October 26, 2008


Pay only what U need.


Get U Mobile now and let's have free calls! Can? U call the shots ma...

God bless U all!

October 24, 2008

Really sad

The title says it all. I am really devastated now.


It was stolen. Shame on me for not keeping it carefully. Shame on me. Shame on me.

I'm sorry Dad and Mum. That phone was only with me for only 20 days and I lost it. I simply lost your trust as well. I am really really sorry.

I just..... so don't know what to do now. Thefts in hostel, be it male or female dorms, are getting so serious.

But in the end, shame on me for not keeping my belongings well.

Really sad. :(

God bless you all.

October 20, 2008

Some lame stuffs

You definitely be shocked to find what's in my apartment unit.

EMPTY PACKS OF CIGARETTES. LOT'S OF THEM. I wonder why my housemates don't throw them away? Wanna make their drawers a cigarettes gallery?

Am I using one of them? Probably yes. You know, 2nd hand smoke. What to do...

Let you see something outside my hostel.

I don't know it's a nice car or not, what I know that it's a luxurious sport car! See there, 2 exhausts? It's surely burning a lot of Shell V-Power.

And I can tell you, lot's of students and staffs are driving these sporty cars. I even saw one Ferrari in another hostel! LOL As if the roads in Perlis are good for racing huh?

Let you see what's up in lecture room...

That girl is presenting, while others didn't even care to listen. What to do, it's boring.

My lecturer is relaxing while overseeing us in the test. Sitting on the table... cool... hoho..

That's all for today la. But before I go...

Who dares to eat this tomyam, served with spices, raw green chillies in a concentrated soup? Haha...

God bless you all!

October 19, 2008

18th birthday, truly memorable

The truly memorable birthday I have ever had in my life. Not only it's the first birthday at "overseas", but it's also the very FIRST i celebrated it together with my friends.

I kept my mouth shut about my birthday because I want to keep it as low-profile as possible, avoiding myself to be a so-called celebrity.

Nevertheless, I really love my friends for throwing me a treat, even though they only knew it on the spot. What can I say....

We came to this little stall by the road side..

Some of my friends that I managed to shoot. Teeheehee...

Tony's trying to kiss me... but no thank you la...

Delicious ikan bakar (literally means "burnt fish" LOL)... yum yum...

And rather unexpectedly, this is really really surprising...


I admit I am so touched at that moment, almost bursting into tears that time.

Blowing before making my wish... LOL...

In case you're wondering, I was told to get those candles by mouth. Wahaha...

And then we chatted together non-stop all the way till midnight. Including the ones that I should only keep to myself. Ho...

I really thank my friends here with my sincere heart. Thanks to all who remembered my birthday and sent me messages, whether by SMS, Friendster or Facebook.

What's my wish then? I can only wish that I can become a better person, in the eyes of God and of people. That's all. I can't wish anything unrealistic.


Thanks to Yien Houng for this image. Yeah I really like it.

October 17th will always be a special date. No matter what.

God bless you all!

October 16, 2008

What skin disease is this?

I got this strange skin disease, which is quite common among students here.

On my left upper arm.

On my right upper arm.

This is not my first time getting this disease. I remember a couple of months ago, I had this rashes on my chest, thigh, stomach and so on. For this time, it's only a small case.

It's so uncomfortable and so I went to see doctor. I can't believe my ears when he said it's a VIRUS!

LOL, virus?

Eh doctor, you're kidding me right?

And I got these medicines, both anti-viral tablets and cream, which I am supposed to finish it! All these for FREE courtesy from UniMAP. LOL...

Hope I can get well soon la. That's all. God bless you all.

October 13, 2008

Lurve me?

I saw this very hot new product on sale in local 7-Eleven outlet. I don't know whether you heard about it or not...

It's called "Lurve" from Twisties. It claims that it's the first ever snack to have included ALL grains, like rice, wheat, oats, and so on. Sounds great, isn't it?

It also has several flavours, like onion, seaweed and spicy.

I am not trying to promote this, because I never tasted it anyway. What I want to say is that the advertisement of this snack is simply making no sense. You will know what I mean when you see it in major TV stations. It's simply ridiculous to see a romance between a girl and a snack. So LOL.

Plus, it's so difficult for me to lurve it because it costs freaking RM2.90. What the la... such small pack cost that much!

Sorry la, I don't lurve you.... teeheehee... :P

God bless you all!

October 12, 2008

Surprise from Malaysia Airlines!

I am thinking for a short travel to Kuala Lumpur because I will have a week of holiday after the semester test and before the activities. Just to relax and have some "city" feeling for myself. Not forgetting to visit my relatives and friends there.

So I purpose log on to Malaysia Airlines to check for tickets, as I fancy MAS first.

And to my ultimate excitement....


How nice it is!! Now MAS is so cool man!

However it's really hurting to see RM192 total price tag because of the enormous fees and surcharges. But hey, it's freaking Malaysia Airlines ok? LOL

I love Airasia because of their new Airbus A320, but hate their lousy LCCT. I love Malaysia Airlines because they use KLIA, world's best airport with aerobridges and cool stuffs, but hate their lousy, old Boieng 737.

In the end, I still fly Airasia, because they are always the cheapest. No one can deny that.

Sorry Malaysia Airlines, your surprise is not that surprising after all. Thanks for a try.

That's all for now! God bless you all!

October 11, 2008

My daily supplements

Nothing much but to show off what pills I take everyday, to make me so-called more healthy. LOL

Wheat grass honey, ginkgo, Vitamin B and C, what can they do for me? No choice, since my mum gives them to me, I guess I just have to eat them.

I think it's still not too late to unveil my new gadgets....

Introducing my new Sony Ericsson W660i! Ah, I am also into this Sony Ericsson mania in Malaysia. Apparently this phone is very popular here, because I see lot's of students using this phone, with the same colour as well!

I must thank my Dad very much for willing to buy me such good gadget. I must do something to repay him. No excuses.

Otherwise, it has been an uneventful first week after Raya. Just the 2 previous presentations managed to bring satisfaction. Hehe...

That's all for now! Hope to bring more postings for you all! I also should have no excuses for you all, right?

God bless you all!

October 5, 2008

Staying at KLIA for too long

I have already arrived back in my hostel. Today is virtually an off-day for diploma students for certain unknown reasons.

I have been in KLIA yesterday for about 4 hours or so. It's getting very boring. I have ate a lot of pricey stuffs here, and will not buy anymore until I go into departure hall.

It's very sad for me that I have to go back Perlis to continue my studies. Obviously I just can't have enough holidays. This one-week-holiday was a mixture. There's many happy, disappointed, sad, angry, pretty moments. In general, I quite like it.

There's no reason for me to hate holidays OK.... And seriously I need some sleep now.

Just share some pics I took with my new camera phone just now. Not so many, just little bit.

Long long lines at Miri Airport. People are really unhappy about the one-hour-delay.

Inside the hot bus towards KLIA. Not good.

No no, I am not Burger King fan. It's so freaking expensive you know!

No fast food can beat KFC, especially their chicken. Hehe..

Gloomy and bored look at Food Garden.

Lot'ts of check in counters! Really can get lost!

Showing off my Malaysia Airlines boarding pass. Say NO to Airasia for this time.

The aircrafts under the clouds. Herm..

Yeah, my flight, final call already.

I will be in Perlis for about 7 freaking months, where some important assignments, projects, and final semester exam will take place. It's so not going to be easy.

Pray for me OK?

God bless and love you all....