January 31, 2007

Oh no man....

Everything went out of way today. So frustrating and so lame....

First is the my Add Maths exercise book were confiscated while I was doing it at Maths lesson. Shocked, but think again, it served me right. Who tell me to do other stuffs at Maths lesson (even it's still related to it)? Anyhow, I won't appeal to take it back, that means I have to redo all questions given for Chapter 2.


I have been left out for long in Maths. For that subject, I really have no say. I didn't do all chapter 2 because I didn't have any book to do. My forgetfulness and over-emphasize on Add Maths also caused that. Being unable to finish my work really make me feel guilty, and I should pull off something to finish them, ASAP!

What's more, I was ordered to do proposal for mass team test in camp. It's a big one, and needs many planning. Having no experience at all in planning activities, I will try my very best to complete the proposal by Friday.


Mahu gila sudah la.... LOL

As always, keep hoping! Have faith and hope to complete it with LOVE!

Signing off, God bless you all.....

January 30, 2007

I want DSLR camera!

Who don't know what's digital camera? Hahaha, but is anyone out there know what's DSLR camera?

Next time at school, try look at the BIG camera with BIG lens. Itudia, that's the SLR camera, just that it's still not digital.

OK la, this is my DREAM DSLR Camera....

Nikon D40 DSLR camera.

Now then you already know what's DSLR camera gua?

Why I want such hi-tech camera?
  1. Getting bored with current digital cameras
  2. More challenging, guaranteed more fun
  3. Perhaps the photos will be better, especially zoomed ones
  4. More meaningful to me as a novice photographer
But then, the cost of it surely beyond my reach. A camera like that will cost RM 2200 ++! I put "++" because there's a need to buy accessories for it such as lenses, speedlight, tripod and much much more....

So, *sigh* it's not possible for me to own a camera like that in foreseeable time. Hope can get one when I start working. And if possible, probably I become a professional photographer!

But now, I have to settle with this camera first.... Hope can have a CHANGE, FAST....

Don't run when you saw me bringing camera ok? LOL

I love photography, so much.

God bless and you! PEACE

January 29, 2007

It doesn't make sense

This does not make sense.

Seems like more and more people are getting interested who I like. And yet I want to post about it here, just to express my "making no sense" mood.

I always think, why I cannot establish good relationship with those I love? Am I being afraid? Shy? No guts? Fear of rejection? Anyhow the reasons, I still think, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

I want to shrug off that feeling with a SMILE! Cheese! Smile make me no worries and be happy! Yay! Wahaha! Smile with me if you can.... ^-^

Enough of craps. It's so lame and wuliaw now.

Isn't it this post simply does not make any sense? LOL

Anyway, just continue to hope in God.

God bless you all! PEACE AND WITH LOT'S OF LOVE

January 27, 2007


Haha, it's been a while not blogging here, though only 2-3 days only. Can say I go having a refreshment to write better blog posts, hehehe....

This morning went to school for cross country (better known as merentas desa in Malay). Yeah, it rained and conditions around were so wet, that made half of my trousers wet.

Not forgetting also the muds as well....

Well, I didn't run that time, because I am in charge in the PA system. However, I hardly did any jobs in school, since my jobs were dominated by my superiors. Fine then.

Went talking at canteen about the coming KL prefect trip. Have to pity those who have financial problems that hindered them from going. Wish I have trillions of money and sponsor them to go. Wahaha... First and last time outing together must also have fun together ma......


You may think I am kidding. No man. My parents still yet to give me green light for this trip. No reasons at all. However, I am looking forward to that trip, even I think the planning sucks. I even doubted how will ever be carried out?

Well well, just hope in God. Hope and hope. I have to say when I walked to chapel, my mood was terrible because of her. But then some sense in me told me to keep hoping, don't fail to hope. Never! Hope for everything in God, and surely God will grant me something more than I expected! Hahaha.....

"Her" again. Ya ya ya, I mentioned "her" again. Nothing much I want to say, but my mood was ruined just because of her. So lame....

But, isn't I mentioned earlier on to keep hoping? For that, I kept my hope in God. Slowly treasure all these in heart, for I know things will definitely turn around.

God bless you all! PEACE

January 24, 2007

Still Zumaholic

I am getting more and more addicted to Zuma, until I abandoned my homeworks just for the sake of the game. LOL.

Today at school I had 4 consecutive double periods, which were absolutely insane. Except for Chemistry which had an experiment, other subjects were super boring, though you maybe seeing me busy. I didn't do EST because Zuma "captured" my attention. Hahaha.....

Managed to go out for Mass at evening. Amused to see that students at afternoon session lined up and went out class-by-class. It recalled my memories in primary school, where we were led by teacher all the way to school gate everyday. Those days were just fantastic, still innocent, not knowing anything and so on.....

At night I spent my time playing Zuma (again?) and online. Reading people's blog is very fun, like Kristine's (mad about her idol Rain), Pauline's (my cousin at Kuching, saying about HIM in funny way), Kenny Sia (best food review)...... Reading them made me feeling so inferior in blogging. Hahaha....just go read them, links can be found on the left bar.

Surprisingly, I never bother to finish up my homeworks at night. Another evident to prove that I AM LAZY.

Tomorrow have to attend 2 meetings, prefect meeting and MRCS school unit meeting with teachers. I expect both will turn out to be super HOT ! You know what I mean, don't you?

Pray that I will always be responsive to the Word of God, so that I receive it with true hearts and bear fruits 30/60/100 folds. Pray also my friends and loved ones always in peace.

EDIT: I have changed the template, plus added a chatterbox on the left. Please have your say there! Thanks!

With lot's of love, may God bless you all!

January 23, 2007

Blogging ideas getting depleted

I find myself having big difficulties in producing good blog entires recently. Even I don't know what's my site's statistics, I can feel that traffic into my blog is going down.


You might see in earlier posts, I tried to have a tweak in my blog style, that's to talk about some specific stuffs. Well, sometimes does work, but at other times, nah. I felt I am repeating the same thing here. How I wish I just can produce 1 blog entires just by thinking in my brain, and be published immediately! Certainly this will be great.

I know it doesn't make sense. Can you imagine I connect my brain and my computer using wireless USB? Maybe mobile blogging is more suitable for me because I can just blog whenever, wherever I want. Hope can get a chance to try out.

Right now, I'll try my best to squeeze anything from brain to be pour into this infinite space of blog, for your reading enjoyment.

Finally, I have to say, BLOGGING IS ALWAYS FUN! It's always terrifically fun and exciting to see everyone share their life and thoughts through blogging.

Thanks for reading! God bless you all!

Passion for Add Maths

If you want to say me Add Maths maniac, well, I won't stop you saying that. At least, I am PASSIONATE, deeply interested in Add Maths.

Add Maths materials, seems very fake.

Why I love this subject? Simple. It brings super duper great satisfaction. It's feels like scoring the winning goal when I get my answers correct. It can make me HIGH, FOR REAL.

It's through Add Maths where I can find confidence, I mean last confidence. At least I know, though I suck out in other subjects, I can do something in Add Maths.

I always do them in high speed, thinking as fast as I can, plus finish them earlier than others. Kiasu? Show off? Maybe gua. Let me saying that I do Add Maths with feelings, with passion, with all my strength, because I am no better at others except Add Maths. That's why I like to compete with others, yet willing to teach (though not qualified yet, LOL). It feels 100% good!

What can I do if I am pro in it? Not sure either. I do them for myself, for my future, and for God. This is what God's gift to me. I should use it to glorify him. Let me continue to become his humble servant, using everything I have, and love and serve and him.

By the way, if given the choice of Add Maths or Zuma, I'll certainly opt for Zuma! Wakaka, see actually how lazy I am.....

Enough with craps, God bless you all! PEACE

I want to drive/ride, FAST!

I start to feel jealous of those who had their driving license at my age, or even currently learning either law, engine, driving and so on.


I said this to my parents for many times, but they still insisted that I can only learn from basics after my SPM. Wonder why don't they send me learn law first?

Why I want so much to drive? None other than to have my own transportation. I hate to depend on others when regarding to transportation, even onto my parents. It's proves so vital to me as I see my parents getting fussed taking me to church everyday. I could not attend this and that, simply because of transportation. So lame....

My top choice of transportation is certainly motorcycle. Why? It's much affordable, lesser fuels, no need worry about traffic jams, and much free going. If have a special girl hugging from back when riding on it, wow, how fantastic! *winks and grins*

Anyhow, any kind will do, as long as I have the freedom (and also the license) to go anywhere, without depending anyone!

God bless you all!

January 22, 2007

Why can't I?

It's another relaxing time to sit back here at midnight to share something about my day.

Morning at school was terrible, horrible and vegetable. I think I have splashed all my disappointment and frustration in the class blog. Go there and have a look. I could not stand those talks anymore, and yet lot's more of that coming to us. So lame.....

As I have said, only people can change themselves, not others. So, to me, no matter how many or how long motivation talks were held, how many slogans, how many "boleh's" shouted, it's still all the same. It serves nothing to change us. Wait, it does serves something, that's more boredom.

Went home disappointingly after school. Yes, that time I could feel she's treating me harshly. Start to act cool towards me. Start to be at distance with me. Ah, do I have to face that again? Must I face the entire sucker's saga like last time? *sobs* Hope things get better next time.

Eventually I ate and slept for all afternoon to remove the bad feeling. Later went to Cathedral for theology class, to study in depth about the amazing Bible. Mind boggling, but fun.

Back at home I read 1 chapter each from both Malay and English novels. Then played some Zuma. Gonna be doomed because won't go to Mass for 2 days. LOL

Boring post? Hahaha....

God bless you all!

January 21, 2007

My confirmation name

Everyone knows my baptismal name is Albert, right?

As confirmation drew near, I have given the choice to select another name to be inserted. After much thinking, unlike some who retain the baptismal name....

My confirmation name will be Ignatius. Simply because St. Ignatius of Antioch is the saint of my birthday, October 17th. "Ignatius" means "ardent, burning", which reminds me that my faith and Holy Spirit should always be burnt in me and be the light for others.

As for St. Ignatius of Antioch, he's a great example for me as well. Being martyred in the arena, eaten by the lions, he willingly offered his life to Christ. In his earthly life, he 100% imitated Christ, and a great pastoral example to Christians.

Just now I did some research about it, and found out this name was not really popular. Wow, great news for me, somehow it will make me stand out with that name. But then, my primary focus for that name is for me to have saint to learn and to imitate so that I will become the better disciple of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Though confirmation is always omitted, but I still held it important. Very important indeed.

This is St. Ignatius of Antioch, being martyred after being thrown into arena of beasts.

As for the whole confirmation process till now, I still have to admit it sucks. Still in dilemma which church ministry I should go. Hope I can join the choir next week. I follow what God willed me to do.

That's all I would like to share. God bless you all!

January 19, 2007

Funny weird feelings

Funny feelings again whirled around my heart now.

And you know it. It's about my feelings towards her. Those who know it really memang pandai!

What should I do? Should I just say it out, or keep it in heart? Is this feeling is just FEELING? Will it last long? Or just to satisfy my ego? Or only a sudden urge?

Feeling very funny yet weird when thinking on my feelings. Funny because this is NOT THE FIRST TIME I had such dilemma. Weird because this case was totally different from last cases I've gone through. I would not going into detail because I wouldn't want leak "who she is" here.

Some people urged me to be a man and take action. Well, they are right, how do I know how she feel towards me, if I don't admit mine to her? Plus, it's always generally accepted that guys should make the first move right?

But as for me, I still reluctant to make anything like that. I need to clarify it first, whether I really like her, or just some urge or desires from myself. Just enough to approach her, have some GOOD talks, and help in anything I can. That brings much more satisfaction.

I surrender all these feeling to God. Only God know me better than myself. He knows what's the best for me. I seek to do His will always.

OK, some sharing of mine! God bless you all!

How nice to be here with you

It's now approaching 3 o'clock in the morning. I just finished my Chinese essay, which made me absolutely relieved. Not sure it's a good one or not, as long it's done, then OK already.

Just to make you all laugh (trying OK, I know it's not funny at all).....

LOL, did I look nice and handsome with spectacles on? Hehehe... Sendiri perasan pula....

And for your information, the specs is the "lao-hua-yan" one, used by my parents when they want to read. Anyway, it's just a simple spec, not like the heavy frame where many of my friends has it now.

OK la, it's time to sleep now! I will always love you all! Bear in mind, never cease to hope for better tomorrow!

God bless you all!

January 18, 2007

Hot on Zuma

Recently I am hot for a game called Zuma!


Well I think majority of you have known this game. I installed it with a CD, then unlocked it with key generator. So, NO NEED PAY EVEN A CENT!

Inside the game....

Just shoot the stones so that at least 3 stones of same colour come together. You must shoot from the frog, and avoid the stones from going into the skull.

Seems just easy as another puzzle game, but I only managed to get to level 2. LOL, not like Chew Rou and other hardcores who have gone through all the levels. Anyway I still like this game a lot. Simply entertaining and brain storming. Plus it's light to PC, won't cause any decrease in performance.

OK, just want to share something here la. Hahaha....

God bless you all always!

January 16, 2007

New seat for me sucks

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I am totally unhappy with my new seat arrangement today.

Just take a look about who's sitting around me for next few months....

Before that I wished I can retained my seat. I don't mind which gender the other person right beside me (though I still prefer sit with girls).

I cannot hide my disappointment after being changed my seat. No offence to anyone, but sitting with Samuel was not something I like, as he complained to me about Daphne's hair minutes after the change. As people said, he still like to criticize others. Told myself to be patience with him at all time.

Well, boys behind me are OK, because their voice are still low. I can hear their jokes at ease. Haha...

Belinda was left to me, so I have to be somewhat wary again as not to make her furious. Daphne is no stranger to me, so as Suto who sorely miss her friend Natacia and far side.

In conclusion, I am unhappy to be placed at the second last row. Looks like I am going to move about in class more often from now.

Wish to have a change again!

God bless you all! Jesus loves you and I do too!

My weaknesses

What's my weaknesses? Do you know it? Anyhow, I type out something here, see you all can agree with me or not lo....

1. Impatience

Maybe you don't see much about this. Yes, I am VERY impatient, even on small things. It drives me crazy to wait for someone or something, where I can do lot's more thing to fill out the "waiting time." It's not only dealing with time, I also very hard to deal people with patience. I will just yell out with anger should anyone stretched my tiny patience to its limit.

Of course, this will make me very immature. It's very lame to get angry on little things like that, so hope I can improve more on this.

2. Very extreme

Maybe you see this a lot. When I am happy, I am super energetic, loves to sing, dance, talk, active, and everything nice that you can think of.

On the other hand, I could be a totally catastrophe if the day sucks. You can see me sleeping, talking as if quarelling, lazy, like to hit people/things, anything else that is EXTREME to express my feelings. These extremes are just like the one stated in novel "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

3. Social fear

Maybe not so currently, but I still find myself not well in socializing. I seldom go out with friends, sucks out in formal dinner and so on. But improve a lot already through many camps and dinners, but it's still there.

So if you want to help me to overcome it, don't mind to ask me out for anything OK?

4. Annoying

Maybe you already knew this. Hehe, little do I know it as well. I am annoying both in MSN and real life. Maybe I always talk about the *censored* things, or simply to get attention from others. I ever heard someone called me "gatal" before, you know?

5. SEX-minded

Surely you know this. I don't mind myself being called sex expert (I mean knowledge only). But what's worst in me is that I relate anything with sex. People say me as "thinking too far." Have to get rid of these "yellowish stuffs" out of my brain quickly.

But then, I still think understanding of sex is really pivotal and important, especially for us teens. Nothing wrong with that.

7. Super duper hyper sensitive/moody

Sensitive? Yes, I am sensitive. Really sensitive. As said before, I always "think very far." I am sensitive with other's action, talk, even gestures towards me. Not only that, my "thinking too much" also affect my focus in life. Let you guess what I always "think too much" la....

I am also very moody, always do anything according with my mood. Just a little thing can change my mood already.... sigh... Seems like I am somewhat girlish here? LOL

8. Ambitious, but unable to complete it

I hate this the most. I still remember I said proudly I will take 14 subjects in SPM last year. Nah. Turns out to be nothing. I can't even manage the 11 subjects I have now. Not only this, things like read Bible, pray, exercise failed through due to my attitude like that.

Now I know everything needs discipline.

9. Stubborn to express the "special" feelings towards girls

Ah, nothing new. I experience lot's of this before and even NOW. Unlike the brave guys out there, I am very timid, and rely passively for her to know me. What can I do is fantasize about her in dreams, without any action. So lame....

So there you have it. Do you agree with all listed and explained above? Just have some say at the comments section.

I look forward to improve myself day-by-day, so to glorify my Lord Jesus.

God bless you all!

January 14, 2007

Stunning benefits of coffee

You may think coffee are only useful for curing sleepiness. Yes, of curse, but more than that. I read something about coffee at Sin Chew Daily, so allow me to share with you.

Couldn't resist the temptation of COFFEE...

Oh how nice is the seductive aroma....

First of all is it's ability to sooth muscle pain for at least 48%! Seems good news for those active ones out there! But you cannot make yourself addicted to it, as the results of it won't work well.

Chance of getting liver cancer also can be reduced if one drink one to 2 cups of coffee everyday. Researchers at Tokyo Cancer Centre has analyzed the persons who drink and don't drink coffee for past 10 years and found out this. Since coffee has lot's of anti-oxidants, so it's useful to control liver cancer.

More strikingly, especially for men, coffee can make your SPERMS more STRONGER! This is quoted from a research at St. Paul's University at USA. Probably a good news for those infertile married guys out there. LOL.... It'll very embarrassing for guys to be infertile you know....

Anyway was that, all must have healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy, not only depending on one food only.

OK, that's all from me! God bless you all!

Bought some techies

I always like to buy some tech product for myself, but all this while only managed to window-shopped them.

But then, yesterday I finally got something for myself! It's maybe just something small matter for you, but really great for me lo....

First is this keyboard to replace the old one. Super slim, and really making very little noise. Priced RM 29 only.

SD Card reader and writer. Not really useful to me, but still buy la. Priced RM 19.

Kingston 512MB pen drive, got it after begging my father. Priced ONLY RM 49. Wonder is it a counterfeited one or not?

Also bought CD-R that time.... so...

Total: 49+19+29+6= RM 103 ONLY!

Should I put the word only? Hahaha.... still OK for me... But then make me feel sad about always using Dad's money. Hope I can make money by myself one day.

OK, God bless you all!

Best of luck Kim How

Just want to write this post to express my sincere wish to Kim How, my colleague superior, and also a great friend as well since Form 1.

With "Ah Lee" at his farewell party.

Wish you best of luck at Perth! Do always miss us o!

God bless you all!

January 13, 2007

Guys, please RESPECT girls

I felt the eagerness to write about this post after seeing my friend's story about what happened on her yesterday. I can't keep myself silent when seeing my friend was hurt.

Read on if you manage to bear with it.

Honestly, I felt very bad. Girls and women always are always victimized by the lustful hearts of man. They are always less respected, treated as second-class, can be "cincai" treated, even in this modernized society. You don't believe, simply browse through the newspapers everyday and you get it.

If my friend's case happened 20-30 years ago, sure the whole city would knew it at instance. I just felt so bad that the most wonderful creations of God are always being treated like that. Men that do such things are not men at all.

To guys out there, please always respect any girls you meet. It's your special privilege to have girls as your accompany, thus treat them in the most special way you can. Don't ever tempted to do anything that they dislike, or bring disgrace to them. If you do so, you really deserved to be better off as an stupid idiot moron. Don't you know that it will leave a irremovable scar on them once you do that, even though it's seems small thing? Try la, do that to your Mum or your sister, and see what happened....

To girls, yes, you all are owed by guys much respect that you deserved. If really something happen to you, just report it, publicities it, make sure the guy learn his lesson. But then, you all must know to protect yourselves at all times. I always believe the problem is not on the girls, it's on the attitude of guys towards girls.

Yup, I am very honoured to be a feminist, to speak up for girls whom I always cherish and love, specially in my heart. It can make me feel more like a man (perasan kut?). LOL. It's only through respect, between the genders (particularly guys towards girls), that will make the world better.

God bless you all.

January 12, 2007

Good news for all

Surely many of us, the users of Internet have suffered much discomfort and inconvenience in trying to view some of the foreign websites due to Taiwan earthquake.

This nightmare will end very soon. TMNet has announced that Internet service will be fully recovered on January 20th, 2007. To date 50% of the service is recovered. Click here for more details.

I wish it can be restored earlier than that. I could not stand it anymore. The faster the better, if not what's the point paying RM66 for a lacklustre service? They should give us some discount, don't you all agree?

Things hindered me during this interruption period:
  1. Cannot load Photobucket, very troublesome
  2. Blogging is made very hard
  3. Streamed video is a NO NO.
  4. Slow download, you know I am an impatient guy.
  5. Just making my mood more and more lame to wait for pages to load
  6. AH no need liaw la....
Of course I am not that stupid to do whatever demonstrations for this matter. Sigh, no one also like to be like that, so just let it be lo.

Faster, faster and faster, oh come on Boss TMNet......

God bless you all.

Late lo

It's approaching 0215 by now. Just finished my studies and homework. Today I am strangely very hardworking. I can just pick up a book and read it without much distraction and sense of tiredness. Though my stamina is always below par, but then I still can finished (almost) all the homeworks given, in just 3 hours at home.

Cool right? Hehehe..... My style of approaching homework is MUST BE FAST. If slow down, sure will have many things come hunting down my "trying to concentrate" mind.

Notes, books, pens, cup of tea, all on table. So lame....

Still got time to pose with cup? LOL

You can just see my lame smile just now. Sometimes homeworks are so purging me. Again, it's SO LAME. But think back, if such a small thing I also cannot do, how am I going to do BIG things in future? If such a small thing also cannot do, am I just a terrible disaster to myself?

So guys, face the homeworks with courage. You will feel the sense of satisfaction and compliment to yourself upon completion of each homework. Your hard work will never be left unpaid.

Thank God for his grace tonight. His existence around me is strongly felt, even at this very time. Pray that God will help me to take my responsibility as a student properly. Never ever cease hope in God. Must not forget that.

From now on, I hope I can blog about my own thoughts and feelings on some specific topics. Be it religion, relationships, family, politic and so on. As well as some special events. I know some of you are already bored with my day-to-day narrating, so it's time to change.

OK, signing off, the love of God be with you all.

January 10, 2007

Feeling thrilled yet not so good

Just now received a phone call from my first aid competition trainer,

"Hello Xiang Yi! Congratulations, you are going to represent Sarawak in the National Level!"

Well, kinda thrilled! This is my first time being handed a chance to participate a national level competition! I think all my teammates, particularly Ming Chai will be super duper thrilled as well. Qi Ying even sent me an immediate SMS of her excitement!

On the other hand, I don't feel so good about this. I guess the training will be at least 10 times harder and tougher than what we've gone through last time. For most of us, we are all facing public exams, so will it going to affect our performance?

The competition will be at the end of May at Kuantan, and training will start at March. Still OK, we'll have 3 months, enough time for very intensive and hardcore ones.

Aim? I dare not making any aims, just want to try my very best there. With our determination and hard work, and with God at our side, anything can be possible. Told myself that really nothing is possible.

However, that triumphant moment at Kuching still very unforgettable....

OK, that's little update about me, hehehehehe.....

God bless you all!

January 9, 2007

A (not so good) prayer

Oh dear Lord Jesus:

Thank you for giving me this day. Thank you for giving me a safe way through all the challenges of the day. Thank you for all the graces and blessings you have poured on me without measure and limit.

Thank you my Lord, for your Word is having so much authority, that can pierce through everyone's heart, more sharper from any double-edges sword, even piercing me as well. Ah, can I list down all the thanksgiving to you for all the mighty and wonders that you have done to me?

And Lord, at this moment, have mercy on me, your lowly servant, a sinner. Forgive me all my sins, and let me be truly sorry, because I have offended you. I have misused your grace. I have put shame on you because of my sins. Because of my sins, you had to suffer and die on the Cross. Have mercy on us all O Lord, please never be apart from us.

Help us eager to know you more, and also to love you more in our heart. Never let any moment that our heart forget about you. Allow me to see your revealed face, through prayers, for indeed, your gaze at me heal my inner hurt heart.

Help me to cleanse our hands and heart, let nothing evil nor deceitful invade me anymore, for I trust in your protection. Send upon your Holy Spirit to guide me, to open my heart, so that I may love others like you did, so that my hearts will be opened for you and anyone in need. Don't let me fall into pride, envy, greediness of the world, and allow me to always remain in your Holy Love.

Help me also, grant me that special priestly vocation. You know that I want to be a priest, and you know why. But it's surely impossible if it's not Father's will. I hope in you Lord, for in my past experiences, you had never let me down. You are always my source of Hope, for in Bible it says, "Blessed are those who hope in God!"

Bless all my loved ones, all my friends, that they always in peace and joy. You know how joyful I am when seeing them in daily life, how they make my life so wonderful. I thank you for them. Please O Lord, bless them abundantly, I pray.

At this late night, I surrender all myself to you, and always trusting in your mercy and LOVE. Apart from you, I can do nothing at all. Yes, I love you Lord Jesus.

This prayer is asked through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mother Mary, O Blessed Virgin, Mother of Jesus Christ our God, thank you for always willing to take care of me as your own son. Draw me closer to your son Jesus, and intercede for us to Him. I believe that your plea to Him will never be unheard. I trust in your Immaculate Heart.


God bless you all!

Felt being loved

It's always being great that you know you are being LOVED. And bear in mind everyone, no matter where, who, what you are, you are always LOVED by someone in the world.

Do I felt being loved today? YES OF COURSE! What can be more better if I felt the love of God when I wake up? How can I resist the love of my Mum to wake up so early to prepare breakfast for me and send me to school? And how I can deny my Dad's love towards my family as our breadwinner and protector of the family?

Can't you feel the love in school? Though sometime it's harsh, teachers are always the ones who love us just as their own children. They are so dedicated in teaching, not only to make us ready for exam, but also to become better citizens, better people. They don't want us to be in error and useless rubbish. How dare we say our friends didn't love us? They are the ones making our life beautiful, helping you in studies, being in your accompany for chats and be your ears to listen to your troubles?

So let's us create a world of love in these loveless world. Banish hatred in our heart, and let love reigns in us. Love cannot be reduced in merely man-woman relationship, but then, it's far more complex, much beyond what you (and me) can think about.

From now on, do feel the love around you, enjoy it, savour it, keep it, appreciate it. Certainly your day will be more brighter and full of hope towards future. Future will never be in despair again.

P.S: I cannot help myself in typing this probably LAME post. Bear with it's boredom OK?

God bless you all!

January 8, 2007

I will never let go....

Another schooling day, another day filled with so much things, all of that baffling my mind.

Start of the day was smooth. Celebration of the Baptism of Christ at chapel was also smooth. Getting along with people was smooth. Even trying to concentrate on study also VERY SMOOTH. Seems like everything went smoothly in my way. Feel happy and joyful!

Luckily I didn't went for assembly this morning, if so would cost my whole day to be in ruins. LOL. Speaking about prefect stuffs, I hardly do any jobs today. No canteen duty (today's my off day), no morning duties (you know why) and didn't stay for orientation. Am I being irresponsible and negligent? Only God knows. Hehehe....

Didn't see much of her today at school. Even it's hard for me as well to pick up the phone to SMS her, or start a chat at MSN. Probably this is the only down side of the day. Anyway, as time goes by, I discovered my feelings getting dimmer and dimmer, and I am not so willing to reigniting the initiation feeling. It's not going to worth it. I stick hang on to my "love everyone" policy, which of course, not only rewarding and enjoying, it helps me to grow as a person as well.

At afternoon nothing much was done, except some prayer and sleeping. Later at night I went to cathedral for biblical theology. The small classroom was packed. Being the late ones, I have to sit and write without tables. Thank God I am diligent enough to write the notes down with F1 speed.

Back home later and trying to blog again. Internet connection still not yet fully recovered, sad to say. Anyhow, after this I'll have to do homeworks and filing. Ho, it's going to be another sleepless night.

Thank God for this SMOOTH day, for letting me more about Word of God. I fully trust my God, he will take care of me forever!

God bless you all!

January 7, 2007

Humility matters

Walao eh, what happened to Blogger? It took me ages to load this posting page.

Anyhow, glad anyway because I can blog something here. Today is the first Sunday of the year, and also celebrates the Epiphany of our Lord.

When arrived at cathedral this morning, I stopped by the crib again and saw 3 magi (or called wise men) venerating baby Jesus, with the 3 gifts- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This is the Epiphany, where God showed himself in human form to the whole world, to "foreigners" like us. The "special star" which guides the magi, is the light of faith, or Holy Spirit, which leads us to Christ, be more bounded to him. Plus, it's a call from God, to become true witnesses of Christ.

We also have to emulate the magi, which made a long way from Persia to meet Christ, the real King, after watching the "special star." How happy they were when they see the true King, the truth that they longed for? As Christians, are we really willing to overcome obstacles to meet Christ, to accept Christ as King and Lord? Do we still willing to remain Christians of "half bucket water"?

Just some imperfect and incomplete reflection. Just I had said at Christmas, Epiphany marks an end to Christmastide. Thank God for these wonderful Christmas days.

Rain poured down heavily during the Mass, and our family was caught in cathedral. I waited to test my patience, whilst playing with rain water. Since of the heavy rain, my siblings and I skipped the cell group and went straight home after breakfast.

At home I relaxed, prayed rosary, and have some reading about Confirmation. Well, I am going to be confirmed this year, and I know this sacrament is BIG. It will complete me as a Christian with all the gifts of Holy Spirit. I won't want to take this lightly.

Later my sister and I went back to Cathedral for the pre-confirmation talk. Met up many friends at there, like Priscilla, Xian Mei, Kevin, Mattheus etc. But then, the process of the talk was not really enjoyable for me. Pardon me if I being proud, I would rather to undergo confirmation with the grown-ups rather than with youths, don't ask me why. I found myself little bit proud during the talk, even though not showing it. The talk is about history of Catholic Church, which I heard already during theology classes last year. Just some "refreshment of memories" only.

It's organized by Christ Teens, where it's something similar as YCS in school. Loud and booming music, singing through mic instead of choir, bla bla bla..... Many "push factors" in my heart actually.

Thinking back, humility matters the most. I am inside it already, so bear with it. Maybe this time is a training from God to become more and more humble, so as to make me worthy to be sealed with the Gifts of Holy Spirit.

And so I went home and found myself on bed after that. Life continued as usual. Chatted with Chew Rou where she asked me to think of an ambition for her writing of article. I was surprised and bewildered, hey, she's supposed to make her own ambition. But being her friend, I helped her by listing occupations which I think suitable for her, as well as the reasons. Glad I can help, though I am still bewildered. LOL....

Enough for all the craps, thank and praise God for this Sunday. I hope in coming week I can grow stronger in faith, continue to love God and others as much as I can. Grant O Lord, a pure heart to be created in me. I want to surrender everything mine to God Most High.

God bless you all!

January 6, 2007

Love you....

Hi there again! Back to blogging after resting for one day! Miss me or not? LOL

Anyway, it's Saturday, the day I had waited for a long time since the school reopened last Wednesday. It's supposed to be a wonderful and free-going day, and it was. Thank God!

Woke up early in the morning after 7-hour-sleep, then got myself prepared for Mass. After breakfast, I walked all the way to HQ for some meeting. Glad to have that meeting to enable me to go out alone later. Wakakaka....

Anyway, I have nothing much to do at the meeting. It's the meeting for the enrollment day, in which my juniors are in charge. While doing my Add Maths there, I played some high-end mobile phones. Due to extreme boredom, everything playable inside the training room became my toy to grab attention. Anyhow, pretty impressed with my juniors' commitment towards this activity. Hope they will do a great success next week, and get many many new members! Wahaha....

Enough with that at HQ, I went to major bookshops to buy my workbooks. I can say I am forced to buy it because school wants them. Seriously I don't think it's worth it or not to buy those books. Sad to see my money fly.

But them, I think this book is a MUST BUY if you want to excel in Add Maths....


As you can see, it has 1514 questions, comprising all the chapters of Form 4 & 5. It covers all from basic to hardcore, challenging questions. It's even recommended by teachers as well. Don't say I don't tell you, many questions in exams are from this book, wakaka....

After visiting 3 bookshops in town, I spend a fortune again for lunch at KFC. Kinda guilty because after having my meal, I discovered I am short of money for boarding a bus home! What's more annoying, I only short of 14 cents! WHAT THE.... Anyway I boarded the bus with a "not-so-good-feeling." Thank God again for bringing me home with no hassles.

Then in afternoon I spend time starting new prefect blog in Linux. Suddenly I have a desire to understand girls, want to know everything. Thus I started searching everywhere on the net, and saw many things as well, including those I am not supposed to see. LOL

Girls are always the most special, wonderful and yet mysterious creation of God. It's always enjoyable and great to get along with them. Praise God for that!

After some nap and dinner, all of my family went out to Boulevard to see some pottery stuffs. Very beautiful I have to say, the art, the drawings, the colours and so on. Mum even tried to bargain 75% off price, where I think if everyone's like that, it's better for the owner to stay selling the potteries at China, no need come here. Didn't buy anything after 30 minutes, so all proceed to Boulevard for grocery shopping. Then went straight back home.

Line connection is very poor by now, which out my patience to test to wait for the pages to load properly. Chatted with Susie who obviously confused whether to transfer back to St. Joseph's. Cannot give any advice, even though I want her to return to SJS. Anyhow, let her be, I'll missing her presence at class. Hahaha...

Thank God for this day. God is forever my primary factor to live on with life. Apart from my Lord Jesus, I can do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

God bless you all!

January 4, 2007

A complete turn around!

What a day! I cannot complain any more with the outcome I had now in this late hour! So satisfying, so great, feel so good!

A great relief that I have found my camera back after back from Chapel. What again, I started shooting photos again whenever I like it, and hopefully I can start the other 2 new blogs as soon as possible.

School time was somehow great for me. I have never be so busy like today. Today Biology teacher gave me much homework to do, in which I had to do 4 reports that have to be passed up tomorrow! Praise the Lord, I have done them all! What an achievement! Cool man, I am not praising myself la, just very pleased I managed to do all of them in a day.

Kinda fun with other periods too. See my class blog later for more details. I hoped I can remember them all so that I can present to you the best drama in class and in school.

So after that I stayed at school for the Form 1 orientation. It's needless after all, but then I had some fun teaching the juniors my "butt-shaking dance." It's very embarrassing at that time you know, shaking my butt in front of many people repeatedly. Yes, they're laughing, they followed me shaking their butt, but then in the end, it's not used at all. LOL

Since we were not "useful" in that, we were allowed to go home early. Have a shot (again, you may say that) at bus stop outside there.

With the always lovely Emma....

I have no idea why I can only have great pictures with Emma only. Height problem? Posing problem? Teeth problem? LOL, anything la.....

Felt so tired upon reaching home, yet have to keep on reminding myself that I have lot's of work to do later. But then I still managed to steal a sleep for myself.

Went to church for theology class, but returned home shortly because the class was yet to be started. Then I started to be busy with the PEKA, whilst working hard with the photos.

There's something wrong with the Photobucket, where I cannot even sign in into my album. Very frustrating indeed. So if you all experienced difficulty in effort to access my photo album, please accept my sincere apology.

Nothing much I want to say, but praise the Lord for the day of turning around!

God bless you all!

January 3, 2007

What a BAD school reopening day

Yeah, never felt so bad in the school reopening day like what I have been experienced today! Read on to know more.

Actually I hope this day could be terrific, could be nice, could be went in my way. However, it went horribly wrong for me. Hopes are left to ashes.

As well as I entered the class, I already knew the seating plan was not pleasing to me at all. My "geographical" position still not the best for me. Fair enough, I still can take it in.

After the Mass, what a horror to me when I see the assembly was all in trouble! Every prefect, including me, was totally not prepared for it. Enough with the super duper long. boring assembly, the student inspection was also very horrid.

Prefect meeting after that, to me, went all the way wrong. I don't think it's beneficial, nor the long speech by teacher has anything to do with us. Well then, we all managed to get out of the boredom after 1 hour inside there. Later I followed my class monitor to help taking the textbook, later helping my colleagues arranging the class. Very tired already upon reaching class, with my all smelly sweat "fragrance" around myself.

When back at home, my mood was not good already. I could not do my jobs properly and with focus. When Mum yelled at me, complaining my undone work, I could not help but to think "I am really suck." With disappointment I slept for sometime.

Thought I would feel better after such a long sleep. Suddenly I discovered is LOST! OK, you all might celebrating now, making fun of me "Finally this guy has lost his camera! He's making own trouble! He deserves that! Shame on him!" etc etc. Well, very fair enough, pardon me being subjective, but very fair enough. Parents' reaction was not as big as I thought. Siblings already making fun of me. Fine then, maybe I really deserves that, but then it made my day a total disaster.

As for that, I wish to announce that the new class blog and prefect blog will be put on hold until a later date. Hope I can find my camera back, just keep hoping.

I surrender all my lame thoughts of myself, all the horrid things happening today, all my emotions to God. I am sure He's in charge of everything, and always gives what is exceeding my expectations. Even in my worst situation, I am very very sure He's always be with me.

God bless you all!

January 2, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

I think still not too late to wish you all a blessed and happy new year of 2007!

It's second day of the year by now, but then I still I can make a recap of what happened yesterday, while awaiting in anxiety for the school reopening day tomorrow.

Start of with 31st December first. I didn't went to any countdown celebration the day before, just went to Lutong for church's year-end gathering for some good dinner. Then went up to Canada Hill to take some stroll, then went to sleep in peace.

Then at 1 January, I woke up quite early and prepared myself for Mass for Solemnity of Mother of God. It's Bishop who preceded the Mass, so it's quite a long one. As always, I made my resolutions there, to love God always, to grow as a better person and disciple of Jesus Christ. Not for academics, nor relationships, nor money, it's all only God for this whole new year.

Later at the whole New Year Day, I spent time resting at home, plus went out with family to Boulevard. Glad also to sent out many New Year wishes to all my dear friends.

So today is my last day of my one-month-holiday. Enough? Maybe yes, maybe no? Yes because I want to meet my friends who I missed so much. Plus if continue to stay at home, what can I do? No because I am very lazy to face all the tensions of Form 5, being a prefect, and being a student. Hope tomorrow will be a bright start for my probably last ever schooling year.

Probably, only going to school, can make my blog more interesting to read? Agree? Hehehe....

Just wait for school reopen lo! Actually I really can't wait for any "tomorrow!" My heart is pounding for tomorrow......

Whatever it is, hope is my prime factor to continue my life as child of God, to continue to love God and others with a sincere heart!

God bless you all!