August 29, 2008

So pokai now

This is ALL I HAVE in my wallet now.

50 CENTS!!

True, I don't cheat you.

That's all I have to go through this weekend! I simply need to control all my expenses. For this month alone I have spent something 1000 bucks++! It's totally unacceptable!


And I feel quite reluctant to go to withdraw money from bank because I will be motivated to spend more and more.

So can anyone tell me what can I do with 50 cents? Please?

Take care everyone.... God bless!

August 21, 2008

Around my hostel

Since I am that free to abandon my assignments now, let me show you how's my hostel look like. Pictures taken with my poor camera phone. Erm..

The main entrance to guys' hostel. I can tell you girls' hostels look much more fantastic. Herm..

My useless kitchen. No stoves and fridge. Only can put my food stuffs here. And oh ya, iron my clothes. Lot's of ants here. I wonder why.

Not so clean toilet. You surely don't want to see what's inside the toilet bowl. Hehe :P

My crowded study table. Computer, radio, printer, books, bla bla bla... Always get very tension here....

I also take outside views from balcony...

Wide paddy fields, mountainous views....

Can see an island here also... probably a Thai island.. Yeah Straits of Malacca on sight...

And last but certainly not the least...

My very, very own bed... not big enough, but it's still my bed. =D

Again I say, holiday here is not a bed of roses. I am just getting more and more stressed by yet-to-be-done assignments and upcoming tests.

However, I shall just keep trying.

And try to be as happy as Spongebob. LOL

God bless you all!

August 19, 2008

Chong Wei, we are proud of you

Thank you Chong Wei for bringing Malaysia a silver Olympic medal.

Image credit to NST Reporter.

Even though you lost heavily in the final, you still make our nation proud. So near yet so far, but to you, well done man. Hope to see you again in London 2012 Olympics.


Certainly this badminton final has brought all Malaysians together, regardless of our difference, to support Chong Wei. Be it my friends here in Perlis, who comes from different place, or my friends back home, everyone was just so excited.

And I also believe everyone was super disappointed too to see him lost so heavily. A very bitter pill to swallow.

Malaysia's wait for 1st ever Olympic gold medal continues.

For me, the only thing that makes sense and truly meaningful to the country is OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL. I have heard enough of jaguh kampung. Malaysian games, SEA Games, Commonwealth and Asian Games are only stepping stones. For goodness sake, GO AIM FOR OLYMPICS.

I am optimistic that our chances are still there. Let's hope together. And wait another 4 years.

God bless you all!

August 16, 2008

Don't be shocked

Look at this. What I have done when I entered UniMAP.

Don't worry. I have not done anything. I was wearing Malay clothes just to be in line with another Indian and Malay friend to sing on stage. Didn't I look good and handsome?

We sang "Sejahtera Malaysia", with me having to sing "The Moon Represent My Heart" in Chinese. Hearing them cheering for me was so damn feeling good. Good experience, though I know I simply cannot sing well. Hahaha....

And I am proud to show this....

Me with my god-son, Anselm. He should be 4-month-old by now. I still remember that I was feeling so emotional during his and another god-son's (I can't get his photo, haih) baptism.

Think, I am somebody's god-dad. Wow.

OK, just a short post. I seriously need people to chat with me. Anyone, please?

God bless you all!

August 12, 2008


I have enrolled myself to U.O.X. - University of X.

I knew you will think something bad, right? Haha...

With 15 cents/minute to anywhere, any number, in campus or off campus, plus 6 cents/SMS to any number, I just cannot resist to be the member of U.O.X.!

And did I say it's only for University students only? I bet you cannot find any packages cheaper than this!

My friends, if they come to your campus to promote U.O.X., faster go join OK? It's really cheap you know?

However, I wish to tell that my current DiGi number is still with me. I still want the Yellow Man to be follow me. LOL So I guess I will end up having 2 numbers. Erm.

OK, God bless you all!

A walk to the beach

Last Saturday, after been feeling very crappy for almost the whole week, I went out and take a walk to the beach. Alone.

I forgot to take the beautiful scenery along my walk. It was so quiet, so peaceful, so no need to think about any other thing. Just walk walk walk.

The roads are like this. Not much cars or motorcycles (in Perlis there are freaking many motorcycles) here. How nice it is to walk on it as if I am the "road owner."

After some 40 minutes walk from my hostel, finally I arrived at the beach.

Straits of Malacca. If I lived here at 2006 at tsunami, maybe I will be hit too. Herm...

Mind you that time is 1900. Yeah, no joke, it was 1900.

I felt good to see and enjoy the Straits of Malacca for the first time. From far and near can see there are boats and ships. What intrigued me is that this beach DOESN'T HAVE SAND.

Instead, they have mangrove swamps (in Malay is called pokok bakau). I wonder can such beach be called a "beach"?

I know it's a boring post. Before I leave, can anyone tell me why this thing is so near to the beach?

What the "dut" is this? International border?

God bless you all!

August 9, 2008

First time hands onto machines

Small note: This post costs me RM1. I am still itching for a camera.

And really, I am really not good in it.

Here's the machine that I am told to operate myself. YES, MYSELF.

It's called LATHE machine. It is used to shape steel bars. Try to imagine how clumsy I was when I operate it.

We were told to wear goggles at all times. And I looked like this,

Do I look handsome in goggles? LOL

That task was not easy la. It's freaking hard to get all the exact measurements. Cab't help to be frustrated and pissed off.

Drilling alone took me lot's of time because I am 2 mm short of the given measurements. What's more frustrating was that there's only ONE DRILLER for 12 students. What the....

In the end, I could not get the task done. Fair enough.

My unfinished product :(

Nevertheless, I like to do this rather than sitting in lectures and get bored. Doing practicals are far more fun. But doing the practical report is NOT FUN at all.

OK, that's all from me. God bless you all!

August 3, 2008

My luxurious KFC breakfast

And I think it's healthy, fibrous and nutritiouos! 

My Sunday KFC breakfast. As you can see, there are a cup of coffee, a bowl of chicken porridge, a large bowl of coleslaw (yeah, from this picture it does look like some pork stew LOL), and a copy of New Sunday Times. 

Price? All that for freaking RM11.20! Hohoho... Bearing in mind I have not consumed any rice for the previous 2 days, this is just the one I have wanted.

But as a price for that, I gonna have to eat bread this whole week! Gardenia non-stop! One loaf of Classic Jumbo (priced RM2.90) can provide me all 3 daily meals! How good is that! How cheap! 

I hope I can focus in the coming study week. Rest assured I will settle down soon. Fingers crossed. 

To my family and friends back home, you will be always in my heart. I will always miss you all even though it hurts. 

God bless you all. Let's pray for each other.

August 1, 2008

This is just getting unfavourable

Yeah, I am really serious about it. I have not been feeling well since the last few days. Apart from the persistence of home-sickness, I am now suffering from constipation.

Probably I have eaten too much bread eh?

I may have made myself No.1 Gardenia maniac in Malaysia. I still remember one loaf of Jumbo bread is enough for my daily meals. Until I am totally sick of it. LOL. I do hope the wholemeal bread will help me to overcome constipation. It's so so terrible now.

Studies are not in the right track as well. As you may have read in "Let's Be Simple", we are 3 weeks behind schedule. It seems not fair that we are not taught from the very beginning. As a result, I always don't understand what is taught in lectures, not to mention poor English commands of lecturers (I just have to be frank).

This subject is driving me crazy. Really. Not to mention other subjects which are equally crazy frenzy. How to focus? How to cope with this university lifestyle?

For many times I could have brushed off everything and go home. However I simply cannot do that. I cannot forgo this responsibility just like that. I'll try to be positive, even though the doubts about going home, frantic schedules, sickness are still around. I'll try. I promise.

That's all for now. Please see my daily writings on my Wordpress blog, "Let's be Simple." And sorry if you find me recent photos are annoying because I don't have a camera with me yet. Probably will get a good camera phone soon. Then I will let you see the surroundings of Perlis.

God bless you all!