January 30, 2010

Farmville rocks! :)

I have been playing Farmville for several months. I started playing this since my friends in my class were buzzing about Farmville.

I can’t stand the temptations, then I jumped into Farmville bandwagon. From a small farm, I got myself a 24 x 24 Mighty Farm at my disposal.

Since I am damn boring, I might just as well post some photos here la, for you all to see my “effort”. LOL!


Pigs, chickens, sheeps, goats, cows… All here. :)


Greatest asset in Farmville – Villa is here, along side with barns, sheds, windmills and workshop.


Got farm house, post office, grocery shop, cottage with cats…


Here are my personal parking garage! Haha got school and library again…


Make use of the unused too small space for trees…


Me, the farmer, stranded inside here, so that I can play my game faster! Haha!

So that's it. My farm. I wish I can be more hardworking working on my studies as hard as I work on my “farm”! Hahaha!


God bless you all!

January 14, 2010


With a very heavy heart to save myself from further financial troubles, I had to drag myself to Bank Islam at Kangar to withdraw some life-saving funds to sustain myself.

To my horror, this is the number that is given to me.


Walao eh, given number 1285, but now only serving number 1250 something??!

More ridiculously, with so many people queuing, there were only 2 counters opened! =.= Having no choice, I had to sit there waiting for about 45 minutes. 45 frustratingly long minutes.

See I am so not patient. *ashamed*

That’s why I say, I live in 2 totally different places, though still in the same country.

Take Bank Islam for example. In Miri, all counters in a row are opened and serving customers in lightning speed, but there’s few customers. I remember I even managed to open a bank account for my brother in just less than 10 minutes, and we were the very last customer for the day. Not to mention a staff there know how to speak Chinese. :P

But in Kangar, though with many customers, only 1/3 of the counters are opened, and it’s freaking slow! AAAHHH…


I wonder anyone out there ever had the same experience as me? Waiting some 30 or more turns in front of you? Hmmm…

Whatever, I get my life-saving money out, rant a big here, and get over it. No big deal. Life goes on.

God bless you all!

Overpriced stuff I bought

A couple of days ago, despite how much I hate to buy it at super ridiculous price, I JUST HAVE TO BUY IT.


Yes, ink cartridges. This pack cost me 135 bucks. Ouch, even more expensive than the printer itself! (I kept reminding myself about this damn fact!) AAHHH…

What’s more frustrating, I could already paid TWICE that amount due to the credit card blunder by the bank. I really want my money back! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!

Ah, emotional unstable now. Sorry.

God bless you all. Don’t be insane. Don’t be crazy as I do.

January 10, 2010

Malaysia – Thailand north-western border

Excuse me, I am not talking about the famous border crossings, like Padang Besar, Wang Kelian, Bukit Kayu Hitam etc… none of them.

I am now showing you the real border, dividing 2 countries. Thailand at the north, Malaysia at the south.

I cycled to the border area few days ago. Here are some pictures that I have braved myself to shoot. :)


A first look, a border that enters deep into the jungle.


I just intrigued to see the door there. What’s that for?


Ooops, looks like I should be shot here LOL


I don’t know whether that is watchtower, or bird’s nest tower. I don’t know. *with the ‘I don’t know’ hand action.*


The vegetation that grows on the rocky hills. Fascinating.


Another more standard looking border, with floodlights, and again, why a door?


A glimpse of Thailand, shot though the tiny fences holes. Yes, over the other side, there is not much population. Only can see a small wooden hut.


Here I am standing the most North-western frontier of Malaysia. :)


Mangrove trees, protecting the coastal lines.


The mangrove trees looks more compact over the other side…



Yes, by the my position now, I am on the verge to cross border illegally. Luckily I still can control myself. Haha!


The sun is setting fast already… that time should be around 1845 hours hmmm…

Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable bicycle ride through the country side. Simply love the breeze blowing against me :)


How peaceful! No hustle and bustle! Just cycle relaxingly. :)

God bless you all!

January 5, 2010

Trying to be hardworking

I am in UniMAP smaller library now. It’s feeling very chilly here.


Recently I have always want to go to library. I find it easier to study here with a lot of books available here.


As mentioned, this is a smaller library, containing only light-reading materials such as novels, story books and so on. I like this library better because it’s always empty like what you have seen up there. Less people, more enjoyment, more breathing space. :)

However, it’s not easy to just study. With fast internet access here (yes, even faster than Celcom Broadband), I cannot help but to surf the Net and Facebook. Again.


I constantly find myself looking at the screen at longer times than reading the book! Ah Facebook and MSN! Haha normal la…

I just try my best to study la. That’s what I am supposed to do now.

One more thing to note though…


Where is the librarian? WHERE?

The answer is…


In front of the TV!! Haha gotcha! I also caught some counter librarians playing Facebook games and watching movie at the bigger library also.

Haha! See, staffs or students, we’re just ALL THE SAME!

Pity them la. They need to work until 2300 everyday, also need some entertainment la. :p

Whatever it is, I just wanna strive harder. The greatest enemy is indeed ME MYSELF.

God bless you all!