May 27, 2007

Back home!

Yeah, I am at home now. With lot's of stuffs to carry, all the way across South China Sea.

See how many stuffs I brought from there?

After a week mixing ourselves at there, it's really emotional to be back with the Best Classical First Aid Cup. A work well done, and we're all pleased.

These are only the gold and bronze plates won at Kuantan. The Cup is BIG, tell you first.

Since I didn't bring my camera to the trip, so allow me to delay the pictures for several days. We had our tour guide who have all our pictures in his DSLR camera, from Kuantan at East Coast, to Colours of Malaysia launching ceremony at Putrajaya. Have to wait him to process the photos to CD first.

Tunggu ya, boleh?

God bless you all!

P.S: Feeling alienated from my friends after being there for so long. So sad.

May 20, 2007

I have a new Motorola!

Yeah, it's strange, I have a new Motorola instead of Sony Ericsson. But I am still grateful I can get a new one.

I was tired of this patchy, yellowish phone. It's damned frustrating.

Functions are still OK, but the yellow patch makes my life hard, especially in reading SMS.

It was all started when my family and I went to Boulevard after my training. Instead of fixing my watch, whole family fixed their eyes on handphones.

Funnily enough, it's Dad who suggested to buy a new phone. OK, then I pursuaded to have a much higher-end phones with more great functions, like SE K550i. However he insisted on the medium-ranged ones, so I gave up.

Actually I want a Sony Ericsson fo their sound quality and popularity. I have been jealous for so long watching my friends owning good SE phones, K series, Walkman series, whatever.

But Motorola is unbeatable at price. That's true with lesser functions, though with higher radiations. Don't say about Nokia because they're just too common and don't have the functions I want.

After much choosing we ended up choosing Motorola c261.

What more can I hope for? Certainly this is still not the type that i really want, but it can covers my needs already.

How do you think about the design? Nice right?

This mobile phone has speaker phone, SMS, MMS, WAP, interesting games, MIDI player, etc etc. And they have CAMERA, yes, CAMERA!

And all these for only RM250!! Wow!

What a joy to have a camera phone!!! I fall in love with this phone at the moment I grip my gear on this device. I stressed again the camera and the brand really make a difference.

So let's LOL with my new Motorola!

Then now I have to say......

And wave Sony Ericsson goodbye.....

OK, this will be my last post before heading to Kuantan. Please do always come back for I will post the latest happenings there using Twitter, LIVE.

Wish us best of luck! God bless you all!

May 18, 2007

Just 2.5 subjects left then I am off to Kuantan

Wow, how wonderful to sit here again to blog after the dreadful exams and training!! It's hopping 10++ hours!! Walao eh....
Probably this is the best way to get me always energetic all the time. I will fall into sleep when I am too relaxed and studying.

There's still 2.5 papers left for me, that are Malay, History and Maths 1. Hope that I can finish them by next Monday by any means. I don't mind on the time on exams, as long as I can finish them early and bring no worries to Kuantan.

Felt myself so special to be given FIRST-CLASS service in exam. Individual attention, free-going, no teachers around, cushion seating with arm rest, air-cond. .... Wah, it's just so wonderful to have exams like that.

But of course la, come on, WHO LIKE EXAMS????

On training, it's just feeling so dreadful. We were "red-carded" for so many times. Scolded heavily again. Nah, I don't have the right to confront them. Just learn and learn, do our best every time.

Can we make miracles at Kuantan, just as we made it at Kuching?

Hope my teammates can always perform well lo. That's all I can hope.

Faster go Kuantan.... faster.... faster.....

God bless you all!

May 14, 2007

Double (maybe triple or more) pressure this week

Feeling very grateful for finishing my starter meal of Biology. It's just the start of the full course meal of EXAMS.

LOL, unlike my friends who have 9 days exam, I will have 6 days of exams only. You know how I compact it, yeah, through combining subjects.

Just check out my exam schedule starting tomorrow....

15/5 - Chemistry (5 hours at morning), EST (2 hours at afternoon)

16/5 - Add Maths, English 2

(Yeah it's Teacher's Day and you all no need come to school. But I have too, sobs)

17/5 - Physics, maybe History.

18/5 - English 1, Moral, Maths, Chinese!!!!! (Walao, something like 10 hours!!!! Crazy....)

21/5 - Malay, maybe History

See how packed it is?

Not forgetting there's training every night from 1900 - 2145 le!

LOL, how I can tahan o?

Who knows I am going to be like this one day?

"Choi choi choi, dai ga lai si!!!!"

Just pray that God gives me strength and grace to get over this.

God bless you all! Remember to pray for me!

May 13, 2007

Unhappy at Pustaka Miri

Having had those unhappy experiences at Pustaka, I am now currently blogging from this so-called digital library in Miri.

I still remember how I was trapped in the staircase few years ago. Totally embarassing and "mensiasoikan." Sigh......

Well, what can I say? It's really LAME place. By calling this place as "Digital library", they should have really good PC's here, and it should be a paperless place too!

But then it really turn me down. Internet access is totally at unsatisfatory level. Computers here are SUPER laggy and have many restrictions. I would rather to go online at home rather at here.

But then many still opt to study here, not online. Cool surrounding, studious quiet atmosphere attracted lot's of my friends to study in group here.

Well, just a round up about how unhappy I am in this so called "digital library"! LOL

God bless you all!

May 12, 2007

I Love Viva, I want Viva!

Perodoa's latest release of brand new car model, Viva, has drawn my ultimate excitement.

Well, I know I still cannot drive now, but at least I can hope that my old Iswara can be replaced.

In order to satisfy my curiousity, I went to the showroom to take a peek.

You may say it's like a mini-Avanza, but Viva is still Viva. I fell in love to Viva at first sight. Too bad I cannot jump into the car and take a better inside look.

And Perodoa's marketing strategy is somewhat interesting.


Haha, how we know Viva us? Kiss us? LOL

Anyway, the price also VERY CHEAP. Only range about RM 30K to RM 45K.

Permit me to fantasize me driving a Viva one day. Who knows I will? Haha....

God bless you all! And like Viva, I you all!

What "tiap-taip bulan bocor"?

Yeah, I am going to talk about something happened in Parliament, but this post is strictly not about politics what-so-ever.

Girls, please read carefully about how you girls/women are disgraced, IN PARLIAMENT.

The case started when a MP Bandar Kuching proposed a motion to discuss about the ceiling leakage at the Media Centre.

It's really a disbelief after much renovation has been made to the mighty Parliament.

Since the case is raised by a DAP MP, many started to bombard him and DAP members there. Seems like they don't care. The BN members took this lightly. Sad cry for democracy.

Then suddenly 2 guys popping out some words like this..... Pointed to MP Batu Gajah which is a female.

Note: In Dewan Rakyat, they called each other by their constituency's name.

Watch this in Youtube.


He's clearly using "menstruation" to make fun of her! -_-""

Mind you, you're not only disgracing her in Parliament, but THE ALL FEMALES IN MALAYSIA!!!

There's so many leakages in Government's building, but you don't care! Seems like you only know how to make fun, huh, don't you?

I wonder, did they have their word filter first before saying it out in Parliament? And why do people vote for these people who say those dirty words?

A civilized person who respect women won't say anything like this. Ever.

God bless you all!

May 10, 2007

Vote me at Droool!

Well recently I am hot on reading blogs, replying each other at other's chatterbox and so on. Blogging is so fun, and it does keeps everyone together. A very good field for everyone.

Anyway, I find out a blogging directory called Droool.NET (Yes, 3 "o" there, haha)

You can see many blogs here should you're in no idea where to start reading blogs. That's why tell call themselves "The Ultimate Weblog Directory."

Not only this, you can also vote for your favourite blog! That's the one that Technorati don't have! Interesting right?

I also submitted my blog, hoping to gain some popularity in Internet. *winks

So what you all as readers can do?

That's right, VOTE ME!

You will find a "Vote me" button there on the left bar, click it and....

It feels like I am campaigning myself in an election. LOL

However, I know even those who has the highest votes won't have any prize la.

But then , please, VOTE ME. Haha...

Vote for Chamber of Dreams

God bless you all!

May 9, 2007


Yes, I love Rocket very much. But not the kind of rocket on the launching pads, flying up to outer space and so on like this....

But this kind of Rocket.


I make it VERY CLEAR that I support Opposition in Malaysia. I want to have a Malaysian Malaysia. That's all.

I even don't care whether my blog is gonna be boomed or closed down for posting this. It's my freedom to write anything I want in this blogosphere.

God bless you all!

May 7, 2007

First Aid Competition Review: It sucks!

Yeah, to me the competition this year sucks out. Not so much as I cannot get any prize for it (as I know this only serves as a training ground) but of how this competition went on.

Truly disappointing and I was infuriated by it. Even till now.

As usual, it has four sections in the competition. I shall just go through one by one. And oh yes, Ming Chai just got us "very lucky" to be drawn in the last group, which is 14th group. Oh man...

Quiz Bee started the competition. My team seems relaxed, because all of the questions were asked last year. Exactly the same. We did feel very BORED at times. Can't we have something new?

Have you noticed there are so many judges there? That's a bad thing. Later you will know why.

Coming up later is the bandaging and immobilizing relay. This part frustrates me the most, for the sake of our team and my school team. The decision to ban "getting assistance" was VERY LAME indeed. I just wondering, why the OC don't want to comply with the Branch level competition? They want to MERDEKA already ha?

Anyway, we held our nerves and just do it. I tell you it's really difficult for my team. It also cause catastrophic effects to school team. It's also known that some teams has a non-experienced judge, that even don't know how to bandage/immobilize properly.

I am so enraged when hearing that. That's why after this I look very gloomy and angry. That frustration in me was flaring, burning..... Like this....

Little do I felt better in the next section, but still could not prevent myself from being disappointed for the whole process. Community-based team test features the Q&A style, and the questions are not "community" at all. I wish we could storm them off.

I tried to be smart to attend Mass first at Sunday before heading to HQ. Indeed, we were jailed inside for hefty 5 FREAKING HOURS! Watching one teams after one went out made us very impatient.

Of course, I gave lot's of my last words for my school team before they went out for battle.

St. Joe team: Kwan Nam, Yaw Soon, Sie Lik, Yong Yi


Another I say being stucked in the training room really SUCKS. We could not watch any teams perform. When it's really our turn to perform, we were expected to give some spectacular moves and treatment.

In fact, for me it was a dumb performance. Ming Chai assessed the scene wrongly in first time has already got all the audience sleeping and booing. I was distressed, could we be replaced, just because of this below par performance?


By the time the results are announced, I was down to nothing when I already knew who the champions are. Ming Chai and Qi Ying were clearly delighted with their school's unprecedented victory. Congrats to them, but Andy, Wan Lin and me could not hide our disappointment.

We can only get No.3

They simply didn't deserved this kind of results. And so to me. Pretty sad, but we know, WE'RE GONNA COME BACK VERY STRONGLY NEXT YEAR.

As for the Sarawak team, I hope the intensive training scheduled on next week will go on as we wished. We wanna do something greater than this, that no one else can do in Miri.

In the end, for this competition, I only got this....

Nothing else except God's countless blessings and graces.

Remember, love each other as the Lord has loved all of us.

God bless you all!

May 3, 2007

Should I go for violin?

Since my sister has expressed her interest in playing violin, little do I was also swung with the desire to play some musical instruments.

So my sister enrolled for the violin course this afternoon. What more I can feel besides feeling jealous?

Actually I feel like I am more to piano. Every time when I heard music, my fingers will automatically start dancing, as if I am playing piano. Haha....

But then, playing violin is also good, right? I agree with my sis, playing violin does give satisfaction of uniqueness.

See me how "syok sendiri" to play that violin? LOL

So how? See first lo as there's much options in front of me. I just want to at least can handle ONE musical instrument for my whole life.

God bless you all!

LOL with Baby Anne

Isn't it the Baby Anne here very cute along side with me?

I really feel like being a father when I hold the Baby Anne ler. You gonna see me being crazy should I ever find Baby Anne. LOL

Just share with you some of my LOL's. God bless you all!

May 2, 2007

Training, training, training

It was another full swing for training today. Have to say myself that I'm getting meaner and meaner against them. Starting to lost my patience.

Even so, I managed to had fun, that is becoming a casualty. Still remember that it's being casualty first in junior times provide initial experiences in First Aid Competitions.

But before that, as usual la....

Who won't hide his delight upon receiving RM50 as pocket money?

People say me look like a blind guy with that glasses, trying to promote Hotlink again bo...

So here's some pictures courtesy from Ngee Kiat when I was the casualty.

Me lying unconscious, waiting to be rescued...

Close shot when I was checked for breathing.

See both of them were looking so desperate to put me down. You all know why la...

Finally, I was "rested in peace" on stretcher.

I also witnessed our arch rival training at our next door. What can I say? Glad to announce that their performance are FAR BELOW MY EXPECTATIONS. It's true, so there's hope for Josephians!

But have to be VERY WARY of other teams la.... All are coming for that Championship ler! So don't ever underestimate any team! Including us!

Schooling again tomorrow. It's gonna be sleep-filled classes for me. Sigh....

God bless you all!