May 31, 2008

Guys, look at this

Another thought-provoking, and maybe painfully embarrassing to the some guys out there.

So how about you? Are you "thumb up"? Or "thumb down"?

If you're "thumb up", congratulations! 

However if you're "thumb down", really, faster go consult a doctor. You surely don't want to make yourself into more trouble. 

God bless you all!

May 30, 2008

Any idea WHY?

I saw this when I was hanging around at supermarket yesterday. Maybe nothing much, but still, check this out.


How come some bras (especially the hanging ones) are that EXPENSIVE? Anyone can tell me why?

And I wonder if any girls (especially my female friends) out there ever buys and wears such pricey bras? Any advantages and benefits? Probably wanna looking good, FROM THE INSIDE?

Are you willing to splash out such hefty cash to buy it?

In the end, I admit, those bras look very good. Far better than I have seen from the ones that are commonly worn.

As if I know what are THE ONES which are commonly worn. LOL...

God bless you all! Cheers everyone~~~~

May 28, 2008

It feels like being courted

Yeah, it's so so true, when you wanna go traveling, and there are 2 airlines fighting to get are butts seated in their airplane. Hmmm....

That's why, it's GOOD that WE'RE HARD TO GET. Hahahaha....

So, will you gonna choose this properly-dressed, good-looking, handsome, full of services newbie?

5-star man? Or this....

The so-called Champion of Low fares? Where you're stripped good service, lousy airport but VERY CHEAP? Erm...

Everyone, what say you?

God bless! Cheers~~

May 27, 2008


Guys out there! Look at here! If you really wanna become very MAN, you better check out this product!

You may want to check it out here for more! No wonder my Mum forbid me to eat and drink it! LOL!

To be honest, I want to be SO MAN as well. Hahaha!!

Feel free to ask me more! God bless and cheers~~~

May 26, 2008


While I was packing the old newspapers, I saw this article dated somewhere ago this year. It may have a massive impact on me. Seriously.

Try to read them in full if you can read Chinese.

If you cannot read Chinese, well the big title there is "Effective Confession." Of course, the confession here is meaning showing affection and invite someone to be my girlfriend. Simple as that.

Or is it?

I admit after reading that article, my heart really sank. I didn't even fulfill any criteria in order to "confess effectively." Needless to say, I feel like I am a sucker. No offense.

Till this date, I still don't understanding 1 thing. Why I always afraid of the girl that I fall to? Why is it that I cannot be friend with her anymore like before? Why do I always feeling uneasy about this?

I intend to put all these behind to fully commit myself into Sixth Form studies. However, I never know when and how that feeling comes to strike me again.

God bless and love you all as I am too~~~ Cheers everyone...

May 23, 2008

What the LOL is he doing??

Mum told me to shoot this while we were shopping for books yesterday at Parkson.


Hey budak, very cool huh to watch like that? No need money again ho? Tak perlu balik rumah ke? (No need to go back home is it?)

What a superb way to pass your time. Watch free movies at Speedy video shop. This kid is really brilliant! =D

New burdens an hurdles coming on my way now! Oh no...

God bless you all! Cheers everyone!  :)

May 19, 2008

It's beyond finger lickin' good!

When think about KFC, I am sure everyone will think about their chicken. Yeah, their fried chicken is awesome, but there's another one that's far more fantastic, and CHEAPER.

Yeah, here it is....


Looks so yummy, right?? Right? And yeah, it's really freaking very delicious! To the extend of I gotta lick everything!

I MEAN EVERYTHING! Not even a drop of sauce!

See? I cannot afford to waste even a drop! Wahahaha...

So, have I made your saliva dripping already? Hehehe... go get one then! =D

Get it if you can.... :P

PS: Big Mac is also very nice le! I think I can master the Big Mac chant in 4 seconds already. I so gonna win a free Big Mac for myself. Hehe!

Gotta go to school tomorrow! Hope I still have the strength to update this blog!

God bless!

May 17, 2008

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song

Oh, I could just laugh and laugh and laugh. Take a look man, it will sure put my smile on your face and brighten your day. =)

Ho ho ho, see how cute is Spongebob and Patrick. I just love that pair. So funny! Never ending jokes and quirky laughs!!

And remember, it will help, if you just sing alooooooooooong!! Hahaha!

God bless you all! And stay happy! =D


This ad is really funny. It always tickles me whenever I watch it from anywhere, even in Youtube.

So easy to win 100K bucks, that you won't need to do crazy stuffs like in Fear Factor! That "daring" guy looks is just so funny! LOL!

How could I be just lucky, by just reloading 50 bucks, and win 100K? Wah, how nice is that!

Plus, I will never wear that underwear! Hahahahaha!

Cheers and God bless everyone!

May 15, 2008

What a dunk

I have no idea how I started to love watching NBA. And as the TV said, this Playoffs are just FANTASTIC.

Here's just one of the many fantastic one!

(Do go to the video URL and choose to watch in high quality, better view there)


How LeBron James can twist turn like lightning, and dunk so powerfully with only ONE HAND?? 

He just looked so wild to dunk it in! No wonder the commentator said "he was with no regard of human life!" LOL! 

NBA playoffs are just the game where amazing happens! Haha...

God bless! Cheers and keep watching NBA! Haha :D

May 12, 2008

Another week?

After so much waiting finally I wore my school uniforms, and going to school again.

Students out there may feel pathetic when wearing school uniform, but as for me, it's really exciting to be a public school student again.

OK OK I know that I look very nerdy! Don't laugh at me la please~~

Plus, driving when wearing school uniform was a totally new experience for me. It's good, and it's fun.

My new school too has a lot of prospects going on there. This is place anywhere but near awesome, but of course, NOT PERFECT.

New school SMK Baru

Forget about the how many Bumipeteras or how many Chinese here, I don't mind that. I like the environment very much. It's so quiet and cool compared to my old school. Many trees with large compounds, it's certainly a great place for me to explore later on.

Anyway, I can feel that 6th Form is very cold among my old schoolmates. Only a handful came to report. It looks like I gotta start making new friends, AGAIN. Ah, I think I just won't have the luck to have those "long-term friendships."

I managed to get through all the reporting in, and surprisingly, I was told to come again by NEXT TUESDAY!!


At first I really didn't believe my ears and asked to reconfirm it. YES IT'S IS FREAKING NEXT TUESDAY! Walao eh....

And that's why I am now so bored to blog about all this stuff now! Hahaha....

Really gotta enjoy this holiday to the fullest now! God bless you all!

May 11, 2008

Once Crowded, Now Deserted

I spent the final hours of my holidays on driving just now. And I found myself to this place.


Mirians, still remember this place?

Yes, this is the once so-crowded ferry jetty to cross the Baram river before reaching Brunei. I still remember how long is the queue when I last used the ferry nearly 12 years ago.

Since the opening of the ASEAN Bridge (probably the costliest bridge in Malaysia?), the ferry services are terminated, and thus this place has been very deserted.

It's sad though. I would rather to have the services resumed so to provide an alternative route to Brunei. RM10 used to cross the bridge per-trip is simply crazy, especially to those who always cross the border.

A closer look on the jetty bank. Really deserted and it's in rising tide. Sign of flood? LOL

Actually can cross the river using this boat!! Only RM2! But I wonder that if he will carry just me alone? Surely no, right?

This proves somebody is destroying the forests somewhere upstream.

Speaking about ferry, I spotted 2 ferries anchored at the opposite bank. I still don't understand why they suspended their service. Sigh...

Last time, this place is used to be a buzzing little market. There was some people selling fish, tidbits, coffee shops with full house and so on, but now....

Only this little stall is still open. And other little shops all closed down, or just little customers.

I also did saw some people hanging out there, dating, heard booming music and so on. But it just cannot be compared with its past prime time. So sad.

Anyway, I must say that the Kuala Baram road is so damn smooth!

It a joy to drive a 3.0 liters engine car on such traffic-less road! I even sped up to 110 km/hour (which I know still not fast enough) that made me feeling so high. Haha....

However, why don't such double-way road be built on the Lambir area here, which are more populated? What a waste....

Coastal view is very nice. Photo taken while I was driving. Hoho~~

Anyway, it's still fun. Glad to have ended my 5-month-holiday in this short, deserted yet enjoyable trip.

With my Isuzu!!

Looking forward to go to school TOMORROW!

God bless you all!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Mums around the world, and especially my Mum here and at Heaven, with the same name "Mary," I have nothing but this to say.

I love you Mum, no matter what. Thank you for bearing with my nuisance, naughtiness, disobedience and still love me as your very own child. Thank you Mum, really thank you, for bringing me in this world in absolute pain and still love me.

May God bless all the mothers in this world. Amen.

May 10, 2008

Love & Hate in bank

I am not talking about services in the bank. I am talking about what machines I love and hate to use. Which I think many of us use them often too.

For goodness sake I really love to use this.


Once I let this "eat" my money, I know my $$$ is safe and sound. Even if the bank is robbed. And the figures in my account passbook will become really "beautiful." Hehehe...

I maybe poor after using that, but in reality I am rich. Wahahaha...

However I really hate this machine...

Freaking ATM!!

And it's everywhere!!!

I don't like to take out money you know!! With money in my wallet, I could be robbed anytime, anywhere!! So dangerous!!

Hehehe.... Just my little post of nothing. Hey everyone do have your own saving accounts so to keep your money really safe and save for our future.

God bless you all!

May 6, 2008

Finally I have iPod!!

After much anticipation, and also after much jealousy for those who have it, I FINALLY GOT MYSELF ONE IPOD.

I am so happy!! And it's not the pirated iPod Shuffle! It's real one!!

I must say it's painful to pay RM189 for that, but at the end of the day, I am still feeling satisfied for having an Apple product!! Ah, finally!!

At last my wish come true, by the power of $$$ LOL

To let you share my excitement, please go ahead and see this unboxing video!!

Isn't my voice sounds very creepy? Hehehe...

Anyway, from now onwards, I shall have music with me anywhere I go. With this very wearable iPod Shuffle! Yeah!

We are family~~~ And we'll follow you~~~

Thank God for everything!

God bless you all!

May 5, 2008

Ready to be Crazy

No matter I like it or not, I will become insanely crazy next week.

I can really feel the tension of Lower 6 now.

Entry to Lower 6 can prove to be my saving grace after failing JPA, Matriculation and Public Universities Pre-U studies. And I am really aware life of Sixth Former will be VERY TOUGH. I doubt I can manage this huge tension.

Honestly speaking, I can't wait to report it next week. I certainly can't afford to let this holiday boredom to rot me even further.


God bless you all!

Camping - Still OK

I disappeared for about a week because I am busy preparing talks for school students and also become in the Committee member of the Red Crescent Camp last week.

And oh ya, I am lazy to blog. :D

Anyway I shall talk about the camp in the simplest way I can.

In a nutshell, I think it's OK. Despite all the organizational issues, timing flaws, members' attitudes, I still thank God that I have gone through it (the lazy way). I really need to congratulate the Committee for being so committed and determined to make this camp a success.

I am not going to say anything else but to let you see this video slide show to see how it went. Enjoy everyone!!

I won't be scared to say that it's actually A CAMP TO FORGET. By any means I wish I don't come to a camp anymore. Please don't ask me why, please?

Another week to go before heading back to school! YEEEESSSS!!!! and also NOOOOOOO!!!!

God bless you all!