April 27, 2008


While you are still having good food everyday....

... that you may even complain about it...

Remember, the food crisis is getting as critical as ever.

Everything is going expensive. One have to buy less now for higher price.

Even worst...

We have to confront to get food. We have to fight in order to eat rice.

Don't play play with food anymore. It won't just come to us just like that. Because all of us will never want to die of hunger.

You don't want to be in this 30 million, do you?

And you could be dismayed after knowing this...

Shocked? Or still defiant?

See it?

So come on everyone, whenever you can eat, do remember those who has almost nothing to eat.

You will always have full-filled plates, but they always have empty plates.

Be thankful of what you have now. Really be thankful. As for them, at least please do pray for them.

God bless you all.

April 25, 2008

5 Super Easy Ways to Save our Planet

Warning: This could be another lame post that will piss you off. Viewer's discretion advised. LOL

In support of the recent Earth Day, let me share to you what I saw on Youtube. Mind you, this video is even featured to viewers around the world.

Enjoy this little superman.

Isn't he cute? Chubby-looking? And saving the Earth doesn't really sound hard, isn't it?

However I am deeply disappointed with the comments there. They're really harsh. They seem to not care about themselves and the future of this living place. They even claimed that global warming has ended since 1998. All those negative thinkings are really absurd.

That's why I hate Youtube. It's a good video-sharing website, but it's crowded with people who abuse it. Abuse it for porn, vulgar, illicit stuffs and so on. I hate it.

Not only we should save our planet, we should save ourselves too.

God bless you all!

April 24, 2008

Disappointed with Nuffnang

I am not sure why, but I am starting to become really disappointed with Nuffnang.

Few weeks ago I did manage to earn RM11.00 thanks to your clicks. But since then I was no longer served any kind of click-based advertisements.

I know I certainly cannot compete to those big bloggers who will never have problems in getting high number of unique visitors. All I want is just the click-based ones.

Sadly, with crushed hearts, I am forced to change to putting charity ads just to keep my blog beautiful.

I know not only me who face this problem, lot's of others too. Maybe advertisers also don't want to invest money into click-based ads. Sigh.... I guess my contents and blog traffics are pissing them off.

Then I have found another advertisement network that maybe suit me.

It claim itself to be the BETTER one. I wonder, I doubt. I still don't know.

With Advertlets, I can almost secure the click-based ad, but not more traffic. However with Nuffnang, even though I lack ads, I can get more traffic through Innit, the blog aggregator where many people can notice my blog, and "nang"-to like or "dang"-to dislike my post.

I really need to thank Innit for increasing my blog traffic, even though still not as much. Thanks anyway.

But then, is there any difference if I have huge traffic and yet doesn't have ad?

Sorry everyone, I may have sounded very money-minded. But hey, I just want to be a happy blogger to make everyone happy (even though I always failed.)

I want to be a HAPPY BLOGGER!

Well, I guess I stick to Nuffnang first. Let see how it goes.

God bless you all!

April 23, 2008

Yum Yum~~

I sneaked out from house to the airport again due to intense boredom just now. I'll tell you all on I like to go to airport so much next time.

This sneaking out didn't disappoint me because I found this great food, AT AIRPORT! Check this out!



So cool! This is what I really craved for in a food stall, a really unique taste and yet still affordable! I regretted that I ate this too fast just now.

Please don't think that the sausage inside is the normal hot-dogs we buy from the supermarkets. NOOOO. The sausages are specially, freshly made from chicken and beef, and can have different kind of toppings!

Mind you, those sausages are larger than usual too! At least twice as big for the regular, and 4 times larger for the large one! Wow!

Given a price starting from 7 bucks, not a bad price for a special food like that!

So head on to 1901 Stall at Miri Airport Ground Floor and experience the most real and fantastic hotdog ever in Miri!

It's really the food for FRIENDSHIP!

God bless you all!

April 22, 2008

Look what he did to the Kelisa

Hehe, I am very amazed upon seeing this video on the forum. So everyone, especially those who own a Perodua Kelisa, check this out.

Credits to Lim Pek of MiriCommunity.NET for providing this video on the forum. Thanks.

I am totally speechless.

I wonder if other big-brand cars undergo such tests, will the car pass them all? Especially the hanging and bombing test, will a Ferrari survive them?

Or just that the host is releasing his anger to destroy a bad car in his reckoning? Because he seems happy to do that?

Nevertheless, he bought that car for £4500, he could do whatever he wanted. It's up to you to decide whether this is an insult to the country lo.

Don't cry Kelisa car owners. Do keep driving and loving your cars. Haha...

God bless!

April 19, 2008

Everybody Burn Your Money

People say that smoking is "burning money." Well said, it's very true.

However, try to consider this picture...

Isn't that your car "burning" your money as well? And isn't it creating lot's of pollution and global warming?

Let's get ourself pondering... Hmm...

Having said this, don't we want to do this?

God bless you all!

I just get too bored

I am too bored at home. To the extreme extend of being childish again. Like this...

To an extend of wanting to answer whatever silly questions asked by Mickey, ON TV!! Not forgetting the "Oh Toodles!!"

Ah, what's more, I am also starting to watch Playhouse Disney Channel more and more! Is this a good or bad?

Oh man, I think I should really get starting to study NOW!!

God bless!

April 15, 2008

5 things I wish I can do NOW

Till now, it has been very bored at home while waiting my D-Days of Form 6. A lot of things have been running on my mind during this free time (where I just cannot control it).

I wish I can do something so I can free up my mind and start afresh to face the D-Days. (D-Days means doom-days, LOL)

1. Drive out

My car doesn't look great as the car shown here, but I really wished I can drive out now, to anywhere I want without restriction. Probably I go to have some more practice on parking.

Plus, I prefer to drive a manual car because it has more power and gives a man feeling to me. Haha~~

2. Dating

Sigh, don't I want to date her right now? Tell her how I miss her? But how am I going to ask for a date since I am so awkward to even talk to her?

Anywhere, from the beach, restaurant, church, or even at each other's house (no cinema please) will do, as long as she and me can spend some quality time. However, how can this be done while I am still that timid to ask for it?

Even so I ever said "I wanna to get rid of relationship matters," "I said I don't want to go for anyone," bla bla bla, but deep in my heart, I still want to date her and be with her. I am just so contradicting myself.

3. Traveling

If anyone can give me a return ticket to go anywhere on this Earth, and a passport I will go packing straight away. Yeah, I really mean it. I am starving for traveling!

Please, anyone can take me? Please?

4. Visit my friends at their school while they're still studying

My friends are scattered anywhere in their studies, but lot's of them are at Curtin Sarawak. I am thinking to pay them a visit DURING their lecture and free time.

This should be fun, although I am aware I will probably be shooed out by security. Their look of seeing me wandering in their studying place will be none other than surprising and amazing. I gonna show off how good (or rather how suckers) is my current free life. Haha~~

5. Working

Damn I really want to work because I really need $$$$$$! Isn't it money is the only reason for me to work?

Despite all these, I still cannot do anything out of them. Felling quite pissed.

I think maybe now I should just go and watch Spongebob instead.

God bless you all!

April 12, 2008

First earnings through BLOGGING!!

It just thrills me when I checked my Nuffnang analytics last night.

RM8.00!! Wow! :D


I am only starting to put ads since last month. My daily unique visitors are just a handful, not even 50 a day. And yet I have already earn RM8.00?? It's just so unbelievable!!

Nevertheless I am still not allowed to cash it out, but it just keeps my drive to strive to post more interesting stuffs in my blog! I want more people to read my blog!

Thanks to everyone who has kindly clicked on my ads (whether voluntarily or persuaded by me)! I really appreciate your clicks! Please click for me more often ya!


However, despite the thrills and excitement, something frustrates me nowadays.

Ah, I am posting a lot of craps and not being served ads! Huhu :(

Anyway, keep supporting me OK? God bless you all~~~

April 11, 2008

I don't really like driving

Even though I seldom drive, but I still feel that driving sucks.

Yes, you heard me right, I, who only got my license for about a month ago, feel that DRIVING SUCKS.

It sucks that till now, I have already CRASHED 2 times due to my absolute carelessness in reverse. In so, I lost RM500++. Pathetic.

I may have no problems in on-the-road driving, but I really have problems in parking. That's why, it's quite hard for me to accept someone (even really pretty girls) to take a ride with me because I maybe gonna knocked something or even SOMEONE. That's even more pathetic.

What's more, once I start the engine, I need to start spending more and more money on petrol! (Undeniable fact, but quite harsh to accept it) While driving, I also have to bear the responsibility to keep my car intact, and keeping myself from contact with other cars too! Arrggh!!


Anyway, I still keep myself cool. No matter what, I have to gain experience. So I have no fear in driving, at any time, at anywhere, even though it sucks.

My happy mood keeps me focus in driving. Yeah :)

The bottom line is, I need to keep myself cool (not to break the gear stick) and be careful. And oh ya, pray always.

God bless you all, and remember to drive safely on the road~~~

April 10, 2008

Top 5 Most Wanted Places to go now

Hehe, good morning everyone!

As an inspiration from the travel channels I have watched recently, I would like to share to you all, the TOP 5 Most WANTED places that I am really drooling myself to go there!

And WARNING, some of them might just shock you, or even worse, piss you off. LOL.

So ready everyone? Let's count them down.


Is it looking familiar to you? You betcha! It's Bandar Seri Begawan, capital city of Brunei Daralsalam! Haha!

I really want to go there because it's been long I have been there, even though it's very accessible by road from Miri here. And it's only about 150 kilometers! What a shame, who tells me not to own a passport...

Not only it's full of landmarks and cultures, it's also a shopping heaven (despite the higher currency there) where you have far more choices!

Correct me if I am wrong (especially Bruneians and those travel there often), but I really wanna go there!


Also quite near, it's Singapore!! Nothing much I can say about this island nation, but hey, I just wanna go there, be it shopping, clubbing, playing, anything, I just wanna be there!

And oh ya, I wanna watch this Merlion! LOL



I am sure you may think, "Walao, you wanna go there to die of hunger ah?" or "You wanna be communist is it?" Hehe, by no means!

I wanna go there because it's such a mysterious communist country. It's just so mysterious with all the visa entry restrictions, what they did, who they are and so on.

North Korean capital City, Pyongyang.

Another thing that attracts me about North Korea is their Mass Arirang Games.

One picture is enough to tell me how awesome it is. How I wish I can take a look of it.

North Korea is so mysterious, and I love mystery. Haha...


It's London, UK. It's a huge city, even the name itself is attractive enough. Big Ben Clock is just one of them.

Eye of London.

However, the place I wanna go the most is this Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC.

Being at there is surely feeling far different from watching matches alone at home! I want to experience the excitement!


Jeng jeng... It's Rome, Italy! Or more precisely, Vatican City!

The famous saying of "Rome wasn't built in a day" is entirely true. The city of Rome has been existed for more than 2500 years, and yet majority of their history and culture is still preserved till now! Not forgetting their pastas, pizzas, cheese... yum yum!

Rome is also a center of the whole Catholic Church, so being there it's also like a spiritual journey for me. I wish I can study there if possible.

The famous coliseum, where many saints are martyred.

That's all for my Top 5 list here. Of course, if I can afford, I can surely go to any place in this world! No doubt about that!

God bless you all!

April 9, 2008

New Astro Smart Card

I have been very excited of the new Astro Smart Card announced in TV some days ago. And what, I just received it just now! Happy! LOL

How I cannot be happy if I received something NEW??

And in addition to that, with this new card, I know my Astro will not be terminated! I can continue to watch my favourite cartoons and shows! Phew, what a relief...

So to all those who use card splitters and hacked cards, haha, sorry guys, your free-Astro days are very limited lo! Wakaka... unless somebody manage to hack this new card la.

Again I remind everyone out there...

OK, time for me to go and watch my favourite Nickelodeon and Disney Channel!! LOL

PS: Looks like I like to show off everything huh? Sorry man, this is to keep my blog fresh. Otherwise my blog will be like dead meat.

God bless you all!

April 8, 2008

Punch me NOW

Hey everyone look at me. LOOK AT ME.

Isn't that my face here deserves a punch, a smack, a pinch and so on? So lame right?

OK, nothing much here. I just wanna fill up my 100% free time now. I know I sucks in close-up pictures. Hehe. Go ahead and punch me.

God bless!

April 7, 2008

Another WANTING TO BUY post...

I have been very keen on going to go for yellow Shell instead of green giants Petronas for petrol nowadays.

Not because I wanna earn more BonusLink with my own cash, but the most importantly, I want to collect the model FERARRI cars sold at Shell!

Damn pretty! With the "vrooooooom" sound too! Cool!

Each one of them sold for only RM8.90 when you buy at least RM40 of petrol/diesel! If you buy this anywhere else, it's gonna jack up to 100++ euros!!

What's more... I wish I can have this too...

What a pride to show to everyone the collection I have in a superb garage like this. Oh... I wish, I wish, I wish wish wish...

Sadly I just begun my little baby steps way too late when stocks are almost out now. I only managed to collect 2 cars.

I don't even know why stocks are flying fast in Miri. As if everyone is a fan of Ferrari. LOL.

But on a second thought, isn't kind of absurd for me to empty the full fuel tank as soon as possible to qualify myself to buy a toy car? LOL? As if I have lots of $$$$$$!! Duh...

It's OK, at least they are starting to VROOOOOM in my heart now. Hahaha...

Have fun everyone! God bless you all!

April 5, 2008

Go ahead? Or what?

I was feeling so dumb, anxious, and undecided as ever when I typed this message.

Should I just send it out and wait for response? Or should I just hold back and don't do something stupid?

Well it may just down to this famous saying that applies the best for me. That is..


I am feeling very devastated, sad and disappointed now due to my own stupidity. That could cost me to lose self-confidence, self-esteem, personal characters etc. etc. FOREVER. It was almost like a life-and-death situation for me.

I am not going to talk about it here because it sucks. However, for those who know it, please don't say about it anywhere, anytime.

Please, I am begging you.

I am feeling very sick now. Please pray for me. God bless.

April 4, 2008

Do you want this when you're on board?

Right after my moaning about having nothing to blog, suddenly I stumbled upon this video on forum.

Check it out everybody, it's really funny. (At least for me, ^-^)

What if our local budget airline Airasia turns out to be like that? Do you still dare to fly with them? And ready to pay them extra bucks for safety? LOL

Now everyone can fly and pay more for safety. LOL

God bless you all!

Deeply frustrated!

I am very frustrated!!!

I am sorry for using this picture over and over again, but this really express my frustration for have nothing to blog about. I really want the broken camera back so I can blog with new pictures!

Guess my life now, with no work, no studies, only lots of sleeping, is getting really BORED. BORED. And BORED. But I guess I won't have such free time anymore soon. So I better make full use of it, by doing anything possible.

Anyway, I shall just wait for the commence of STPM. Anyone out there still wanna sell Form 6 books to me are most welcomed to contact me!

See it? Do I make myself loud & clear? LOL

Oh ya, please also support me by clicking the Nuffnang advertisements on the side and at the bottom! Thanks!

God bless you all!

April 1, 2008


Everyone see this!! SEE!!

Seems like I want to rob your books. LOL

I am looking for 2nd hand STPM books from everywhere possible, at the lowest price. I am not that stupid to waste big money to buy new books again. Haha...

The subjects I want is Pengajian Am, Inorganic Chemistry, Maths T, Physics and MUET. Anyone interested can leave comments here!

God bless you all!