August 31, 2007

First experience at Coffee Bean

I paid my maiden visit and dining in at The Coffee Bean this morning.

It's rather new for a cheapskate like me to visit such place. Coffee Bean has always being giving people the impression of their HIGH PRICES food and beverages.

And yes, the prices can really scare people away.

People are right, only those classy people can visit there. LOL

I visited there just for satisfying my curiosity since I never went there. I went there to have my breakfast. Yes, BREAKFAST!

Haha, pretty simple right? It's just a scone (some sort like a biscuit cake) with butter and jam, and a large cup of latte.


See it? My breakfast cost me more than 10 bucks! 10 BUCKS!

With 10 bucks you can have 5 plates of kolok mee, or at least 3 plates of fried kueh tiaw la! I am so LAME, isn't it? LOL

But then ler, given the conditions around me, I have to say I like Coffee Bean a lot.

They are using FRESHLY BREWED coffee beans. OK, means your coffee is really FRESH. No aroma is lost. LOL

Beautiful art graffiti. It just stands out.

Their lounge is perfect for hang outs.

Oh I really love the cakes! How I wish I can just bite it at once?

Yeah, merchandises. I love merchandises from brands.

What's more, I could hang out, discuss with my friends at there for up to 3-4 hours, and with no extra charge! Wow! How great!

It's still worth to go have a world-renowned drink at there la. No regrets.

Well, I'd really love to go there again. Provided my wallet really has the $$$ to spend.

God bless you all!

August 28, 2007

Back to school

Well, no matter I like it or not, I have to say I miss school a lot.

Even for only having 1 week of holiday, I still miss school a lot.

I even more miss my same, old, greenish class.

Especially my friends. Everyone are nervous for their exams' results. And in return, it doesn't turn out to be good either. Everyone just get.....

BUSY. Busy copying others for History's minuscule 10 marks at most for correction bonus. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

And rumours that we're going to moved to new block are quite true. In fact, we're allowed to visit the totally furnished block!

Well, have to say I like there as well. Awesome facilities. Everything is NEW! It's so bizzare you know to use something NEW in my school, OK?

What's more? 6 fans, 28 lights, 10 tables, lecturers stand, superb view from top... What more could I ask ha? Isn't it? What more?

Even more, some of us play with this....

We really "nothing to do when full" to climb that that fire water tank. Haha... Well, at least we ever climbed up there.

Inside there is quite interesting too...


Cool man! Wakaka, this gonna be very useful in future school camps. Hehehe...

Took photos for the competition and awards with teachers as well.

You knew us too well already, if you read this blog often. LOL

We looked great, even under the hot, bright sun. LOL

Felt great with our unit's achievements with the recent Best Youth Unit Award from Sarawak Branch. It's just so wonderful.

And for studies, duh, I still pity those who tried their very best and still got the substandard results. My friends even told me....

LOL. What can I say? Please la, I think I am still very stupid and have nothing la.

Hehe, whatever it is, I am very thankful to God for the bright start in the forthcoming remaining schooling times. May God guides me all time long.

God bless you all!

August 23, 2007

How I wish it were true....

Haha, I have earned myself 50000 bucks! Get it?

50000 BUCKS!!


50000 bucks can buy really lot's of stuffs ler. Uncountable handphones, super-great laptops, can even buy cars, house.... bla bla bla.....

Dreams were so well made, until you see this.....

.... all dreams were shattered. All gone. -_-"


As a matter of fact, 50K rupiah only cost RM20 only! If you wanna become "millionaire," you only need RM400! Easy, right? LOL

OK la, you may think that I am too boring la! Haha...

But then, when you get 50000, isn't it feeling great as well? Hehe ^^

God bless you all!

August 22, 2007

A new try

Have you ever heard of instant noodles from Vietnam?

Yeah, from Vietnam! Not from Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, or even Thailand. It's from Vietnam.

My Mum bought half a box of Vietnamese instant noodles at town this morning. I couldn't help myself wondering, how do they get their stock? Smuggling?

Anyway, Vietnamese noodles has a variety of flavours to be chosen from.

Definitely looks better than Maggi, right? LOL

So in my curiousity to try, I took a packet. I am SURE you all never see this flavour ever in Malaysia.

Zha dao, right? Haha... No offense ya...

So I cooked it, and serve it straight away...


Still looking OK, right? Yala, I don't have skill to cook noodles with egg, ok?

Hehe, if you are interested to buy Vietnamese instant noodles, you may just go around at town and find the sellers. A box only cost 15 bucks.

As a footnote, I am telling you all....


See what I was drinking? See?

Very good o? LOL

But drinking alone and syok sendiri like this is never going to fun de la. And please, don't try drink beer at home without parents' permission!!

God bless you all!

Praise Concert: Watching in jealousy

Have to say the praise concert held yesterday was really great. Simply GREAT.


Backdrop was very simple, but nice! I am waiting for you to come home!

OK, it might not be as great as the widely-acclaimed Free 2 Be concert, but to me, I still think it's worth to spend 5 bucks for this concert. And it's held at Imperial Hotel le!

Choir opened up the concert. Love their high-pitched voice!

Those on the floor indulge in their voices. Together they praise God.

Sing, dance, sing and dance again! They are so energetic, even though the ballroom is very cold.

Yeah, instruments are their expertises!

Later the drama also caught everyone's eye. Pretty touching, but a predictable story.

The boy wanna to buy the bird which was ill-treated by the man. This is only the starting point.

The evil one dragging everyone in chains in eerie laughs and lighting.

Burning in passion. Indulging in sins.

Huh, gambling? Lot's more la like money maniac, drug addicts, family violence etc.

Jesus comes to saves them. Sadly I didn't shoot the climax part. :(

Then later was the talking parts, which I think is quite boring. Lot's of people ran away at that time.

But what's next was really GREAT stuff.

Everyone went up, and performs the best of all! Very loud, very clear, very touching, very enchanting, just THUMBS UP!

The way she moves/conducts was very entertaining to see!

This is the camp instructor, who comes all the way from Penang.

Giving out God's blessings to everyone. A perfect finale!

Of course, lot's of my friends took part in it, as this concert is the finale for their Music Camp. Watching them without being with them, is a bitter stuff to swallow.

I knew I was jealous. No doubt about that. But then when I shook hands with some of them, the warmth in the middle of the near-freezing ballroom could be vividly felt.

Hope there will be another praise concert like that in future. And yeah, at that time I really wanna take part!

God bless you all!