February 23, 2010

Pan Pacific Hotel, KLIA (around lobby only)

While I was waiting for my next flight, I decided to go take a long walk to this 5-star, award-winning, and well-known airport hotel, the Pan Pacific KLIA.


The main entrance. The automatic door is seriously huge. What you don’t see here is OVERWHELMINGLY MANY limousines parked here. Seriously, a lot!

So here goes my pictures, shot at places I can go. Sadly, no rooms to go, sigh…


Lobby area, huge, classy, fantastic, all aimed to catch lasting first impression.


Waiting bench, with awful lot’s of decorations, and a Wall Street’s Journal for free reading too. :)


The check in counter.

It’s very funny that I was constantly greeted by staffs here. When I first step into this hotel, there’s a concierge approached me, smiled and asked, “Good morning sir. How can I help you?”

I was totally bewildered and, despite getting blushed, have to politely clarified that I came just to look around, and remind them I am NOT their guest. (An intruder, maybe? Haha)


The 24-hour all-day-dining restaurant and a deli corner.


A statue chef showing what’s special today.


Nice to see the cake, but awful to see the price. Say, 20 bucks per slice, at least?


Drinks corner. And yes, not the normal Kopi-O you drink at coffee shops, this is 5-star-hotel ok.


Some more decorations, so many of them!


Walking down this twisty stairs to explore more.


Oh, a pretty big ballroom. Hmmm empty, nothing.


A cupboard just to put decorations. There are several such cupboards, each with the same exact decors around this ballroom!


Secluded telephone area. Perfect for privacy.


Endless of such chairs and table with a lamp around the hotel.


Executive office to cater business travellers. Looks cool.


Wow, so many leather armchairs!

I also sneaked into the toilets. Hehehe….


Standing toilets, with a palm tree there to absorb the ammonia. (LOL?!)


Nice toilets, with rough tiles, wooden door again! Wow!


Aren’t these basins looked so classy and elegant? Haha


2 jewellery shops standing side by side to grab customers.


This is the entrance from KLIA. It’s about 15 minutes walk from KLIA terminal building. Yes, quite far, which makes the following make sense…


Buggy cars. I was offered a buggy ride because an unknowing hotel driver thinks I am a guest (again!). I simply had to turn down his offer, though I must say it must be feeling good to sit on it FOR FREE kekeke….. :P

So all those for your reading pleasure. Those were only the tip of the iceberg because there were so much more facilities offered. Never mind, let it be, hopefully one day I can live in there. Haha :)


That’s all from me now. God bless!

When I was at Sibu for CNY

As with recent years, I have to go through Chinese New Year in Sibu, known as the Swan Town.

I never like being at Sibu anyway. The grandparents’ house I lived there was literally like this, all cramped up because 2 families slept there.


It was like this during the day. When approaching the CNY, firecrackers and fireworks were a norm.

Even though this year the number of firecrackers and fireworks went down significantly, the still bearable noise is heard all over town. 


No choice, I just got on with it.


Situation at Sacred Heart’s Cathedral, with Bishop Su celebrating the Sunday Mass. Really a lot of people.


After Mass, we went off the visit my bed-ridden grandmother. She was placed in this day-care center, near Sibu Medical Center.


My parents try to pronounce those names…


My cousin Henry, keeps tagging me along without me asking for it…


THAT was the situation when everyone was sleeping. Shot taken around 3am. With my size, it’s practically impossible for me to sleep anywhere, except on that massage chair.


And here’s where I had a little place to get online, while I get myself some cans of drinks. It’s very hard to sleep. Sigh.

Yeah, maybe I have overemphasised on my negatives in Sibu. Yes, I do meet some of my awesome cousins, I do received many red packets, but yet some of the family problems there still making me counting my days to go back to my hometown.

Ah, whatever, it’s gone already, move on.

God bless you all!

February 15, 2010

All Happy Happy

On this particular ship, docking at the deep sea harbour at Butterworth, Penang…


Everyone is HAPPY. Nobody is sad. Semua gembira gembira je…

Maybe the crew are obliged to be HAPPY all the time while on board, so to have much more productivity.

Maybe they even want to spread happiness to the seas. I don’t know. Hmmm…

As in the Leona Lewis hit song, “I just wanna be… happy…”

God bless you all!

Crazy housemates

Yes, sometimes my housemates could be getting aroused and got crazy. I don’t know why, they can just turn on, and get completely crazy.

Especially when they are in front of the camera! Haha!


My friend, Eday, trying to look cool half-naked. :P


Seriously, I don’t know what they are doing. LOL


This is getting more crazy! What, drinking shampoo?


Even sucking out something from ear??!!! LOL?!


Ha, my roommate Vernoon also “hijack” my bed to watch his TV shows on his mobile. What la you


He is hailing for the comeback of water, after 3 days of water disruption!


Posing with his jersey with TOWEL??? Come on la Daniel haha..


Now this does look more like a professional football player. :)


And last but not least, they SMOKED A DAMN LOT TOO! Crazy, right?

Haha jangan marah ya kawan kawan….

God bless you all!