August 30, 2009

Hope this is a good move & decision

This is what I really hope, because this decision, could be benefiting me to the max, or push me to the brink of financial breakdown.

This is my decision, made yesterday.

I have bought a rice cooker, and intend to change my diet back to RICE.

I want to eat rice so much because I am terribly sick with Maggi (or whatever brands that are same type as this) mee. They make me wanna puke them out. Totally sick.

I just to eat rice. However this raises another question: What I shall gonna eat with rice? Surely I am not eating PLAIN RICE ONLY, right?

My solution?


What you see there, they should be my food supply for this week. BIG MISTAKE.

I admit that this could be more unhealthy and more expensive than Maggi! However, I'm still sticking on my "no cash strategy" which prevent me on spending too much on small small things around me, like drinks, tidbits so on so forth.

So, will my move works? Or flops? Keep my fingers crossed.

God bless you all!

August 27, 2009

Just now I had a test

I had a test just now, which was really bad for me. Totally bad.

Basic Communication Engineering is the subject that I HATE the most this semester. It was equally hard as other subjects, but it's very annoying to me. Confusing formulas, blurring theories make me such insane.

It is so hard with valid reasons because these are the high-end equipments that you have to handle during lab sessions! The spectrum analyser, some function generators, oscilloscope bla bla bla.... Lab sessions can really be tensed up as well.

By the way, I had my test in the communication lab anyway. Haha...

The lady in the middle is the technician of this lab. She's very picky of what we wear, how we behave inside bla bla bla... I was once ticked off by her because I forgot to arrange my chair back to original position. LOL so strict, so tension....

Relax a bit la...

Here's my friend Rajesh which was all smiles because he's damn ready for this test. Unlike me who surrendered even before the test started. Huhu...

In the test I had to draw this also, which is the last part of the test.

This stupid looking AM envelope waves. Fuh...

To be honest, I am still licking my wounds on the recent torrid bad times. I just simply can afford to be negative over and over again.

Keep hoping for better! God bless you all!

August 24, 2009

Back to no-cash routine

After just a brief one-week-holiday, I am back to campus life again. Which means back to my daily routines.

In addition, since it is fasting month now where food is so scarce during daytime, I decided to switch back to no-cash-strategy master plan.

Here's what I think I going to do most of the time when I am back from lectures and lab sessions.

Every time browsing the internet for more porns, while eating instant noodles, sipping cereal drinks and listening to radio. Yeah, I do this repeatedly, all the time. No choice.

I even stocked up all my needed food supplies for a week already. See!

I bought 4 loaves of bread and 15 packets of instant last Saturday. Just over 2 days, I have finished 2 loaves of bread and 5 packets of noodles. Shocking huh? So how am I to survive this week with only these and no cash?

Or what? Join in my friends and puasa as well? Hmmm....

The weather in recent days is also not so well.

As you can see the dark clouds and the poodles of water on the paddy field, torrent rains has been pouring down over last few days. Yeah it's very nice to sleep, but it's bad for my clothes to dry. It could make me sick as well.

Seriously I don't want to get into jail again, OK.

Hopefully I can survive through this tough period. Just suffer for a month and off I back to hometown, again! Haha!

God bless you all!

August 16, 2009

Burger King is the best Fast Food in KLIA

This is what I felt after spending a sleepless night in KLIA, and roaming around the main terminal building for FOOD.

Mind you, the food court is closed during late night hours.

For some 15 bucks, you will get this at KLIA.

A large cup of soft drink, large French fries, and the damn fresh and tasty WHOPPER.

And the WHOPPER burger is freaking big.

Sorry, it seemed small because I have ate a big part of it. It's loaded with vegetables, pickles, freshly grilled beef patty. Oh yum yum....

Needless to say, this top burger in Burger King just steal my heart away! That night, I not only has one, but 2 Whoppers!! Haha! I am so greedy....

Hey, if you think 15 bucks is too much, I dare to say there are more ridiculously priced at McDonald's, KFC, even at the food courts. For me, I am very satisfied with what I paid because I was served a great burger!

Not to mention the atmosphere there is much quieter, and I had my very own enclosed space to online, added with power supply! How nice!

I really shall visit Burger King every time I landed at KLIA. For sure. :)

For your information, they are 3 Burger King restaurants in KLIA. One at the Arrival Hall, one at the domestic departure hall, and one at the satellite building. So, enjoy your burger. :)

God bless you all!

August 14, 2009

At airport again

Sometimes the journey to airport in Alor Star is not easy at all.

After a long 90++ minutes bus ride, I have to walk to the terminal. Sounds easy, but look at this...

It was a gruesome 1-kilometer-walk ok. And as you can see, there are drizzles at that moment. No blue skies, only dark clouds hovering the sky.

Since I arrive quite early, it's still very quiet down here.

Roughly the airport is a 2-storey building. What you see there is upper storey which is the departure. Downstairs is arrival hall. Still very much deserted at around 7pm.

As a consequence,

Check in counters are not yet opened. Don't ask me why there are steel barricades around the check-in area.

OK la, wish me a safe journey back home! God bless you all!

August 13, 2009

Bringing these back home

I am going to start my 2000++ kilometers journey back home tomorrow. As requested by my family and a friend, I am bringing all these back home.

Yes, Gardenia loaves of bread and buns! Not surprisingly everyone is so astonished that I am buying so much of these. Majority of them thought that I am buying food supplies for a month! Hahaha!

What you see there, is 15 cream buns (60 cents each), 5 sambal buns (80 cents each), and 3 loaves of Butterscotch (4 bucks per loaf)! Do the maths, it's all 25 bucks! Really a lot, and also, VERY EXPENSIVE! LOL

Now I have to think how on earth I am going to stuff them all into my luggage. Hehehe..

Yeah, glad that I can go back after 6 study weeks! It's really a break that I really wanted because I am quite fed up with how things go on here. Hmmm...

I AM GOING HOME! :) God bless!

August 7, 2009

Life under quarantined

I have been under quarantined since Tuesday because I fell really sick the day before.

All those symptoms of H1N1 such as fever, coughs, flu, sore throat, body pains all popped up that day. I knew that this was NOT GOOD.

I think 3 things summarize this quarantined life. Nothing else.

Take my daily medications punctually. See I am a good patient. Doctor must be proud of me. :)

Wait for food to come. Yes FREE FOOD, given about 6 times a day! Don't get jealous because the food was not very nice!


Thinking back, this is the most unproductive week so far in my university life. Thinking back on how much I have missed in studies made me very distressed.

From a positive point of view, I do get a lot of sleep! Not to mention, skipping class "legally!" LOL

However I really want to go out now. I had enough.

Hopefully everyone is well now la. Stay healthy everyone! God bless!