March 30, 2007

Rushing time

Still managed to sneak out some time whilst rushing for my Moral project. Gonna request an a day extension from teacher later.

Haha, I am always do things at the last minute. To be honest, I love to do that for most of the times. It somewhat proves sensational when I can do something in short time.

I ever thought this question, what if all works given has only 1-3 days to do it? Wow, that'll be certainly FUN!

LOL, my class had photo session this morning. It's sweet as this was the last time we take photo together. I JUST LOVE EVERYONE MY CLASS. SO SWEET.

Introduce everyone to you all la....

Front row: Yee Fang, Andrea, CY Ngieng, Julia, Teo (Boss), Pn Azillah (Empress), Ming Fen, (Asst. Boss), Melissa, Angel, Beth, Seng Ying

Middle row: Daphne, Chong Yew, Shanton, Geoffrey, Freddie, Yiew Kiong, Lik Wong, Darren, Nelson, Leslie, Kian Lik, Kit Hian, Kiew Chai, ZY Siaw, Cathy

Back row: Yien Houng, Jenny, Kristine, Belinda, Lydia, Jordan, Me, Samuel, Khin Sheng, Natacia, Hazel and Suto.

Absent: Chew Rou, Joel

There you go all my classmates! Though my class is not as good as other class, where we don't have motto, always complained by teacher, unstoppable noise, but then, truly, I am grateful to be part of 5 Dalton 1.

For some reasons, you may see me as mirror freak....

Mind you, I use mirror not to see myself how handsome I am (LOL, perasan betul!), but to squeeze the oil around my oily face. Sucks and unhygienic right? LOL

Surrender everything I do and I have to my Lord Jesus, NOW. I need my Lord in this pilgrimage on earth to heaven. All my dreams can come true because of my dear Lord Jesus.

As a footnote, I STILL LOVE HER.

God bless you all!

March 25, 2007

Can you feel the heat of SPM?

This morning I bought more "ammunitions" to be added to my arsenal of weapons to face SPM.

My arsenal of BOOKS

Not as show off la, just that Mum force me to buy these books, especially EST books. Anyway I hope I can make full use of them. Try not to be lazy from now on.

So, my friends, faster buy books NOW before they're sold out!!

God bless and love you all!

March 24, 2007

KJD sucks, but pleased with the day

At last I had my free time to be here with you all. It's entirely tiring day for me, but I still managed to make it count for me. Thanks be to God.

KJD which started yesterday didn't provide any amusement for me at all, as all my colleagues were all stressed out for that. I can understand their commitment, of course. However, I still think the camp not strict enough as what I've gone through last year. Denial of permission to play at Tanjung, made this KJD more boring. No offense, the moment I stepped in the school, the tension could be felt instantly. I even nearly drove the reporters away by giving wrong time. ^-^'''

It's hopping 120 participants in that camp! Walao eh....

Anyway, I still like to be called Abang Senior la! I have been used to it during the Red Crescent camp last 2 weeks, so no problems for me.

I hurriedly rushed out of school at half past 2 in order to avoid myself being deep in trouble. So relieved to be in Parkson after much tension moments at school.

At there I bought this...

Yeah, I AM A KENNY G'S FAN. Splashed RM 35.80 for that album, in which for me, worth the price tag with the superb jazz music inside. Then I found myself wandering there, before heading to Red Crescent HQ.

Before that again, I went to tennis court for the World Junior Tennis Championship.

Not bad la for Miri that there's a World Championship here, even though it's for juniors only. Who knows there's future Rodger Federer, or Maria Sharapova here?

Tat time I was witnessing the semi-final for girls' double, where Japan vs. Australia. Very impressed by their skills.

It's an ITF event, so it's world widely certified game! Not bad Miri!

I could watch tennis game for only 30 minutes. My sister had been waiting for me at HQ. Both of us went home, and slept helplessly on the sofas due to the tiredness.

Wait first, let you see something....

MOBILE TOILET! Not bad ho?

In the end, it's still a day to count for. As it's approaching Holy Week, let my heart continue to seek God's mercy, do a proper confession next week, and prepare to follow Jesus to the summit of our salvation at the cross and his resurrection. Everything mine, comes from my Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you all!

March 23, 2007

What if I win $6 Million?

Just saw at this news from newspaper yesterday. My jealousy blood rose up like what......

How lucky is that woman to win the Toto Jackpot, which is something $6 MILLION???? I was just so so surprised that's it's in Sarawak!

Maybe she deserved to be rewarded like that because she has bet the same set of numbers continuously for 9 years. Wonder how much "investment" worth to her?

I am not encouraging you all to start swarming Toto, or 4D shops now. I always agree that "no such thing as free lunch", as always said by adults. Winning Jackpot, is really a sweet smile from Lady Luck. Sheer luck man.

Anything la......

Here many lottery maniacs find their disappointment....

Don't gamble so much! (Or better still, DON'T GAMBLE AT ALL!)

God bless you all!

March 21, 2007

Feeling so STUPID

Given to what things have been gone through today, one word, STUPID.

I felt that in every decision I do, it's all STUPID decisions. This has happened to me many times already in the past. LSS for example.

Just like today, I have made the most stupid thing ever in school. I repeated what teacher had scolded the fellow friends, without realizing that she's still in that room. Oh how stupid is it? Isn't it true that I didn't pass my words through the brain first before vomiting them out?

You say la, STUPID OR NOT????

Felt so guilty, shameful, sinful, and bad after that. I can only have myself to complaint. I had a hard time to forgive myself, before begging forgiveness from God and teacher herself. It's so so LAME thing to do. I wish I can just hurt myself by any means.

Enough of complains. Forget them. Eliminate them from my brain. Don't let it have any scars to me. I want to keep hopeful always, even in sad times. God will always be my help.

God bless you all always!

What a FULL dinner!

Yesterday my family and I went to Park Hotel for dinner, celebrating 70th birthday of His Lordship Bishop Anthony Lee. Many attended, mostly adults, and we are the minorities who brought along all family members.

Let's see the food here through the slide show.... Probably gonna make your saliva flowing out...

See how many is that? As approaching the end, I was so FULL like what. Don't know how many kilos I have added on that single night.

Also, not forgetting some funny yet memorable moments at there.

Sing Happy Birthday!

Fr. Phillip is not bad in Ngajat.

And Fr. Wan presents Kungfu Ngajat! So funny...

Anyway, pray that the Lord continue to bless our Bishop so that he can lead our Diocese to higher heights. That's the beauty of having hierarchy in Catholic Church.

God bless you all!

March 20, 2007

Happy birthday Sharon!

Just wanna wish Sharon a very very Happy Birthday! Sweet sixteen for her!

Oh man, she really looked happy today, despite all the YCS burdens on her shoulders. Hahaha, as for me, I didn't really stayed long at school, but prefer to have some rest at Tanjung beach.

The party was still OK for me, just that I.....

What's this? CATMAN? LOL

Just glad that the holiday had a finale like this. It's a really busy holiday, but at least, I had fun. Thanks be to God very very much.

Nothing much to complain, but in God I am filled with 100% hope. This week I try to shrug off the "think too much" off my brain. I really take this seriously. It has been very enough thinking of useless stuffs that choke my heart and freedom.

Anyway, be happy always!

OK, till then, may God bless you all!

March 18, 2007

Chat craziness

Chatting is always fun, but have you ever face this in chatting?

WHERE YOU HAVE TO TACKLE 8 WINDOWS at once? Listening to the "ding dong dong" non-stop all the time? LOL

Not forgetting this insane 11-people-conference....

It's like pasar ikan in this chat room. I wanna faint already. Tak tahan at all!

Anyway, God bless you all!

March 17, 2007

Lame AGM

Just now went to the MRCS Miri Annual General Meeting, only for the sake of taking pictures. Otherwise I would be sleeping again like a pig.


Sad to say, this AGM was very LAME and boring. That's why I was not surprised that not many turned up.

Somehow it made me angry when I saw this at GCHN's car. (You know who I mean la)

I don't mean to add in politics into MRCS. What I want to say is, I DON'T LIKE THIS. GCHN should put Red Crescent emblem ba. He still can come despite his own SUPP problem, not bad.

Yes, I admit, I am a Rocket supporter. LOL

Anyhow, I am also quite proud seeing my 3 friends, Emma, Kwan Nam, and Wan Lin receiving their bursary.

Have to say I am jealous because they can get FREE MONEY. Regret for not applying. One more thing, actually they are receiving EMPTY ENVELOPES on stage. LOL

Something also amused me. Look at this.

This is shot when Emma pulled out Brendan's shirt, exposing the boxers. This trend is very popular in the West, however, seriously, like this so cool meh? So shuang meh?

No offense Brendan.

Elsewhere it's running smoothly, yet getting no one's attention. By the time GCHN was talking, many were rushing to get out of there already. At least, the well-prepared refreshment appeased my impatience.

I also took picture with the in-love girl Emma lo.

She is looking so pretty, radiating her innermost beauty after being in-love with her hubby. I believe this is the Power of Love. Congrats Emma!

So, that's all I have to share. God bless you all! LOVE & PEACE

Life after camp

It's totally different story after back from the camp. Suddenly I cannot get used to simple, lazy lifestyle, compared to schedule-packed days.

Anyway, it's again the weekend that I've been waiting for. Freedom makes me feeling so GOOD. I went on streets with such a released feel, trying to make myself as relaxed as possible before the school days restart on next Monday.

Have to say I am nervous for next week. Why? The exams' results la! I can feel the "fail" alarm already, after being badly criticized by Physics teacher few days ago. If and only if I saw red in exam, I doubt very much whether I can stay strong enough to face it. Well, just wait and see.

Maybe you all are wondering, "where's the 'thanks for your answer' post?" Due to some reasons, especially privacy reasons, I have to take it down. Consider also how she feels when she saw her response online like that? Seriously, I don't want my relationship with her turn sour again.


So, sometimes it's better to keep to myself. Don't you think? But don't worry, I will keep trying to make my blog enjoyable to read.

Just like this....

Get cool with Fleming's hands rule!!! LOL

God bless you all!

March 14, 2007

Well pleased

Well, at last the camp had drawn into a close now. As a whole, I was satisfied with my activities, and as for members, I am really putting my hope on them to lead the unit to brighter future.

My jobs on that camp were mainly organizing first-aid related activities, such as team tests and relay. The most satisfied ones were surely the team tests la. Participant's innocent, added with casualties' madness, really a powerful fuel for laughter.

Purposely out like this to scare away members....

And thus entitles Brendan to be declared dead 5 times a row... LOL

I also enjoyed in teaching marching. As if I have the master skill in it already, members follow my steps and learnt quite well. I am flattered.

Showing off the skills I learnt

Upon reaching home this evening, I felt so relieved and free, before I realized that MY BAG IS GONE!! Oh man.... hope I can find it tomorrow. It contains much of my important stuffs.

Camp over now, just the trainings and studies hurdles my way now....

Keep hoping! God bless you all!

Have to hold on

Written at 2nd (Sunday) day of the camp. Choose this to be posted because I think it's kinda useful for you all to see.

No matter whatever conclusions are drawn after the hard day, I finally told myself, I still have to hold on. No matter how sucks things
are going on, I shall never cease my hope in God.

Even though it’s very late night, and everyone’s sleeping, whereas me doing all the lame stuffs using this PC from Mr. Dhana. Well, it least, it kept me company so that I won’t be falling asleep.

Looking back at yesterday, yes, it’s a mixture between success and failures. Gladness is always coming with things that I don’t want to happen, especially those “think too much” genes in my brains. Read on to know more.

It was early in the morning when Jsun Loong woke us all up for the “night owl” game. Have to say the previous night’s sleep was very bad, and it brings me bad mood upon being awake. Nevertheless, I “locked” my emotions and participate in the game. Still, I have to insist that participant’s discipline was far better than us, the so-called AJK’s.

Later I went to chapel for Mass, in which I nearly fell asleep at Bishop’s sermon. Felt so guilty for doing that. Then, some gladness hit me when I am rested for quite a long time. This time, hehe, I wrote love letter for someone using Greek symbols. Many didn’t know what I am typing, of course. In doing that, I also started fantasizing happenings between us, her acceptance for me, and good times with her and so on.

That could be the start of whirlpools of bad feelings.

In afternoon I am in charge for the quiz bee. Not a big problem for me, though there were insufficient equipment for me. I just take the laptop, read loudly and that’s all. Easy easy.

That time I could not wait to see her at the Chapel. And so I went and saw this.....

Wow! It’s so rock and roll, yet without losing any elements of praising God! That’s why, I sternly invoke myself, that I made the most stupid mistake by not taking part in LSS.

Of course, some leaders knew me and invited me to join in. I waved away politely, but the disappointment in me still stayed strong.

Heavy rain later caused some activities to be canceled. Instead of participating, I found myself sleeping on the stage while they are playing like crazy down there! Oh so lame….

Back to work again for the relays at later night. Apart from that, I took some timeout to teach marching. I felt so successful when seeing their marching skills kept on improving, and their kind co-operation to me as well.

Too bad I didn’t have much time for bath (even till now). Immediately I am dragged to prepare the relays for the juniors. Music downstairs really drew me want to dance.

When I walk to the hall…. oh....

Walao! It’s total ecstasy and enjoyment! It just like a concert! How the Holy Spirit drove them to dance, to sing, to do anything else to praise God? What a power! Magnificent!

Of course, the more times I went there, the more disappointed I am, Despite the “stupid decision”, I was not able to talk to her. Something tied my tongue just as I approach her. Then I “thought too much,” it’s really a massive emotional blow.

Thefts cases also blew my mood too. Even though none of my belongings were stolen (thank God), but it caused tensions among the AJK and members. Everyone slept quite early today, with the exception of me, which tries to sooth my emotional pain by wandering around.

On and on I wandered to this place……

Yes, it’s the new block in our school, which is still in construction. I went in for some adventurous fun, taking some pictures of it. It’s really fun to discover something that others won’t have the guts to try it. No offense ya?

Well, it have been fair enough. 3 more days to go. What more could I want except for more God’s blessing and strength to go through the entire process?

God bless you all!

March 9, 2007

Oh joy!

Lesser tension by now. Exams are almost over, I really mean almost over. Overjoyed that pressures of exams are ALMOST vanished, at least for now.

It's good to be joyful, isn't it? LOL

Anyway, I am not going to join the LSS because I opt for the latter Chinese Confirmation Course held in June. Not only it fits my schedule, it's for adults and I think pretty nice with me as well to mix with grown ups. To be honest, I don't like to join Church's youth activities. It's going to be fun watching the LSS from school, and let my friends surprised with my absence.

Most of all, I will miss the close encounter with the Lord. A pity though.

Coming holiday won't provide any rest for me. Starting from today, I'll have trainings, camp, appointments and so on. I found out I am only free for 1 day, out of 9 days! Oh no man, where's my freedom?

Whatever it is, I surrender them all to my Lord Jesus. He's the most reliable help and rock that I can depend on. I promise to keep on my prayer life no matter how busy I am.

"Prayer is a matter of life and death," quoted from Pope Benedict XVI.

Nothing else make me feel more secure than to embrace God's love with all my heart. I live because out of the Love of my Lord.

God bless you all!

March 7, 2007

Feisty Physics

Yeah yeah yeah, it's going to be another frustrating stuffs from me. If you are willing to stand my anger, well, you're are most welcomed to read on.

Up next tomorrow for the exam is Physics, in which I am the poorest and not interested to. It's always get me very upset to hold the reference book, and read it like a dumb. Simply driving me to sleep.

See that? That's not enough..... just yet.....

See my "dut" look, that you may want to punch or smack it?

I know Physics is the study of natural phenomenon, where it was the most practical science. However no matter hard I try to get myself interested, it returns with much disappointment. Science subjects still put a hurdle in my studies.

In conclusion.....

...... but you still need to study! LOL

Keep hopeful and don't get yourself "mooded" by studies like me!

God bless you all! PEACE

March 6, 2007

Done enough?

Mixture of feelings today, at least until now. It's always an overwhelmingly great feeling to step out from exams and take some rest. Yet, with knowing how suck I am in exams, nothing else but disappointments.

As said in iMeem, though I am trying hard to put those feelings down, but I still found myself feeling nervous upon seeing her. I didn't even dare to approach her, even as simple as friends. You know what, I felt so "shi bai", very failed person, who only knows how to watching the girl I like from far (seems like peeping) and fantasizes about her, but never really have a go.

Nevertheless, I know, now is NOT THE TIME for me to start such kind of relationships. Simple, I am NOT THAT MATURED and GOOD ENOUGH for that. And also I am also not worthy to do so. What right I have to say all those "lies of love" to girl I (so-called) love? Do I want her to be hurt by my "lovely lies"?

I know this is something that I must experience when growing up. There's nothing in this world that has been made easy for us. However, I shall continue to have hope, put all my dreams and aspirations to God in prayer. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it's righteousness.

God bless you all!

March 4, 2007

It's time to put them all down

Yeah, I have made a decision.


Seriously, I think this is vital to restore our friendship back. If not, surely she's gonna keep a distance with me, and that will be useless for me to become sad for nothing. Surely we are going to be more comfortable with each other as friends next time. I hope so.

I don't want to be doomed until we cannot be friends at all! What I want is friends that can help each other, grow together, and share whatever we have with a sincere heart.

I reminded myself, treat everyone equally, love everyone, make no one my enemies, and NEVER EVER fall in any FEELING'S TRAP in future.

It's so simple, if want to give presents, give everyone presents! If want to think about someone, why not think of everyone? Why don't say "I love you, I like you" to everyone? Why don't make myself available for all?


Isn't it everyone is unique, special and deserved to be loved as well? So, why don't I just LOVE EVERYONE?

I totally trust in God's plan. I know he has the best plans for me for future. Hope fills my heart completely when I see the sky, and I know, it's God's abundant blessings to me.

God bless you all!

March 3, 2007

What is RSS?

Many people asked me what's is RSS. So I think it's nice to put a post explaining what is this.

RSS' full name is Really Simple Syndication. It's actually a feed from internet that enable you to receive latest stuffs from any websites.

This is the RSS icon lo, which is always seen in RSS compatible websites, like Firefox and IE7. Only such browsers can read it because RSS is in XML format, not HTML.

Example as in my blog here in my Firefox browser....

Though it's very small, I believe you all can see the Feed icon shown right?

So just click on that icon, and you will see this.

This shows the Feed that you will get. Basically, what you do next is to subscribe it. First way is using Live bookmark in Firefox. Click the "Subscribe now" button.

Then at the bookmarks folder, you will see the feeds topic displayed. Live.

This is useful to view latest news in whatever websites. I use that to view latest news of Arsenal. Very useful indeed.

Another way is to view the feeds in Google Reader.

This is a little Google tool that enable you to view feeds easily in a browser, without have to download the feed. Just like this enables me to see Kennysia's website.

Of course, unlike real blog, it's does not have chat box and comments. But it will give you a simple glance of all the blog's that you have subscribed.

How to use? Simple, just add the feed's URL into it, voila, that's all!

So I hope you all have a better idea of RSS now! Any question, don't mind to to ask me! Hehe...

God bless you all!