January 29, 2008

Top 5 Favourite TV Shows on ASTRO (so far)

You know what, I just can't stop loving ASTRO since its arrival on December last year.


Love them so much until we're all fighting teeth and toe for the remote control. To say the truth, I am also fighting for that REMOTE CONTROL.

It's really satisfying to get it in control, isn't it? And to watch others on their gloomy faces is also feeling great too! *evil laughs

OK, enough of craps. As the title says, let me bring to you my favourite TV shows, where I just addicted on them so much, on ASTRO so far. Only the shows in the channels that I subscribed count.

So let's count them down, shall we?

At number 5...

It's the Deadliest Catch, aired on Discovery Channel.

It shows the life a many brave crabbers (people who catch crabs) who fought the rogue waves and rough weathers at Bering Sea, for the stake of a million dollars.

No joke, this series even claimed several casualties, and even fatalities. But throughout the shows, I am really fascinated for their never-give-up spirit even in their most terrible conditions. Many jokes and foul words are exchanged to make this reality show interesting. Definitely worth a watch.

At number 4...


NO NO NO. I am serious. I do watch BBC News almost once everyday. They have News around the globe at every hour. Their documentary is also very good too.

And what's more, local news here, just cannot compete with this supreme BBC World. Simply cannot. I have getting sick with the pathetic, government-controlled local news media.

At number 3...

It's The F Word, from Asian Food Channel.

I am very certain that you think the F is the foul word, right? Well, maybe yes, maybe no?

Whatever it is, this show features my favourite celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, about his cooking, life, insights of food in UK and around the world, competitions, and of course, his frequent use of foul words. Haha....

It even inspires me to be a CHEF in the future. Or at least, cook better.

At number 2...

It's all about CSI! Forensic. Eerie corpses and crimes. Oh I just love the whole investigating and fighting process. It's really damn exciting as I watch. They look so professional and charming. Wakaka....

And finally, at number 1, my most favourite show on TV so far is....

Yeah, it's the mighty Amazing Race Asia!!

Though I didn't really start watching from beginning, but it's enough to get me drooled about the teams and the race covered!

Not forgetting also, these all whacky teams!

Look! They look so cute to fight like cats and dogs to reach the finish line, aren't they? Lot's of cool stuffs inside, with adrenaline pumping, I can't really explain why I like this show, but to see the show yourself!

OK, that's all for my long haul post. Hope you don't mind, OK?

God bless you all!

January 24, 2008


I saw this advertisement from the kind Yellow Digi, and I am really moved by it.

Here's the ad.... in case you never see it before... hehe...

See there? Though I am NOT in the video, I am thinking that I am very alike to the guy, who just stutters found himself getting so nervous even to mention her name.

I am also like that, don't I?

Maybe not that serious as to never dare to even call her name. Haha! But the tingling, yet exciting, mind blurring and blowing feeling when I know that she's around or saw her somewhere, are just turning me away. It makes me wanna run away like a gutless kid.

I don't even dare to imagine myself to be like the ending of the ad. However on second thought, won't I want to be like that too? Herm??

Won't I also want to WAH???

God bless you all!

January 18, 2008

How now?

I am sure that I have post-SPM distress. For months already. And it could be much much longer way to recovery.

There are really numerous amounts of question marks in my mind now. I am questioning my confidence, self-esteem, ability, future, and my very own inner-self.

Of course, majority of them are left UNANSWERED. Even though some of them are answered, they're still boggling my mind.

Please don't let me to be in despair.... Allow me to at least to have HOPE... PLEASE....

God bless....

January 15, 2008

Went to longhouse

Last Sunday my family and I went for the priestly ordination at a longhouse at Suai, which is located somehow 100 kilometers away from downtown Miri.

Very far, and the journey is never easy as well.

Some part of the road in unpaved, and rain caused chaos along the roads. At times we didn't really know where were we going.

Even Dad has to help to pull up 2 cars from the pits, which he described as "as easy as ABC." He's really a pro in off-road driving.

After lot's of chaotic travels, it's really relieving that we are finally there.

That BIG banner shows how important is this to the people here.

That's the longhouse, a tradition to the rural Sarawakians. Maybe not that rural because there's paved car parks around here. Bearing in mind, it's Government's political stronghold. Haha....

Putting aside the political stuffs, actually I like this place and the people here. They may not be very modern, but their courtesy really left me a great impression.

Many parishioners came from all over Miri Diocese to attend this ordination, which is always held at highest esteem, moreover this is much more significant to the longhouse people. They have a "FATHER" among themselves. SO cool...

But then, having been seated from very far away from the altar. I can hardly see anything, including the ordination process itself. Even the entire ceremony is using Iban. I was so blur about everything. How disappointing.

Nevertheless, I have a great time there. It was an amazing experience to discover what's my vocation that God's has given me. I can do nothing without God's grace. It's really really true.

I wish I can become fishers of men, too....

God bless you all!

January 11, 2008

I did a lame thing

People oh people, this morning I really did a very ULTRA LAME THING.

For the first time in my life,



What the.... I am just a learning driver, and yet already start breaking laws? Oh no man, I am so screwed up now with traffic lights!

To make things worst, I even nearly collided with the car in front as a result of following too closely. See, how dumb is that? I just got my instructor very mad.

And so am I. Duh...

God bless you all!

January 7, 2008

My sucker's dinner

Some days ago I went preparing dinner for family, since my parents went out for estate farming till very late. I just realize how suckers I am.

If I present such dishes to you, would you even dare to put your spoons onto the foods?

I guess you will vomit instantly once you tasted them. Up to you to try them for yourselves. Hehe....

And I have one more thing for you... Try to guess what's this...


Anyone, people?

Conclusion, my cooking needs a lot of polishing. And need to watch more Asian Food Channel.

God bless you all!

January 3, 2008

Hunting for PANS

Yes, you got me right, PANS. Not PANTS. Or even PANTIES. Just PANS. The pans in kitchen. The pans that our moms used to cook, fry, and so on.

So, WHY?

I am not that sure actually. I am actually frustrated that I don't have a proper pan to fry an egg, where I can shake it around, flip and toss it at ease. I am sick of wok, heavy steel pots.


Just to let you know, that's the smallest pan I have ever seen. It just have a diameter of 12 cm. I wonder what can be cooked there.... Hmm...

And note people, as if I am trying to be a chef, hehe, I am far to be a man that can cook. Just ask those who have eaten my cookery. They gonna shake their head at instance.

That's why now I am also hunting down for RECIPES! Just to kill my LONG HAUL holiday time via learning how to cook.

However, high prices and tight pocket really turned me down. Recipes found aare also quite hard to understand. In the end, my shopping returns ZERO. Oh...

And there goes my ultra retarded look. It's only wasting my time and energy to go searching around the city. FOR A PAN.

God bless you all!

January 2, 2008

I love McFlurry... or is it?

Again, I found myself in love with this dessert.

Creamy, smooth vanilla ice-cream, added with a touch of Oreo cookies. Oh how nice is that!! Though it taste a bit too sweet, but it still makes a great dessert for me, at stake of nearly RM5!

My parents will certainly forbid me to taste such diabetic dessert when they are around.

Don't ask me why my eyes suddenly closed. Notice my thich panda-eye there? I should have been very tired after a sleepless night and nervy driving lessons. Nevertheless, McFlurry really rocks!

God bless you all!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Despite the highs and lows of 2007, just wanna shrug off the excitement, frustration, joy and lot's more, and wish everyone, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2008 is sure going to be a YEAR OF CHANGE...

Give me an 8! Happy 8 everyone!

God bless you all!!