July 31, 2009

Today's and last week's dinner

I just want to compare what I had for dinner over the two Fridays in last 2 weeks. Hehe.... You can say I post this just for the sake to post.

Last Friday I had this after the Sunday Mass in the evening.

This is Butter naan, something like roti canai, but it's thicker than that. It's baked under hot charcoal. Together with the ginger sauce and spices, it's so irresistable for me! Yum Yum...

The coke served as a refreshment for me, because the naan is quite oily, but it's really nice! Haha...

Then this is what I had just now, for dinner...

This was my first Chinese food as dinner for a long long time.... I think I never had any Chinese food for dinner ever since I am here in Perlis! Believe it or not??

As you can see, I had a bowl of kueh tiaw sup with fish balls. Nothing so fancy about it, but the kueh tiao is really really smooth, thin and full with aroma. It's noticeably smaller in width as well!

Ah, not to forgetting. the beer. Jaz Beer is purely Malaysian-made beer. Having a bottle after a full stomach brought so much satisfaction... It brought perfection to my dinner. Hahaha...

I can't help but to love Jaz Beer right now...

Not only it's purely Malaysian-made, it's the cheapest too! Hahaha... It's so "jaz-ing" my life! LOL

OK la that's all for my craps now. Eat well everybody.

God bless you all!

July 29, 2009

H1N1 makes me crazy

*Post edited to eliminate abusive and offensive words contained here. I am sincerely sorry if I hurt anyone by those words. *

Since 2 days ago, my campus is all but getting more and more glamourous because of this freaking H1N1.

I think I don't need to tell what the heck is this disease. Ever since I return home at the month of May, this virus has spread to about 1000 cases in Malaysia. How cool is that...

The virus defies all odds and several students has been confirmed or suspected to have these diseases. Due to this, all classes were grounded and all students are required to do health screening.

Which in result, yielded MORE SUSPECTED CASES.

Those who were suspected are to be quarantined in the top floors of this block. And this only includes diploma guys. Others are quarantined elsewhere. Can you see the seriousness?

An ambulance is standing by 24/7, just in case anything happens. For example, all guys here gone mad without control for seeing sexy ladies. LOL.

I shall not talk more about the health screening because the whole process sucked big time. No system at all.

As a consequence of this outbreak, masks are in hot on sale.

Only at this time, people will learn to be obedient to the authorities and use masks.

Even though the mask is so freaking expensive. 80 cents? Damn I can have a good meal with that money!

Put it simply, I just don't like to wear mask. No, I don't want.

It's totally a big hassle because you can't even breathe properly! When I exhale, the mask becomes so hot and so uncomfortable! And no, it's does not make me more handsome!!!

I just this madness be ended as soon as possible. Enough is enough.

As I typed now, I heard another Malaysian died from this virus, which is transmitted locally. Oh man...

Keep hoping for the better... however if possible I really don't want to wear that mask ok...

God bless you all!

July 28, 2009

My luxurious afternoon snack

I just had this as my snack. Very delicious. Very yummy.... Haha..

Fluffy soft white Gardenia bread, sandwiching Ayam Brand tune, added with a cup of sweet cereal drink. Ah how nice is my snack time! Wakakaka...

Just a suggestion though. Try out Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna. It's really damn tasty for me. Hahaha...

I hope I can eat like this everyday.... Hmmm..

God bless you all!

July 19, 2009

Lye Huat Park, Jitra, Kedah

Two days ago I went to this park, located just beside North-South Highway. It claimed itself to be the Best Park located in Northern Malaysia.

Let me just show you some of the pictures I have shot.

The main entrance...

You will see this after entering... pretty nice...

Mulu Cave, pride of Miri, engraved here... haha...

First place, museum for the chariots of China's First Emperor, Shih Huang Ti.

Close up HEAD SHOT of one soldier.

He's showing off his muscle, his armour, his soldier-ness.

Horse-car... One small car need be to powered by 4 horses? Very pity them la..

Dude, where's your steering wheel?

Shih Huang Ti himself. He's might be first and one of the great emperors, but he was really bad. REALLY REALLY BAD.

Lake view with the usual Chinese style bridge.

A couple feeding the fish. Wow so many fish...

They're feeding the fish too, or just watching them?

Nice looking bird, never seen before...

LOL she's sleeping, and yet smiling... cool...

Peacock? Or peahen? Yes? No?

Ooohh my leg is yummy...

Peacock is so not in mood to do it... very lonely...

"Hey, look what? what the dut!!"

Damn she looks very fierce..

Water otter is begging me or something... I don't know, looks very pitiful..

Damn big snake... not only one, but really a lot of big snakes of its size ler... scary..

Two wild boars fighting... or mating? I don't know..

Actually there are lots of other animals, such as tigers, crocodiles, leopards, dogs... Not to mention a lot more cultural stuffs there... However my battery flat out at the wrong time... Huhuhu...

I thought it was a good visit la, despite the very hot weather at that time. I really thank my friends for that trip. Hehehe at least that day won't be absolutely nothing.

That's all for now la. But before I signing off, here's this...

Don't try to look like a girl while you are a guy la... Haha..

God bless you all!

July 16, 2009


I see this in their promotion banner, flyers, whatever.

It does look like very tempting, right? Seeing the cheese sauces oozing everywhere...

But what I get is this piece of what the dut...


I felt very speechless. I paid so much just to get this. Macaroni with little cheese sauce and ONLY 4 MEATBALLS. It was so depressing. Hmm..

Anyway it's the new Cheezy Chickaroni, obviously enough, it's from KFC again, included in their Jom Jimat set meals. I felt so bad about it, that I had to ordered something else to make me satisfied. Which means more wasting of money.

So bad I am getting quite addicted to KFC. It's like a drug for me.

God bless you all!

July 12, 2009

KFC a.m. Value Filler Burger

I could not resist myself when I saw this in a rainy Sunday morning.

Actually I have known this for quite a long time already, just that I don't always have the chance to visit KFC in their breakfast hours (4 - 11am daily).

So I gave it a try, ordered and waited for the burger to come patiently.

It turned out to be, er, quite a bummer.

A piece of "I-don't-know-what-the-heck-it-is", scrambled egg, added with tartaric sauce, sandwiched with a sesame bun. Simple huh....

Another deep look in it after a bite...

It's very small. So small that I could only enjoy it for less than 5 minutes! 5 minutes and all gone! Not to mention 3 bucks...

Ah just my instinct to try something new..

As long as I am happy then OK la! I don't want to care so much, think so much, "what-the-dut" so much.

God bless you all! Eat while you still can eat! Haha!

July 3, 2009

Today's 2000++ kilometers journey

I fly again today. The journey started very early in the morning.

It has already been an addiction for me to fly with Malaysia Airlines.

This time I traveled to the West with 2 of my friends.

Beside me is Amy, then beside her wearing spectacles is Jaxling. Being with them was simply fantastic la....

The plane was above the Miri outer areas. Too bad it did not pass city area.

Some time longer, the plane was already on the clouds.

While flying, the girls took my camera and shot themselves with the FOOD.

With the nasi lemak...

With omelette, red beans, sausage... breakfast style...

And this my in-flight breakfast...

Specially ordered vegetarian meal. I rate it very highly. Very tasty. Very nice.

Some 2 hours later, we landed at KLIA.

Upon arrival I brought them to go around that BIG MAIN TERMINAL because they were used to be slaves of Air Asia. Haha... KLIA is just so suitable for girls due to SHOPPING.... LOL...

Several hours later, I caught the flight up north and here I am blogging in a small hotel in Alor Setar. Tired, hot, sweaty, smelly... hmmm...

Hopefully I am calm enough to face and move forward everyday...

God bless you all!

July 1, 2009

First ever saman

This shows how unlucky, and also how lazy I am, that deserves this saman.

So lazy to get out and buy parking coupons. As a result, I am fined RM20. So not good. I used to be very lucky all these while... but... haiz... not happy... what to do...

However, I should be thankful too that this is only parking summon, not traffic summons which could get me into serious serious trouble.

So dear Mirians, show your parking coupons always.

God bless you all!