September 28, 2007

Sorry folks

Sorry everyone for not updating this blog for a while now. The reason for not updating the blog is so SIMPLE.


As for your eye candy in viewing this blog, I must include photos in each post, regardless of whatever stuffs, as long as I have photos.

Thus you may can just as say....

And you see even I have to say it in this way in order to have pictures posted on this blog!

Many things happened actually. I just don't see it appropriate to stuff it all inside here because the blog would become so wordy and crowded. Well I do write my feelings down on a book and kept it as diary la. Not to be exposed by anyone of course. Hehe... ^^

Ah, for the sake of the blog, I exposed my diary a bit la.... Hehe..

LOL. More strikingly, nowadays I found myself always getting addicted to Westlife.

Yeah yeah, whether you want to say "Westlife is a bunch of GAYS" is up to you. But then I love their songs very much. Smooth, inspiring, lovely, romantic, energetic, and so on. You just gotta go listen to their songs then you will know.

OK la, that's all for now! Let's pray for each other, ok? Remember that God is always with us.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all! God bless you all!

September 24, 2007

Huh? Haha :)

Just now I saw something very intriguing when I was searching something.

No no no. Girls, no offense ya. What I really point out is this. I saw this on a poster.

HUH?? -_-"

What for that guys need sanitary pads? Hmm, can anyone tell me?

God bless you all!

September 19, 2007

Reminder to everyone

Just wanna say to you all, my dearest friends, not with my mouth....




God bless you all!

September 15, 2007

Skip this if you cannot bear it

And yeah I really mean it. Faster close the window of your Firefox or IE or Opera now. NOW.

OK, if you choose to stay reading, make sure you are really ready to read it. OK? Let's go.

You know what, whenever I saw these books on my tables.....

The ultimate sien-ness is just so unbearable. Say me is lazy, but it's really unbearable to sit there studying anyone of these for even 10 minutes.

Maybe I better off....

Throw the books into the dustbin! Ah, so better!

Of course I am not that stupid la. So, maybe I should go.....

Haha, who want? Tell me fast! Who want? Very cheap, right?


Sigh, I don't know why I lost my motivation to study in this crucial 2 months before SPM. Everyone is telling me to concentrate on my studies and nothing else.

OK, I should be grateful that I can study, right? But the fact now is....


Who says I am hardworking and loves to study? Who says I always study at home? Who says I no need study also can get good results? Who says I am a good guy with good attitudes? Who says I should be the example for others?


Sorry everyone, my bad attitudes towards everything really erupted these days. I don't know how long I can cope with this massive eruption.

Pray for me, k?

God bless you all!

September 10, 2007

Curtin madness

Almost mad about Curtin yesterday.

And their mad Open Day. Of course, mad in a positive way.

Honestly, the MAIN REASON that I want to go Curtin Open Day is for their lucrative prizes. I really mean it, lucrative and attractive.

Though I know I won't have the chance to win it. Sigh. Anyway there's really many people went there. MANY PEOPLE.

Means chance to see leng luis all around the campus are HIGH too. LOLA

Despite my long stay there (4 HECTIC HOURS!!), the only activity that I managed to participate is Screening Show at Lecture Theater.

I watched the short movies produced by the students of Mass Communications. Some are pretty funny, I mean really funny, and horrifying. LOL

In fact, I won myself something there too!

I won RM20 voucher to Fratini Italian Restaurant for answering their questions correctly. See, how simple? The bag is their gift to everyone la.

Elsewhere, I also went to the classrooms to see their exhibitions.

Their classrooms are like hospitals wards, aren't they?

Kids also found their place there too.

The blacky clown. Well not blacky la.

The Hulk welcomes the kids!

Watching them reminded me of my childhood days.

Catch the little fish there. For some money of course!

You know, I was amused about what the heck is this at the first place....

Till then, it's for SUMO wrestling! Let's SUMO-LAH!

After all I got so bored and I went to library.... not for reading their books.... but...


I really eat full nothing to do la!! Duh -_-"

My friends went there as well, though arrived there quite late. Like me, they also wandered around. Having their accompany was great.

Look, they were looking so bored at the lobby.

Main stage was also jam-packed with activities. Jammed with people too! Everyone is mad about their very own Curtin Idol.

People, people and people.

The down side was that there's not enough food stalls with hot foods! Even though I had RM20 coupons, I can't find anything nice to EAT!!!

But anyway, it's a truly new experience and I won't be surprised if I were to study at there next year! Hahaha!

So keep smiling, have hope and God bless you all! Love ya ^^

September 6, 2007

New iPods!!

Wah, yesterday some more Apple iPods were introduced at an event held in San Francisco. Oh, I just got so drooled about their products!

Yeah, I know being in a such anti-technology family, I won't have anyone of these, but just please don't stop my interest on technology, OK?

First up is the really cool iPod Touch.

Now this iPhone-like iPod comes with Touch. And it's only 8 mm thick! So thin!

Features are jam-packed. Not enough with the touch-interface, it's WiFi enabled, full-featured iPod, 3.5" wide screen, and comes with either 8GB or 16GB storage. Very cool indeed!

If you just want the iPod without tying up yourself with the phone, this one is the best for you!

Price? Nah, US$ 299 for 8GB or US$399 for 16GB. Pretty, erm, expensive!!!

But I admit that I really want it. It just so cool and outclass anything else.

Another one is iPod Classic.

It's "Classic" because it's just another revamped version of the current iPod. But, it comes with either extravagant 80GB or 160GB of storage! Wow!

Even my PC now can only used up only 13% of my 80GB hard disk space only! Thus, if you are really a HARDCORE music and movie lovers and has uncountable media, why not choose this one?

Pricewise, I think this one is much value for money. It's US$249 for 80GB, for 160GB is priced at US$349. Not my cup of tea either.
OK, please bear with me for another new iPod.

This is iPod Nano.

Contrary from the previous versions, iPod Nano now includes video playback, and a smaller size.

They look really cute, aren't they?

iPod Nano is priced at US$149 for 4GB, and US$199 for 8GB versions. Quite affordable for such an amazing player.

That's didn't end there. Apple did something more aggressive.

Slashing the price of iPhone to only US$399! Equivalent for only RM1400, I think this phone is gonna rocks here when it comes to Asian market next year!

Conclusion, aren't they so much BEAUTIFUL? Oh how I wish I could get them all!

God bless you all!

September 3, 2007


Yesterday I was selected to read during Mass. Yes, I have to read in front of about 400++ people, with over 1000 eyes and ears fixed on me.

And yes, I need to wear a formal shirt. Guess what I wear?

Ah, black? Long sleeve? You sure will think.....



LOL, well, I just really love black suit paired with silver ties. Perfect match.

Nah nah nah..... Camwhore....

However, the lessons I learned is NEVER BECOME PROUD. Always be humble, no matter what it is.

I felt little bit elated when people praise for for reading well (I don't think I read well at all.) Thanks la, but I really struggled hard to be humble enough to accept those praises. When I raised my eyes looking at the crowd, wow, I really felt nervous!

I do all these, not so much for myself, but for the glory of God. It's God wants me to do this for him, that means doing His will!

That's not all, what will make me even more nervous is this....


Singing in front of so many people le! How can I not be nervous?

I wonder how their ears can manage to bear with my crow-like, out-of-tune, high-pitched voice! LOL.

Just hope that almighty God can make me, a lousy, lowly instrument, to praise him name!

God is with me and you all the time. Remember.....

God bless you all! Have a nice day and thanks for reading! ^-^