June 29, 2009


Just finished another bottle of Guinness. Fuh...

Satisfied after enjoying a special splendid blend of malt, barley, roasted hop and water, brewed and enjoyed all around the world for the past 250 years, and still counting.

Guinness, just so special.

Remember, be a responsible drinker.

God bless you all!

June 25, 2009

The LOWEST PRICED air ticket I have EVER bought

Forget about FREE air tickets. No airlines will be that stupid to give out their seats for free. It's simply not practical for them at all.

However, they are willing to be stupid to sell their at damn low price. Provided we are not that stupid la.

Here's it for you to see.

Can you see it? SEE IT WITH YOUR EYES OPENED BIG BIG! see! Can you believe it???

RM6 only!! That's beyond everything!

Thanks to the "NO ADMIN FEE" action from Air Asia, which they claim to be the first in the world.

All bookings made form June 24th onwards, admin fee will be stripped off. That's what they say la.

And to commemorate this piece of their history, they are having this quite crazy sell.

It seems that a lot of people out there are crazy that it's quite hard to even access booking site, let alone completing the whole booking process. I purposely include it their disclaimer as a proof how HOT it is now...

But ah whatever, all I care is to get this damn dirt freaking cheap ticket for me to play!! Hahaha..

Try your luck now there! Haha.. Who knows you might get yourself a very cheap getaway..

God bless you all!

June 24, 2009

Car broken down

I am also broken down as well. Totally not in the mood for the rest of the day.

All because of my stupidity of NOT TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS AFTER PARKING.

Even only the small lights. Very lame huh? As a result, the battery is flat.

Even though that battery is already 3 years old, if I had turned off my lights, such embarrassing incident will not happen. I was really distraught.

After long discussion with my Mum on the phone, we decided to call a shop nearby to replace the battery and drive the car home ASAP. That replacement cost about RM250! Ouch, a lot of money.

I was at home at the end of the day, but I was just not happy about how it went through.

I just hope that I won't repeat this stupid mistake in the future.

God bless you all!

June 23, 2009

I wish I can rest in PEACE

Like what this cat is doing. Simply peaceful.

Sleeping without the need to worry on the things of this world. How nice, how peaceful.

How many times, we as humans, have relinquished our rights to have peace and harmony, instead of having a restful, calm, serene sleep and rest?

Humans still have an awful lots to do, just to have peace.

God bless you all!

June 22, 2009

Sarawak-made lager beer


I bet a lot of people never heard of this beer. I found out this beer in the old shop, which is in front of my old primary school.

To tell you the cold hard truth, I love this beer, simply because it's the most affordable beer I can buy.

It's only RM2.50. Bearing in mind, this is "MADE IN SARAWAK. MADE IN MALAYSIA."

So drinking beer makes me a patriot to my state and my country too. How cool is that be?

Drink responsibly everyone.

God bless you all!

June 17, 2009

I want this NOW

I really really want a meal of this now. Please.

Mcdonalds! Particularly their lunch menu set!

I just wonder, why won't they put the price of their sets exactly the same all day? This will make it fair to everyone since not everyone can go out for lunch. (Not sure true or not LOL).

Whatever it is, it would be surely nice if I can munch something now...

Something like this also can do it for me. Please la I am so hungry now...

I really hate to admit that Miri has too few places for my friends and I to go. Harsh truth.

Maybe I should really find myself to hide and travel. Maybe.

With helmet, IN A BUS??

Or do this, stupidly-looking thing?

No la, I didn't smoke. We were just acting that we love to smoke and drink. LOL

The bottom line is that I am really boring. And because of that I didn't blog for really a while. What to do... Anyway I look forward to meet my friends again, wherever they may be.

Signing off now, God bless.

June 9, 2009

Penang Trip Part 5: Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi deserved a dedicated post from me for its definitely unique kind of culture that offers me. I really like that place very much.

As of other post, I will present the photos. :) Enjoy everyone.

Small road leading towards the complex.

Maybe this place is the gang meeting place.

Here's the main temple building. Notice the veil that covers the entrance.

The little dragon (or lion? tiger?) welcomes everyone with a smile.

Name plates of their ancestors.

Recognize these? Remember the oldies HK dramas?

Some 3 pillars there. Any idea what they mean?

The plates, the magnificent ceiling up there. How on earth they do that??

They also put up all the plates that the Khoo's family inherited.

The altar of the inner temple. Look carefully, there is no statue or whatever for worship.

Another view of the ceiling. I wonder, how they did that??

Outside ceiling. Still very very awesome.

Lion! Or what?

Yo, he's smiling at you...

She's smiling at you as well.. gee this is getting very creepy..

Never mind, this Indian police will protect you out of here. Haha..

I would really recommend Khoo Kongsi as a must visit in Penang. Really nice. :)

God bless you all!

June 6, 2009

Penang Trip Part 4 : Around Georgetown

Georgetown is just a small, old city in the Penang Island. Actually there are so many areas and towns in the island, but everyone just lumps them altogether and call them "Penang."

I just let the pictures do all the talk.

Victory clock tower at the heart of Light Street.

The State Assembly Building.

One of the MANY old shops!

Beware of the flower on the road...

Another old clinic, oh, the guy down there not included.

The street of Little India. All shops here are 100% Indian.

Any girls wanna wear something like that? :)

Another few OLD shops..

The QUEEN is somewhere here... don't play play.

A view of the famous Indian temple, sadly I forgot its name.

Prayer calling tower of Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Another temple..

And another one... Penang is a land of many temples.

Line of trishaws paddling the tourist around Chulia Stret.

Cheong Fatt Tze's mansion. Didn't manage to get because I missed the visiting hours. :(

En route in Penang Road.

The entrance of Campbell Stret, also known as Chinatown. However it looks deserted to me.

Chowrasta market. Typical West Malaysian style. DARK, small, all cramped up, smokey air...

Bakery on a bicycle! So special le..

KOMTAR tower.

The shops are too old, even fungus started to grow on it!

Double rows of food stalls at Macalister Road. I guarantee you all food are top class.

Me happily waiting for my round of char kueh tiaw.

Another food center at Gurney Drive. Though more famous, I heard things here are less tasty, and more expensive. Hmm..

If you wonder where I stayed in Penang, here it is!

Tune Hotel, again! LOL

My pigsty for 3 nights. Believe it or not, 3 nights in such a comfortable place for less than 50 bucks! WOW!

View from my room. Not bad. :)

OK la, that's all from me now. I am so bored in my home. Anyone interested to have a drink with me? Hehe..

God bless you all!