December 31, 2007

Kuching Foods

OK, I finally wrapped up my entire Kuching trip travelogue, with FOODS. Yes, here are the foods you can only find in Cat City. I mean it.

They are all damn delicious. Let the pictures drive your saliva out now. Hehe...

The extra-spicy sotong kangkung. See how many chilli sauce there?

The cha kueh. First time tasted it, loved it at instance.

Another savoury belacan squid beehoon.

Though looking quite eerie, but the green noodles are very nice! That's really worth RM3.30!

The menu said that this is FIVE-COLOUR-TEA. Can you count 5?

Almost free and variety of Lo-lok at 3rd Mile. Courtesy from my aunt's patient. Yummy~~

Oh I crave this popiah very much....

Not forgetting this Kuching-style rojak! So many nut powders!

Yeah, I know this may be very common to you. But they called it American Fried Rice. Eastern + Western style?

Really love this wife biscuit!

Guys, drunk your girl with this "Drunken Lady." Lol...

Delicious beef dumplings...

And finally, the signature Kuching food, beef noodle!! Haha...

OK, wish you guys a very happy new year! Will back on normal posting on life, next, on Chamber of Dreams!

God bless you all!

December 29, 2007

Kuching Trip P8: The Great Cats

Back into downtown Kuching, let me show you the statue that has long become the pride of Cat City. And I think you know them very well...

Here's the Great Cat Statue at Padungan. This time I let you see all the 4 sides of the statues. And reveals to you, the somewhat "dut" side. Hehehe...

At the front we have...

Cat bully?

At one side, we can see...

Hungry cat searching for food? It can't be in a big city like this, surely?

At the back...


On the another side....

Just how sad it was... the fight for mating companions... sigh...

Hehe, no pun intended ya. I just make them up for fun! Folks of Cat City, please don't get angry at me ar~~

God bless you all!

December 28, 2007

Kuching Trip P7: Serikin wonders

You may think where on earth is Serikin... so let me introduce to you...

Serikin is a small village at Southern Sarawak, bordering Indonesia at south. It's just about 30 minutes drive from Kuching, through the little town of Bau.

This is a hot place of weekend markets, especially many Indonesians brought their stuff to sell here.

Yeah, they only bring it to HERE, not the mighty Kuching City. Haha... See how crowded it is? Even with drizzles of rains around?

When I say many stuffs, I really mean it MANY. And also very cheap. Only if you bargain hard.

Long long rows of stalls...

Many locals and foreginers are selling their porduces... at cheap, ultra-low price.

Have big Indonesian mats...

Please try the chips sold here, especially banana chips! Really nice!!!

Don't know they are genuine or not, but I can guarantee you they are very cheap.

What the hell is this? Cannibal hats?

Can anyone tell me what is this?

Have cheap toys for the little hearts too~~~ Spongebobs, Garfields, Winnie the Pooh, even Teletubbies!!

Perfumes are also available!!

There are also variety of clothes for ladies. However Mum refuses to buy because she said wearing them making her feel like being a Indonesian. So LOL.

But I did buy 2 Indonesian-made jerseys. And I have become an Indonesian. Haha....

Behind the stalls is this road to Indonesia. To say the truth, I thought I was already in Indonesia. Meaning to say, I thought I have smuggled in. Haha...

We left Serikin with plentiful to take home. On our way back, the hill view was magnificent.

Okay that's all for now! More to come next!

God bless you all!

December 27, 2007

Kuching Trip P6: Jungle Feel

Merry Christmas to you all again!

We straight went to the jungles in Matang area to explore everything. At first, being a so "city" guy, I felt it will be boring like hell there. However, it turns out to be very FUN!


Welcome to Matang Forest Park! If you are going to Kuching, do have some FUN here! It's really cool!

The view from the viewpoint.

Big rocks with crystal clear water.

Happy on-trip family picture by the waters!

Great forest feel by the stair case.

Can see ferns everywhere. Maybe it's rare species, who knows?

Walao eh, there are still hilly trails around??

Make me like this ar....

Later we had some fun by the waters... but just like put our tired feet into the water only la.

You don't know that I nearly slipped onto the huge rocks there. Ho....

Up next, we went to the Wildlife Sanctuary nearby. It turned out to be a mass disappointment due to their lack of maintenance.

But for your enjoyment, meet the ORANG UTANS!!

"Hey you ~@#$%, give me MORE FOOD!!"

"See me handsome ma?"

"Yo baby, baby, see my body, uh... uh..."


Haha.... Very lame, isn't it?

Anyway, God bless you all! New Year is coming now!

December 24, 2007

Kuching Trip P5: Some China feel

After a roller-coaster ride on the previous day, we began a new day with the visit to Malaysia-China Friendship Park, located at Song Road.

The park, whose size still cannot compete with CityFan here, but it just much more unique and brings much original Chinese feel.

Here's the main entrance, which has enough to give you an ancient China feel.

The map of entire park. Not so big la.

The teahouse just inside the main entrance, but it is closed. Closed forever. Don't ask me why.

Beautiful scenery around the barred, traditional hut. What a shame...

It's marvelous to see fountains in this early morning. No wonder many people loves to jog here.

This walking corridor built on the lake is also very nice. Love it.

See the fishes??

And this is me with the Cheng Ho, a eunuch which started everything about Malaysia-China.

Upon seeing that, I love to make fun of him...

Not so funny ho? Hehehe...

Well, allow me to bring you more pictures from there....

A friendship globe, showing Mao ZeDong and Tun Abdul Razak shaking hands.

Know what are these 2 animals?

And also these 2? Who knows them??

Haha, that's all from me now. I will bring you more pictures on my trip to Kuching in next few days! If you feel enough is enough, don't be shy to tell me about it! OK?

Merry Christmas and God bless you all!