September 27, 2008

I'm coming home

True enough, after 2 months, or rather 9 weeks, I am coming home.

And as always, I am taking my pit stop at LCCT-KLIA, and having my luxurious breakfast at Coffee Bean. So cool because I can plug in my PC and online (though connection is quite unstable.)

It's a very emotional day for me. As I set foot into the taxi at Kuala Perlis, my heart is pounding for hometown. I also wondered a lot of things when I was at Alor Star airport.

If I ever to mention something unpleasant, I must kick myself for bringing too much stuffs. I have to pay 70 bucks for overweight baggage. Seriously I must get my luggage slimmed down or else I gonna splash out some 120 bucks again.

It's cold hard cash le ok...

I let you see how's situation now...

I prefer Coffee Bean because it's less crowded. It is jammed up at McDonald's and another restaurant. Needless to talk about check-in counters, they're always over-crowded and long queues. Duh zzzzz....

Nevertheless.... I AM COMING HOME... Really looking forward to meet my family and friends...

It's so gonna be an emotional return...

God bless you all!

September 21, 2008

The CHEAPEST toothpaste ever

See it for yourself how cheap is it!

Can you tell me where on earth you can find any other 160g toothpaste out there which are sold for 75 CENTS ONLY? Where?

And no, it's not bought from Padang Besar. For goodness sake, it's bought from Watsons!! Don't play play ok!!

I just so love and so need to save money because I gonna spend big this weekend. Wakakaka....

God bless you all! Coming home really soon!

September 20, 2008

Let there be light... with wires...

Fei is my coursemate in UniMAP. We are grouped in pair together to do some wiring works at Engineering Center (better known as Automart).

It's tough, mind-boggling, and worst of all, it's freaking tiring. The rain outside accelerated my desire to sleep and doze off. LOL.

However with the help with the other freaking nice coursemates, we managed to complete the wiring on time (complete it the LAST of all). The sense of jubilant and joy was so huge in me when I saw the bulb lighted up!

Drilling holes and screwing it is not easy ok...

After 3 hours, WE DID IT (with so much help from others)!

All my friends (not only these la of course) in front of the sign. So cool.

They may not be so good in studies, but they are soooooooooo good in technical skills! Thank you everyone!


Now I am listening to a romantic drama over 988 channel. Wa... so... touching... hohoho... It suddenly brings me all the mushy mushy feelings AGAIN. What the LOL....

God bless you all!

September 16, 2008

We lepak together

It's feeling so good that ALL of my classmates are in town together, loitering around the streets going nowhere. Not forgetting chit-chatting about anything possible under the sky. LOL.

I looked so lame. What are my hands and fingers doing there ha?

All the guys trying to act cool and steady. I should be in this photo. Issk~~

We so gonna do this for some more times in the future! So let's go LEPAK! Hahaha...

But study is still very important la, no one can deny that. Right?

God bless you all! I am going home very very soon! Yo~~~

September 13, 2008


My mood in this lovely morning turned sour when I saw this in blogs and newspaper websites.

They have been detained under the brutal steels of Internal Security Act, ISA. Just for the sake of speaking up.

From the left: Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), Sin Chew reporter Miss Tan, and DAP leader Teresa Kok.

Image credit: Sin Chew Daily


I really feel angry for their arrest under ISA. Especially the later 2 ladies. They're just doing what they ought to do. The reporter should report based on the very truth, which are utterly undeniable that that Ah Mad really said that super racist stuff!

Ah Mad is only suspended from party for 3 years (which is lame), but the reporter arrested under ISA?

Read Kenny Sia's entire comical strip. Damn true and funny man.

Why didn't arrest him? Who create the whole chaos at the very first place? Ha? WHY?

For Ms. Teresa, I have been following her case in her blog. Again it's lies that cornered her till being jailed in ISA when she's just doing her job. Really angry.

They have done nothing wrong, but are arrested. Those who have many wrongdoings, are left free outside. Does it make sense?

People of Malaysia, is this the government you want, that screw up this entire country?

Having seen this, won't you want the dream of September 16 come true?

I really feel sorry for this country. People are awesome, but the leaders are awful.

God bless Malaysia.

September 12, 2008

Another boring and lame post

Just allow me to be lame, can? Please?

Let me show you a strange thing in my house's toilet.

Can you notice how the sink has become? I really don't know why the sink will slant so heavily like that? Aduh... no place for me to wash my teeth and face lo. So sad....

However, just let me enjoy in my very own room. This is my ultimate sanctuary in Perlis Indera Kayangan.

But of course, the bed in my home is far better and more comfortable. Hehe... 2 more weeks to go home! Wah....

OK, that went nothing. Enjoy your weekend everybody!

God bless you all!

September 10, 2008

In lab

For the sake of updating this blog, here goes nothing in this tiny computer lab, in the middle of the most deserted place in the capital city Kangar.

My coursemates. No they're not sleeping, it's just that the monitor is under the table.

Trying to get a better shot with my PC's webcam. Look at them they're damn hardworking.

My lecturer. Busy as well.

My friend behind indulging in his music world....


Oh yeah, I just stumbled upon that there're new iPods being released! WOW!

I really like this new iPod Nano!

Don't you think it's so pretty?? But the price is very "pretty" as well... erm...

OK, that's all from me! God bless you all!

September 1, 2008

On 31 August 2008

I went out of Malaysia. WITHOUT PASSPORT.

For the first time ever, my friend and I went pass immigration and customs without being checked or asked and went pass the Malaysian gate into "no man's land."

How cool was that?

Too bad I didn't take more photos of how it is inside. This is only the gate of CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) Complex and Padang Besar railway station. Haih how stupid I was...

I really love to go to Padang Besar again. Fingers crossed.

God bless you all!