October 31, 2006

Glad that it's over, but frustrated because some more to come

Exam's is over, really thanks and praise be to God Most High, because of his love, blessings, and graces to me during this 9-day-exam. I cannot say I done well, but at least I know I did it at my very own best.

However, to wreck my after-exam mood, some more preparations about the coming prize-giving ceremony need to be done again. I am just thinking can't we make a history that we never had a ceremony like this once? I can't agree more with Puan Maria this morning, that normal assembly is truly enough to give away those presents. Just as simple as that.

Ah, it's not me who has the right to make decisions. In order to prevent me from taking long nap again, I just went to school again to do some work. It's kinda fun to meet, chat and work with friends. As usual, I brought along my camera, and received different reactions from fellow colleagues. Anyway, I just take the ones I like. Photos are at the Prefect Blog, or more in my Photobucket.

While I was working or walking around, I saw some disciplinary things going on at Block A. Several boys lined up as they are caught with long hairs. Mr Charlton as a free barber took a pair of scissors, and surprisingly, cut with some styles. Certainly all not willing to suffer ths humiliation, so many hide out in toilet while trying to make up of their hair. Initially I really thought it's a spot check. Hahaha, I guess if same thing happens in morning session, oh, how many hairs will be cut? LOL

I went home at around 5 and start preparing to celebrate All Saints' Day tomorrow. Oh how much joy I felt while reciting the Magnificat, I am just feeling all saints in heaven sing out loud to God. Terrific experience, and how eager I am now to attend Mass tomorrow!

Anyway, despite that exams is over, I will stay up, for what again, FOOTBALL la! Just watch for fun actually, killing my time as I am allowed to wake up late tomorrow.

October to me is a memorable and emotional month. It has many happy, sad, highs, lows, and so on. It's a grace from God for me to pass over this month, and as for coming November, I continue to hope in God, because from Him all good things come. Hope I can always be happy in the light of Jesus Christ my Lord.

God bless you all!

Busy, busy and busy

Anyway, days just comes and goes, actually times really going very fast.

This morning I had my Chemistry test, which I found easier than last time. Especially in paper 2, I managed to finish it off in 90 minutes, with an hour to go! Even I am thrilled to see the my watch after I put down my pen! Too fast too furious maybe. Then the following 2 papers is just not looking very good, just simply went through, but of course I had tried my best.

Back home in a quite delighted mood for doing quite well in exam. In afternoon, I followed Mum's car to HQ to take some forms. Then we headed on to my aunt's house, in which we had a cool reception there with a lot of foods. Probably that foods make me feel sleepy, that delays my time to study.

AT night, I helped Emma with her letters thinggy since her Microsoft Word cannot be opened. (wonder why?) It's rather busy that time, however thanks to her also to introduce me a great website, where I can deal many things in digital photography. It's just so cool!

It's midnight by now, and History book is still on my lap. Gonna keep on studying, because simple, I don't want to fail. IN this, I continue to hope in God. After this, there will be hoorays and smile around too!

Isn't it just feeling great when I realized God gives me this precious life?

God bless you all!

October 29, 2006

End of short holiday

LOL, just realized that this short one-week-Raya holiday went off faster than I have expected. Several hours later I have to back school again to face Chemistry. Lame, but that's life.

Sunday has always been a day of rest. That's why I have rested since I am back from church! Sleeping for hours in bed in the afternoon! Strangely, everyone in my house just went sleepy and left Mum alone for lunch.

After that long long sleep, still I didn't study, but boot into Linux Kubuntu and try find ways to install the latest Firefox 2. Just went so eager for Firefox 2 that probably I want to download Ubuntu again to try out. Of course that's nothing to do with exam, I also know it.

Soon after dinner and dish washing jobs, I went upstairs to study, ah, finally! But just look.....

Whatta "dut" with all of these? Seeing these already being mooded of it.

Studying helplessly on bed.

See? Nothing can really get into the brain as so many detailed things need to be remembered, such as what is the reaction between this and that with what products whatsoever. getting nuts by it, how I wish it can over very soon.

Maybe tonight is another night owl for me, but with God I shall never fear. As the blind man asked the Lord to let him see, I shall ask Jesus too, to open my eye of heart, so that I can see the Love and Mercy of God.

Praise the Lord! God bless you all!

October 28, 2006

Fun at Priscilla's birthday party

It's a really good and enjoyable party at Priscilla's house to celebrate her birthday! So, share with you some of highlights of GOOD photos!

Wow, look at the sumptuous food!

All of us looks enjoying on the table!

This is pattaya pudding, made by Priscilla herself. Really nice!

All school classmates gathered around for a "birthday photo!"

LOL, I am the only one which is same church and yet her classmates le, haha, so got second chance lo.

I looked greedy with my BIG face, Emma on side is just exciting!

Of many unsuccessful attempts, this photo with birthday-girl is probably the best I can get.

Leslie, Emma, Chew Rou and me are the late ones, taking a final chance for a photo with birthday girl.

More photos available at my Photobucket!

Just before approaching midnight, just wanna wish Priscilla a very Happy Birthday again, and may all the best hopes and happiness be with her always!

God bless you all!

Some lame syok sendiri at town

LOL, I am just taking my time to shoot these syok sendiri photos because the bus is arriving so late! Waste my 45 minutes waiting!

My mumbling smile also looks cool, don't you think? (Seems like crows flying, LOL)

Another type my typical smile! Hahaha, I am pleased with it!

OK, hope you enjoy! God bless you all!

First up on LInux

Oh, how happy I am, finally, after much anticipation, I have installed my Kubuntu Linux, and I am using the Konqueror web browser to type in this blog! Wow, how wonderful!

Haha, back with it later, because now I am going to Priscilla's birthday party! See you then!

God bless you all!

October 27, 2006

My dream will go on

Today I cannot say "yahoo" or "sucks", just a simple normal day passed again, and here's another review of it.

Early in morning, after Mass and Rosary, I stayed at home obediently. Felt hilarious when PM broke his "elegant silence" and fight back Tun Mahathir in the newspapers. Haha, that's the new era of politics in our country now, since PM's son-in-law "buat hal" with the Malay's marginalization and statement of accusing Chinese take advantage when UMNO is weak. LOL, all of these is just so funny to read. Mum also expressed disgust on our current PM.

I think you should tell your parents who you should vote in our next general election. Haha...

Then I move on again to my PC here. Felt bored, nothing to do. I can watch helplessly on the items on auction at eBay. Nothing news in everything, that's just keep repeating. Gladly I received Priscilla's invitation to her birthday party tomorrow, which is quite unexpected actually. Then I just went upstairs to play game.

As I satisfied playing it, I just went for a nap. Sleeping frenzy resumes just after the lunch, and I slept until 1800! Whole afternoon gone like this! LOL! A bit regret when looking back on this.

Continue my bored day with delicious dinner, delightful game and busy on SMS. I manage to study a chapter in Chemistry, which, you know it, browse through as fast as I can. Lame? LOL!

My dream will go on for sure, because I trust strongly on the presence of my Lord in my life. My dream is just so simple, that's to live a life of purity and sincerity in God.

God bless you all! Have fun while you still can!

October 26, 2006

Some syok sendiri again

Haha, here's me with walkie-talkie! No joke, it's REAL walkie-talkie!

Haha, how should I omit my cool smile?

LOL, seems big business? Haha...

Lame? Boring? Nah....

Anyway, God bless you all!

Home sweet home

I am very reluctant to go out today, which is quite surprising.

Unusually, I went to earlier Mass at Carmelite Chapel. I always like there because of the music, so nice to sing along with others aloud. Then while waiting for my Mum, I recited Lauds and Angelus at the school bus stop, alone of course.

By the time I was back home, I feel I just don't want to go out. With bro Mark went to school, no one will grab PC from me. Using this opportunity, I did testing for Linux. Xubuntu at first then later Ubuntu. It has superb features, nice look, sleek interface, but unfortunately, internet connection is still a major problem. Kinda angry because everyone here in Malaysia want to waste their money to buy Windows, whether it's original or counterfeited. Linux is FREE!

Just bear with it then. *sigh*

After lunch, I washed the dishes as ordered by Mum. Then Mark again nagging me to play Chinese chess with him. Oh, he's now already addicted to Chinese chess, always find chances to play, whether it's online or with me. Kinda tired, but manage to trade some jobs for him to do just to satisfy his addict in Chinese chess. He won it of course after some "training" in school. His classmates seemed to be all masters in "Xiangqi," ha ha.

Alone at home after that, with me continue to test Linux. Then have a good rosary and prayer. Still there's no urgency in me to study even a little about the coming exams. Try to forget it to do something more enjoyable. After all, the exam is only to test how much we have stuffed into our brain.

Duh, when will start a revolution in the student's world? Who can save us from the "burning furnace" of exams?

Never mind, I continue to hope for better days in God. He's my source of inspiration, hope and strength. Just like Jesus said today, let him to set fire of Holy Spirit and be burnt on earth.

This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice then! Alleluia!

What is YOU to ME?

Oh, how could anyone resist your beauty? Why should I choose to fall to you?

Your smile is simply irresistible and unstoppable, that could brighten up my day. Your smile can be the best medicine ever to cure my sickness and satisfy my desire deep inside my heart. Should you be sad, I will be sad too, and far from that, my emotions simply cannot help from going downfall too. Should you be sad, I will feel like it's better to change anything to get you smile again. Am I mean? I just want you to be happy.

Your glance to me satisfy my eagerness for attention, for I am still so childish trying to win people's approval. Every words you thrown on me, if there's good one, ah, I could be already over the blue moon! That day could be a HIGH and energetic day! However should you behave cold or lukewarm or ignorant against me, where I can't get your attention, that day could be the day of glooms and frustration. Nothing can be done accordingly, as somehow it's ruined by my emotions.

Should you require me to do anything, I will be more than happy to delay my current work and help yours, just to find a peace of heart for helping you. For I think that's one way to seek your appraisal and appreciation, and I will be so delighted to hear "thank you" from you. That's enough for my rewards, far more valuable than money.

You are just so attractive, so beautiful, so sexy, so adorable, so cute, so whatsoever....... hardly any adjectives to be used to describe you at best. Many guys are also attracted, trying to woo you away. As for me, I don't even want to court you, just for your own good.

You are just a wonderful creation of God, and certainly, I want to learn to appreciate and love you as God loves you and me too!

God bless you all!

October 25, 2006

Tired but happy

Well, I am more than happy now!

This morning I went to Shirley's house to fix her computer. Well, her house is wooden one and quite small. Shirley's was wearing pink, and by the time I call her for directions, she's still sleeping soundly. Haha! It's a great experience there, as I spent 3 hours to fix her PC. The PC would be a super power engine if it's has been maintained properly. Some kids also surrounded me and kept asking Shirley, "Who's he?" I could not help myself unless smile a little.

After some reminding and settled her PC, I took a ride in her mother's car to Parkson, along with Stephanie. Feels great to done a great job again. Meanwhile, at Parkson, Stephanie was little bit worried about whether her friends was coming or not. She asked me to accompany her for a while and I just help her in whatever ways I can. Soon waved goodbye to her, I searched around the complex to buy Priscilla's presents. At last, I have to say. Maybe not the one that I planned, but still at last I got it. Hehehe.....

Then went home and do some PC updating. Then went to a lamely nap, which is not enjoyable at all. I stayed at home for the whole night, being so tired already in the morning. Later will have much more supper, because tonight surely going to be sleepless again.

Perhaps today is another joyful day to me. Got much experience again at Shirley's house, not only in computing, but somehow also in socializing. Going to people's house has always been amazing experience, and surely I am looking forward for more chances like that, probably in the coming LONG holiday.

Long and bored post? Well, it's your say after all.

Teach me O Lord, to become a humble servant, and always ready for your arrival to my heart. Lord, here I am, take me as your instruments of your will.

Praise the Lord in the highest!

Hot on Linux

Seriously, I am really considering on options to change to....


Pretty unbelievable huh? Maybe you don't even know what's Linux. Hahaha, just to tell you, Linux is another type of operating system like Windows. It's stable, easy to use, and more importantly, IT'S FREE. Tell you much about it later.

Honestly, I admit, WINDOWS SUCKS! LOL.

Recently I am hot on Ubuntu, the Linux for human being.

Lot's of people started using it, and me already ordered 1 CD from them. Again the shipping cost is FREE! How good is that! I can't wait to try it!

Meanwhile, I also contacted TMNet and Canon about compability. Yes, when change to Linux, compability is just the most imporatant issue, particularly hardware and drivers. It's mind boggling, sometimes frustrating. However I believe, with everyone starts to grumble aganst Microsoft and their lacklustre Windows Vista, surely, Linux will become much much popular.

The Linux penguin is very cute, don't you think?

Hope this can improve my computing experience, still a lot to learn actually.

With God on my side, nothing is impossible. Why should I fear?

God bless you all!

October 24, 2006

Sleepy Raya

Haha, sleepy raya? LOL.

I woke up exactly at 6 in the early morning. After morning Mass, my family and I went out for some breakfast at Morsjaya. Then went to Bishop's House because Dad's has something to discuss about oil palm seedlings proposal to Bishop. Met with Fr. Gabriel at there too, and during his chat with Dad, while Dad is saying something about oil palm, he replied back using some parables in Gospel. I could just sensed it easily, LOL.

Then after that went to nursery to buy some plants, but it's in vain. Driving through some kampongs and felt some Raya mood around, as many cars parked around the mosque, and many starts doing visitation and so on.

After that we went back home. It's quite boring to browse through newspaper, check mail,
doing what I do everyday. Sucks to stay at home, and sucks to kill my time only thorugh sleeping. I slept for 6 hours in afternoon! Whatta.....

At last I had the chance to go out with family. However, it's rather frustrating because I could go freely. I could just passed the shop which I want to go helplessly. Back home without much joy.

Anyway, that bad mood disappear soon I touched this PC. Chatting and help people online often make me feel good. Priscilla, a piano freak I have to say, asked me again to print more scores for her. I also have some "interviews" with Shirley to discuss about her "sick" PC. Need to prepare "prescriptions" again lo, hahaha.

Maybe another sleepless night again, after that long haul sleep this afternoon. LOL.

Am I alone? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Because I know, Jesus know reigns in my heart.

God bless you all! Love you all!

October 23, 2006

Much better day

Haha, my day will never complete without posting blogs!

It's Monday and I mistaken it as Saturday as soon as I wake up early in morning. Glad that Dad willing to send me to Church early. Feeling great, safe, secure and being loved by Jesus in Church as ever.

Then went out strolling down the streets again after breakfast. It's much more vibrant, with many doing the last shoppings before Raya. I just walked here and there, still trying to decide what to buy for Priscilla's birthday this weekend. Nothing was bought, so went home with a bit disappointment.

Upon arrival at home, in an instance I started to mess around with my PC. Then at afternoon I tried to read 2 chapters of Chemistry, but feel sleepy when I just finished half of it! Still no in mood study I guess.

I much prefer last-minte study. How about you? Hehehe....

Night just as normal as ever, staying at home and doing my PC jobs. Chatting with the girls was just so fantastic. It's much better than lame boys conference talk at Skype. LOL, no offence ya! I also very busy in printing the piano scores for Priscilla, and it's hopping 45 pages to be printed! Walao! However, thank God, the black ink still stands until the last page, though I not really like the blurs in the notes. Haha, that's why I feel great whenever I am given a chance to serve.

Waves of chatness still blowing in this late night. And I thank Lord Jesus for the this day. Everything I have now, is all belongs to him.

I hope in Jesus, my Lord, my God.

Praise the Lord!

October 22, 2006

Everything seems against me

Don't know la, I am feeling not good about myself, and seems not happy in everything, though tried hard to be.

It's going to be another emotional blog post, so if you cannot stand it, kindly press ALT+F4 now, LOL.

This morning, after Mass, I went to badminton court to meet up with my fellow members to play badminton there. Kinda cool to be umpire, but a bit frustrated with my lacklustre skill of badminton. Anyway good also to sweat a lot, but bad one was still to come.

Back home with some diaappointment after being not able to go out at the right time. Chatting at home just make me feel unappreciated and stressful with only getting the short replies and hanging ones. However, Emma's great and sweet testimonial put off my fire of frust.

Then nap in the afternoon was torturing, not to mention how miserable is that. Wake up and again filled with sadness, didn't know why AT ALL. I AM FEELING VERY VERY WEIRD!

Even shopping at Imperial Mall later at night also turn headwire because I could not go freely. My wish to go out tomorrow also slammed by Mum, who often questions my reasons to go out. I am just longing for my freedom.

Maybe is still the ego and the eager to be free pushed me to be like this today. I am so stubborn which of course doesn't contribute to happiness. All I need is just a humble heart, the heart that want to be servant, to serve my Lord, and to serve others.

But then, if others don't allow me to serve them, what can I do? Let it be to Jesus , my Lord.

God bless you all!

October 21, 2006


It's kinda lame weekend I think. Down to my laziness to blame.

After went to Mass and breakfast with Dad, I strolled around town area, just for the sake to buy reload coupun for handphone. I walked a long way, from city centre, all the way till Immigration Department there. Turns out to be disappointment as my gamble turns nothing. With that, I walk again to bus stop nearby Parkson to board a bus home. Looking at Parkson just make me eager to go out with friends, but, sadly, there's no one le.... *sigh*

Back home with some disapproval from Mum, because she said I am too lazy to go to jumble sale at HQ this morning. Probably true, due to that laziness, the whole day just turn very BORING!

Thought whole family would go to estate to visit some Indians who celebrate Deepavali today. Well, it's cancelled and bring more boredom. Fingers are flying around the keyboard and handphone, as keeping contact with friends is always FUN!

Don't really know what's happening to me today. I thought about working many times, where I can get extra money to buy handphone. My prayers today were not feeling all right as many distractions playing around. In chat rooms I always talk about horny stuffs. It turns out to be a lame weekend.

Nevermind, I still have the whole week to enjoy.

Lord Jesus, never in my mind to forget you. Allow me Lord, to do what you will me to do, and give me the strength to love you and love everyone.

God bless you all!

October 20, 2006

No hypocrisy

Just want to share my thought after listening to today's homily.

Jesus said in today's gospel,

"There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known.

Therefore whatever you have said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the housetops."

See how remarkable it is! Whatever we say, whatever we do, nothing can get away from the God. Everything in our life is all recorded in God's records. So great is the power of God.

Continue on in the gospel,

"I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body but after that can do no more.

I shall show you whom to fear. Be afraid of the one who after killing has the power to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, be afraid of that one."

Who should I afraid? Why should I be afraid when I want to say about the truth? The only one who should be afraid of is God, who is bearer of all truth, which not only can take my body, but take my soul too.

However, this proves to be very touching,

"Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins? Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.

Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows."

Even God does not forget the sparrows, how much more we worth in God? How much I have been LOVED by God? This eventually teach me, be not afraid to carry on this life, for I know, I am special in God.

God bless you all!

Not enough sleep

Oh dear, it's has been 3 consecutive days that I have not slept early, including tonight. Well, feel a bit relieved to have successfully done the Red Crescent National Awards nomination stuffs. I hope all the hard work will pay off with an award. If there's none, well, that does not really matters much, just like doing some betting.

However, until now, I have not read a thing about Moral! It's maybe so stupid and horrible, and the truth is that exam is just 5 hours from now! Mum's pushing me to get 60 marks this time, but everyone knows how hard to reach that level. Anyway, I just hope I still retain the half mark, it's enough already.

Anyway, yesterday's exam was still fine for me. Feel great when I put the last full stop and everyone's know with this gone, it's our countdown to holiday.

Emma also wish me a happy belated birthday, only after I tried to remind her. Kinda want to bring people to town tomorrow, since tomorrow's exam will end early and Chinese will only start 3 hours after that. However, it's already cancelled to submit my nomination form.

In the afternoon, I went to have a potrait photo, wearing Red Crescent uniform. Here's it is.

It's only above par to me. Wish to tell you actually that time I am only wearing the "baju uniform" only, instead of the white trousers, I wore short pants to shoot that photo! Hahaha! Fortunately the photo does not show much of it.

I wondered, why others' picture is always nicer than mine?

Back home and follow Mum's instruction to sleep. Life's continues as normal as time went on. Prayer, chat, eat and relax. No tension of exam at all.

Mum was also making fun at me because I told her that I want to go out myself to submit the form, so that I can go out to town. Then she slammed me back, saying I take time out to have a date. To make things merrier, I purposely admit it and twist the topic round and round. LOL, I have a date? Not this time for sure! LOL!

If I say I don't want a date, certainly I am a LIAR. But sorryla, dating is still something unrealistic for me at this moment.

Feel lame in this late night, but with God I shall not fear. Feel that holiday is really approaching now.

May the peace of Christ be with you all!

October 17, 2006

October 17th seems so normal and yet very meaningful and important to me

Yeah, that's true. I am 16 years old by now. October 17th this year maybe not unforgettable, but still, it's important and meaningful.

Woke up early this morning to recite a happy morning prayer, just to express my gratitude to God for bringing me to the world 16 years ago. What a joy! I resoluted that I will be keep happy no matter what happened today.

As expected, some friends sends his/her wishes, whether already knew it, or just know it, I just received it gladly. Only received 1 present, that's from Susie, which I think it's very special. Kinda jealous too to others, in which in his/her birthday, he/she sure will receive lot's of presents.

This is my only present lo. Thanks to Susie for this special present!

Nevertheless, I receive another present, that's my Lord Jesus Christ, whose Body and Blood I received in the Mass this morning. It's never been good when being despised by someone I love during my birthday, but as I said, I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY IN MY BIRTHDAY!

Morning just went on in such a normal way, with some sleeps and dreams during the tests. Then at afternoon Mum and I strolls around the stalls at Morsjaya to give me a small birthday treat. Some satays, lemang, slices of cakes and sugarcane drink are in the menu. Want to go out to enjoy myself out there, or even go as far to Brunei to celebrate it. But...... duh.....

Have a nice sleep just now, then I will go out with family for a simple dinner together. Is today A HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR ME? Not sure, only God knows.

But, October 17th is forever a special date in my life. Truly special.

Praise to the Lord for the gift of LIFE!

October 16, 2006

Sleepless in the afternoon

Afternoons are always supposed to be the low-tme for everyday. Almost everyday I spend the afternoon time to take a long long nap and enjoy.

However, today is an exception. Feel a bit strange, but nevermind, try to get to it.

This morning Physics exam is truly insane to me. I believe it's not only me in trouble, in fact all including the big boys and girls are ALL IN TROUBLE! I just can't believe my eyes when I see those super hardcores. Especially the written practical section, what experiment can be done with string, nail and plasticine to test potential energy? Essay questions was also a problem when I have trouble to determine which type of mirrow should be used. And whenever I am asked anything about forces and motion, sorry, I am dragged to dead end.

Feels relieved after the dreadful test, seems all over for me, but I still keep that glimmer light of hope. It's pantang for me to be hopeless on anything, at least must hope a little.

Afternoon is just too excited for me to sleep. Reading newspaper nowadays is very fun to read the criticising articles about issues around the country, where the expressions used is simply fantastic. However, it also brings some concerns to me whether there's a future or not in our country. Maybe I am going to blog about this when that's time.

Some instincts in me draws me to read the scripture. It's good to read, but honestly, I feel very sleepy after reading 1 chapter. Probably I spend too much to read and "chew" each word, or simply I am not devoted enough. It nearly put me on bed, but I refused and quickly get down. Then sleepiness is gone, at instance! Wow!

Then I tried to get somehting ot eat. To my horror, many ants already camping in the food before I managed to get it! Ants are everywhere! So frustrating! So annoying! Since when my house has become a camp for ants?! Declared "war" on them by sweeping, pressing them whatsoever, just want to wipe them all by any means.

I seems merciless huh? Hahaha....

That ends my post now. Really hope tomorrow, at least, is a happy day for me!

God bless you all!

October 14, 2006

OK weekend

Still ok for me, afterall whatever is passed stays passed.

Woke up early as usual in morning as to prepare to go to morning Mass. It's a special Mass to celebrate 11th anniversary of Human Life Service. Kinda touch with Bishop's enchanting English sermon, when he said that this service teaches us to appreciate life. It's true, you just see, how life is trampled everywhere. No one seems to care. But HLS always hope and fight for Life.

Life is definitely worth living, isn't it? As God also clothes the flower that even Solomon didn't have, and feeds the sparrows without sowing and reaping, how much more are we, being precious in the sight of God?

Then proceed to HQ for some meeting with some biscuit sandwitches, to discuss the coming inter chapter first aid competition. To be frank, I make it public, I don't like the idea of combining schools. It makes the team weaker, and I very worried about co-operation. It's a nice but awkward meeting, because unlike last year, everything need to be scheduled by HQ, not by our own. Training will start right after the exam, so it just rob my freedom.

Forget about it then. Thanks to Andy's mum, I went to Parkson to reload phone credit, and also spend a fortune at KFC. Peeking through the money in pocket, make me even hard to figure out what to buy in the coming several birthdays. Many have birthdays in October, huh? (Including me! Haha!)

Went home and just spend the whole afternoon resting. Yeah, I supposed to revise Physics, but to make it worse, the only resource to study Physics now is the TEXTBOOK! Gonna be doomed next Monday.....

For the rest of the day, I stayed at home with some chores to do. Realised that cooking is fun when I tried to make a vegetable dish for family, though not skillful enough like Mum. Quite nice, and tell you, I used 1 whole bulb of garlic to cook ONLY 1 dish! Is it unbelievable? Hahaha

Found a user at Youtube who always post several comedies and funny experiments videos. Cannot stop laughing, it's just too funny.

One of it is the diet coke and mentos. Click here to find out. If you are Youtube registered user, the user's clip is worth to be subscribed.

So, that's wraps my day. Haha, pretty boring isn't it?

Have ONE faith and ONE hope in Lord Jesus. It's undoubtable, no doubt about it.

Praise the Lord!

October 11, 2006

Fearless of exams!

It's been a while I don't update my blog after the appreciation night dinner because I fell sick 2 days ago. Thanks to God's blessing and my Mum's "kua sha", now I have slowly recovered, and hoping to start the "war" against exams tomorrow, fearlessly.

Well well well, sorry again to those who are waiting for my post at my other 2 blogs because I felt I have no energy, and also I not really know about what to be posted around. Kimberly this morning asked me whether I have more pictures for prefect board, where I cold helplessly denied her.

It's a big rain this morning, and after the huge sickness, I slowly caught up the pace of studying. A bit confused by the term "beautiful number" explained yesterday. No table-sleeping for me, nor any super extra intensive Biology revision for me, just take my time chatting and going around.

Afternoon proves to be boring. I could just revised 2 chapters before my eyes was too reluctant to remain open. After that long nap and dinner, Mum started to nag me around to start studying. Kinda annoying, but I have to be considerate, because honestly, I don't like the feeling of losing this time.

So, I do not fear nor nervous about this coming exam. Totally pointless. It's only some small challenges in life, which didn't weigh much in our life. Just take it easily, and do it, simple, for the glory of God.

For my classmates and friends which find time to view this blog, WISH YOU ALL LUCK IN EXAMS!

God bless you all!

October 9, 2006

Pointless for frustration

Wow, really feel tired at the end of the day. The long, hot trip back to Miri can be said enough, but I am further dragged down by the later appreciation night.

For me as a function-phobic person, and also a photograph, not only stress in taking good photographs, but also getting along with many many people. Like usual, everyone dressed smartly for guys and gorgeously for girls. That's just superb for everyone. I walked around to take photos, and refused to eat because I didn't pay for it, though have money in pocket that time.

That money needed to buy present, for who? Secret la....

And also at certain times, I really felt down emotionally. Eventually, I like at Prefect Night, hide myself at the highest floor, and prayed to my Lord silently. I promised him to take my job easily, and also grant me a pure of heart. Easy, went back, all include me have a great fun.

In fact, that fun continues until we were over the permitted time! Haha, evryone is just crazy in it!

Anyway, share with you some of my favourite pics, though not very well-shot...

A sense of coldness before the dinner began.

Me and the super gorgeous Emma!

I am just got lucky to get this. What do you think?

LOL, we blocked the door, and letting people doing whatever inside the lift! Haha!

Daniel is humble enough to serve the girls around him.

It just got everyone excited to see Kim How on stage!

This could be the best smile I can give throughout the night with Shirley.

Playing chopsticks huh?

Here's everyone for a big "family" photo!

Cheers! Looks like we have done a good job!

Just for fun before leaving to shoot everyone's shoes.

If you wish to see more photos, click the Photobucket link at the right bar, and you may copy from there. Thanks very much!

Praise the Lord!

October 8, 2006

From Limbang and Brunei, with Love: Day 2

Well, time does not allow us to stay longer. Continue your enjoyment on these photos!

Some raya stuff displayed at the lobby. Looks too fake.

All of us have a communion service here, which I think the coolest church I have ever been.

All us of leave Limbang after the service. It's have been a brand new experience there, and certainly, I will be go to there again to enjoy more!

Malaysian checkpoint at Tedungan. We are lucky to be away from long queues and jams.

And here comes Kuala Lurah, the Bruneian gate. Looks like factory, don't you think?

You know what, if you are Malaysian driving around at Brunei, you won't resist the temptation to visit one of the petrol station like this. Why?

I think you all know la. Just look at HOW CHEAP is the price?

Feel sad when looking back at these sign boards, because didn't have the chance to visit anyone of them. Maybe next time lo. *sigh*

Saying goodbye to Brunei at Sungai Tujuh checkpoint.

Wheras another Sungai Tujuh welcomes us back.

Here's what we have got in this permit (not passport) along the journey. Now has become a souvenir.

That's all I want to share with you all. If you wish to look at more pictures, please click the link to my Photobucket at the right bar.

So, praise the Lord! May God's blessing be with you all!

Little trip to Limbang: Day 1

Hahaha, just pick some to show to you all my fun and glooms on the way to and at Limbang!

Going to Brunei! Yay!

So happy after immigration clearance, even want to take photo with this lame signboard. LOL.

Upon arrival at Limbang , first destination is this St. Edmund Church. Super hot that time.

Eat "zhao cai bihun," which is super nice.

Here comes another syok sendiri at lobby.

Great view of Limbang. Love it!

Enjoy myself on bed!

Some reception at bride's house before wedding dinner.

Feeling HIGH and ecstatic on top of Bukit Mas!

LOL, my smile and pose is quite horny! Well, the couple really match, don't you think?

God bless you all!

October 7, 2006

Excitement before heading to Brunei

Brunei Darulsalam is just a small country, but it nearly draws to ecstatic to travel there, even as a transit to Limbang.

Take a look of what I have got here. Hehehe.

Kinda different with your international passport right? This is the "group pass" where only enable us to travel Brunei by group, replacing passport.

And here's me as No.3 in the group of 7! Special for me though.

But really, it would be more special if I have my own passport. *Sigh*

And here's some money to spend, with BN$ 10, and RM11. Hope enough for me. AH, that IC is VERY IMPORTANT TOO!

Clothes are all set now, just waiting to be put in luggage.

More photos coming about my trip in Brunei and Limbang!

I will certainly miss you all!

Praise the Lord!