October 30, 2009

Drive a BUS?

Yesterday I finally got the change to DRIVE A FREAKING BUS.

Something like this.


You know, handling that HUGE and heavy steering wheel, with my foot pressing the accelerating pedal very hard…

And also,


Attempting to press clutch and start shifting gears! And I have no idea what gear I want to shift into! LOL Look at my freaky face…

No idea how am I going to face the final exams from next Monday onwards. Truly no idea. I just wish time can fly by as fast as possible. It’s getting horrible

Just keep the faith, harbour the hope, and TRY to be hardworking. :) God bless you all!

October 18, 2009

Orgasmic moment on my birthday

It’s no longer a secret that I went to Genting Highlands for my very own holiday trip.


I have planned this for quite a long time ever since I got my ULTRA CHEAP flight ticket few months ago.

This plan accelerates even more when I know of this very good package promotion, which is very cheap as well.

However, sadly, due to the Deepavali public holiday, all the rides in the theme park was like this.

SDC11116 I can tell you the lines are much more longer than you can ever imagine! And I only have limited time there, thanks to my blunder of not securing the bus tickets early! Ahhh!

So, I didn’t play these. So sad huhu :’(

SDC11119 Crazy space lab. Lot of people told me not to go there. Hmmm..


Cyclone! Need a partner to play this la…


Corkscrew! Looks scary enough. But not really hehehe…


Dinosaur land! Have no idea of what’s inside because it was clogged by so many people…

SDC11132 Bumper boats. Kids’ play. I loved it when I was small. :) But now cannot play because I am way too overweight. Huhu :(

SDC11137 Get wet with Banana boat!

SDC11138 Relax la, everything can be settled, no need to do like this!

I don’t even have the chance to ride on this lonely London double-decker bus. Huhu…


But in the end, I end up playing ONLY ONE GAME at Genting.


I can reassure you, for me, even though I have pay extra 10 bucks for this, it’s the most thrilling ride Genting has to offer!

This flying coaster is something like this.

Maybe you can only hear the little shouts, but once you are up there, you gonna shout your heart out very very loud! WOW!

That really was my damn orgasmic experience up there! Hahaha!

Hereby I really want to thank all my friends for wishing me well in my birthday, whether in Facebook (majority from here LOL), SMS or pray for me, or simply don’t know anything about it, I really thank you all very very very much….

Heartiest BIG BIG thank you also to my 2 cousins in KL who threw me a very big treat at Subway and Burger King prior my travel to Genting Highlands, as well as assisting me when I was going to return hostel. Without both of you, this birthday could turn out to be a disaster. Hmmm…

Last but certainly not the least, I thank and praise God who have created me and given me life day after day. Unto his amazing grace I shall continue to live and hope on.


I just wish one day, I can be like this, up in the heavens.


Pretty close to this eh! Hahahaha!

God bless you all!

October 14, 2009


At some time in the campus few days ago, I did something pretty bad. Till now it left a bad scar in my memory.


Look at the leg of that guy. If it really hits my that place, I can say byebye to everyone already. Absolutely woeful. Till now I don’t know why I got into this freaky fight.

LOL. By now you should know all this is just a funny “angry” pose. See my apparent smile up there? LOL It’s just a way to de-stress ourselves after such a hard day. Huhu….

In a nutshell, don’t fight.

God bless you all!

October 13, 2009

New kind of Lab

Yesterday I attended a lab session which was quite different from all other labs.

This time we have to deal with some unfamiliar environments and lab equipments. To add salt to the wound, the confusing lab modules are not helping us at all.


This picture is just trying to give you an idea of how this lab had to be conducted. We have to be in a group of 6-7 people due to the limited space and quantities of the machines. So, the lab was in a mixture of hardworking, want-get-everything-right people and lazy, let-them-do-everything people.

Unfortunately, I was the latter kind of people, at first. Hehe… :p

Image0061 Too blur until willing to put up a “cute” face for me. :)


He’s also like very blur, so just kneel on the chair to see us how to do.

Actually my group is among the pro inside the class. My group managed to get the assembly done really fast.

Image0062The technician examined the connection before allowing us to turn on the power supply.

Image0064 The complete view of the lab machine. With a peace sign, :)

There are others big machines in this lab as well. Actually, quite a lot of machines. Hmmm…

Image0065 A big-sized transformer. Looks very dangerous and explosive.

Image0066Some more generators on the floor. For me, they looked like gas tongs. Or maybe fire extinguishers.

 Image0068There are some of these DC motor cum generators available here too. This can either spin your head right round, or electrocute you till become “roasted human.” So, beware. :)

Last but not least is this handheld device.

Image0067This is to measure the RPM or a rotating/moving object. It is quite fun to use because it will shoot a beam of laser when you use it.

Something like this.


LOL, I was so speechless…. :)

Anyway it was a good lab and glad to have this new experience. :) Hopefully can cope well with any labs coming in my way! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! :P

God bless you all!

Very environmental-unfriendly event

In the recent propaganda talks organized by university last Saturday, foods are given free for all to eat. Which is good to everyone, considering how much we have to suffer inside that seminar hall.

Yes, I should be happy with it because I didn’t need to spend money. However, these sights concern me very much.


University is still resorting to use POLYSTYRENE as plates and cups. I don’t know if they are even aware of the environmental crisis, that our landfills are probably packed with hills of polystyrene.


See these cups over there! They’re probably only used ONCE. After that, they were into the bin. What a waste!

For plates, I even see people used them just to PAD the nasi lemak, which is already packed with WAX PAPER! That’s very ridiculous!

What to do, that’s their policy, I just gotta follow it, angry about it, and post my anger here. That’s all.


The cup in my hand is so short-lived to be used properly. But it takes forever to dispose it. :(

However, having said so, somebody made some smart use from those plates. Let me show you!


They used them as FANS! How easy and how handy to tackle the hot, packed and sweaty conditions of the hall! Hehehehe so smart.

God bless you all!

October 12, 2009

There’s a lady

There’s a lady who comes from Holland happens to give milk to everyone. Nobody can resist the warm and tender care that flows abundantly from her milk.

Her milk is so famous around the world. Everyone wants to drink from her.

She’s no other than the famous old DUTCH LADY.


Her milk is available everywhere throughout the globe, but we never got to see the mysterious DUTCH LADY. So sad.

Anyway, drinking her milk is enough and nutritious for me. Everyone should drink. With the new package design, the goodness stays the same. Try one now today! LOL

God bless you all!

PS: I know this sounds like an advertisement. LOL

October 6, 2009

Simply LOVE it

Sorry, I am too boring now. I must post up something to ease myself otherwise I gonna explode soon. Hmmm...

Ever since I have come to the Peninsular, ONE THING always catch my heart. It always makes me seek go after. I just too love it! AAAAhhh....

This is IT, the one in my heart... hehehe...

Gardenia Jagung!! OH how much I love you!!! Every time I see you, for sure I will want to buy 3 packs at once and EAT THEM ALL! LOL!

And I miss them very much whenever I am back in the East. I so wish I can bring back ALL the stock available in shops nearby for me to enjoy back home. Huhu....

Maybe Facebook should have a fan page for Gardenia Jagung. Hmmm...

God bless you all!

October 3, 2009

New Pacman - Waka Waka

Still remember this classic game?

For our generation, Pacman could be our very first computer game back in the late 90s when we first come to know what is a COMPUTER. Haha. The thrill of guiding and avoiding the ghosts and advance level is so freaking nice! Agree? Hehehe...

Now, somebody in Facebook has revived back this classic game, and give it a new name.


Quite a funny name huh? It's called "Waka-waka" because when it eats the dots, The sound "waka waka waka waka" will come out! Funny!

Hehehe nevertheless it has added more features to make the classic Pacman even more fun! Hehehe...

You can see the maze is more complicated and more variety. See even the ghosts look so cute! LOL!

This is only the start of Level 1. So far I only reach Level 4, while somebody in my friend list played till Level 7. I really have to salute them la... Haha...

And they so dare to say me that I am "a few steps of being human." What a humiliation... LOL

Fantastic way to kill my time and a brilliant way to keep myself away from thinking too much and also studying well. LOL.

God bless you all! Study hard, play harder! LOL