April 23, 2010

Satu Photography Competition for students!

Calling for all students from all private and public universities and colleges in Malaysia! You’re all invited to participate in Satu Photography Competition!


How to join? Simply go around and snap pictures of which you think, can best describe what 1 Malaysia means to you! You don’t even need to draw anything, just snap photos! Just that easy!

Plus, if your photos are so good, you could win many awesome prizes too! Check this out!


Wow! All cool cameras to be given away! All thanks to the main sponsor: Canon, delighting you always!

Your photos could also be among the best 250 photos exhibited at Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus at July 12th, 2010. Winning entries could have their photos auctioned and the money raised will be donated to charity. How nice!


So, what are you waiting for? Join now, show your love for our country, and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes! Go to http://www.satuphoto.com for more details!

Do like this competition’s fan page in Facebook as well to judge who wins the Best Choice Award!

All thanks to Taylor’s School of Tourism and Hospitality of batch BD29! Support them please!

God bless you all!

April 10, 2010

For only 2 bucks

You can get this fantastic lunch.


For only 2 bucks, I can get a perfect lunch. Long beans, spicy kangkung and gravy on top of white rice. Simply fantastic. It just keeps BOTH my tummy and wallet happy!

Of course, coffee is not included. Hehehe. And look, I am not using polystyrene box as well. I am very phobia to use that “white rubbish.” Haha

I wish all my meals can be this cheap. I know there’re places that have even cheaper price, and yet can get more food!

Perlis is where you can get cheap street foods everywhere. 100% guaranteed. :)

God bless you all!

April 8, 2010

I wanna McDonald’s

This morning, from out of a sudden, I was craving for McDonald’s very much. The M word popped out from my mind, just like that.


Perlis is the only state in Malaysia that has NO McDonald’s. A lot of outstation students, especially from the big cities kept complaining about this. Most of us, having no choice, chose KFC, Pizza Hut or Secret Recipe for restaurant food.

A word of notice, I am not that rich. I just want to have some variety in my food. That’s all.

I specifically crave McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger. Looks so yummy.


Then again, at McDonald’s, you won’t get the burger as advertised on newspaper or billboards. Normally you will only get about 1/3 of the size you see on TV or internet.

Ah, whatever, what the heck. I could stand the temptation anymore. So after my test, I cycled to nearest KFC to buy Zinger Burger.


Then I brought it all the way back home.


Wooo yum yum… But then again, I don’t really get what I see. There’s too few salad vegetables hmmm.


My receipt. Zinger cost me 6 bucks. Ouch, but still cheaper than major McDonald’s burgers.

Anyway, I would love to have McDonald’s anytime soon, but I am in no rush. :)

God bless you all!

April 7, 2010

My MUET slip

I just received my Malaysian University English Test (MUET) registration slip from hostel management office. To be honest, I am very eager to know the dates and where I am going to have the daunting test.


I opened it without further ado. Yes, I am certainly excited LOL


So here are the details of the exams. Thankfully, I am going to have my speaking test at May 4th, which is before the date that I have booked my flights home. Phew really relieved.

Furthermore, the school where I am going to have my test is also not that far away. Probably a bike ride will get me there already. Hmmm

To be honest, I have done NOTHING AT ALL for my MUET. I am thinking my former F6 classmates have to prepare for about a year for MUET, and yet it’s about 3 weeks before MUET and I have done absolutely nothing.

What the heck…


I have bought this MUET book since 2008, before I went to Form 6. It’s with me now here, but till now I have yet to really take a read from it. I am such a bad bad student. :(

Anyway, I will just do it. :)

God bless you all!

April 6, 2010

My favourite lunch place

My timetables for this semester is pretty packed, from morning all the way till evening. Thus I have no choice but to have my lunch somewhere near my school.

This post is somehow like a tribute to my really favourite eating stalls to have lunch. Here is it.


Ya, we call this stall Ayam Percik stall. It is famous around this area for it’s grilled chicken with special sauce.


Say anything about the potential hazards of grilled food, I just like it very much. I would be delighted if I can have grilled chicken heart or liver, because they just taste damn good.


A piece of chicken like this cost 2 bucks.  I just can’t find this anywhere as, well, at least in Kuala Perlis area.


So basically my typical lunch will be like this. A piece of chicken, and some other dishes available there.

Ya, the above seems to reveal that I am very carnivorous, but sadly there were not much edible vegetables that time. Such lunch cost me 4 bucks, sometimes lower. Still, not too bad for me. KFC is even more expensive. :P

I think I should explore more street foods here, and limit myself from going to KFC too much. Hahaha :)


God bless you all!