September 30, 2009

First touch on hardware

In digital lab yesterday afternoon, I was introduced to this kind of new hardware, which was like an alien to me.

This is called University Project training board, in a simpler way, it's also called UP board. It's a small board produced by Altera (a big company that computer students should know) so that we can prototype our logic design.

We need to program this freaking thing onto this board.

So many confusing lines, flip flops, logic gates, haiz... Seriously if you are not motivated enough to do this, you won't do this. Even with maximum motivation and strength, you still can get it very wrong.

Unfortunately, I failed this lab again, despite every effort to make it right this time. To be honest with everyone, I have failed ALL LABS in this subject. What the heck...

Let you see how chaotic it is in the lab. Everyone is having problems. 

Lecturer is having a torrid time. He kept teach teach and teach everybody. He has every right to be disappointed with us. Haiz...

One of the few who can get it right, after so much attempts... But still looked very blur...

I just wish that the rest of this semester can hit a U-turn of fortune for me. Probably U-turn of attitude as well. Hmmm...

God bless you all!

September 19, 2009

Didn't eat THIS for a LOOOOONG time

WARNING: May not be suitable for some readers. Readers' discretion and open-mindedness advised.

Ever since I left for studies, I have not eaten THIS for a very long time. Or rather, very seldom eat this delicacy. LOL

Guess what is this?


Not just any porridge, it's home-cooked porridge! Added with minced pork, duck egg yolk and smooth purple rice! Fuhlamak damn nice!

However, it will turn even nice if added with the frills!

Eggs, pre-mix pork, peanuts, and anchovies. Put them all together and it will give you an awesome bowl of porridge! Hahaha!

Love my mum for cooking that wonderful porridge! Wow! Haha!

God bless you all!

September 18, 2009

In my hotel room in KL

Trying to wind up my crazy half day at Kuala Lumpur. It was simply crazy.

I just stayed inside the comfy Tune Hotel room, online, and bought myself a can of Heineken. Added with good music from Mix FM through my mobile phone, it is very relaxing for me.

It was a very hectic day indeed. Totally opposite to this.

This area is called Medan Tuanku. Only till now at 3am it will become like this. Or else it will be jam-packed with cars, vehicles, motorcycles, you name them. I have seen with my own eyes cars clogging up the whole yellow box in the middle! Which make traffic police looks like headless chicken! LOL!

Not to mention that I spend quite a lot too today. Bought myself a new Digi SIM pack, Krispy Kreme doughtnuts (absolutely love them) and KFC. If I counted in the train fares, the expenses were like, what the heck!

Whatever, I just wanna go home tomorrow! Haha! Lot's of stuffs are waiting for me there! :)

God bless you all!

September 17, 2009

New Firefly experience

It's Hari Raya and I am going home again! This time for my intra-Peninsular leg, I chose Firefly to fly down to KL.

It was a great choice at first because I bought the ticket for only 35 bucks! Wow!

All the journey starts at 0630 this morning...

It took me more than an hour to reach the airport by bus. After reaching there, I spent some hours to sleep on the benches because I stayed up whole night just to wait for this 1st bus of the day. Hmmm....

So I went to a different counter to check-in this morning,

None other than the Firefly counter! Hehehe...

My boarding pass. Look carefully, I am not flying to KUL this time, instead I fly to SZB - Subang Airport.

This is the plane that I board. The model ATR-72. Still, a lot mistakenly recognized it as Fokker 50. Very nice looking from the outside...

Contrary from other planes we have seen, we enter through the BACK door. Special.

Once I enter the cabin, I can immediately feel the difference. The cabin is much narrower. 2 by 2 seating plan also makes everyone more comfortable, I think.

Hand luggage compartment also noticeably much smaller. Can you see that?

Wow the propeller engine is just beside me!

The usual controls above the passenger.

The seat beat metal lift is also engraved with "Firefly". How nice!

The safety card that almost all passengers choose to ignore. Sigh...

This is what are served on board. A cupcake and a cup of drink. That's all. How I wish I have the guts to ask for more cupcakes. LOL.

Since this is a propeller plane, it flies with lower altitude, which means you have a clearer view of what's down there.

I was so fascinated by it, that I always do this during the flight.

Keep looking at the window! At least there are hot chicks down there! LOL

How I wish I can put the photos of the new Subang Skypark airport, but sorry, my battery died at the very minute I need it. Huhu...

In a nutshell, I totally enjoyed myself in my very first flight on propeller aircraft! It's a really good first experience! I hope I can use Firefly again in near future! Hehehe!

Anyway, I am reaching home tomorrow! Yay! Haha!

God bless you all!

September 11, 2009

Finally I can touch CASH

Yes, I feel very happy to have some cash for myself after 2 weeks with NO CASH AT ALL.

It's not that I don't have money, but the truth is, in order to curb and control my spending, I put all my money into my prepaid credit card.

I'm not that dumb to show you my credit card number la!

I find this very useful to cut off my unnecessary SMALL spending, for example, drinks, snacks and so on. I can be control my of money really well.

However the major drawback is that I don't get to buy freshly cooked dishes! Tell me, which food stall will ever going to receive credit card as payment? Huh?

But things changed tonight. Thanks to my printer.

Lot's of my friends asked me to print their assignments and exercises. And yes, I do charged them 20 cents per piece. Result? CASH!!

Not little cash, is really A LOT OF CASH! Hahaha! Not only I can help my friends, I can also earn some cash! How nice it is to enjoy the best of both worlds! LOL

Now my printer, is not only a printer, it could be my life-saver, and also, my money-tree. :)

Life's good with cash. LOL. God bless you all!

September 6, 2009

Cheapest bread EVER

I saw this loaf of bread when I do my shopping at Merdeka Day at Tesco Mergong, Alor Setar.

Make sure you open your eyes BIG BIG to see the price! SEE!


It's freaking RM1.00 only!!

Though it's not sliced, but I still think very cheap!! Where on earth you can find it THAT ridiculously cheap bread!! Too cheap to be true le!

Too bad I didn't buy it because I just so determined to eat rice. LOL. And that trip down to Tesco was very disappointing because I just cannot find what I expect to find there! So sad....

Anyway, God bless you all!

September 5, 2009

Got my favourite drink FOR FREE

Last week I followed my friend to his fellowship dinner, somewhere in Perlis.

They serve my favourite drink. And I really appreciate it.

What is my favourite drink? My regular reader will know it at instant.

Yeah, Guinness again!

And finally I know that to enjoy a perfect Guinness, I must POUR it perfectly in a cup/glass! So that it won't be too bitter to drink, and yet keep the awesome flavour intact! All for my sheer enjoyment!

Thanks to my friend for that awesome dinner, beers and Guinness! Haha!

God bless you all!