June 21, 2008

Us Against the Word

I really love this song from Westlife. It could be the best from them so far. Watch their music video here!

It just sounds so inspiring, so touching, so good to listen! Westlife is just a classic group!

God bless you all!

June 20, 2008

Walao eh

Now I find myself fall into the trap of "cannot blog when busy/lazy."

I am really sad that I have almost nothing to be blogged about, which have put my tiny little blog to death, or in a better words, a deadly hibernate. Sigh...

Even now I have not so much to blog, but this....


Even I resort to be addicting to Coca-Cola just to keep me awake in studies. Ice cool coke is just so mind-refreshing. Not forgetting the music from radio is soothing as well. But anyhow, my desk is still so messy and unorganized.

This is a student's desk ah? Very luan and pathetic ho?

Haiya, guys are like that one de ma? Right, guys?

What to do? Studies also cost me to spend lesser time online and leisure time. It just demands so much time. For example, to do 25 maths questions, I spent up to 4 hours like that! Oh man...

Let alone Maths, how about other subjects in return? 10 Chemistry questions for 5 hours maybe? Or, 5 Physics questions for 10 hours? Hohoho.... How on earth I gonna cope with all that?

On a second thought, though you may disagree with me, I strongly believe that I cannot see a future for myself in anywhere else except Form 6. Yet this Pre-U is the hardest among all, which demands so much in everything imaginable.

It could be my most pathetic choice ever, but the hard truth is, nowhere else for me.

However since I have choose this road, I shall not turn back. If I cannot give 200% effort for this, at least I try to give 50% or 80% first. For me, there's no room for failure.

And yet it's easier said than done. I really need to pray. I really need God's help to conquer.

OK, until the next time I blog again. God bless everyone!

June 6, 2008

I will try to blog harder

That's what I promised myself to do. So that I can make an impact to the society. Hehe...

Yesterday's blog workshop at Curtin University of Technology was a bang. I was so lucky to be in the 30 persons to participate because it was TOTALLY FREE.

Before I proceed further, let me show you some of the sceneries around the campus, which I think even Curtin students themselves fail to take a moment to appreciate them. No offense.

Big lake with an isle in the middle. Should be beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

Spacious back corridor, even cars can go onto them if allowed.

The corridor inside is very big too, and it's so relaxing to walk on it while looking at the greeneries around.

Of course, that's just the tip on the iceberg. Students there seem to be very hectic and busy around the clock. Plus I saw some guys smoking too.

OK, back to the blog workshop. Did I mention that everything is FREE just now?

Of course, being a public course, majority of the the participants are from the big corporate groups and companies. Local politicians and journalists are here too to learn blogging! Haha! Now they know the power of blogs too!

View from above my desk... Mirians, do you saw your elected YB there? :P

Needless to say, I was rather disappointed that it was more to political blogging. How to use your blog to change the society, the country and the world. Wohohoho....

Anyway, he discussed lot's of political stuffs, which sometimes made me excited and sometimes BORED. I am sure I yawned many times there. Or I surfed the net while he/she was talking.

The speaker said,

"99% of the people don't dare to speak against the government....."

I wonder if it's still true now.... erm...

Next we learned how to start our own blog through Wordpress.

I felt amused to see the uncles around me trying their luck in setting up a blog. They really demanded lot's of hard work from the trainer. Pity her.

But, I wasn't happy that I was "forced" to open up a blog in Wordpress, a service which is definitely my cup of tea. I just didn't understand why don't they introduce Blogger, which is far easier and better? Even Dr. Mahathir uses Blogger!

Anyway, present to you my Wordpress blog....

It's named "Let's be Simple," which will serve as my diary blog. I shall keep this blog and try to update it frequently. Link is at the sidebar.

Food and tea are provided at no charge! So happy!

You tell me la, where else I can find this food FOR FREE?

In the end, though a bit disappointed, I am satisfied that at least I spent some quality time there. Kudos to Curtin for organizing such amazing and FREE activity to us.

We gonna be Power Bloggers. Don't play play. Hehehe~~~

God bless you all!

June 5, 2008

It's really, really heavy....

Do I need to say this again? Can't we all feel its ultra heavy burden now?

With that, driving could be the most expensive thing to do now. I just feel so helpless, and really almost dragged myself into despair. Even though it's not me who pay for petrol, I can already foresee how hard is the future going to be.

To all oil speculators, please, I beg you all, don't torture us anymore!


God bless everyone~~~~

Arsenal new home kit

Blogging now in Curtin Sarawak campus, where else, if not in Miri. :P

My beloved football club, Arsenal FC, released its own home kit for the forthcoming season. This is not even released officially, so take a peek.

Gallas, Fabregas, Walcott, Almunia.

To be honest, I am not that thrilled of this new kit. The white stripe on the shoulder and down the chest looks quite odd. The old one, which I have (without the Nike brand) looks way better and simple.

Nevertheless, it's new and I am really looking forward to wear it ASAP. If possible, with my names printed at back please!!

Come on you Gunners!

God bless everyone! Love you all~~~

June 3, 2008


No kidding here. This is no rumours. This is CONFIRMED by the government.

I let you see the newspaper in case you're lazy to flip through it.

Yeah, it says "New oil price will be announced tomorrow."

You cannot expect the price to drop, right?

So, I am sure this is going to be a price hike. I guess it will be something around RM2.50/liter for petrol, and RM2.00/liter for diesel. Yeah, something around 50 cents up!!


Everyone can have a price hike now. Expect a tsunami of high price everywhere, NOW.

I gonna fuel up my tank later.

God bless everyone!

EDIT: I think I may have misunderstood it. I think the new oil price is applicable in August. But prepare for any possibilities. 

June 2, 2008

Hopefully can go Curtin

No kidding here. I am hoping to go Curtin, as soon as this Thursday as I really wanna to attend this great stuff.

ABOUT BLOGGING! Yeah! I so gonna want to make my blog more than a bang! And it's sure gonna help me to flourish in blogging! Hahahaha!

And before you people think I am going to Curtin to study, WAIT. I am going there as a public.

So I do expect to be treated as a visitor. LOL. Haha, just kidding, don't flame me....

Hope I can meet my friends there! I am looking forward to it o!

God bless you all!