April 28, 2009

Who can be more negative than me now...

A snapshot when I was chatting with Lily (my friend).

Read what she says there. Inspiring? Life-changing? I don't know.

What I know is that now I am such a wretched person now. Totally negative in almost anything. I have no idea why I have become like that.

It just looks like I am so unable to MOVE ON.

Why I am continue to dwell, to sigh, to fool around in this negativity?


Only God can help me with his grace. Because now, I can't even help myself.

God bless...

April 26, 2009

Craziest thing I have ever done

Look at this Facebook webcam photo I have just taken

Yes. It is very crazy. Alone. Dark at outside with many mosquitoes, and I am just very lucky to have WiFi hotspot to get online.

This is certainly a night to forget. Losing money, losing my sleep, and losing my mood. Terrible.

How on earth I am going to face the exam this afternoon? Luckily, the exam is still should be OK for me.

Don't care anymore. Later this morning, I shall go to Sunday Mass, go back and have a sleep first before going to exam.

God bless you all!

April 22, 2009

I like motorcycles

Though I never ride on a motorbike by myself. I also never learned how to ride a motorbike as well because motorcycles are very rare in my hometown.

However, it's totally different here. IT'S DOMINATED BY MOTORCYCLES.

I love to ride on it, to be honest.

And wearing the helmet also make me feeling good and look cool. LOL.

I always get a ride with my friend to go out to buy something for ourselves, or put it simply, go out to have some fun.

It's also cool to ride on his old-fashion bike. Not too dangerous as well, as long as I have the helmet on my head.

Often times only this shop we go to buy stuffs.

As its motto calls "Always there for you", I really like 7-11.

However how I wish that stuffs inside are sold CHEAPER because everything inside is freaking expensive. Haiz...

But anyway, I still like motorcycle. Maybe when I am back, I gonna go and try to have a motorcycle license? Hmmm...

Anyway, just wanna show you how intense it is in my house.

Damn they are studying like no tomorrow. And yet I am still blogging and Facebook. *shake head*

God bless you all!

Possible to go to Singapore this year, still no MYY - SIN

The pain-free way. If last time, I have 2 extreme options to Singapore.

Either board into Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, or Silk Air for more than 800 bucks return trip to Singapore. Ouch.

Or hop into a 20 hour train to Singapore from Butterworth, Penang. Also ouch.

Now, finally Airasia which I have despised for long, gives me something good.

Penang/Langkawi - Singapore route. GOOD STUFFS MAN.


However, there's still no Singapore - Miri route. How sad. :(

Anyway I shall just enjoy my life here up in the far North. So easy and FREEE~~~ Sometimes can also sneak in to find some Thai babes. LOL

My really just-wake-up face. I can feel that I am in deep trouble now. :(

God bless you all!

April 20, 2009

Done with programming

Day 1 has been done for programming. It's been a fascinating subject for me. I really like this subject a lot. Programming is such a thrilling and challenging thing for me. I just like it.

Yeah I know I looked not so happy, at least that thumbs up shows you that I am happy with what I have done in the exam this morning.

I also need to thank my lecturer a lot for this subject.

Her name is Madam Hasliza. Rarely I see a lecturer has such a fluent English and dedicated to teach with passion and patience. Unlike some lecturers only care to blabber a lot of useless stuffs. I really thank her.

However, this is only the start. There are still freaking 5 subjects to go. I just clueless on how to cope them all at once. :(

Up next this week is communication skills and electronics this Thursday and Friday. Fingers crossed, I hope I can do well. I just need those confidence and positive vibes back.

Which I just don't seem to have now.

God bless you all!

April 17, 2009

Jump? Or no jump?

I know I should not be even bothered about this since the final exams are really drawing near.

However, I still get bothered. Here's it.

I wanna change my mobile network. Yes, ditch the Yellow Man away for this.

This Hotlink Youth Club thing was introduced to me by some guy roaming outside our hostel compound these few nights. I feel like I wanna change to this.

It's not because Yellow Fellow has not treated me well. It's just that RM50 commitment fee a little bit taking too much of me. I feel that I need to reduce my spending even more and get controlled, this time converting myself into a prepaid user again.

I shall take advantage of being a university student to take up one of the student packages offered by the telcos.

Looking at the rates given, it's not that bad I think. 4 years validity is something shorter than UOX, but it's still OK anyway because after that I can change again...

I am still thinking about this though. It's has its pros and cons...

Rest assured, even though I may change network, I won't change my number. :) Thanks to Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

OK la time to sleep now... God bless you all!

April 16, 2009

Last presentation of this semester

It happened to be AutoCAD presentation. This cost me a night's sleep. To be frank, this subject is the subject that I HATED the most. However, as any presentations, I just simply enjoyed the moment.

Let the pictures do the talking then... Thanks to Siti for helping me to take the pictures.

We are preparing. The 2 others are my teammates for this assignment. I really need to thank them la. We managed to pull this off, it can be considered a miracle.

My job here was just TALK TALK AND FREAKING TALK. See my dreamy blurry look there? Hehehe...

Those people posing there... not paying attention... hmm... but never mind...

The guy at the far end is my lecturer...

I think all the course works are really DONE for this semester. Yay? Not yet. Finals are coming in just a few days. Huhu...

God bless you all!

April 15, 2009

MH Stimulus Plans

I still heart Malaysia Airlines. Today they launch their very own stimulus plan to boost their business. And I think it's also very good for us, the consumers also! 

There are NINE plans that they wanna do, so that we can really make MAS the first choice to fly. Face it, Air Asia is just concentrating too much on low fares, LCCT simply sucks big time.

First is "Grab-a-deal", tailor-made for students, MAS employees' families, media personels, expatriates, and travel trade companies. For students, they offer 50% discount for all domestic flights. Nice. 

"80% OFF Domestic & ASEAN" and "Weekend getaway" plans is told by its name. Time to time the fare will reduced to suit the cheapskates like me. I suggest you also read the 4 classes of economy fares from their website. Hmm...

"Balik kampung" plans offers special fares for as low as 69 bucks per flight on WEEKENDS! In doing so, people can go home much frequently to eat their mama's meal! LOL

"Economy +" plans gives economy class passengers the benefits of business class. Something like more baggage allowance, additional hand luggage on board, more tasty food and so on. 

"Kids FLY FREE" package is another killer offer for families. If one purchase 2 tickets, they can get a FREE ticket for children below 12 years old! How about that?

And with "MH Flex 1+1", one can bring another companion if one buys a MH Flex (highest class of economy) ticket FOR FREE! Almost the same plan, with "Business companion", one can get another Business class ticket at 50% OFF if he buys a full fare business class ticket. 

MAS also provides customers a price matcher with "Premium match" package. Aimed towards high-end customers, they will match any first/business class lower offer from other airlines. 

With all that, I think all of us should go support MAS. They're doing something really good now. :) Check out their low-fare campaigns too! All at here!

OK, I am back towards studies now! Final exams is so killing me! AH!

God bless you all!

April 13, 2009

Sad story after F1 Malaysia

Hello everyone. It's been a while already that I updated something because I am terribly busy with assignments and tests. This study week also doesn't look like study week because there's still a lot of classes coming up. :(

Anyway, I just wanna tell my sad story after the race which I blogged in my last post.

It's all started when the race is red-flagged due to poor weather conditions. By that time it's 1800 hours sharp.

What makes me unhappy is that the FIA (race organizers) was too crazy on money that they put the race at 5pm, a time where rain (could be an ugly one) is always a possibility at this time of the year. Not only me, all other foreigners that I have met expressed the same concerns.

Face this. Nobody likes to watch a race that is shortened and abandoned.

Fair enough. The race was declared abandoned one hour after the red flag. So cruel on us there. So cruel.

And I knew my time is so limited to get to the airport. So I walked very fast to the exit.

Sadly, there were so many people there waiting for the bus! No order at all! I even heard some foreigners saying "stupid old Malaysians.... what systems is this...." Everyone was trying their best to squeeze into the bus (me also squeezing too!) Situation was very ugly.

One even told me to just forget about my flight at 2000 hours, I will never make it. And so it did. I just blew it.

Even that flight's boarding pass is still with me intact. Never got to use it. :( Sad.

I only got to KLIA at 2110 hours. I just totally missed it. If I had gone after the red flag, maybe I could still make it. I was bitterly devastated that time.

With a sad heart, I took a bus to Puduraya to search a bus home. That place is always noisy. As I walked through the counters, many came to me asking... yelling...

Person 1: Dik mahu pergi mana... SP? Butterworth? Alor Star? Ipoh? Mahu pergi mana??

Me: *just wave hand and walk pass*

Person 2: Hey mahu pergi mana? JB? Singapore? bla bla bla...

Me: *again wave hand*

Person 3: Dik mahu pergi mana... cakap saja mahu pergi mana... dik... dik...

Me: *eupted already, said loudly* Saya mahu pi Kangar!!!! Ada bus ke tak? Ha???

Person 3: Ada ada.... dik cool sikit... ini XXXXX ma... mana mana pun ada...

Me: Tiket berapa?

Person 3: 43 ringgit saje...

Me: *paid him, get ticket* Platform mana?

Person 3: Platform satu la dik... pukul 11 tahu...

To say the truth I just don't really trust inter-state bus services in West Malaysia. Not punctual and accidents are really frequent even with good roads. However I don't have much choice at that time.

Good thing is the bus seat is pretty like business class in flights. And because I was so tired already, I slept all the way back to the far north.

However the sadness is still there though.

I am trying to MOVE ON. Yeah, life is always about moving on... Hmm...

God bless you all!

April 8, 2009

Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2009

OK, here's the stuffs that I went through last Sunday for the Malaysian GP. Let the pictures do the talking! :) And maybe with some of my thoughts la.

The view from the shuttle bus terminal. Simply awesome.

My ticket! With my name printed and it's sealed in envelope. Wow how nice... but there's a lot who buy tickets at last minutes la...

The main entrance. Only 11am that time, so still quite little people.

Big Nick Heidfeld there.

And also Robert Kubica. The motto "Powered by human energy." How insipiring. LOL.

A booth selling BMW Sauber F1 team merchandises. If you can only see the price...

Or if you're a fan of other teams, you can get them over here too. Ferrari and McLaren are among the favourites la.

Mercedes is also have some kind of auto show here. I wonder if they sell anything here.

The gates before entering the mall area. You will be checked if you are bringing any outside food, drinks or dangerous stuffs.

This is the first thing you see after passing through the gates. The kinda old-looking position stand.

Toro Rosso driver, Sebastien Buemi and Sebastian Bourdais ready to give away autographs.

Ferrari fans showing their spirit!

Emo self-capture... hmmm...
Haha, how about this? LOL many people wanna take photo with the model..

Many hot girls are employed to sell off commentaries headphone.

Sorry for not taking near enough, but hot girls are also employed to sell smoke. The Marlboro cigarettes could be the cheapest thing sold at SIC.

Give you an idea of how much FOOD was sold at SIC. Hmmm...

Look at Tower area. And the dark clouds.

The group standing in front there always make noises. Shouting, "Kimi Kimi Kimi! South Africa! C'mon make some noises!" LOL... What's the relation between Kimi and South Africa? Hmm?
This weird guy from Finland also make a lot of noises, talking to himself, shouting for Kimi bla bla bla...

BMW Sauber car! Woo~~

Scuderia Ferarri team!

ING Renault team!

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, driven by current world champion Lewis Hamilton (yeah he's kinda very screwed up now).

Red Bull Racing team! I forgot to catch its sister team Toro Rosso. :(

Brawn GP car! And look, it's VIRGIN. LOL

Panasonic Toyota team.

Force India team. Car livery looks like Indian flag.

AT&T Williams team. FYI, Airasia sponsors this team. :) So I also quite support this team as well.

Look at the crowd opposite the grandstand, on the hills.

Drivers' parade on a bus! Everyone is waving and saluting the drivers!

Teams are scrambling to get their cars ready. Damn everyone was just so excited.

The little TV (held by a guy sitting beside me) is very useful to watch all cameras around the circuit, including the one in drivers' car. Many around him always kept an eye of that TV.

This very moment, everyone hold there breath.... once 5 lights off, VROOOOOOM....

Kubica's engine just blew off. Say byebye to race. :(

Race stop because of rain. Everyone is just not happy, including me.

The podium from my view. Jenson Button from Brawn GP won the race. Nick Heidfeld from BMW Sauber is second, followed by Timo Glock from Panasonic Toyota.

The crowd waiting for the freaking bus to arrive. Lot's of people fuming around, making curses.

Yeah this was a great experience, to meet so many people around the world and finally see the race right in front of my eyes, although that rain really screwed everything.

Anything you wanna ask about the race is so welcomed here! Hehe...

That's all my friends! God bless you all!