their heart. Their tenderness, speaking, acting are always that spectacular. Sometimes you feel sense of mystery in them, but when you discover it, it often gives surprises. They are like ripened flower, waiting to be blossomed. No matter how they were insulted in other websites, I am still have to side them, out of the love for them.

I don't believe what other guys are saying, but truly, they are really good examples for us guys to learn you know. Guys, try to be humble ok? Be a man when you see a girl is bullied!

Let it be a pure heart created in me.

God bless you all!

A day at Old Folk's Home

A meaningful, well-spent, at least for the half-day. We had enjoyable time down at Old Folks Home in Jee Foh Road. Take some look at the pics, hehehe.

My favourite job, taking own picture by myself.

Birds around, waiting to fly away.

Really working or making a fun?

Cheese everyone!

Cool man, still can play chess!

Anyway, pity though to see those old people, without their children's care. Will I be the next one to send my parent's to such places? Hope not.

God bless you all!

Saturday mood

Today is still kinda free to me. This morning, some of my friends along with SMK Dato' Permaisuri girls went to Old Folk's Home to have some community service. Honestly not much work can be done, because the home is already so well kept. I also managed to play chess with an experienced player, which, of course, lost to him. Hahaha.....

Lame emotions starts crushing when waiting like "dut" to go to church. It's so lame to wait for SMS, so "dut" to stare at PC without doing anything. Blogging also gives me nuts at that time. I am kinda frustrated really, for the reason that I cannot really express it out.

Saturday has always been a day of mixed moods. I do really become jealous to those who can go together in shopping complexes and cineplex and watch movie, shopping etc etc. Again and again is the left-out feeling. Haih...

However, I never lose HOPE! Hope is very important, to keep myself happy, to keep faithful to God, to keep everything. My dream is always embraced by hope, and this hope shall never fade away.

Forget the craps, always be happy and hopeful!

God bless you all!

Destined to be alone?

I ask a lot about their own holiday plans. Their straight answers are majority going out with friends, watching movie, shopping together, and do anything together.

Where as for me, I always go anywhere alone. Alone, alone and alone. My mum always says me as a LONE, UNGROUPABLE PERSON.

Is that so? Maybe right, maybe wrong.

It's somehow right, because I seldom has any close relationships with anyone yet. My social circle is rather different. My point of view of life is different, my sense of enjoyment is different. That difference often makes me alone, not with packs. Even with groups in some cases, I always feel that I am left out, regardless of persons and places.

On the other hand, I do think I am a friendly person. I don't stick to only 1 gang or pack. I am willing to help around. I am just not very talkative, yet can speak for others. I am not racist nor sexist. This is not praising myself, it's just saying the truth.

Forget what others think about me. It's also needless to pity myself of always being lonely. God knows everything, whether I am really destined for human loneliness temporarily or forever. 1 thing I know, Jesus is always with me.

God bless you all!

Temptations in the late night

Please don't think to far away ok, I am just tempted by money offered on TV shows, not girls.

I am still awake now for no reason, since so boring, I just switched on TV and saw these so-called TV contests, which indeed offer much prizes. However, seeing how each SMS and phone call is charged, walao, it's RM2 per SMS and call! Shocking!

Nevertheless, I called using iTalk, but it just taking me too long. I cannot imagine how people would like to gamble on these nuts. The questions are really easy. I remember there was a show at RTM, those questions were super hard, like that the money was well won. Haha, thinking back, it's the TV station who are smiling with so many SMS and call in.

At the moment, I still didn't feeling much sleepiness. That's me, always different with others, who are supposed to sleep by now. I don't understand, even in holidays I also won't take the chance to sleep as much as I like. Anyway, I like it! Hehehe....

I just wait for the dawn to come, which brings a lot hopes and dreams. Praise the Lord!

August 18, 2006

Holiday now, but....

Yes, it's holiday now, just a week holiday to me, but why complain?

However, looking at the plans to be done next week, it does not look like holiday at all. First up is the prefect things, then followed by YLC Interclub Camp. Dad is also planning to bring us all to work at his oil palm estate.

I guess my plans for a day trip to Marudi via Fly Asian Xpress fell through already, since it's hard to even get my Dad to bother about this.

Haih, looking at this logo also make me sighing....

Or even this,

Makes me even mouthwatering whenever some aeroplanes fly over my house.

Seems no room for me even to take a break. Well, I hope I can relax for the whole week, forget everything sad in the past, and looking forward to future.

God bless you all!

It's really hot nowadays

Hot temperatures and intense heat strike town!

Since when are the haze invade Miri? I certainly don't like them because it's keep on making me sweating, even sleeping in air-conditioned room in afternoon! Strange!

Anyway, I am still the type that blog in late of night. Glad that exam is finally steps into the final steps. I do expect a downhill in this exam, no matter what it is. If I saw some improvement in science subjects, that's simply UNBELIEVABLE!

I always feel that I have to be responsible of Emma's lost laptop this morning. I called her, and she said she's getting pestered for the whole day. I can feel how upset her Mum, and also the disappointment in her voice. Anyway, hope she will really find her laptop, just trust in God.

Time to sleep though, rather tired by now after uploading lots of photos. Let the Lord decide what is the next step I will take tomorrow.

God bless you all!

August 16, 2006

Second personal blog!

You might think I am crazy, but really I am really deep into the world of blogging.

This blog provides not much difference from my first one at Windows Live Spaces, where I will put in all my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings, my everything into this "Chamber of Dreams."

Earlier on I tried to create my own website using Google Page Creator, but it totally failed me out. Probably I am more to blogging then website making. This is my 4th blog to take charge, and of course, generally I am happy with it! Oh yeah!

So, do enjoy this blog, thanks for visiting and keep looking to other blogs!

With dreams, there's hope, both of these brings great joy even in deepest despair.

God bless you all!