December 30, 2008

Distance from home

I saw this Distance Calculator Malaysia just now and gave it a try out of my curiousity. What I get from it is truly profound.

My place, is a hooping 1550.81 kilometers from my hometown!

This is only if I count the straight line distance, something like this!

Whilst actual travel distance, by air plus with by land, is roughly at 1783.43 km to 1938.51 km.

To put it simply, it's about 2000 km! Fuhlamak....

Now I feel so faraway now.... erm... So fast to be homesick? Didn't I just recently say that I wanna return to Perlis ASAP?

God bless you all!

9 Conditions to be TOGETHER.

I found this in some Chinese newspaper website. Just wanna share with you all.

It's in Chinese, click on the image to enlarge it and read it yourself.

Or may I translate for those who don't/can't read Chinese. Not sure my English translation works or not though. Hope you can understand.

Both of you are best friend for each other, love to be with each other without any conditions.

Both can communicate easily, willingly reveal anything possible, without worrying him/her to despise or be suspicious on you.

Both have the same virtues and views in their heart, and clearly know and admire each other values.

You emphasizes that marriage is forever, and both parties (stressing "both parties" here) have commit themselves for this long stretch of marriage.

When argument arises, both can solve together, not let it go down to the drain and erupt later on.

When being together can be jovial, there's always laughter, can joyfully face many things in life.

Both extremely understand and accept each other. You know he/she understands your strengths and weaknesses, and still believes that you are accepted by him/her.

You can get support and approval from the one you trust and believe the most.

Both of you will have romantic moments at sometimes. However, for most of the times, your times together are fulfilling and free.

Obviously, quite complicated. To be honest, I still don't have what it takes to be in relationship.

My time has not yet come, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to. Hmm... Time will tell.

God bless you all!

December 24, 2008

Semester 1 results finally OUT!

I feel like, what the! Why do they need so much freaking long time to release results? I really don't understand at all.

Ah, enough of craps, I shall let you see my results then. Share it to the whole world. Wahseh.

My CGPA (pointer) for this semester is 3.65. Pretty good looking number eh. Pretty pleased with it because I never expect I will have such pointer though. Some of my friends are not even happy with their higher pointers. They set such a high standards for themselves. Erm...

I take this! This is very much like a Christmas present for me! LOL!

God bless you all!

December 20, 2008

Deep in my heart

I am sorry to all of you, but at sometimes I just can't take it anymore.

This is my feeling now.

I know I am very strange. Majority are yearning to be at their hometown, but I am wanting to go out of my very own place.

Why? No explanations. Staying here any longer, I personally feel that it's gonna bring more harm than benefits.

That raises another question. Will I feel better if I leave here? BIG BIG DOUBT.

I don't know. Only God knows. I can only trust in Him.

God bless you all....

December 19, 2008

It's time to save, open many bank accounts

And why not we start saving, and make it as a regular habit?

Ever since I returned to my hometown, I find that I have simply spent too much on things that I don't really need to spend in. Foods, CDs, drinks, you name them. At times, I felt very guilty because of spending.

However, to start saving is not easy as well. How can we as normal human beings to go through all those irresistible temptations to spend our (or rather, our parent's hard-earned) money? Sounds absurd but sometimes we just failed to discipline ourselves and make ourselves a hell lot's of mess.

The next time when you have money, put them into the bank.

I know my face looks mean, sorry ya~~

Not only open 1, but at least 2 accounts!

Why need 2? Isn't it a big hassle? NOT AT ALL.

1 account (mine is CIMB Savings Account) is for you to have those regular banking, that you can withdraw money from it for daily usage anytime, anywhere.

Another one (mine is Bank Islam Mudharabah Savings Account) is virtually "locking" your money, putting money in on a regular basis so that you can have an emergency fund. For this, you SHOULD NOT get yourself an ATM card because it's supposed to be a "money-in-only" account.

There are so much things that I wish I can share here, but I end here first so not to make this post awfully long. Hehehe... questions are welcomed, I will try to answer.

God bless you all! And save your money! Go to a bank now!

December 12, 2008

Craving for Singapore Airlines suite life

Images are from Singapore Airlines website WITHOUT PERMISSION. LOL.

Singapore Airlines has always been the dream airlines I wanna to board, since I am pretty bored to hear about Airasia, or Malaysia Airlines, or other low-cost carriers in this region. Got sick of it, albeit their cheaper price.

Especially when they're the first to fly the world's greatest aeroplane ever, Airbus A380!

By just seeing their aircraft in pictures only, I am already very overwhelmed. They're just an airline to behold. It's really a 5 STAR PREMIUM AIRLINE.

In their A380, they also have higher class then First Class, which is their SUITES.

Something like this.

Very cool huh? With a personal LCD TV again!

Terrifically BIG BED on board! WOW!

See, each suite rooms has doors. So you can do whatever you wanna do inside, since no one can look inside.

With that, you can do a lot of thing, in private.

You can have a date inside...

Sit around, fool around, talk around bla bla bla....

Very nice isn't it? And also, bearing in mind that there's only 12 suites in each aircraft, it certainly won't be priced cheaply. I think, at least 5 figures...

Well, isn't it great to just do this thing, just once in a lifetime? Or better still, just get on an international flight with economy class without using low-cost carrier, like Airasia?

Erm, still dreaming.....

God bless you all!

December 11, 2008


The next time when your car fuel tank is empty, don't forget.....


Use Shell, now with Fuel Economy formula, regardless in petrol AND diesel, to bring you more power and better mileage, and most certainly, save you lot's of money (even though the oil price is quite low now.)

Don't forget to use your Bonuslink card too! If you don't have one, GO GET ONE! LOL....

See, another lame attempt to grab your attention! How lame it is!

Seriously I don't know what to blog anymore. Life is just getting more and more mundane and boring. No camera, really no fun. Very sad.

Save my ailing blog~~~

God bless you all!

December 2, 2008

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends

Share with you this song entitled above, found on Youtube. I discovered it when I was studying while listening to radio. Very nice.

Warning: This video is little bit X-rated.

The chorus kinda struck me away.

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends
How can we start over when the fighting never ends
Baby, how can we make love if we can't make amends
Tell me how we can be lovers if we can't be,
Can't be friends

I think this song applies to me very much. I just wish...... ah...

God bless you all. And especially, that special someone.