March 31, 2008

No work :(

Its really sad to see myself still wondering to nowhere with month of April fast approaching.

Since Form 6 will only start at May, I thought that it may be good to have a temporary job to fill my time, plus earning some experiences and money as well.

Its a good motive, but finding one is never easy. I found myself quite awkward and scared to response to the numerous "VACANCIES" signs everywhere.

However, I really found myself a job at petrol station at town.

Looks familiar, right? It's only a job of lowly pump attendant, long working hours, bearing the sun and so on. I could almost dream of my first salary.

However it was crushed later when my parents don't let me work there. I just don't know get the sense of it. My parents said it's not worth it, need to stand, small money bla bla bla....

Probably they cannot stand me to work in such a low-class manner. Sigh...

But anyway, yesterday I tried my luck again at this famous place.

Popular Bookstore? LOL

My friend who are working inside have been persuading me to work me. He said that it is almost "goyang kaki" inside, with much lucrative pay and more conducive working environment. So I applied, but I believe it has been turned down as I didn't receive any calls to start working.

How I wish everywhere is like petrol station there where we can secure a job almost immediately!!! Aaaahhhhhh......

So still jobless now. Don't admire me because it's freaking bored at home. :(

God bless....

March 27, 2008

Don't look down on them

I am sure everyone out there doesn't really value these two coins.

Yeah, with 1 cent or 5 cents, what can you buy out there? Not even can buy a sweet!

Most of us only received these coins when we buy a lot of stuffs with 99 cents at the back, right? Or just simply tell the cashier to keep the change! And it ends up either we take too many "money craps" home or we pay them too much.

They maybe small, but when we have a lot of such coins, IT'S REALLY BIG.

That's MANY. 1000++ don't play play...

That's also MANY. 330++ also don't play play.

Months ago I have made myself to start collecting such small coins to be my pocket money. Of course, as easy it may sounds, it's not easy to collect them, apart from rigging and searching high and low in the house.

I am feeling like a robber. A stupid robber that only robs 1 cent and 5 cents coins at anywhere, from anyone. LOL

Eventually, collecting them becomes very fussy. I was scared that somebody will steal them.So I counted them and deposit in to my bank account.

But I tell you, counting them is never ever an easy task le.

Even more funnily, the amount I get is different with the bank teller's amount. So lame. Anyway those coins are safe and sound in the bank. Yeah...

Crazy man...

Speaking about bank account, I really urge everyone out there to have your own bank account, especially to my teen friends! It really helps to save money!

And I really tell you, once you see your deposits in your account passbook...

Even RM200++ seems very small, don't you think? Once realizing that, isn't it more motivating to save more??

That explains why I don't bring any $$$ in my wallet. Whenever I have RM10 or RM50, nothing else but bank in. It's so tempting to spend once I have cash.

So cool to have my own ATM card and passbook. Hehe ~~

God bless you all!

March 26, 2008

Bragging myself

Actually, I really hate to brag myself. It's as if I am very good and perfect in everything, that I don't need any criticism. I want to be humble and honest with myself.

However, I had no choice but to brag myself my perfect as I can when it comes to RECOMMENDATION LETTER.

No choice but this really could serve as a first impression to the interviewer about how good (or how fake) I am.

Do click on the picture to see what my principal and I wrote for myself. And please tell me what you think in comments and chat box, OK?

God bless you all!

March 24, 2008

Cham lo...

I am having a big problem now. And I am really out of my mind now.


OH NO....

Really, I have not been able to "complete my business" for a couple of days or so. And now, I think due to that, I am feeling extra uncomfortable, dizzy, sleepy, sores all around my body.

And when the body shows such signs, I know it's never going to be good.

So how now? Anyone can help me?

God bless and happy Easter again....

Easter of Change

After 40 days of Lent, after remembering the sufferings and death of my Lord Jesus, and now it's time to celebrate Christ resurrection with Easter.

How wonderful for me to testify that my Lord has risen, will die no more, and now really lives among us?

Not only because of my faith, this Easter also time for me to change. The old, sinful me has died with Christ on the cross, and now with Christ resurrected from the dead, I shall live a new life. Once again.

Lord, teach me how not to be complacent of my life. May your grace guide me to a change of heart, and lead me to the eternal life you have promised. With my own eyes, I shall see your glory, praising you forever.

Glory to God who saves us, forever and ever!

March 19, 2008

I have made my decision

After weeks of anxious, painful, stressful, and awful long decision-making....

You never seen me cry in this process. :'(

Finally, I had my very own decision.

LOL, wasted so much ink for this? Duh so lame...

And I guess it should be final. I don't want think about how long and hard it would be, and whether I will regret for taking this option. I have chosen it, and I shall go for it, with all my heart and with no fear.

Reasons? Here are they...
  • Almost FREE! Save lot's of $$$$$$!
  • Can stay at home, sleeping at my old sweaty bed, eating home-cooked food, watching ASTRO, using this superb PC and so on.
  • Just feeling adventurous about it.
  • Yeah, can drive more often. Haha, means have chance to pick up girls LOL.
  • And so on bla bla bla....
Of course, by taking this open-ended STPM, I will still have to face the harsh reality of choosing my own way to pursue in the future. And this STPM is gonna be very hectic and self-demanding, which I think it's all the same for the other Pre-U studies elsewhere.

Nothing comes easy. Everything (especially STPM) requires effort, and I think I am ready to take on this challenge (at a lower cost of $$, hehe :D).

So all the education fairs can back off, at least for now. :)

Anyway, I will like to introduce to you of these websites. Very useful indeed!

Malaysia Students is a very informative and motivational websites for students. It covers all education in Malaysia, including the exam tips, personal thoughts on studies, study tips, post-exam tips and so on. Very good website and should a take look.

Another one is also very important if you're looking for $$$$ to study.

Malaysian Scholarship is a one-stop website where it covers all the possible scholarships available given by various agencies and companies in Malaysia. If you think your result is good enough, go there and try your luck.

But for me, even before I get to apply, this little thing...


Anyway, if you guys have heard of any scholarship news, please don't mind to tell me OK?

God bless you all!

March 18, 2008

Do I?

OK, let's make it clear. Do I really love her? For many reasons I put myself into this question, again and again.

Some weeks ago, some people at Facebook invited me to take this quiz, with the same question asked. Well, it's just a quiz with 5 questions, everyone knows that it's for fun, right? So I just took it for fun lo.

I took it, invited people to take it as well (LOL, like scamming le), and waited for the result in anxiety, fingers crossed.


Oh my think-too-much brain kept resonating on this result. Obviously, I didn't really take it for fun. In fact I seemed to take it very seriously indeed. I was little bit disappointed with it.

But on a second thought, isn't it better to be friends? After all, friendship lasts far longer than romance, right?

Between me and her, I just hope everything will be alright again. And I will try my best, NOT to so-called "be in love" again.

God bless you all.

March 17, 2008

Say HI to new URL and Nuffnang!

I am very pleased to announce that my blog can now be accessed through....

I know the "" can be quite problematic and looks ugly, but isn't it now easier to remember my blog address?

Of course I would like to have domain name like "". But those name are not free and need to pay for about RM55/year. That's why I opt for this free "" domain name with no ugly ads.

Syok sendiri again... duh..

So I would like to call you all to relink me in your own blog list. Sorry though for the inconvenience.

I felt so malu for typing this to everyone's blog ler. -_-"

Anyway my blog can still be accessed through It's up to you from where you wanna accessed this blog lo. :D

Plus, from now on, I would really like to earn some free money through Nuffnang!!

So I will now put on an advertisement on the sidebar (and probably between the posts in the future). If the advertisement does interest you, please click it so I can earn money, and treat you a meal in return lo. :P

So keep visiting my blog ya! God bless you all!

March 14, 2008


I am still feeling in disbelief that I have applied for this ultimate prize.

JPA (Public Service Department) Scholarships for studying overseas? With my dismal results? Oh I can't be kidding right?

Of course, regardless of whatever race you are, those who have good results out there should apply for this. It's just an amazing opportunity to study overseas, whilst all your living cost is paid by government.

But I tell you, filling up this form is not easy. Really hard.

It's long and really demanding. They ask for your parents info (including stuffs like income tax number), everything about you, your results, siblings info, bla bla bla....

What's discouraging is filling up this section....


I may not have problems in uniform associations, but I am terrible with sports and clubs. Seeing all those "TIADA" which I am forced to fill is feeling so bad.

Anyway I submitted my application and forget it.

Or I may see my application becomes like this.

Whatever, I just apply for fun.

God bless you all!

March 13, 2008

Nah, let you see....

I just want to cut it very short and let the picture do all the talking. :D

Well, I felt normal with my results. Of course, with such results I surely cannot compete much for the lucrative scholarships. I just take it as it is. No regrets.

God bless everyone!

March 11, 2008

Cut down your electric cost

Having pain on your always high electric bills?

Yes? If so, I would like to tell you it's not actually that you always turn on the water heater, air-conditioner or the lights. It's actually the electric supplies are not efficient. This is due to:

  • Irregular electric loads (especially at urban area like Miri and Kuching)
  • High frequency spikes
  • Poor electrical parts from our damn cheap appliances.
  • Widespread of reactive materials.
Above might seem hard to hear, but trust me, with all these factors, you could be wasting about 100% power in your home. That's paying double the fees. That's WASTING. Scary man.

So I have a great solution for you.

I would really like to introduce this device, which gonna cut your electric bills by 30% even though you maintain the same usage everyday.


This RM200 device will help you filter out the inefficient energy, filter out "dirty" electric and turn it to highly-saving energy!

By plugging this device to any socket inside your house, you can get the results immediately!

See there? 45% SAVINGS!! No joke man! It's better to spend RM200 now, rather for you to spend RM1000 and above for wasted energy, right?

What's more, this will also help to prevent fire due to short circuits, which will save you another thousand ringgits on your household stuffs!

This is absolutely legal! So no worries about being caught by SESCO/TNB because this is not stealing electric!

In fact you help to save the earth by saving energy! With only RM200!

In case you're interested, feel free to email me at I will be always glad to give you more details! :D

God bless you all!

March 9, 2008

Want me to pull out your teeth?

I have another twist and turn about my decisions of where to study next.

My thought turned towards DENTISTRY.

No joke buddy. I have thought this because am well aware of the lack of dentists in this country.

And for your information, being a dentist is far more than just pulling and filling up teeth. Being a dentist, one also have to promote oral health care, diagnose certain diseases like oral cancer, severe bleeding gums, bacterial infection and so on.

So, this is actually no fun. And also please don't laugh at my intention. Who knows I might be owning a dental clinic and start pulling out teeth and make fake teeth??

Hahaha! However, this course costs at a high price of least RM200K! Yeah yeah, I heard about study loan, scholarships, bursary... whatever. But with that price, it's still a big obstacle.

I really hope my future could be sorted out in this coming few months. Let it be to my Lord.

March 5, 2008

In dilemma

Yet again, I have a big decision to make.

For the last 2 days, I went to the Miri Civic Center for another big education fair, organized by the Yayasan Sarawak. More institutes of higher learning are available. That means more info, and again, more confusion about what I have to choose.

The more brochures I get, the more confused I get too. :(

It's truly very mind boggling. To be very honest, I am still not sure where I should heading to.

That's why, whenever the promoter asked me on what's my interest, I was feeling very awkward and uneasy to answer "I don't know." I was freaking embarrassed.

Anyway, after much serious study of the courses available to me, I stick to the international campuses that are available in Sarawak. They just have the international recognition that others don't have.

But the I have to select one of the 2 heavyweights here.

Perhaps it much more than just selecting Curtin or Swinburne. Obviously I was presented with 2 very hard choices.

I am really not sure. Both options have the pros and cons, which equally cancel out each other. In terms of courses, Swinburne has the edge. In terms of living cost, Curtin sure has an advantage. (because I am sure won't have such problem.)

However, it's not really serious Curtin vs Swinburne affair now. Either IPTA Diploma and/or Matriculation could also dragged me for a four-corner fight. Oh man....

Anyone can advise me?

Lord, may your will be done upon me....

Streamyx combo

Hey there everyone. OK, I know this post is somehow like an advertisement, but allow me to promote it here.
From March 1st onwards, TMNet has come out with an outstanding offer, called the Streamyx Combo packages.

It's a package where the Streamyx service is combined with the fixed line rental, under ONE charge. Here's the packages offered.

As you can see, this may look even more expensive then the current Streamyx packages (whether it's RM44, RM66, or RM88). However, do remember that all prices stated above are INCLUSIVE of fixed line rental (normally is RM26/month).

What's more, it comes with free modem!

See the table below and you will know how much you could save.

See there? That's a lot isn't it?

What's more, you can also opt to add on Voice package at RM28/month. This will enable you too....

  • Make UNLIMITED calls to any TM fixed line number throughout Malaysia.
  • And also have a special flat rate of 25 cents/minute for calls to any calls to mobile phone number.
Besides the combo offer, Streamyx also introduces a new entry-level package at RM45/month at the speed of 384 KBps. With this you can start surfing unlimitedly, without any time limit. Again, free modem is provided. Cheap and good, isn't it?

So if there's anyone out there who's interested please email me at I will be more than willing to help out.

Hope you don't mind my promotion here. Hehe, I am just trying to earn something while I am still on holiday! :D

God bless you all!

March 4, 2008

SPM rumours ended

Finally, after much speculations and quarrels on the dates of the release of SPM results, here it it to clear them up.


See there? It's from The Star online, and I really believe this is not rumours anymore. Click here if you wanna see this news by yourself.

So, fellow SPM school-leavers, are you feeling nervous now?

Get ready everyone...

God bless you all!

March 2, 2008

Have you seen this?

I am sure people of our generation had never seen this.

See it? Yes yes yes, it's the gear transmission at the side of the steering!

I really wonder how to drive the car with this kind of gear. It's so.... bizarre to me. However it seemed very easy for the driver to operate it.

And yet I still have problems shifting the normal gears. LOL

God bless you all!