February 26, 2007


Madam Liew publicized about this blogging competition this morning.

At first, I really think it's as easy as to submit my blog's URL and that's all! NO NO NO! It's either you write the blog based on themes given, or designing a blog theme.

Well, neither of them got me interested, though many of my friends encourage me to participate. I just like the day-by-day posting, writing whatever I like in my own space here, NOT following a theme set by others. That's call freedom in expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, exams gonna starting a few hours from now, and I still found myself in BIG trouble with Biology. 10 of my classmates dropped Biology in SPM. I don't drop it simply because to show that I am not that coward to "confront" Biology.

But then, Biology is still the hardest subject, and it will be stern challenge tomorrow.

Bio, bio.... How much I love you, and also how much I wanna dump you....

My aim? Simple, just get a pass!

Important point is, I do it for the glory of God! As always, no matter what, KEEP HOPING!

Good luck everyone! God bless you all!

February 24, 2007

New LCD monitor!!

Still remember this lame CRT monitor?

It's continuous blackout really drove us crazy. All of us were angry, and parents were fed up with our noon-stop, pestering complaints. So, yesterday, we bought a brand new....


Wah, I am so thrilled to have this 15" HP L1506! It brings my PC to viewing perfection. So cool man! I am really happy!

Seems intriguing I put HP and Google together? Haha....

Why HP? I don't know. As I know HP products has high quality and price value. This monitor functions pretty well, though it was on the display when still on sell.

Pretty nice, right?

See, my Mum also "got attracted" to it!

Anyway, the price? It's RM 638! Is it worth that price? Let's see how long it would last...

How about my old monitor?

Let it RIP in the storeroom lor.... If anyone wants it I can give it for FREE.... LOL

OK, just something to share my joy! God bless you all!

February 23, 2007

LOL with dinosaur

LOL, look at this....

I look nice and not bad with the green dinosaur ho? Wakaka....

Just a little amusement...

God bless you all!

February 21, 2007

Cannot get you out of my mind

Why you always exists in my mind? Why you are so terer to remain in my thoughts, whenever and wherever I was?

What is that so big deal of you? Why I feel nervous upon seeing you, and yet still yearn for your attention and want to be closer to you? Why I always act myself to be very "superman" in front of you? Why I wait for your SMS day and night, and cried for myself due to your coldness towards me? Why I mind so much that you won't say a simple "Thanks" to me? Ha, why????

Ha, who are you? So "da pai" meh? Why I allow you to "haunt" my life? Why I get my life crash and burn, get into all those emotional rubbish craps and troubles, just because of you?

I love you so much, cannot meh? I care, concern, curious, mad about you, cannot meh?

Whatever the answers, God bless you always.....

February 20, 2007

Home sweet home, but......?

It's really glad to back home after 5 days "imprisonment" at Sibu. No offense, but at there, it's enough boredom and flu already.

Nothing much to talk, but to thank the Almighty God for bringing us home safely. This time 2 of my aunts visit Miri, together with their own family. So, even it's approaching midnight, the kids are still actively playing the PC's here. The adults are also having high night chats using Foochow.

It's great to be back, and I already start thinking to "bai nian." However, it's harsh to face the reality that no one seems want to go with me. I seriously need some partners to accompany me. But, *sigh* so many things went against my plan. Transport, friends already went there, no time bla bla bla.....

It's really discouraging and frustrating to think about that. I shared my problems with my friends at MSN. All of them can only comforting me. My heart is very helpless. Should be full of delight now, but why it's filled with glooms?

Maybe this is part of my social phobia. Of course I could go house visiting alone la, but if it's you, how could you stand that "alone" feeling? Isn't it VERY LAME? You never know how lonely I was at Sibu last time....



Well, hope things can turn around this Thursday lo. And everyone out there are invited to my house at Friday, can come at anytime! I'll be waiting for you! Your kindly visiting will make me REALLY HAPPY!

Till then, wish you all Happy Chinese New Year again!

God bless you all!

February 18, 2007

Silence after the firecrackers

Those firecrackers were over, AT LEAST by now. Currently blogging in the dark, in this early morning of "Da Nian Chu Yi" Sunday lo.

Well, yesterday I was almost stranded to total boredom at here. Only managed to get out of here for some shopping. Hot weather also intensified bore pressure throughout the day. Fortunately I had the PC with me to play soccer games all day long.

Reunion dinner was just nice I think. Didn't eat so much either way. Adult's loud Foochow speech's didn't really interfere my mood to play games continuously. As usual past years, firecrackers started bursting out from 1930 hours.

Fantastic to see those firecrackers and fireworks glaring the Sibu sky. In this chaos, upon seeing the sky, it made me miss my hometown, miss my everything there. Nearly cried you know. I have never celebrated CNY at my very own hometown.....

Anyway, did pray for support and strength from the Lord to face every challenges in future (including patience). I pray that I may continue to be committed in becoming disciples of Christ. As for her, I prayed that she's always fine and happy always. So longing to go to her house in this festive seasons...

Ah, I know you all are tired already that I always mention her....

So, just allow me to wish you....


God bless you all!

February 17, 2007

At Sibu now

Yup, this is me, blogging from Sibu using Dad's notebook PC via a super-sluggish dial-up connection. Thanks and praise be to God for bringing my family and me safely here.

Yeah, it has been a gruesome 7++ hours journey to south-west, which saw me sleeping all the time. Still disappointed to be "in exile" here, as I miss my dear friends so much back at my very hometown, Miri.

Anyway thanks for those who has responded to my SMS, like Emma, Kristine, Susie, and Chew Rou. They have cleared the boredom and shared my problems along the journey. What a joy to have them as my friends.... Hope we can keep contact all the time ya....

Yes, keep hoping in God is my priority. I love God, I love Jesus, I love her, I love my family, I love my friends, I love everyone...... Just don't stop from being daring to love.

God bless you all! Lot's of love from Sibu......

February 14, 2007

I want to date her.....

It's Valentine Day.

No roses for me, neither I gave any roses to anyone today (though I want too.)

However, I did give away chocolates la. Shirley even complain to me why I didn't get one chocolate for her. Smiled away. Received some presents as well, from Beth, Melissa and Daphne. Ate them all up in class, quite impolite isn't it?

Anyway, on the down side, I wished I would have something different and more special for her. Yes, something more special. I wish I can confess it bravely. Now my mind is whirling, what if, if I can date her out at this moment. Wondering wondering....

Anyhow, my heart prompted me, to always have broad view, and never be too skeptical on people's words, actions and so on. Realized, that Jesus, is always my Lover, the source of love, who loves me in all eternity. What more can I expect?

Forget this Valentine, continue to this life with the Love of God. I hope, and I trust, who knows, one day, we might be together? Or as friends? As for today, it's really NO BIG DEAL.

This is for you, my dear....

God bless you all! Happy Valentine's Day! PEACE

February 12, 2007

How to celebrate Valentine?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Of course I have no share to celebrate it, but nevertheless, my aim is to make girls around me happy!

I have mentioned earlier on, I will give away 10 chocolate bars for FREE at that day.

It's amazing to have only spent RM20 for 10 presents like these. I know it doesn't cost that much, but at least, I can make people happy.

Well, voila, that's the only way I celebrate Valentine! No dates (though I want to), no functions whatsoever, but then still looking forward to it, because it brings much happiness in me.

So, couples in love, make full use of Valentine's Day to express your reciprocal love! To singles like me, don't be despair for being single and live out the happiness in you!

Till then, "tada" God bless you all!

She's so beautiful today.....

Well, welcome again to all my friends! It's midnight now, super favourable time to blog something about my Sunday.

Well, it's a blissful one. At morning I witnessed 30++ children receiving their first Holy Communion while singing in choir. It reminded my first Holy Communion back in 2001, where it's truly very special. It's always special and privileged, though unworthy to receive Body of Christ to our hearts.

After having breakfast alone, then went for a quite OK cell group gathering. It's OK because not many were around, can chat casually among ourselves. I led the closing prayer anyway. Started giving away my Valentine's chocolate, first to Xian Mei because she's not the same school with me. Of course, she was surprised but still appreciate it, though it seems nothing at all. Good thing was that she didn't misunderstood anything, LOL.

9 more bars of chocolates to be given on February 14th...... Hahaha

After the pre-confirmation talk, my family and I went to Parkson for CNY shopping. We spent long time at Bata shop and Super Save, and bought 5 pairs of shoes, which cost RM200++! Walao eh... While waiting for them, me and sis went to see jeweleries at Lazo Diamond. Surely I can't buy these for Valentine's presents, right? Perhaps for her birthday?

Met up some friends there, like Kevin and Andy, Priscilla and Xian Mei. All looked enjoyed their shopping. And I know lot's more were there. Pity that I cannot go shopping with the girls because I was bound with my family, so, duh.... It would be my sensational pleasure to accompany them.

Still feeling harsh to accept the "historical record" that I seldom go out with friends, even in my last schooling year..... Very jealous to my friends le. I hope next week can go visit their house lo.

Nevertheless, it's a great Sunday, and it's time to kick start another fruitful week. Continue to open up my mind, don't think too much, and walk through each second in life with courage and hope.

One more week to CNY, so what? Hahahaha....

God bless you all! PEACE

February 11, 2007

7 Weird things about me

Following up my cousin's challenge in her blog, maybe a bit "soi", but anyway pleased to be tagged by her. Hahaha...

Here goes my....


  1. Very extreme characters. At certain moment happy as if I hit the jackpot, and also there's time I am down until tears rolling down my eyes.
  2. Never feel want to confess my love to her. But still hold her special in heart.
  3. Like many girls! It's great to be with them you know!
  4. Loner down the street. If I am free, you might be seeing me walking alone at streets, indulging myself with KFC and so on....
  5. Always talk nonsense. I'll be feeling weird if I sensed myself talking craps that won't get any attentions.
  6. Can withstand other's anger to me. I will be like little gutless cat if I know someone angry at me (especially girls and my Mum), letting them pouring down their anger.
  7. I do houseworks. Can you believe it? LOL
Pauline, are you satisfied with my reply here? Haha, at Sibu there don't chiak me oo.... Wakaka...

God bless you all!


LOL, just look at this..... I can't really believe it....

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes


If you think you are up to some challenge, go ahead and take the test! I would like to see your score! Some questions there was hard, that I have to guess it, but still miraculously turns out to be 100%. Don't know really correct or not le...

I am not trying to be proud here la. Just want to share something only. However, it's urged that Christians should read Bible at regular basis. It's not only a book, it's God talking to us.

Haha, keep reading the Bible! Never give up!

God bless you all!

February 10, 2007

It's time to be more open-minded

Walao, what a day! Though still, many suckers points there, but, what can I complain?

Obviously I didn't like the school time. PCFK's visitation to school ruined all my classes, which consisted of super important subjects like Add Maths, Chemistry and so on. I felt very lame throughout the function, and have no motivation at all to do the jobs. If I am really out of temper, sorryla, everything around will be my victim.

Many people fell sick there, and I treated a near-unconscious student. Though have to bear with the smell of the foot *yucks*, but at least I contributed something.

Luckily I finished my Physics' PEKA at last minute, and gave myself a smile upon leaving school. Today was special, for the first time ever I have nothing to do all afternoon. Perfect for a great nap, great 4-hour-nap! Oh man.....

Couldn't help myself thinking about her again, even in dreams. I couldn't remember what's the dream, but she seemed in there. Anyhow, after lot's of "dut" things, I realized that I very need to be OPEN-MINDED. I don't want to be centered with questions "Why can't I get along with her?" "Why she treated me like that?" "Why this?" "Why that?" etc. any more. "Look and think wider," I say to myself.

That's so much to explore and wonder about in the future, so why always stuck in this? I can't talk to her, so what? She seems cool to me, so what? It's not the end of the world, right? It's nothing so big deal, right? So, LET IT BE!

Of course I don't mean that I am not interested to her anymore. She holds a special place in my heart, just like anyone else. Thus I wish and pray, that we may become good friends to each other, and for many blessings to be poured on her. Plus that haunting "think too much" disease must be removed now, otherwise, it'll produce more emotional craps.

Surrender everything to God, the source of all hope and consoles. Remember, God is always there for us. He knows our needs and problems. And He will never let us down. Trust in God.

Don't be afraid, lift up your heart, and see, how much hope and love are there for you.....

Thank you Lord Jesus for this day! Praise the Lord! PEACE

February 8, 2007

Day to forget, but have many pictures, LOL

Ah, I wish I can instantly forget this day when I wake up tomorrow morning. Wish time can pass as fast as lightning.

As you have seen in the title, though it's a suckers day for me, but still, many pictures will be shown here. Just to show how wuliaw and lazy I am to ignore studies and indulging in blogging relentlessly.

This morning went on quite OK per say. I didn't fall asleep in any periods, but spent many time talking with friends. While talking about DSLR camera, haha... Look this...

Haha, Angel shot this when I am showing my lame skills to shoot with "virtual" DSLR camera. Haha.... Also have shots with friends too, to kill our time and boredom.

With Angel, who's very scared of the camera glaring flash. That's why this pic is somewhat blurry. But I like our smile! :)

Me, Ah Bong, Melissa, Angel and Shasha! Quite nice what? LOL

Morning was still OK la. Khin Sheng, Yien Houng, Jenny and I then went to Pak Hock Lin to have lunch. Luckily I didn't eat there because the price is like "dut"...

But at there, I....

SMOKING??!! OK, I know it looks fake. Look at Brendan's style....

Haha, this one is more real, though not me, LOL

Having enough at that not-so-worth restaurant, we just went back school. Khin Sheng challenged me and bet RM10 to jump over the rubbish bin there.

I did jump over, and as I was grinning mischievously..... what the....

MY BLAZER DROPPED! Oh luckily didn't dropped into the rubbish bin!

Enough with the craps. Didn't do anything for backdrop-making at afternoon, except for taking pictures.

That time some archery people come to school to teach our junior students. Seems fun.

Bull's eye seems very big.

Got this as well. Gonna have fun then!

Something touch me when I was called to shoot a group photo. I was so keen to be in them as well. I felt so frustrated, that if pictures with me inside, are always the imperfect ones. You know, bad pictures make my day terribly a disaster.

Furthermore, the feeling of failure to get her attention also "crush" my heart into pieces. I could do nothing but to lick my wounds with tears rolling down my eyes. I still don't understand, what make me so difficult to be around with her?

I also forgot to take my file, which contain the registration form of FAC. Just because of that, Mum keep on pestering me being so forgetful nowadays. This added fuel to my fire. Back home, I forced myself to sleep to forget them all.

Anyway, I'll struggle on to keep hoping in the Lord. It brings a lot of peace to me. Glad that tomorrow's Chinese class and tuition are canceled, so surely I have much free time to enjoy.

OK, that's all for now. God bless you all! LOVE & PEACE

If you see a girl cry.....

Guys, what will you do whenever you see any girl around you, crying to herself there?

What's the first things rush into your mind?

Somebody hurt her? Disappointment? Did anything wrong to her? Break up? Or, the other way around, shedding tears of joy???

Would you label them as "crying pau", just because they are crying like immature kids? Just because they tend to cry, do you label them as weak, second-class?

Let me ask you again.... *coughs*

Do you have any right and authority to stop anyone from crying, whatever the situations? Who are you, so-called great and terer enough, to stop people from expressing their deepest feelings, through crying?

Conclusion, if you see girls (or boys too) cry, let them be. Give your neck to them and talk if possible. Never stimulate his/her to shed more tears. Your love and support surely makes them feel better, and your friendship/relationship stronger.

God bless you all! PEACE

February 7, 2007

Raring to GO

Yay! I am going to Kuantan for National First Aid Competition! Wakakaka.... So happy!! :D

Just as follow up, finally I received the very confirmation upon receiving of registration form!

Appraisal Letter from Sarawak Branch.

I can't believe it I am going there....

It's gonna like being in Champions League for Arsenal FC when my team and I at there. Of course, we are SO RARING TO GO NOW!

Wonder how my teammates feel when receiving this letter? Haha...

Just a catch, I wonder whether this competition will clash with the exams, because it will be held last week before 1st Term holiday. Who knows, school won't allow us to go, because we have exams!

It will be a lame excuse, but then I KEEP HOPING.


Praise the Lord!

February 6, 2007

Dare to LOVE

Quite touched when I read about Pope Benedict's audience to youth's where he talk much about LOVE. It's very relevant to us, even you are not Catholic.

"Everybody feels the longing to love and to be loved," the Pope says in his message. "Yet, how difficult it is to love, and how many mistakes and failures have to be reckoned with in love! There are those who even come to doubt that love is possible.

"But if emotional delusions or lack of affection can cause us to think that love is utopia, an impossible dream, should we then become resigned?"

"No!" the Holy Father replies. "Love is possible, and the purpose of my message is to help reawaken in each one of you -- you who are the future and hope of humanity -- trust in a love that is true, faithful and strong; a love that generates peace and joy; a love that binds people together and allows them to feel free in respect for one another."

Get what's TRUE LOVE by now? It's not always defined as love between man and woman, though it still applies in.

He also mentioned 3 stages of "discovering love."

  • Stage 1: Know that God is all source of love. In fact, God's own being is love, take Trinity as perfect example.
  • Stage 2: Love in all magnitude (means in everything you can), just like Christ's love revealed to us on the Cross.
  • Stage 3: Love longs to be shared. "Love" and "to be loved", both of them really like antagonistic muscles we've learnt in Biology. If we love others, we should share our love.
Last but not least, Holy Father (means Pope, it's a venerable title for Pope) stated to love others need indispensable grace from our Lord, where only Him can keeps us away from resigning to love.

To Catholics, we are also encourage to pray, to stay close contact with Christ. Plus, Eucharist is a "great school of Love." Adore Lord Jesus in that Eucharistic Bread.

OK, remember, DARE TO LOVE!

Signing off with lot's of love....

God bless and loves you all!

February 5, 2007

Calculus freak

Here I come just want blog for a while! Hehehe...

Today is a "so far so good" for me. Though pressure of homeworks, PBSMM stuffs, thoughts about her, etc come crushing me, thank God, I still can cruise them on. My secret weapon?


With hope I can conquer.... hahaha.... :D

This morning I receive an early greeting card from Melissa. What a warm feeling....

Somehow it reminded me to start send away cards as sincere wish to the coming Chinese New Year. As people say, giving brings more happiness than receiving.

Also discovered myself as CALCULUS FREAK! LOL...

Have to admit that because I find myself sucks in geometry, but quite well in calculus, i.e integration. Though it's just the start, and yeah, it's mind-boggling, I start to "fall in love" to it.

Can you smell what's the "integration" is cooking?

Waleo eh...

In geometry, I hate the slow speed while plotting and drawing graphs, where it always getting me to wrong points whatsoever. But in calculus, I can do them in fast speed, which is highly-satisfying. I just love the passion of speed in Add Maths.

OK la, that's all. God bless you all! LOVE AND PEACE

February 3, 2007

Yes my dear?

Yes my dear?

That's my reply whenever a girl called me for something. I don't think there's anything wrong, nor sending any weird signals that will make people misunderstand. I love it saying like this!

So girls, if I call "my dear", don't be shocked OK? And don't misunderstand?

This morning started quite delightfully, though missed the earlier morning Mass. Primary reason for that happiness because I CAN TALK WITH HER! :D Oh how joyful I was, even for that few seconds!

Later went on to kerja amal for Moral project.


Besides cleaning the drain, I also helped many classmates to have their own pictures. That also contributes to my today's happiness. I simply love to help others.

Pity to Julia today. Her diary was hi-jacked by a group of guys. I know this added salts to her wound in heart. I don't like and want my friends (especially girls) to be hurt, in any means. Daphne latter gave them a peace of her mind, and me reprimanding them as well. Whether they learnt their lesson or not, it's their problem.

There's so much free time in class, so many went taking photos around. Me included as well. As always, it's my favourite to have photos with girls. Hehehe....

With Julia. Hope she can get over her problem soon.

With Beth lo. My first time taking pictures with my hands on girl's shoulder le. Don't think me is horny o...

Later I stayed at school for first aid training. But then I realized the venue was actually at HQ. LOL, it's a stupidly stuff. But then I was still happy to be there, though only 20 minutes.

After novena, I went home, prayed and online. Read others' blog, keep on complaining their life whatsoever. I am not despising them, but think again, why complain? Why complain where you can always HOPE? Now I don't want to complain because I cannot talk with her, rather, to HOPE one day can communicate heart-to-heart with her! Just a little example la...

So my friends, Form 5 is hard, but with HOPE, surely you can conquer. You can think I am still immature and naive to think like that, but I truly believes HOPE MAKES MIRACLES.

With lot's of love, may God bless you all! PEACE

February 1, 2007

It's very rainy

Wow, what a super duper rainy day....

Everyone here in Miri the Seahorse City will agree with me, today was very rainy indeed, non-stop from yesterday night, TILL NOW. I wonder if any flood strikes the low area.

It reminded me about the massive flood showdown at Johor recently. Pity to see them suffering like that. Thank God that I never in such disaster. Like in a Chinese saying, "in peace, thinking disaster." We should never expect we will be immune from natural disasters, just because of better geographical positions.

It's going to be "habis cerita" for me if flood strikes my house.

Anyway, I went under the rain for 2 times, but not feeling any coldness thanks to the thick clothing I wore at school. Some placed their hand on my arm, and walao, SO COLD LIKE CORPSES (dead body)! Well, that's price we pay studying in the only well-functioning air-conditioned class room.

Classes went through swiftly and steadily. Sitting with Khin Sheng at the back of the lab was fun because he's such a funny and very "chattable" guy. Found Julia in low mood today due to her own personal problems. Won't want to force her saying it, but could only advice her to cry out if make her feel better.

Eventually she sent me an SMS just now, and thank me for that advice. In return, she advise me to express my feelings to my "dream girl" before it's too late. LOL, sounds like hitting me back.

"Dream girl"? Is "her" my "dream girl"? Or "wonder girl"? Or "future wife"? I can't be that serious, isn't it? But I want to be serious. Anything la.... leave you all guessing again....

That's all for today. Thank God for this day, and I have to gear up at this late night to finish my work!

Love you all! God bless.....