July 29, 2007

Er... Streamyx sucks?

What do you think? Streamyx sucks or not?

Here's a guy named Ah Yap who has set up a Streamyx Hater's website, to recruit haters of Streamyx. They have lot's of banners and I think it's worth a download.

Hehe, check these out....

Yeah, Streamyx is a "rubbish" that needs to be cleaned.

Tak Nak to TMNet? How can you online then without TMNet?? Or even TMNut?

Oh yeah SCREAMYX! Scream!

Can you imagine if Streamyx is slower than 1515?

Are you a Screamyx hater?

In the news.... Malaysia's sole ISP TMNet is rubbish....

Try to click if you dare...

Yo, sign up now! Haha..

Last but not least....


Well if you feel Streamyx sucks too, click here to support them. Hehe...

To me, TMNet will only get better if there's a (or more) competitor to fight with them. Especially WiFi. Please improve our Internet la, please la....

God bless you all!

July 27, 2007


Green is mine. Blue is my friend's.

Sad :(

Words can hardly express how SAD I am. I have turned emo because of someone, who doesn't care about me at all.

I know I have made everything wrong. I know I sucks a lot. I know I scared her away. I know I am a "think too much" maniac, who deserves this "penalty." Serve me right.

I know I am a totally good-for-nothing. That says it all how lame I am.

Time will erase everything. For I still have hope in my Lord. For I know and I am sure that the Lord still loves me dearly.

God bless you all!

July 26, 2007

NLFAC Part 3: It's the end, funtime!

The competition drew close as we faced the last section, bandaging and immobilizing, with full awe. We knew that at this moment, we had nothing to lose, so it's worth to give it a go.

Sadly, it didn't come our way. The organizer really managed to give 40 different kind of injuries, each 10 of it to be completed in 10 minutes! What the....

At here, we're so used to deal with "arm sling" or "immobilize leg fractured" or "soft splint." But how the heck we're going to tackle like "earlobe torn", or "torn muscles" or even "nosebleed"???

Can you imagine we bandage you like this for nosebleed? LOL

I tell you it's really hard to tie it, OK?

This one also hard, you know?

And again we must restrict our contact with casualties due to "sensitive" reasons. Sigh...

But of course, we learnt something from other branches, like timekeeping from behind, new styles of first aid (so-called modern) and so on.

But it's the end for all of us. Really the end. Dreams were over.

Thumbs down.... for us...

And we cried.... (I know we looked fake ok?)

Ultimately we didn't dare to put any hopes to win anything that time. We could only think about shopping at Kuantan. To kill our disappointment.

Ans so it really came, we went to Kuantan for sightseeing and shopping. It's damn goood to get out of there.

First stop to Berjaya Mega Mall. Not so nice as I don't really like shopping. I only bought newspapers. Hehe...

They told you how boring is inside.

But the trip to Teluk Chempedak is ULTRA SUPER DUPER NICE!!! What a fantastic moment to be on the East Coast beach!!

We can't wait to take photo! All smiles up and all glooms out!

Ah the beach just so nice...

For those of you who wanna go Kuantan, you really have to go Teluk Chempedak. They have so many shops, 24 hours McDonald's, and their SUPER COOL BEACH. Wahaha....

Not managed to stay there for long, only can buy some souvenirs for my friends. Looking across the sea really made me miss them dearly.

At night, the moment we waited for long has come.

Prize-giving ceremony was quite unique because it was accompanied with dinner. Strange right? Hehe...

Ha, way better! :D

As said, we REALLY didn't expect to win anything. But my heart (I think my teammates also) felt the intense feeling when the winners are announced. It's damn nervous.

Prizes up for grabs...

Firsts are the winners of Classical Team test.

Bronze: Negeri Sembilan Silver: Sabah Gold: ........(breathe well) SARAWAK!!!!!!!!!


What an ecstatic feeling!! Wa.....

To add our excitement, we get bronze for bandaging relay!

Nevertheless, Penang is the overall champion. Congrats for them!

But what can stop our celebrations ,even for our little victory?

It's feeling so good!

Celebrating champions!

Thank God for everything! Thanks to everyone who helped us in training, food, allowances etc. Thanks to my teammate who are ever supportive. And not forgetting to the friends in the competition!

We're all in this together.....

God bless you all!

July 22, 2007

NLFAC Part 2: Thrilling competition starts

Allow me to continue la. Shall we?

The next day we were so nervous for it. Damn nervous. 3 sections in one day made us nuts.

Poor draw saw us to come out quite late, which made us drooling inside the quarantine room.

Ah, wait! We waited in this "hot like what" corridor! Duh... No other place meh?

You can't see how nervous we are.....

And he can still sleep! -_-"

First up is the classical first aid competition. The scenes are all in a crowded hall.

3 scenes in a hall. Cool huh? Luckily that hall have air-cond....

We really had to limit our "touches" on the casualty due to.... you know la...

My first casualty with a BACK CUT? Duh, never did this ler....

Don't care la, just do whatever I could.

My other teammates seems doing well. See how Ming Chai command them, so like a boss.

When I looked at the photos, some caught my attention. Just scroll down.

Wa, still can march when giving treatment ar? Salute you la....

Luckily didn't cover the face le, if not people misunderstood...

Wa, CPR on a REAL PERSON? I wonder how the casualty feels....

Yo cool! Thumbs up!

To sum it up, I gave treatment for back cut, concussion, and sprained ankle. Not very satistfied, though Ming Chai had done a great job in assessment.

Can you see my "du lan" look there?

We thought we can do something at community team test, but it just didn't go our way. It's totally different from what we've gone through at Branch level. What's more, I had many conflicts with Ming Chai that time. From bad, to worse.

That's not all, we had Quiz Bee at night. It may seems like peanuts, but other teams were very hard to beat. They simply have the brains.

Wan Lin looked tense, others still have smiles.

Here's the BIG hall again. So nicely arranged, not like ours.

We seems can't get off the camera ho? Hehe..

Okay, that's all for now! God bless you all!

July 18, 2007

NLFAC Part 1: The journey of dreams begins

It has been over for almost 2 months from now. My apologies for letting you all waiting for too long. So let's rewind the time with me, as I go through them part by part, just to allow me to give a detailed description of what had been going on.

It was May 22nd. When my classmates were battling hard in exams, I found myself comfortably awaiting the journey to West Malaysia. It's just AMAZING to have gone this far. I was sure my teammates felt that too.

Yeah we're carrying the Sarawak flag!

This just reminded me how everything satred for me 2 years ago. Upon landing at LCCT, I just start to feel the place. Didn't like that "cheap" airport at all.

Really LOW COST la... Hate it...

We had serious communication problem with NHQ people when we arrived. This was just bad as they had waited for us for whopping 2 HOURS, while we fooling around at LCCT.

We went to NHQ first, before heading East Coast to Kuantan. Pretty impressed of their advanced and rich resources, despite their old building.

Posing together under some rain.

It was super long journey to east even traveling via highway speed. Sad though for not being able to stroll KL first. By the time we reached Kuantan, it was sometime 2000 already. But of course, night is always young there.

Next morning, we had some strolls in the streets and training in the college.

Roti canai, my favourite, hehe... :D

See Ming Chai in SJS shirt? Haha..

Train little bit.

We were lucky to have the chance to go out always. Hehe, just continue to see the pics.

See, we are just so happy! See our white, shiny teeth there....

Team photo at Kuantan Waterfront. Oh how I just love this..

Let me syok sendiri la..

That night had the introductory session, where a VIP came and everything was discussed. All of us wore uniform. Pleased to see contestants from other states.


Sarawak team together with 2nd Vice Chairman of Pahang Branch.

First days were so far so good. Keep visiting for more updates!

God bless you all!