October 31, 2007

Equation joke

I saw this at Shirley's blog, so I am thinking to post it here as well.

You all better look at this VERY CAREFULLY.

Wahseh! Add 2 equations, factorize, then we have a VERY STUNNING RESULT!

It's mathematically correct, right?

Great stuff man. We can now have a great conclusion.

Wahaha.... What a great blow to SPM candidates like me!

Anyway, God bless you all!

October 28, 2007

LOL at Boulevard

Recently the weather is terribly HOT! Oh man....

Even the coolness in the fridge in hypermarkets is so IRRESISTIBLE!

So go to nearest supermarkets and enjoy the free air-cond! Hehe ^^

God bless you all!

October 23, 2007

Being random

I really cannot help it.

Really. Damn it. In being so, I am down to NO MOOD to everything.

I think I even got people influenced to get bored as well. In chatting, talking, getting along, hanging out and so on. I can felt that people are getting bored with me.



Isn't it? Sigh....

Anyway, recently I am caught with this new phone....

It's Nokia 6500 Classic. Pretty unusual for a Motorola fan like me to love this phone.

The reason is simple. It's THIN and SLIM. I never like big, bulky, brick-sized phone. The aluminum black finish is looking awesome. Simple-looking, but packed with features. Furthermore it has 3G! Wow!

Oh I can just forget the dreams to have new handphones in new future. Sigh, unless I get a DAMN GOOD RESULT for SPM. Dream on baby.... dream on...

That's all now. God bless you all and tata...

October 17, 2007

Simple birthday is full gratefulness to God

As I woke up this morning, I saw this on my hand phone.

Oh yeah, it's October 17th. My birthday. Suddenly I just felt the urge to thank God for everything.

It's just feeling wonderful for having know that this day is indeed my special day.

As usual, I went to church, recite rosary and went home peacefully. Mum gave me an early breakfast treat for me, since we all knew celebrations for birthdays are almost dashed out.

A slice of blueberry cheesecake, a frankfurter bun, paus, drinks, etc etc. Just enough to make my birthday a great start and put smiles on my face.

I couldn't be more grateful than that already. In this birthday I really tried to be satisfied on little things. And it works, it did make me happy.

After tuition, I went home and have hours of sleep. Nothing else I can do.

Nevertheless, SMS wishes kept me delighted.

And also not forgetting to those who wished me in the chat box, and also in Friendster. Well, I know, compared to my other friends, these amount of wishes just cannot compete with them.

But then, at least I am happy. At least I have you guys out there to wish my Happy Birthday. Words really cannot express how grateful I am.

That's it. No party, no Coffee Bean, no presents, no anything, just a grateful heart to God who gave me life 17 years ago. I know I was not born easily that time. Thank God.

On this birthday, I hope all my dreams and wishes come true. Let everything be to my Lord.

No one shall ever erase the significance of October 17th in my life.

God bless you all!

I wish I have a credit card

Yeah, how I wish I can have and use credit card!

If you take a good good look, it's Airasia credit card! That means if this card is used more, then I can claim a free air ticket! WOW!

Oh, I will be more than happy if this card has unlimited credit, plus what's more, can no need to pay back to the back. Wakakaka....

What's more, I wished this card is like this....

See it? With my name there le! And please la, I am not that DUMB to let you see the credit card number la! Hehehe....

God bless you all!

Poster-making is COOL

I have been assigned to lead a team to do activity posters, or as whistle blowers to come to Church Youth's Activity.

A huge, hard chunk to swallow because I never know anything of art, or decorations whatsoever. If I do this alone, surely nothing will come out.

Thankfully, God sent me so many helpers, or I should call them companions, to help each other accomplish this never-ending task....

Kinda cool, right?

Again I say, without the help of my teammates, everything will be in vain...

I wish to extend my heartiest "Thank you" to Leonard, Pascal, William, Jude, Priscilla and Joyce for all the hard work and your creative brains. Hope we can work together well for many times to come.

OK, just some "thank you" post la! Haha...

God bless you all!

October 14, 2007

Lamb steak, so nice

Just see how sumptuous is the home-cooked lamb steak.

Say me a 100% carnivore la, but no matter it's cooked or grilled, it's just looked so NICE ba!

I think this lamb chop taste far better in western food stalls out there. Hehehe...

I want Coffee Bean now. San Francisco cannot beat it la.

God bless you all!

October 9, 2007

Sleepless for history

Seriously, by this time I really want to have a good SLEEP. No more coffee.

History got me so mad, that I have to stay up the whole night to study it. Though I like History, but the History studies in school is just not relevant to me.

So sienz, you know.

History, when compared with other things in my house, is just so LAME.

O2Jam is so fun, but can history be fun too? Or can you imagine History being a FUN subject?

Even my Mee Sedaap looks more fun than History!!!

Yeah, victory for the noodles. LOL

So in this lonely, bored night.... I have and I can...

Come on, yell with me...


Ah, feeling much better!

But nevertheless, I will try my best, to be faithful on little things so to please my Lord. Never I like to see I fail my test, and I believe you too, isn't it?

God bless you all!

October 7, 2007

Yeah Cheezels!

Yeah, I love Cheezels. I am a 100% fan of Cheezels.

Why? Because it's so TOTALLY CHEESE.

And yeah, I really love CHEESE! Cheezels gives me that "cheesiness" that I really want! Or at least covers my demand for cheese lo.

I know this snack is not as popular as Chipster. But why shouldn't I love Cheezels?

It's so cheesy. Make you wanna cheese them.

What's more, you can play with them!

See how crazy I am already? Hahaha.... :D

I just love CHEEZELS!

God bless you all!

October 6, 2007

So easy?

I saw this banner being hung outside of school compound at my trial exam last week. Their timing so damn correct and accurate.

I repeat,


A week of trial exam was over. Feeling so far so good, especially my Add Maths. I am hoping to make a breakthrough in this exam though. Sick of my current results, and sick of being nagged here and there to STUDY!

How I wish the real SPM is next week?

Anyway, God bless you all!