January 29, 2009

Wang Kelian, a place where I can't go always

At the Sunday before the Chinese New Year holiday, my friends and I went to Wang Kelian, the northern-most place in Perlis, of course, bordering Thailand.

It is not a famous border town as compared to Padang Besar, but it boasts of its free-flow facility, where both Malaysians and Thais can cross border without passport. That factor alone made me so eager to get there.

We went there by rented car, and it took about an hour from our hostel to get there. FREAKING 60 KILOMETERS! AAAHHH...

It's not an easy ride because the road is very windy and steep.

You only see the road going down. When it's going up it's totally different matter. Car really need power.

I think at least 70 degrees steep. Everyone just held their breath as I frantically shift to lower gears! Fuh...

The area is actually a cross-border market. Typical to the one in Serikin, near Indonesian border.

The difference is, with this one, everyone can cross border, freely.

The border post is very small. Interestingly, as we were settling our immigration procedures (just show them our IC and let them check), many are just walking past it! We're like.... so speechless.

Anyway we tried to be legal, or else we gonna be "pendatang asing tanpa izin." Oh no...

It's feeling so good to step out of Malaysia and enter a brand new country.... Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand! Sa-wat-dee-khab! :)

Thai flag flying high. To show that where we are now.

Eagle, landmark of this place. Quite similar to the one in Langkawi, don't you think?

It's another row of stalls over there, but majority of them are speaking Thai. It's getting quite hard, but I still managed some simple ones like numbers, asking how much and so on.

And the very first thing we bought there is.... TADA...

PIZZA! Why now since it's so close to the border, cost only 49 bahts (we paid in ringgit though, only 5 bucks) and fresh from the oven!

Meanwhile my friend, Rajesh, also bought me this...

It's called SOMTAM. It's made on the spot, right in front of me. Not bad, consider it's 20 bahts. Erm... still ok for me, but for others maybe they will vomit out la...

We just sat on the grass at the road divider. No way else to sit. Sit back, relax and enjoy Thai food. Ah...

At Thailand side, we only managed to buy foods since others are selling stuffs that I don't need. However, the temptations are still there.

1 piece only 5 bucks! Any takers?

Anyway good stuffs has to come to and end.

Thailand border post. Quite similar to its Malaysian counterpart. With a big portrait of the King of Thailand.

I really thank all my friends who are willing to accompany me and pay me 10 bucks in this trip la. It's really a very Malaysian group. Hahaha...

Thank you to all of you! Muaaahh..... ahahha =D

God bless you all! I WANT MORE TRAVELS! =D

January 22, 2009


I am so so shocked when I heard Happy from DiGi has changed their fantastic rates.

I was really a fan of Happy because of their rate of RM0.99 for 45 minutes, for all calls throughout Malaysia. That's really good and cheap rate.

However, things change suddenly. They have this new rate.

Don't understand? Let you see this again.

What a shcoker! They raise the rates for up TO 110%!! See it for yourself! Now they also classify what kind of calls should be charged higher and time zones to call!



What la you DiGi, give such BAD ANGPAO in this Chinese New Year time. Pathetic.... Prepare to say goodbye to your Happy-gone-unhappy customers la!

God bless you all! And try to be happy la ok...

January 20, 2009

Critical problem

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

This is all I have to eat for the remaining days here in UniMAP before going back to Sarawak for Chinese New Year.

Only this freaking High 5 bread. Only after I search high and low around hostel area, just to find this loaf of not so good bread.

I still prefer Gardenia. Hmm...

After my trip to Wang Kelian, Thailand and Padang Besar, I am officially now really really BROKE. Not even a cent in my wallet now. Seriously! It's true!

I guess by having no money, then I'll able to control myself from spending. Don't you think so?

God bless you all!

January 15, 2009

Food that you cannot find elsewhere except UniMAP

Check this out. This food is really really YUMMY. :)

Everyone called it as cendawan goreng, or in English "fried mushroom." It's only sold by the roadsides around my hostel and no where else (I think).

It looks so simple to make. Just dip the mushrooms into a special batter and fry them!

And with the crunchy exterior, together with juicy mushroom, and with savoury sauce, it just taste FANTASTIC! I think, it may taste even better than that overpriced KFC Hotrods!

Or in other words, MAMA MIA fantastico excellente! Lol...

It'll be a good snack, but personally, as good as it is, if taken a lot, it will make me very sick.

And oh ya, if you can smell it in this post, I am starting to lose my grip on my MONEY. Huhu blame those yummy foods around. :P

That's all, God bless you all!

January 14, 2009

Books bring STRESS

That what I feel when I face off with these 2 newly bought books.

One for programming, another one for digital studies.

I really have mixed emotions for those books.

At certain times I feel so fired up and just wanna study them all. I feel so passionate about the subject and what does it offer me.

Also, sometimes I feel so pissed off and feel like wanna burn them all.

Whatever it is, I just study la. It's hard, but everyone has to go through this stage, right?

God bless you all! Treasure your books! :)

January 13, 2009

Guess what is this?

I open this as a CONTEST.

Whoever is the first to tell me what is THE THING I AM HOLDING in the comments, I will give it to you! :) No clues needed because I think it's very obvious le....

No joke! It's real! And I only give 3 days for you all to guess! Hahaha....

God bless you all!

January 12, 2009

Every student should apply this card

Especially East Malaysians who are studying in the West and always in need of air travels. Same goes West Malaysians who are studying in the East.


GRADS, student card program from Malaysia Airlines. It's a very good program, tailor-made for students!

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they will give 50% discount on all domestic routes! Isn't this great enough to be celebrated?

Of course, the 50% is discounted from the full fare price, not from the prices advertised as "low-fares" in newspapers and television. And it may still end up being higher price with Airasia.

But hey, with MAS you get 20 kg luggage allowance, seat arrangement, same day stand-by, in flight food and beverages and lot's more! Nice isn't it?

Plus going through KLIA is much more enjoyable than at LCCT. Anyone who has gone through LCCT will know how it is. Haha....

The thing I wanna highlight is THAT 50% DISCOUNT. Nothing can beat that.

More information please go to Malaysia Airlines GRADS website! Or can also ask me in chat box or comments!

God bless you all! With GRADS, you can fly! Ehehe.....

January 8, 2009

Please, STOP WAR

I don't normally buy Utusan Malaysia due to it's extremely biased news. However this time I changed my mind. Not because they're not biased anymore, but for this...

If you don't know what's that, that's a girl whose body is almost submerged into the crumbled building in Gaza. And yes, I am talking the war between Israel and Gaza.

I'll have to say it's just getting more and more ridiculous, not only from Israel (appears more brutal of course), but from both sides. I don't really care what this war will gonna benefit anybody.


I firmly believe that picture in Utusan's front page is just a tip of the iceberg. I really hope, some sort of ceasefire can be achieved.

Let's pray for peace. God bless you all!

January 7, 2009

I can feel that it's getting worse and worse

Seriously, I feel I am in recession as well.

Looking on how in vain is my effort to cut cost, I just feel...

And I have to use that freaking card to get cash to pay bill, buy books, notes, taxi and FREAKING FEED MYSELF! Ah pressure.....

Think of money can really chicken me out. Really, I am so scared now.

God bless you all!

And yeah, I hope Israel - Gaza conflict can end soon. It's getting too much. God bless the peace-makers.

January 2, 2009

My "cost-cutting" measures

I think my measures below maybe too much for myself. Nevertheless, I will keep doing it as long as possible, as I seriously feel that I need to strip down my expenses drastically for something more important in the future. Hmm...

First of all, FOOD...

This is what I eat for almost everyday! NO RICE as bread is much cheaper than nasi campur sold out there. Plus, with these, I can predict my expenses easily. You never know how much you gonna be charged for taking the dishes from them. Simply never know.

Furthermore, I will really like to feel how is it feel like to be a "rice-deficient" person. Surely, with such diet, I won't be malnourished, right?

At least, in the midst of bread and biscuits, I still have banana. Not bad what. Of course, no more KFC, Pizza Hut and any outside food.

Next, I think quite important too...


Even to the extent of saving those little coins EVERYDAY. At the end of the day, if I have any coins lingering in my wallet, I will just put them into this "saving keyboard."

Not only that, I will also periodically "invest" some money into my 2nd bank account. Something like this...

10 dollar only? Hmm...

I am thinking, why not I put in RM100 every month? Or even more?

Why spend so much?

Another drastic measures that can change me forever is...


It's really a waste of money and it's also helping me to become more and more lazy. Plus, it's messing up my clothes to grow fungus and those black spots. Eww....

Hand-washing clothes everyday brings me that special fulfillment too. Yeah it's hard, but I am getting used to it. It is great too to clear my boredom and "thinking-too-much" syndrome.

I think that's all for now. Nothing much la. Really welcome your comments, and also your sharing of your "cost-cutting" measures lo. Let's share share....

Life goes on with tighter pocket. =)

God bless you all!