February 29, 2008

Oh yes....

It just gives me a great pleasure to announce this. Man, I cannot stand it anymore.

Finally, after spending something like 1000 bucks, and undergoing exhaustive lessons and and tests....




That's it! From now on, I can drive myself for anything, anywhere. To the church, school, town. malls. For Mass, Holy Hour, classes, training, dating bla bla bla.....

I just hope that my parents will allow me to drive. They are the only stumbling blocks now, though I gonna have my own car to drive.

But hey, what else can stop me since I already have the driving license?

God bless you all!

February 27, 2008


How happy I am now!

Yesterday, with my heart pumping like crazy, I went to the driving institute for the ultimate driving test. It's really crazy. Enough with being arranged no.16 for the test, I will also given a substandard car (you know, faulty brakes, gears, clutch) to drive.

However, I was not scared. I used to be afraid of the Part 2 due to my lousy driving skills. But this time I was not scared of the obstacles in front of me. Just crush them down.

The entire test started with hill climbing, which is the most challenging of all. I need to stop the vehicle at the yellow line, and avoid from rolling behind when I want to go forward again. It is a nightmare for most candidates.

I didn't even stop at the yellow line correctly, but the official just gave me a pass. Lucky.

Next is this S-parking. Many said this is hard, but certainly not for me. Just follow what I've been taught. Passed this easily enough.

This 3-point-turn should be "kacang" for most candidates, but yet again the easiest to fail. Yet again, this was safe for me to cruise through.

Passed Part 2, a great relief.

After that it was a pain waiting for my turn to Part 3 of the test, which is going out to public roads. My hands shivered on the steering as I was seated in the test car.

Thank God he was with me all the way. I felt I was very lucky to have strategic traffic lights, allowing me to drive through them smoothly without stopping suddenly.

I used to be glad to have someone drive for me to somewhere, but this time, I am more glad to drive myself to the end.


And of course I was really happy!! Happy and happy!!

However you don't see my tiredness there. I went to bed almost immediately when I reached home. But then, I am still glad!

Now give me that freaking license! Hahaha...

God bless you all!

February 24, 2008


Honestly saying, I don't really like dogs. Especially the dog couples who keep barking day and night towards each other and the other dogs in the neighbourhood. It's really unbearable.

ONE is enough troublesome enough, with TWO, double the trouble. Faint.

And there's once I saw them mating in their cage.

What a coincidence! I knew they're going to have babies. And there goes the miracles of life. 4 little puppies were born last week. Even me the dog-hater found them cute.

My sister took pictures of them. Here are them for you to see.


Lying down with superb comfort..

Yawns little bit..

So cute!!

Perhaps you may see them all having their eyes closed, but they're still very cute, aren't they?

Sadly we have to give it away due to the space and food constraints here. So is there anyone out there wants them?

God bless you all!

February 22, 2008

Just change!!

The thunderstorm of Malaysian General Election is just getting nearer and hotter. It's time for you, the voters (not me) to determine the future of our country.

Here's the Rocket's Election Song. JUST CHANGE.

Just play that video, and you know what I mean and what you can do. (I know lot's of my readers are not voters, but please just play it.)


SO JUST CHANGE!! Everyone support Rockets! Vote Rockets!

God bless you all!

February 17, 2008

Do I make the correct decision?

Hey there, I applied the Diploma Courses for Government Universities some time ago. Let you see what I have applied.

If you cannot see it, you may click on the picture to get a larger one.

So what do you think? I admit that I just followed my instincts (or follow my heart) when applying those courses. Of course, I doubt that I have any chance of getting such courses with so many good students around the country competing with me.

Or do you think that I might to consider other ways? Or what? Anyone have idea?

No matter what, I trust in God's will. He knows the best for me.

God bless you all!

February 14, 2008

No Valentine's again

It's the globally famous Valentine's Day today.

It's another barren year again. With all my former school friends all departing to their own way, it's no receiving and giving away of presents. Oh, how I miss the times when my school used to have the Valentine's Day dedications for the everyone. So sweet...

Of course, I agree that Valentine's Day can also be a celebration of friendship, family, charity. But I still think it's focused on the LOVE between 2 special ones, opposite, and yet are meant for each other. That's the true meaning of it.

And to be honest, I am still thinking of her. I still remember how dumb I was to confess to her through MSN on Valentine's Night last year, and how regretted I am in doing so. Words can hardly express all the emotions and feelings towards her. It just complicated.

Never mind, time will tells as it goes. God, the source of all love, knows everything.

My thirst for LOVE can only be satisfied by my Lord.

Love you all!

Amazing Race Asia S2 has finished!

I have just watched the Season Finale of the The Amazing Race Asia Season 2.

It was TRULY AMAZING! Amazing from the start. Totally amazing at the end. What a great great show! Thumbs up AXN!

I really admire those who can go traveling around the world in a race like that. Though overwhelmed by tensions, competition, I can still see them enjoying themselves.

The entire show is full of fun, adventure, racing, as well as frustrations, dogfights, quarrels and so on.

Not to mention all the pretty girls too. They're certainly the most eligible ones to enter the Malaysian Dreamgirl. LOL...

And yeah, bring you all the winners... The winners are....

ADRIAN & COLLIN.... Gym buddies from Singapore!

They are really the underdogs. Truly black horse. Adrian's great heart though hurdled by hearing disabilities has really impressed me. And he won the race by beating hot favourites in the ultimate last Road Block! Coming from last to first! Wow!

However, my favourite team is...

PAULA & NATASHA.. Best friends from Thailand!

Absolutely gorgeous, right? And hey they're also smart enough in the races OK. Quite sad to see them leaving at the Hungarian pit stop. T-T

Credits to all of them who have made all the hard work for bringing my first ever TV audience experience so perfect! And I am itching to enter the next season!

Anyone wanna team up with me?

God bless you all!

Malaysian Dreamgirl

I am definitely excited about this coming reality show!

Here comes the Malaysian Dreamgirl!!

It's the first ever online reality model show that is promising a great boom. Although it's not aired on TV, it's shown entirely on Internet starting from march! Great, isn't it?

Of course, I don't really expect my female friends here will be up for the contest in this competition, though I must say some of them are really eligible for it. Haha... But it's still eye-enriching show. Definitely I am going for all the episodes online, and of course, BLOG IT HERE!!

Let you see the trailer la...

Exciting and eye-watering, isn't it?

So girls, if you think you have what it takes to be there, I promise you my ultimate support, ok?

Haha, God bless!

February 10, 2008

No one

Note: This is going to be a childish post. Please bear with me.

Yeah, I am still waiting, waiting, and keep waiting.

And despite my all efforts to call people to visit my house, it's still in vain. I wonder what's the reasons. My house too far? Or too ulu? No transport? Or I am too fierce? Or I am a monster?

Or is it I am more comfortable with no one visiting me?

I am feeling dearly pathetic of myself. Really pathetic. What's more, the shameful record of never going to bai nian with other my friends continues. Sigh...

I know you all hate this picture. But I have no choice. Self-frustrations are really building up.

Let it be, only God knows why.

February 8, 2008

Provoked CNY

I felt very strange in Chinese New Year, especially during visitations.

Why is everyone saying....


.... instead of gong xi fa chai, xin nian kuai le, etc.......?

And please, I mean that it's said in English! That's is everyone is saying "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Huh? Is everyone getting westernized? Or what? Hard to say Chinese?

Sounds very provoking isn't it? We are all Chinese, and yet we wish each other in English? 像话吗?

No offense ya, I am just speaking out my mind... hehe... correct me if I am wrong.

God bless you all!

February 4, 2008

New Car!!

A great year kick start with the arrival of a brand new car!!

Intruducing the brand new Isuzu Dmax Pickup!!

Looks very new, isn't it?

Just perfect for the coming Chinese New Year!

Look at the gorgeous interior, and once I got inside, the fragrance of new car just blew me away at once. Oh man, how I wish I can sit there and drive!!!

Just how sexy it looks from the back!! Please don't mind me for repeating, BUT I REALLY WANT TO DRIVE THIS CAR ALREADY!!!

Unfortunately, this is also the car that are going to take me into exile to Sibu tomorrow. Sobz...

Whatever, it's a new car!

God bless you all!

February 1, 2008

I have Facebook!!

Finally, after hearing so much about the hype of Facebook, I have jumped into this massive worldwide bandwagon. Yeah...

Pretty cool and straight-forward, isn't it? I just love for being simple. But, see there, I ONLY HAVE 2 FRIENDS!!! OH MAN...

It's an interesting site, with lot's of fun in it, more than just commenting and photo sharing. I guarantee that, though I am still trying to adapt myself into it, IT WON'T LET YOU DOWN!

So please, join Facebook and have fun together, shall we?

God bless you all!