March 24, 2010

Kuala Perlis public library

Few days ago I made a visit to Kuala Perlis public library just to kill off my waiting time of my next lecture. It’s just a stone throw away from my school actually.


From the outside, it does look quite big, a bungalow library. However, it’s not that big in the inside.


That’s just about the size of the adult’s section at upstairs. Kids’ section at downstairs and I am not interested about it. Hehe…

As you can see above, not much books are there with 3++ open-book shelves. The English books collection is rather limited as well. Hmmm

Nevertheless, it is a perfect place for those school students to come here by bicycles and study in groups.


Just like this. They had some enclosed discussion rooms. However, it’s not allowed for both genders to mix here. It means boys and girls are not allowed to sit together anywhere in the library.


“Lelaki sahaja.” Boys only in this table. Girls are other side. This is applicable practice in all libraries in Perlis.


I know their good intention to prevent fornications, but I just hope their good won’t result into more gays and lesbians. Hmmm…


Even so, some don’t care about it.


These are the reference collections, which is not allowed to be borrowed out. It’s such as shame because majority of good books are here.

As for me, my visit there is just this.


To read that Reader’s Digest for FREE. I don’t need to pay 15 bucks to buy Reader’s Digest anymore. Hehe :p

In a nutshell, I like to drop by this library just to get some air-conditioned and exercise my mind. :)

Note that it’s actually not permitted to take photos inside the library. I didn’t get any permission either. So, whatever, catch me if you want to. :)

God bless you all!

March 21, 2010

Fooling around at Kangar

I was at Kangar this morning right after the Sunday Mass.


For those who are really poor in Geography, Kangar is the capital town of the state of Perlis, in the far north of Malaysian Peninsular.

It was a bright morning. What I did hear was just fooling around and snap some photos. Nothing else but to revive my blog and keep myself occupied. :)


Obviously I need to get a bank to get some cash to survive this week. I just hope I won’t overspend again this time hmmm.

But wait, look at these…


Somebody sitting there with a donation box. This made me remember of my Red Crescent days during flag sale. But he didn’t ask anyone to donate. Just sit there, play messaging, relaxing away hmmm… But it’s really for a good cause la.

It also makes me remember Penang Diocese recent Lenten Campaign theme – Love Your Neighbour. To do more charitable works.


I wish I can help out too even though different in religion. Sadly my wallet is just too tight, and no small change inside. Duh me…. :(

Ah whatever. I went inside the bank I saw another shocker.


Aiyoyo why in such a messy wetness??!! The floor is stinking wet! And look closely to the dustbin…


EWWW!!!! Can’t you have any better ways to contain leaked water other than using the dustbin!!! Oh please… make my cash-getting experience so bad.


Look at this billboard.


Err, which one is “hanya yang terbaik” (only the best)?? Do you mean you only provide the best Japanese/Korean girls?? Huh?


Supermarkets in Kangar are quite strange. Let me tell you why.

We all know that major supermarkets provide deposit service for us customers to put in our belongings before entering their place. Yes, it’s available in Kangar too.


However, this service is CHARGEABLE in 2 major supermarkets in Kangar. :(


What the heck.

I don’t know what cost those supermarkets so much to provide this service free of charge. This means that even though I only deposit in this small plastic bag due to their rules…


… I have to pay them 1 buck. ONE FREAKING BUCK. Not happy but what can I do. I just don’t carry any bags if I need to shop. Whatever.

So that’s all from me. Hope you enjoy your days ahead.

God bless you all!

Can somebody fix this? :(

It’s already been an open secret that water shortages has always been a constant problem in my hostel.

And I think I know why. Look at this water tank just outside my hostel.


There’s a leak there FOR FAR TOO LONG. I wonder if they have any bad feeling of wasting water because water just leaks out DAY AND NIGHT! Continuously all the freaking time!!

For goodness sake, the earth does not have enough clean water supply already. To add wound the salt, now is STILL the draught season where it’s all dry and hot. Any more water supply disruption (other than the one that could solve this problem ONCE AND FOR ALL) will be very very unwelcomed. Students are not happy.


Somebody gotta fix this problem. I just cannot bear to see the water leak out any longer. PLEASE.

God bless you all!

KFC Colonel Briyani rice

I am always a fan of KFC, and when I heard this new product from the radio, I just can’t wait to try it.


Colonel Sander showing off the new product. I am actually more excited because this is the 1st time KFC introduce something new for their rice menu. We as Asians should always eat rice, not freaking potatoes.

As you can see from the suggested servings, it consists of a piece each of original and spicy fried chicken, a spice soup, Coke, rice and an alarm clock, all for about 15 bucks. You can opt not to have alarm clock for about 10 bucks.

Hmmm however I chose to take Jom Jimat Set A (which only cost RM6.20 so damn cheap) since the rice is there as well!

Here is it!


The rice is certainly more dark yellow than before. Surprisingly it’s also so nice to eat! One can feel the spices’ aroma when the rice is in the mouth. Coupled with coleslaw and chicken, it’s simply fantastic!

I would say this is a definite thumb up from KFC after too many overpriced new products. Go Go KFC! Haha :)

God bless you all!

March 20, 2010

No more P

P as in Probationary Driving License (Lesen Percubaan) in Malaysia. Finally after 2 years needing that P sticker to cover myself, I am out of it. Yes.


It means much more responsibility I have to bear while I am on the road. Luckily, in Perlis I don’t really get to drive. I changed the license because I need to drive yesterday. Certainly I didn’t want to get caught!

OK, time to get busy with the things I am supposed to do. Projects are biting me an awful lot.


No matter how it is, I just gotta strive hard, just I have strived hard to get my driving license. :)

God bless you all!

Bulls and cows attack?

Yesterday I saw this amusing scene from my balcony.


Out of a sudden, so many cows, bulls and calves surround the poor little house there. Seems like there are police, demanding the people to give them grass to eat.

See how barren is the land and so few green grass available. No wonder they become angry. We better don’t burn so much.

God bless you all!

March 15, 2010

Despair for UniMAP

No, I am not talking about UniMAP’s failure for any major tournament whatsoever. I am talking about it’s very internal problem about NOT GETTING COURSES AUTHENTICATED by relevant authorities!

I was so shocked when I see a link shared by my fellow friend at UniMAP to only see this.

This is at KOSMO online today.


16 undergraduate courses out of 18 are NOT certified. It is really a shame.


As far as I am concerned, the only 2 courses which are certified are Computer Engineering and Microelectronic Engineering. All 6 diploma courses are also certified. Others? NOT YET. And nobody will know when it will ever be certified.

I have no idea whether this students’ fault, or staffs’ fault. Maybe everyone, from top to bottom should be responsible for this. STOP doing so many useless programs and CONCENTRATE more on studies please.

Yes, it’s heard that employability of UniMAP’s graduate are quite high, but it will be certainly better to have the courses certified so that the graduates are CERTIFIED as well!

In this situation, it only serves UniMAP as a very BAD advertisement.

That’s all. God bless you all.