August 31, 2010

My Merdeka meal

This is what I had in this auspicious Independence Day, where Malaysia become 53-year-old.

It was a very delicious Siamese Tom Yam fried rice. Added with vegetables, succulent juicy prawns and the intense sour-spicy taste, it was very good. Probably not so happy with the portion given, but nah, whatever.

And ya I topped my "celebration" with Guinness. It's really been a while since I tasted that awesome stout beer. Hmmm

OK, that's all from me. God bless Malaysia.

August 29, 2010

Street rice nasi kandar

There's a famous rice stall, famously called as "nasi kandar" in the middle of Kangar town.

It's called "Fatimah Nasi Kandar" stall, located near Aneka supermarket and Klinik Menon.

It's only a bicycle cart stall, but it attracts a lot of diners for their nasi kandar. Picture above suggested otherwise, but there are long queues everyday, even in this fasting month.

It has been around for long, and I only got to try it after 2 years here, because it's always packed here!

After I tasted it, I fully understand why everyone is crazy for it. Fragrant rice, succulent meat, fantastic gravy. Wow.

Even though it was not the most stomach-fulfilling, for 2.50 bucks like a beef rice above, it's PERFECT for someone on a shoestring budget.

Keep eating and drinking while you still can, but don't be an over-glutton :) God bless.

August 26, 2010

You cannot accept hunger, and so are they

Actually, Malaysians are very lucky indeed. It's widely known that the hobby of most Malaysians is EATING. We just cannot stand being hungry.

However, in other parts of the world, many children are suffering from malnutrition. Such malnutrition could stunt their growth and have permanent bad effects on them. See this video from World Food Program.

Not forgetting those area which are severely hit by natural disasters. Remember the big flood in Pakistan and China? People there are suffering day-by-day hunger.

Since there are really a extreme shortage of food, WFP provides such food to feed them, and prevent them from malnutrition. Check them out.

Fortified blended food. Cereals blended with milk.
Micro-nutrients powder, to be sprinkled onto home-made food to provide more vitamins and minerals.
High-power biscuits. A bit like "Tiger biscuits" in Malaysia. Haha =D
Compressed food bars. Used when local food can't be produced nor distributed.
Ready-to-use supplementary food. First given when disaster broke out to treat moderate malnutrition. NOTE: This is NOT ice-cream cups :P
Also ready-to-use food. These are peanut-based with milk.

Date bars. Energy-filled snack.

The food basket. Some grains, salt, oil and soy blend. Indispensable when disaster strikes.

And of course there are efforts to push for local productions and distributions of food supply. Lot's more.

Thanks to KFC, I get to know this meaningful program to help those in hunger. I realized I just cannot turn a blind eye on this issue.

Therefore, I would sincerely ask ALL OF YOU to contribute your part by clicking the blue banner at the right bar. I have personally contributed USD1 for this cause.

Don't have credit card? No worries!

You can still contribute by buying the special pack of Post-it notepad and pen for only RM3. Come on, if you can spend 10++ bucks for KFC, surely it should be OK for you to fork out 3 bucks to do a good course.

So, the choice is yours to make. God bless. :)

August 24, 2010

A bicycle ride back home, the kampung (village) way

It's always the best to cycle back home, especially after having a lavish meal at KFC.

I always use the kampung (village) small roads to go back home. As it was much nearer and shorter compared to the main road. Here here it goes.

The old, rusty but still tough bridge, crossing over the Perlis river.

It says that it is "closed", but it's still opened, just that the signboard remains there.

On the bridge itself. Going up.

Lot's of garbage down there...

Big on-the-water houses with big fishing boats.

The river view facing inland.

Police boats, docking at Customs and Immigration pier.

The bridge is not too far away from the Straits of Malacca. There is the Fishery pier, and behind it is the jetty to Langkawi Island.

Some young girls loiters on the top of the bridge.

Hmmm the power of mother nature...

Reaching the other side of the river. More or less the same. The water must be nearing their doors during high tides.

The end of the bridge. Notice the roads are cement roads.

So here are some pictures I managed while cycling through this village.

For first timer, the windy and zig-zag roads will certainly get him nuts. After 2 years living here, I memorize the road going to and fro town by heart. Hehe.

So, back to the main road, and cycle back home.

Route R105 - Kampung Seberang Alor to Kampung Wai :)

Cars are definitely not needed in Kuala Perlis. Bicycle rocks. Hehe. Life goes on.

God bless you all!

August 22, 2010

There's an instant cure for sleepiness in lectures

In a very boring lecture session...

Especially during the afternoon lectures, added with a not-really-interested mood and low stamina, sleepiness is very much not-welcomed involuntary reaction.

Sometimes you just can't help it. Or at very least, you will feel dizzy, feeling the stars above your head...

Where everything just turns upside down. Game over.

But wait, there's always an instant cure. And I tell you, it's 100% working.

CHEWING GUMS! Chewing Extra gums doesn't only clean your mouth, but also cures sleepy heads in no time. Chew one, and boom, it's gone!

And, it's better to spend 1 or 2 bucks on chewing gums per lecture, than failing in exams, right?

OK, God bless and time to study for tests hmmmm

August 20, 2010

A BIG RED reminder to myself

I finally decided that I need to be constantly reminded of something important, particularly when I am surfing web through broadband.

Can you see the big reminder I put above my PC? In red again?

I really need to stop. Even though my friends have start making fun of me, the most important thing is that I need to change.

Change to better, of course.

2 more weeks before holiday. 2 more gruesome weeks. Hmmm

God bless you and take care OK. Don't watch porn.

August 19, 2010

Cheap dinner under the moonlight

Last night I had my dinner outdoors in Kangar. Without a single roof top on my head.

This stall is located around the compound of KWSP building, where many UniMAP students loiter around.

I believe this stall has been here for YEARS. Since I wanna try something local and quite sick with KFC (yeah that's fake), I just decide to have a seat there.

It is completely OUTDOORS.

Plastic tables and chairs are just put out under the moon. Picture up there suggests that no one likes here, but actually it was because many Muslim friends were praying at the mosques at that time.

Little do, I was disappointed that the stall does NOT have rice. Only Malay-style char kueh tiao. Upon the desperate calling of howling stomach, I just ordered away la. Why think so much...

To be honest, it was not the tastiest nor the best dining experience. The gravy was hot enough. The kueh tiao was OK, but the prawns were really terribly not fresh. I nearly puked.

However, for 3.2 bucks for it and ice water, it was still just OK. Maybe there's some better deals out there, it's still almost half price that KFC after all. I still could buy a tasty bun from bakery nearby. :)

OK, that's all for now. God bless and take care. Support local food OK haha :)

August 18, 2010

Some cats in KWSP building, Kangar

CATS are a very common creatures to present in KWSP building (where it houses my university's library), Kangar. You can see them wandering almost everywhere here!

Even though they might not have an owner to look after them, and yet they looked fantastically clean (at least from the appearance la).

Out of intense "nothing-to-do", I just manage to snatch 2 cats which really caught my eye.

Looking and watching out for any leftover food from the restaurant nearby. No need to look at me. Haha.

She's looking at me, trying to flirt me and my camera. She did well. I really like her! Hehehe! =D

Of course, they're way too much to capture around the area. Just show you the 2 of my favourites. :)

Oh ya, maybe another one.

Oops? Haha. I am still well and OK. Just OK maybe. Life has to go on.

That's all for now. God bless and signing off :)

August 17, 2010

KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp

Shrimps has always been in the radar for KFC. Since their heart-shaped shrimp nuggets debuted in February, now they come out with Hot & Spicy Shrimp.

In a nutshell, the shrimps are cooked together with the same coating as the famous Hot & Spicy fried chicken. 2 in 1.

So in reality, it looked a bit like this.

Fried shrimp actually? Haha. They tasted not bad. Juicy, succulent, prawn-flavoured. If you love prawns, you will love it for sure.

As it's priced at a hefty 5++ bucks, I think I will only eat this once. I tried this just for the sake of trying something new. Hmmm

So, just keep eating. Eat first, think later. Just please don't be a glutton.

God bless you all!

August 13, 2010

My “temporary office”

I really frustrated to be denied access to lab to do my project. It officially makes me achieved ALMOST NOTHING in my project progress for this week.

Feeling so pathetic, but still don’t really want to go back home, I set up my “temporary office” just above the lab.


Nothing fancy, just a laptop with Maxis Broadband on a pretty big table, radio through my mobile phone and high-power ceiling fan above it. Yeah a lot of chairs there but there’s only me alone here.

If you can see properly, my “work” now is Facebook-ing again. Damn la. Sigh…

How I wish I can have GCB now to cure BOTH my hungry body and soul… Hmmm…


In addition, I have to follow my Muslim friends to fast as well (except drinking water) because I simply running out of money.

That’s all from me today. I shall take baby steps to progress everyday then. Slow and steady. No options really.

God bless and take care.

August 12, 2010

Telco & Post

This is a pretty new concept store in Perlis, and there’s one branch specially for the people (and students) in Kuala Perlis.


It’s just a stone’s throw away from my computer lab. From the outside it’s quite obvious that it’s providing Poslaju courier services.



Besides that, they also provides prepaid top ups, bill payments, broadband application, personal financing, insurance and so much more.

Pretty much like a privatised “post office” la.

The best thing is that I can online there, FOR FREE. Once again I get to enjoy the supreme FAST internet experience. Haha.

That’s all from me now. Check out my new blog LIFE HAS TO GO ON on Wordpress. God bless you all!