June 30, 2010

Kiss my !@#$%

Found this quite nasty picture at ESPNStar.com right after Spain’s one-nil win over Portugal this morning.

Kiss My

Who’s gotta kiss whose *censored* now?

Be polite everybody. Don’t use anything to make fun, including a**, or you could be the receiving end of it.

Just a laugh. God bless you all.

June 27, 2010

Alone at Big Apple

I am at Big Apple Donuts and Coffee, here in Parkson Miri.


I come here to pass my time since there’s free WiFi available here. Of course it’s not as good as my home’s Streamyx, but it’s free and yeah, whatever…

I am actually running away from the Dance and Humanity at Indoor Stadium. My brother is working as volunteers there, and I don’t like to watch alone. So I elect to come here.

Just show you some pictures la. I am too bored.


Prepare to do the yummy, sugar-overload toppings.


Their new products, the Donashi. Basically it’s sushi-like donuts.


Putting the donuts into place.


The place where the donuts come from. Busy making dough.


View of counter where I am sitting.


The place where I spent my time pathetically alone. Internet and ice latte. Oh ya, not dating. Hmmm

I wish I can have more money to buy donuts. But my parents are very anti-donuts. They’re right as well, too much sugar can cause diabetes. Maybe I already have diabetes hmmm.

God bless you all!

June 19, 2010

My “bookie table”

Since the kickoff of 2010 FIFA World Cup, people keeps talking about betting on football. A lot of people watching is not for the football, but for the money.

Well, I also have a “bookie station” at my very home comfort.


With air-conditioned room, and TV right beside me, while I am “taking orders” online, with tasty drinks as well. How comfortable is this. Hahaha… This is only possible when TV1 broadcast games live.

For those majority games which is not on RTM, then my “station” will look something like this.


This time is internet streaming to the rescue. If I have the luck, I can view games through Astro b.player, which could be very good or very bad.

Of course, this is just a joke la. Come on, betting is never good. With how the World Cup is going on, it’s just plain stupid to bet on any team.

Just enjoy watching football, that’s enough. :)

Enjoy the 2010 FIFA World Cup. And never ever bet.

God bless you all!

June 11, 2010

World of Football 2010 Limited Edition USB Modem

In conjunction of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Celcom is giving out free limited edition modems for new broadband customers.

And I happen to be one of them.


I subscribed 3.6Mbps broadband package. Which entitles me to this free modem. Which also makes me “bleed” 98 bucks every month. Damn.

To be honest, actually I am tricked by someone in the forum. At first I thought it will be 50 bucks per month. So I gladly signed up. Who knows that 50 bucks is the upfront payment ONLY.

The only good thing is that 1st month bill is settled, and I can opt to terminate it before the 2nd billing period starts.

In the meantime, I just sit back, and adore this beautiful, maybe not really wanted, USB modem.


The modem is stickered by countries participating the World Cup.

One more thing. I am really surprised that only by using this modem, I can detect HSPA signals in Miri!

celcom bb

Well, OK, I admit it frequently changes from 3G to HSPDA back and forth. But before that, it’s impossible to get HSPDA signals using my CSL modem.


That’s my old black CSL modem. I am willing to sell it at reasonable price if there’s anyone interested. Hmmm

So, the long dilemma begins now. Is Celcom really The Right One?

God bless you all!

June 10, 2010

Penang 2010 Part 3: Butterfly Farm, Teluk Bahang

Teluk Bahang is located at the north-west of the Penang Island. One of the most famous place of interest is none other than Butterfly Farm.



The entrance fee for Malaysian adults with MyKad is 10 bucks. A big brochure and map is given. It’s really needed because it’s a big farm.


Once you get it, you will be overwhelmed by how much butterflies are inside the enclosure!


First view of the Farm. Maybe not so positive.




I also found butterflies really like and get attracted to hibiscus petals. These petals are placed to attract butterflies to enable us to get good shots. Haha


Another close-up shot attempt. Fail.


Butterflies on the bushes of flowers…


And also on the orchids? (It’s orchid, am I right?)

It also has a special air-conditioned room to showcase preserved butterfly samples. And also perfect for me since that time was so hot.


A lot of samples. One of them is like this below.


From egg, to butterfly…


A lot of butterflies shown in this chamber. They should be real, preserved butterflies from all over the world.


Bugs, beetles, anyone?

Besides butterflies, they also have some interesting animals here.


A tourist taking photo with the gigantic beetle.


Some kind of crocodile? No?


Someone please tell me what the heck is this creature :)


Some kind of never-seen-before bugs which just fascinate me.


That’s a really big centipede.


Wow!!! So BIG!!!


You don’t want those scorpions to ever sting you..


Is this iguana?


Another clever camouflage..


A turtle in action…

After some more shopping in souvenir shop, I left Butterfly Farm with good satisfaction. I can say it blasted my mind pretty well. Haha.

So I walked a little further to this.


This is the entrance to Forest Park. It’s kind of subdued and dead. Nobody is in there. And it’s impossible for me to go the the jungle at that time.

So I left, boarded a mini Rapid Penang bus to Balik Pulau, a town on the western side. All for the sake of wanting to go round the island.


The bus is cute, isn’t it?


The bus approaches the Teluk Bahang dam, which I believe stores the water supply for the entire Penang Island.

Certainly it looks good from the bus. Maybe a little bit boring?


The north-western road is rough and twisty. Not to mention extremely narrow. Not much people and cars here as well.


So, I waved Teluk Bahang good bye with really good memories of this quiet, little place.

In all honesty, Balik Pulau is a boring little town. Just had this nasi kandar in a chain restaurant near to bus terminal, before boarding another bus to Georgetown.


This cost me around 7 bucks, Coke included. Expensive, but very very delicious. :)

That’s all from me now. God bless you all!