June 30, 2007

Notice to myself

My friends were very concerned about my huge slump in recent exams. So here's a banner created by Yien Houng. I take it as a great notice to myself.

There were so many thoughts curling my mind nowadays. Totally not sure about them. And I don't know how I can get out of all these. I started to hate things and duties around me.

I need silence, to meditate, to find my own PEACE. I really need PEACE.

But is escaping from all these problems bring PEACE? Using common sense, it should be NO. But now I am thinking it should be YES.

How to escape? Smoking? Drugs? Indulge into immoral habits? Hit people? Playing games non-stop? Sleep till drop?

I really need courage and grace from God to head on with life. Really.

God bless you all!

June 23, 2007

Wasted my time in Olympiad

This morning I went to National Olympiad Maths Competition, which is held at school.

Of course not whole Malaysia comes to my school la. My school only serves as a exam centre only.

At first I thought it would be a quiz section like that, but then to my great surprise, it's undergone the exam style. Like SPM.

Many of my friends started worrying about it. And their worry is worth it. The questions for Senior Section were VERY HARD. Yala, the questions are all Pre-U questions ler.

I wonder why they put Form 5 students under Senior section, to do Pre-U questions?

Scribble everything on it..

Draw anything with what I know and I have..

This is just ridiculous...

I wonder the examiner will faint or not after seeing this.

Yeah, I brought my camera there to take some shots. Just lucky.

They seemed to perform exceptionally well.

Teo was looking to be full in confidence ler.

This teacher stopped me from taking more photos.

Fair enough. I was down to nothing after completing the papers helplessly. With plenty of time to go, I managed to revised Add Maths in my brain, which compensate my disappointment a little bit.


Sometimes things just not going in our way. Anyway, I accept whatever to be happened to me.

God bless you all!

My blog is safe for all

Hehe, found this interesting stuff at Kimiko's blog. No surprise, I have a positive rating for my blog. Hehehe....

Online Dating

Well, positive in such a way that no violence, no sensitive stuffs and others that you all may think that I may want to write those things.

You can get your blog ratings at HERE. Enjoy, and make sure your blog is SAFE! LOL
God bless you all!

June 21, 2007

Higher Education makes me even blur

Yeah, that's correct. I still yet to get out of the "blur blur" feeling I got yesterday.

That feeling made me almost CRY for being so CONFUSED about everything. Urrmm....

So, yesterday there was a Education Fair in my school, in which 18 institutions of higher learning came and gave their own education info.

Yeah, at first I was well excited, because NO NEED HAVE CLASS!!! And then can get more info again bo... which was very good.

What's more, those who came were really don't play play one ler....

Thanks to the kind agents who had brought them here to St. Joseph's.

Certainly, I have enjoyed my time over there. Some like ITF and AIMST have really good speakers. Limkokwing managed to draw a lot of crowds for their shuffle. JIS is famous for being the RICHEST school. LOL

Nevertheless, despite my aimless visits, I managed to get all these....


Those serve as my direction finder, allowing me to discern what is my real career in future. In the end, I turn out to be more AIMLESS.

I felt like shipwrecked sailor, floating alone in the middle of the ocean.


Even SPM seems very blurry to me. No confidence, no self-esteem, no nothing. It seems like THE END OF ME.

In spite of these, I try hard, to be optimistic always and hopeful for future. Only God knows my future, and guide me through it safely.

Yes, Never I am be a FAILURE!

God bless you all!

June 17, 2007

DiGi hit backs with rewards

Well, allow me to express my delight and shock upon seeing one DiGi advertisement today! And what's more, it's only for Sarawak! Wahseh.... The telcos are really aiming Sarawak markets now....

Now, DiGi gives 30% extra upon reloads, at any amount!! Now that's cool! You only reload RM10, and get RM3 FREEEEEEE!!!!

30% does seems a very good deal I tell you! Don't you think so?

I guess you must be yelling WOW now! Hahaha....

So, RELOAD NOW LO! Offers only valid until July 6th (nia)! Hahaha...

Hope you all don't mind I promote DiGi ho.... Hehehe.... Have a nice day everyone!

God bless you all!

June 16, 2007

Feeling EMO and EMO

I felt very bad today. The mood swings in me just gone wild and terrible. Feeling like I have turned into a monster, beast, unsociable good-for-nothing brat bla bla bla....

I have to admit myself to be the one who seek attention so much. Without that, I am aimless in doing things, getting very very down, feeling everything was against me, helpless, distress....

But then what's the point for getting all those recognitions? Are they anything useful to me? Or just to lure my own lustful ego?

See how "thinking too much" I am! I cared too much about things that I cannot get! I am just too jealous with others. My heart can hardly grasp a time for peace, which I wanted SO MUCH!!!


Thinking back, all these problems (which are not really PROBLEMS) are self-generated, BY ME. Neither can I control it whatsoever. This all self-destructive poisons are all generated by ME.

One more thing, I hate to be that ULTRA SENSITIVE la! I even care SOOO MUCH if someone (especially girls) doesn't reply me or only give short replies in SMS and MSN. Why like that? Why don't I just GET A LIFE ha????




Please Lord, I beg You, to let me get peace and joy again in your Sacred Heart. Let me have the courage to take up the cross and follow you.

I wish someday sometime, tears can really roll down my eyes. I want to cry, too bad, till now, I CAN'T.

God bless you all....

June 13, 2007

Sorry we lose again

It's yet another defeat for our school brass band. No disrespect to other teams, but from my Mum's account, our school should really win it, EASILY.

Too bad I can't see the band competition due to exams that yet to be taken. Lot's of my friends went there to support our team, as we're looking forward for something spectacular this time.

This cause our class left with only few classmates. Miss Irene buzzed a lot about the drum major for St. Joseph's Kuching drum major's failure to catch the stick after throwing it up. She said we have some hope. None was said about our most rival team, Chung Hua a.k.a. World Champions however. We were left guessing around only. BORING

Khin Sheng even joked to me, to know the results, just look at Belinda's face and mood tomorrow. That's so LOL.

Then when I hopped into my car, my Mum was even more excited to tell me everything happened there. Wahseh, she even said that us and World Champions booing each other, how they uniform look like, formations, how special is our school team and so on. She was very confident that WE CAN WIN.

As soon as I reached home, I called Emma to know the results. Felt disheartening to know World Champions won and we got No.3. I wonder how our school team reacted. No disrespect to anyone, I think we rued our chance again.

Well, certainly this is not the end of the world. The bad has lot's of potentials. Keep it up OK? We're proud of you guys.

So, let's have a moment of my team's triumph at Kuantan, shall we?

Felt very happy to win 1 gold and 1 bronze at my possibly highest level I can go.

Nothing can match my experience got from the competition. I am trying to compile everything to let you see what I have gone through. Good thing must be share ba, right?

God bless you all!

June 9, 2007

New PC!

Much anticipated new PC was finally installed yesterday! I am using it now to blog, with much much delight!

Wah, since the last PC broke down, I have been waiting this day for so long. Dad's notebook's performance is bad, only making me keep on complaining.

So here's the stuffs!

I go for high specification because I planned to install Vista. All of these cost below RM 2000, thanks to the trader who kindly offers me great discount.

So my cousin Jimmy helped me a great deal in installing all these mind-boggling parts. Well, I have to say he did 95% of the job.

Here's some camwhore of mine....

Opting for AMD processor. Byebye Intel.

Help a little bit installing the RAM. Easy easy.

Show off my ATi graphic card, and also my old and new motherboard!

Here's comes the hard part, all done by my cousin.

And finally....


Felt so ecstatic and I immediately wanna install Vista. I love Vista for their sleek design and Aero. But my excitement went dim when this thing ALWAYS come out in installation.


Nothing more annoying than this Blue Screen of Death! Sien! Sien! Sien!

So, no choice lo, I have to go back to Windows XP. Ah, much better, feeling like being at home. Hehehe. Everything run so smooth now.

Ah, much better.

At least my effort for whole sleepless night was not wasted.

Well, if no Vista, I'll try Ubuntu! Who cares about Vista after all? Because I believe God will always provide.

God bless you all!