November 30, 2006

It's there... soon enough

Well well, what a day!

So today was well again stuffed up with training. Since there's Chung Hua Camp at HQ, so when I reach there, I took a sneak peek. Yeah, some of my friends from Youth Camp greeted me with delight, LOL, still calling "cool man!" Of course I also saw some of my long-time-no-see old primary school friends. Oh man, they are just growing more and more prettier!

Then five of us continue with the training as usual. More emphasis were on traditional-based team test now, and our trainer has lot's of questions to be brought to Kuching later. We also packed a lot of things to be brought there. I wonder why do we need so much of first aid stuffs, anyway just take it. Just hope tomorrow won't be penalized for luggage overweight lo. Hahaha....

Then after training I went to visit the camp again. It's Chinese-orientated since everyone's there is Chinese. You may think it's a racist camp, whatsoever. They looked to had fun, even the heavy rain destroyed their tents completely. I went home with a lot of "good luck" wishes from my dear friends. Hahaha....

Then back at home, I ate a full bowl of noodles, which made me full for the whole night! As usual, prayer, TV and Internet occupied my night. Still yet to study, and also yet to pack my luggage! LOL!

Hope the best in God Most High, that's all I want. I do it for the glory of God!

God bless you all!

November 29, 2006

Mind is blank now

While my other family members are still watching the funny and hilarious Mr. Bean show on TV3, I just stupidly blog something here la. So bored now by the way....

Today is STILL the quite the same day, that's day filled with training. Felt quite bored already with it, and seriously I think I need a breather, though the competition is less than 3 days. Training session was mostly spend on beds, where we kept on practicing public speaking and remembering skills. Then we focused much on classical team tests which proved to get more trickier than ever. It sucks to face all the hidden and spinal injuries.

By the way, I should not say I am bored now because I am supposed to study for the competition now! Ah, whatever la...... Win or lose at there is not something I care so much, I just concerned whether I could perform at my best, particularly in the team tests. OK, you may say I am lazy, for yes, I AM REALLY LAZY AND I EVEN DON'T HAVE THE BOOK LE....


It always feeling good to get out of the HQ after training, just like slaves being freed. Upon reaching home, I enjoyed the superb, delicious rojak prepared by Mum together with family. Then at evening all went out to find the shoe for the coming competition. Plus we also go "minum teh" at Morsjaya. Hey, you all should really try the "teh C special" or called "three-coloured tea!" It's really really nice you know! Walao eh, you try once surely you want another one! LOL...

So I think this wrapped my day. Fr. Ding today quoted from Mother Theresa that "the best sacrifice is when such sacrifice is PAINFUL to us." I totally agree with it. When I think about it, I relate it to my recent training. It's painful, it sucks, but I hope in God, hope that this can bring us some good things later. Such pain in sacrifice in essential to earn salvation from Jesus Christ.

Lord, teach me not to be afraid to accept the sacrifices, should they come against my way, and help me to willingly follow God's will, to glorify your name, to finally reach the eternal salvation and live with God in all eternity.

OK la, that's all from me! God bless you all! Love you all!

November 28, 2006

Come on

Today again is a day filled so much with training for the coming first aid competition. As we were waiting like crazy, we started off with some community-based test training which tests us much on talking and remembering skills.

Scoldings and frustration were not something new in the training. We were somehow used to it already. Even the trainers looked used to it already. But then I could feel though we are still substandard, we started to improve a little. Lot's to go of course.

Upon reaching home, I just relentless fell sick. Not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually sick. Suddenly I missed so many people, and I could not pray properly during the rosary. It's weird, but I simply cannot avoid it. It did nearly drew me to tears. Even I am also very lazy to online here, because it's gonna be heart-breaking for me too.

That's why, life as a Christian has never been easy. So many challenges, no matter big ones or small ones. Can I handle it? Or will I be crushed with those obstacles? Well, with Jesus my Lord my God, I want to struggle on, I want to do the best in weekend, I want to surrender myself totally to God. As for those friends whom I missed so much, I really want to meet them one day soon enough in this long holiday.


God bless you all!

November 27, 2006

Nothing much I want to say

It's me again blogging here through a Linux environment! Today was thought to be an exhaustive and tiring day, but actually it didn't really to be like that. Though it's not so cool, at the end of the day like now, nothing much I want to say.

Today is the trial competition for my team. Our opponents was the champions of inter-unit first aid competition, which chose to waive their chance to represent Miri. We only battled with them in quiz bee and B&I (bandaging and immobilizing) session. So jealous to see other teams do the bandaging without any tension and keep on laughing and joking. Well, we maybe won against them, but overall I could feel that our performance is still substandard only. To cover it up just allow me to use the term "still got rooms of improvement."

Then we proceed to team tests without any opponents. Traditional-based team tests were still OK to me, except that Ming Chai making a lot of mistakes in decision making. And we were not looking good in community-based team tests, though 1 of them is my favourite topic about HIV and AIDS. Again, I want to say, we got lot's "rooms of improvement." LOL....

For this competition, I always bear in mind that this time we went there just to do our best. NO NEED to bother too much on other things which boggle so much our brain. My mind set is "If win, win lo! If lose, lose lo!" It's just that easy! Don't worry, be happy and enjoy the competition! That's me lo! Hahaha!

But then I have to give praises to my team members lo. Unlike me, they trained so hard, read so much, much more hardworking than me. They liked training better than me. I would really hope we could we win something there to repay their hard work.

After the dreadful trail and some discussion plus log-rolling session, I went to have roti canai with Ming Chai. It's so nice until I found myself quite hard to stop ordering another roti canai! Hehehe, when I want to eat, it's so hard to stop you know....

As conclusion, thank God for this day. I just cannot stop to trust and hope in His grace and mercy. My dreams are in thy hands, O Lord Jesus my God!

That's all for today lo!

God bless you all!

November 25, 2006

Wrecked weekend again

It's another frustrating wrecked weekend for me again. On and on again is the training for the coming competition. I can say it was a disappointment for our team because my team's performance below their standards. Poor Ming Chai had to be scolded repeatedly, that he could not hide his temper towards the trainers.

Nevertheless, maybe these are training our patience, besides on our alertness too. I also did many stupid mistakes simply because of the many hidden injuries, which I think the clues given are simply ridiculous. I can't wait to get this over soon, or rather have the competition tomorrow. Just hope time can pass very fast.

Since I was back from camp, suddenly I wanted so much to eat PIZZA. It's just comes suddenly, don't know why. Due to the increase of PIZZA madness, added with my low mood, I went straight to Pizza Hut to have a pizza treat for myself. Honestly it's not really enough with only a small personal pan pizza, but at least can cure my pizza addiction for a while. I planned that after the competition I will have a bigger treat for myself and probably others lo. Good things have to be shared ma....

Nothing much happens at night as both of my parents came home late from estate. Praying always remain integral part of might life, as well as online. Simply the best!

Tomorrow is the feast of Christ the King and it would be held in Indoor Stadium. Hope it's gonna be new experience to me. I really want Christ to become the King who reigns in my heart.

God bless you all!

November 24, 2006

Start over again

Well, very glad that I can spend time blogging at this Chamber of Dreams. I received quite good feedbacks from fellow participants from Youth Camp. Thanks to all who had spent your time here browsing for photos.

Day started with the morning Mass at Carmelite Chapel. From there on, I knew this day was gonna to be a harsh and hard one. It really seemed to be like that. Prayed that God grant me the strength and strong will to continue on with the competition training, and hope time run as fast as possible.

Probably due to sleeping late the previous night, I cannot concentrate much on the training. At first, the 9-restarts-team test really made me a bit frustrated, though it's was a good tactic. From now on, I have to adapt myself to become No.2 in team. Ming Chai led the team well, just that he's too nervous in everything.

I also found myself very weak in doing log roll the casualty. I had big difficulty in lifting up casualties using my left arm. OK, I know both of my arms are not muscular at all, thus make me hard to lift the upper part of body. Elsewhere in training was good, except I know the training is going to be very super duper harsh.

I felt very tired upon reaching home, and life's just like usual at night. Tonight I got new chatters like Hui Wen and Hann Ming, which I knew from Youth Camp. Fingers are rarely rested because they are flying typing chats and blog! Hahaha! So happy to end my day like this! Simply fantastic!

Gotta sleep earlier today! Hope you all always be happy and joyful in the presence of Lord!

God bless you all!

Back from Youth Camp

Selamat datang! Welcome to those who are willing to visit this little blog!

Hope got traffic increment this time because I have given this site's URL to many participants of the Youth Camp.

Welcome to Lambir Hills National Park!

Anyway, it's a rather satisfying camp for me at the end. Some unexpected scenarios such as the first time ever participants living in chalets. Amazingly and strangely, this happens. Of course, this caused some "bu shuang" among us AJK's.

But nevertheless, overall the activities were all OK and rated very good by them. I also as Vice Commander also had a great time mixing around with them. Such a fun stuff to do actually. Then later at night, while others are sleeping, those AJK's who were awake gather again and played some new, wild games! Ming Chai was such a laughing stock where he did many noticeably things! LOL!

So, I have some picks from my photo collections. I know most of you want to see the photos only, so bear with the words, OK?

Trying to brief participants with hailer. Hey, I LOVE this hailer! Don't know how much my saliva on it already. LOL

I just like how Khin Sheng pose with the danger sign. Hahaha...


Just look at how Ming Chai treated the "bombed" participants!

Had fun at the waterfall!

Torturing them? Oh, am I using the correct word?

Gary acting "lelaki gila!" Looking "gila"?

I received the hormat things, whatsoever....he's nice and very friendly...

No joke, no make up, I was really sleepy when photo was taken! No idea who took this either. Anyway, thanks!

Haha, this is with the wildest group in the whole camp! Very enjoyable to be with them!

After this camp, for me, only the Inter-chapter first aid competition awaiting. Camp was a fun yet valuable experience. Praise and thank God for everything he granted me throughout the whole week while I was at 2 National Parks. So glad to be at home and I cannot forget how blessed am I in God.

May God bless you all!

November 19, 2006

Memories at Similajau

It's has been a fun yet tiring trip at Similajau National Park. I can never forget the long haul 20 kilometers walk in forest! Hahaha!

Welcoming posing, LOL..

Upon reaching there at Friday evening, we thought we could have a dream VIP chalet. LOL, it didn't happen. Such a big blow on our excitement. To make things worse, no boats can bring us to Golden Beach, meaning we had to travel 10KM each in and out! LOL....

We should be living here la.

Anyway, first night was very smooth, everyone having their own fun time around. Obviously they don't like my camera while they are playing so don't have much footages on how they play, hehehe. Later allof us went out to try our luck if we could see any crocodiles. No luck, no signs of any crocodiles around.

So next morning we continued our journey inside the jungle. It's bloody tired to all of us, even to make it half way. But then I didn't like the buzzing complaints from fellow friends, which did annoy me a little. Not to say I am proud, but I know at least I ever went there before.


I could not hide my delight and joy when seeing this sign board! Ah, FINALLY!

Kinda nice from top.

Hiding in a small tunnel?

Sand here a bit different.

Oh ya, in case you are interested about how we were doing in the forest, just have a visit in my Photobucket! Hehehe....

After short enjoyment at there, it's another long 3 hours walk again. That's why, I could hardly remember is therea ny other times I ever walked 20 KM a day, even on smooth road? Hey, I was at forest that time la! LOL! Hahaha, I felt so relieved when I left the woods. Felt so triumphant, like I beat the communists, hehehe....

First arrivals, enjoying their drinks after such long walk.

Felt sick after the long walk, but then I managed to eat 2 packs of food in supper, which made me almost awake the whole night. I went to the chalet which has most people, with them laughing, listening, talking and so on. I left them at late night despite of several warnings. In fact I wandered around the compound in late night for some fresh air since I really had nothing to do.

This is so to say the "creepy" public toilet. I shot it during 3 something at morning le... Look creepy?

Then the next day, after some enjoyment at the Similajau, we waved goodbye and went to Bird Park. It's cool, given lack of maintenance at there. Many animals there, as well as plants.

My flash almost wake the lion up, LOL.

Owh, smelly....

Hornbill, pride of Sarawak!

Emma as monkey! Zin Yue as gorilla! Chew Rou as tiger! Geoffrey as bear! So cool when looking this!

Can you believe this super small durian is dropped, not plucked? Cute little durian!

This slight delay made me unsettled for not being able to attend evening Mass. Fortunately, the bus was running full speed, and Chew Rou's dad willing to give me a ride. That evening Mass saved my day, I have to say. And here I am home alone now because my family went to Sibu yesterday. Feeling lame, but what to do?

However even how lame is it, I want to continue to have HOPE, hope in God. Jesus wants me to be prepared as nobody's knows when he will come again. Prayed that Jesus' love is always with me in the following days of Youth Camp. I feel that I will hardly enjoy this one, but I want to continue longing for God's presence in life.

So, thanks for reading this long post! God bless you all!

November 16, 2006

God is good, all the time!

I simply like this day so so much. That made me real realized that God is good and ever loving at all time.

I went to school for the final school session day for year 2006. Today also means last day to meet most of my classmates and friends before the stressful year of 2007 comes along. Particularly Siew Kee and Susie who are supposed 80% to be transferred out. My add maths project was hurriedly handed in, without any graphs inside. Probably it made me little bit guilty but I am glad to have done it, though not perfect as others did it so well.

Me so "selekeh" looking as Susie is also shy in front of camera.

Siew Kee 's gonna depart too. Will much miss their noise and fun at class next year. Haha..

Anyway, wish them all the best lo!

I cannot stay longer at school because I felt I was largely left out in everything there. Can't wait to be at home actually. There I played PC and took a nap. So enjoying!

Then I went to General Hospital for a stretcher-handling course. Our team was informed of the coming competition tight schedule there and rather shocked by it. To add to the shock, we are going there using Malaysian Airlines! Huh? So many money huh? Hahaha. Anyway, we had fun there and I am glad to share the pictures I have here.

Log roll the victim to spinal board.

The team pauses for a photo. Introduce the left is Ming Chai, then from right is Qi Ying, Wan Lin and Andy! We had fun!

Log roll again.

Show off with cervical collar on in ambulance, ahaha...

The team with instructor and trainer. I am still on with that C-collar. LOL

Wow, if we have this as first aid kit, we sure win liaw....

Again, as advertisements, more pics available at my Photobucket. It's painstaking and time-intensive to upload those photos, LOL.

Simply fun. But then I nearly injured a casualty because I don't really put the ambulance stretcher down properly, causing it to collapse from front! LOL, very sorry to him.

Then later at theology class, it's a new teacher coming to teach, his name is Uncle Jo. His style is eye catching, and I found he can hilariously describe something serious into something funny. For example, when describing about Jesus' sufferings on the cross, he still can laugh added with "you know you know...." But then the class is very cool, enjoyed it much.

So then, I praise my loving God for giving me this enjoyable day. Nothing to be regretted in the end. Gotta be busy around next week, but I want to continue to hope in God!

May Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary reign in my heart forever. There's no such thing that I loved Mary too much, because when we love Mary more, we love Jesus more!

Praise the Lord! God bless you all!

November 15, 2006

Completely FREE

Today, surprisingly, was completely free to me. Somehow quite delighted by it because it has been such a long time for having this super free time.

I was not at school today, since I decided to have a breather to leave school. I gave an early birthday wish to Wan Lyn earlier on, and her appreciation towards that my small SMS wish was simply fantastic to me.

I could not settle anytime longer at town so I returned home just after my breakfast. I stayed at home for almost the rest of the day. For a start I cleaned the dirty drain, read newspaper, online and so on. Not forgetting endless naps too, haha....

Andy's phone call informing me that training was canceled made me leap sky high on bed. I could not be more happy than this! So nice not to have training since I don't like it either. For me, how I wish I can resign from all of these in Red Crescent because all of it simply not the ones I want to do and it brings much frustration. Hope the following Youth Camp and inter chapter first aid competition can go off as soon as possible.

Then later at night my family and I went out to buy something. Since my dad said that I don't have enough briefs for following Similajau trip and Youth camp, more briefs are bought. I have no complains, as I very look forward for that Similajau trip, but not the youth camp of course.

Tomorrow will be the last day for school. As for me, I will be rushing to finish off my add maths project throughout the night. Hope the power of Holy Spirit be with me at all time, shower God's blessing on me, so that I dare to realized my dreams.

Praise the Lord!

November 14, 2006

Anywhere I go, I just felt LAME

I could hardly be happy today. Like the title has said, anywhere I went was very LAME to me.

I sensed something not right when I arrived late to attend the morning Mass. Nothing really got me going in class. Rather, all were ordered to do the seating planning for SPM tomorrow. Still OK for me because I looked for something to do to quench my sweat out.

Then after that, I found myself could not settle anymore there due to the intensified boredom and went straight home at around 11. I could not help myself except to sleep on the sofa in living room. Feeling very dejected that time because so many things have hindered me from having a really free time.

My LAMELY look lo. Does not look handsome, but I simply can't helped myself to be like that.

In afternoon, I preferred to attend to the trip meeting at school, just for a reason to escape the training session. The meeting was short, can say "too fast too furious." Impressed on how Jsun Loong can deliver what he wants and delegated the jobs in almost instant speed. Seeing him and Su Yi together like "dut", honestly, made me a little bit jealous. And he's got a chance to go to Sri Lanka later this month for certain international Youth conference. So jealous of him le. Haha, anyway, though I feel lame there, at least I had my friends in company. When all of them left, again the super lame feeling coming to strike back.

Back home with full of relieved, that I have gone through most of the day. Now I know a Christian teens' life is never to be easy. It's full of challenges, where everything seems to be so easy to the adults. I fully believed, with God on our side, nothing whatsoever can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. Only with such BIG LOVE from Jesus, can sustain me to continue on my life with full of hope.

Lord Jesus, I surrender all my lamely feeling, my overloaded and think-too-much mind, and all of myself to you. Teach me to remain in your love, because I know it's you that have loved me so much.

God bless you all!

I should be sleeping now

It's 0240 now, and here I am, still typing this lame blog post for myself in the late night.

Anyway, it's quite an exciting night to me, because it's just turned so dramatic! Even only alone!

Just after I chatted with Yien Houng, I take my timeout to watch some videos at CNET TV. Pretty amazing. I was well impressed, as my favourite browser, Firefox 2, is again and agian being priased for it's everything! Oh yeah, hey guys, better switch to Firefox now! It's much more better than IE!

Haha, just some advertisements! But hey, it's really good! Try it now!

Enough with that, than for the first time in so many days, I tried my hand on add maths project, at least I have done something. At first I was really frustrated because I have to search around for stationeries. Pretty annoying. So far I think I only managed to finish at least 15%. Left 85% for only 2 days!

Then I proceeded to kitchen and robbed 3 hotdog frankfurters for myself. Unfortunately, the insane light tripped and caused a brief blackout. I was sooo shocked. Anyway, I found my way to the ELCB set and reopen the electric supply.

Whoosh, what an effort and patience to have this as supper......

Looks simple, but really yum-yum for me.

If Mum allowed me to eat the instant noodles around, i would have eaten more than these, FOR SURE. I am super-eater, to be honest.

OK, it's time to end my post. Hope I can dream that one day the Lord welcomes me into his kingdom and be with him forever and ever.

God bless you all!

November 13, 2006

Cannot ask for anything more

Haha, welcome again to my blog. Can say a satisfying day for me lo.

I woke up late in the morning because last night slept very late in night. Luckily still can reach school in time for Mass. At school, I stepped up to be the scriptless MC at assembly. Despite of some minor errors, I can still be pleased with myself. While people were giving speeches upsatge, Ridzuan and me hid aside, chit chatting and listened to radio. So enjoy le.....

Then back at class, since I was still reluctant to start my add maths project work, I wandered around and looked for some enjoyment. I couldn't win a chess game at all today, but manage to snapped some photos with some friends and happenings in class.

Photo with Ming Fen, glad I don't repeat the same mistake yesterday. Hehe...

Looks like bloopers, but much more natural. Don't you agree?

See more pictures at my Photobucket!

Later at afternoon, I went to Priscilla's home to repair her stagnant PC. It's was almost perfect for me until I found out I have not setup the language settings correctly for her. Ouch. Totally forgot about it since Mum arrived so early and I am rushing to do the optimizations. Never mind, it's my pleasure to help her, hahaha....

Then I grabbed my bicycle back from cousin after so long time borrowed him. Disappointed and little bit angry to see some broken parts, such as broken brakes and gear. Nevertheless the steering is ok, so to the seat, but I cannot accelerate the bike well. Anyway, just pleased to get it back.

Prayers as usual were the integral part in evening. Still have no idea when and how to start the add maths projects. Found some joy in chatting. My junior, Ley Pui, encouraged me to be happy always, which of course, I wanted too! Given that what happened today, I cannot ask for anything more. I was very happy already.

What does God want me to be in my life? As I am still in search for that, I truly hopes, I want to be always joyful in my Lord, regardless of various situations. As said many times, the joy of my Lord is my everlasting joy and hope!

God bless you all!

November 12, 2006

So fun

Today, as I have hoped, a great day for me!

Early in the morning I went home early after Mass because both my brother and I decided not to go to cell group. Relieved because never like the male-only cell group, which is very BORING!

Anyway, back to the Mass. Jesus today praised the widow who only donated 2 little coins, which is already everything to them. This made me reflected on how we should be always generous. Even in giving gifts, the most important is our sincerity. Very important I have to say. Thanks to Jesus for that teaching.

Back at home I start not to feel well. I had no idea for that. Probably with the over-clothing when taking nap upstairs, making me hot like "dut." When I woke up something was wrong again with my body. Strange. Am I having some sort of illnesses? Only God knows what happened to me.

Then I prepared myself to attend the joint-PTA dinner at Parkcity Everly Hotel. Likewise at Prefect Night last time, I wore all black again. The dishes served, honestly speaking, was not really good and tasty. Surprised to see some of my prefect colleagues went there as temporary waiters and waitresses there. Here's some of the good shots there, with me and the girls la. LOL.

Backdrop and the band.

Syok sendiri inside The Pavilion.

Too bad that time because all the prefects have to be split because actually there's no FREE SEATING. Anyway, I sat with parents, with friends just within short distance. Still OK, hassle free enough.

Bishop officiates the function. Rather shocking to take this pic because of the unexpected booming sound.

With Kristine, who Samuel said that she is fat. I totally disagree, she's looks great!

A photo with Chew Rou outside. She's so sexy and attractive!

Again the best shot is with the gorgeous Emma!

Funny bloopers with the 2 girls up at 6th floor. See how funny?

Haha, another syok sendiri la!

More on the Photobucket. The ones shown above are the best, so I think others at Photobucket cannot compete with these. Hehehehehe.....

Not going to sleep early tonight. Still ave lot's of job yet to be done, in which I also don't know when I am going to finish them all, especially the add maths project. So mind boggling le....

Thank God for all of these today. Such a wonderful and eventful day given by Him. I cannot ask for more than this. In Jesus and Mary, I want to continue to hope, because hope gives me the strength to make my dreams come true.

God bless you all!

November 11, 2006


When I woke up this morning, I just felt it's not going to be a pleasing day for me. After this while, well, ups and downs are there, but all of that just simply satisfying.

Felt so homesick after Mass. I just want to take the bus home, but cannot because I got to attend the YLC, for the first time ever of course. It's a new experience to speak up front, but I am still not fluent enough to speak in public, means cannot talk smoothly or express what I want to say properly.

Fair enough with that meeting. Thought want to go out again, but the homesick feeling make me went back home. Ah, so relieved to sleep for a while and have free lunch at home. No more that frustrating feeling, at least for a while.

After that, I went back to HQ to have training for coming first-aid competition. Nevertheless this training is just OK for me, as I keep trying to get the team leader post. That's what I want the most, since I suck being No.2. See first how it goes.

As said, it was very relieving to be at home after each dreadful training. Of course PC was the first place to reach upon reaching home. My aunt coming from Bintulu keep saying about her Amway things and I listened to her talks without much complaints. Anyway, there's no such will that I want to be businessman. I am still very strong on my dream to become a priest.

I just let my future be done according to God's will. As Paul said in readings to day, with God's power, there's nothing that cannot be done.

After dinner, all went to Boulevard to have some shopping. At there, I was busy with my handphone. Simply exciting and I love it. Never been so busy before to SMS with girls. Haha, thanks a lot to Emma and Priscilla, if not I will be so bored strolling around without anything.

Then we didn't went straight home, but went uphill to Canada Hill. There we have some night drinks there, as well as watching the gorgeous night scenery. Wasn't that superb to bring someone I love to there to have a date, or simply enjoy all of these silently? LOL.

It's still OK at the end of the day. Thanks be too God for all of these. May He continue to grant me the strength and hope to face every challenges in life.

Hope tomorrow's going to be great Sunday!

God bless you all!

November 9, 2006

Tired and sick

Feeling very tired indeed after the sleepless day. Felt a bit sick too. Why? I will tell you later so please read on.

As usual and directed, I went to school with my T-shirt and tracksuit only. Much comfortable I have to say. Again at school we started off playing games at school. I helped Jenny to win her chess tie with Leslie, then lost to her badly in another game of marbles. Then all prefects were called to do some jobs, where I painted the scribbles in the toilets and everywhere around the school.

It's an easy task so went to class earlier than expected. After an hour, we had a long haul meeting with Mr. Patrick. It's a super duper long haul talk, where so many issues are brought out and some sharing by teacher. Of course, we did discuss about the Prefect Trip, and my proposal for trip to Brunei was immediately tickled off. All simply want to go KL, which of course I want too. But think again, I know it's possible, but seriously I doubt it whether we can planned it on time. It's somehow clash with the competition dates too.

Then back at home, it was just simple. Somehow I discover that surfing the net at Linux is faster than at WIndows. Whether how true or accurate is that I am not so sure, but it's happening like this now, so I am in a LInux system to type the post. Kim How asked a few questions about Linux thinggy where I answered gladly.

In the evening, I went to Theology class after several weeks absence for many reasons. Today discuss about Marian devotions, in which I think very important for my spiritual life. I would want to know what is scapular, it's something to wear but never heard about it. Anyway, frustrated also because the presentations which I want to see is the week where I will have the YLC camp.

After stepping the cathedral, something went wrong in me. I felt sick. I felt like heart is getting difficult to pump blood. Something like HEART ATTACK. Not sure of course, but it's causing discomfort in chest. Oh, what's gonna happen to me?

Anyway, I just let all the things happen to God. As I know, God made me a Temple, so that He himself may live in me. How happy I am! I hope, through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary, I can enter the new Jerusalem, the new Heaven and Earth, and let Jesus be my God forever and ever.

Hope this post is not crap post either. Haha....

Peace of the Lord be with you all! God bless!

November 7, 2006

Just too normal

Such a long time since I last posted anything to this blog. Wonder what happened to me now.

Anyway, today is only like a normal day as ever, passing through without ever knowing it. I went to church and school early in the morning. As I watched some have started off their own Add Maths project work, yes, this is true, I am still very reluctant to start anything yet. Somehow I like to do things in last-minutes. It's simply fun, and can feel the urgency of adrenaline. Haha....

Anyway, time is school is mostly spent (maybe wasted, anyway you might think) in playing games, like UNO. Sometimes were invested in discussing Physics and Biology. For Physics, I am just glad that I can pass it on the mark, Biology as well had an improvement this time. Anyway, clean sheet record is still on hand. Haha, please don't blame me being proud lo. Playing UNO is large group was very fun but very "painful" when have to wait for my turn to throw the cards. When it's "draw" situation, it's simply exciting to "harm" others to draw many cards. Wakakaka....

Ah, today in school I also didn't wear my tie! Just realized it when I tried to search for it when I came out from chapel. LOL, even Principal didn't scold me when he entered the class. I was so near to him, and yet didn't get scolded. I luckily joked myself to my friends, being at the most dangerous place is the safest place. LOL. Anyway, thank God, I found my tie left in the car. It's horried to wear without tie for even a day with a blazer. Looks like pro gangsters le. Haha

Then from afternoon until night, I can just summarize all of them as relaxing. I slept, ate, slept again, prayed, post forums and blogs, just like that, so normal.

Let my dreams be surrendered to God. May God with his all mercy, and by the body and blood of Jesus Christ, bring the souls in purgatory to heaven. May all of us may share the Great Banquet in heaven when Christ calls us back to glory.

To all Catholics (and Christians from various churches as well if you believe in purgatory), please pray for the souls of departed ones, and the souls in purgatory.

God bless you all!

November 4, 2006


It always feeling deserved to be happy when the day starts. Similar for me, I was hoping the same too, after a tiring, sleepless night.

It's convocation at school, and again I cannot help much in this function, because I have to be upstage to take prizes again. With camera on my hand, again I felt the rejected just because of the camera. What's wrong with taking pictures? Is there something as camera phobia? I don't get it.

Here's what I got overall in the 2-day-ceremony. Pardon me to show off, hehe...

After some clearing jobs, I went to town, whilst enjoyed some ice cream and magazines. Reached home at half past noon, where I didn't take the lunch. I went so sleepy that I slept 5 hours in afternoon.

Night was much cooler, much more enjoyable. I helped Dad with his presentation and pictures. And Mark recently has been tagged as "singer" as he always downloads songs and sings out loud.
Then I just a phone call, saying there's training tomorrow. Again! Yes, we are not perfect nor up to basic standard yet, but I FELT VERY FRUSTRATED about it. It's not on schedule, and it hijacks my weekend for sure. How I wish I could slam her with my "poisonous" words! I could just bitterly take it in, and try to be humble.

Seriously, I think it would be much better to just quit it and let better people or those who claim to be better to replace me. It's no point to be in competition if I am not happy with it, without enjoying the process.

Anyway, in this late night, I know at least God is with me. He knows my feeling, emotions, mentality, and so on. And whatsoever is that, I do it for the glory of God! Should I am eliminated or kicked out, I promise I will have no regrets.

God bless you all!

November 2, 2006

Hot on PC

This morning I went to school early, while quite many of my classmates are still lazying around at home, for the prize giving ceremony. All I care was what I would get for my straight A's in PMR last year.

Bishop was the one who officiated the ceremony. I didn't really listen to the speeches because I simply not interested in it. To kill the boredom, I borrowed pen and paper from Yien Houng and write so many LAME things.

Then went upstage to receive the prize. Quite happy because I got RM30. That's pretty good, can buy something I want already. The food provided is also not bad, where I ate a lot f eggs. I talked A LOT too! However, I felt a bit guilty because I could not help around during the function, but just watched them helplessly.

Anyway, I went home at 11 then it's my relax time! Continue to fuss around with PC. Feeling overjoyed when finally installed and surfed the web successfully with Firefox 2 in Kubuntu. However, I was not very satisfied, and I changed my Linux system to Ubuntu. Big mistake! Yes, at here, only Firefox can access Internet, others cannot! What the.... I nearly felt crazy browsing around the forums for solutions!

No wonder many, including PC experts are Linux-phobic. I can understand why, but I just loved the challenge.

Emma asked me who's the "you" I mentioned in MSN personal message. Still I kept my fingers tight. Not really sure I "like" or "target" her, because I simply don't want to target anyone for now, and even lose the friendship with her, rather I am more eager to my policy "interested in everyone!" Haha!

As we commemorate all the departed today, Jesus continues to gives us hope. Death is definitely not destruction, but a change of life. What's more important is our eternal life. By the resurrection of Christ from the dead, we are all given a hope of eternal life, that's guaranteed. As in one of mystery of faith, "Dying you destroy our death, rising you restore our life, Lord Jesus, come in glory!"

Continue to hope in God! Praise the Lord!

November 1, 2006

Approaching year-end

Yes, the end of year is coming now! Mind you, it's November already!

I woke up lazily early in the morning, feeling very reluctant to go to school actually. Since that time, I think I will have a bad day, and so it did. The day does not go in my desired way.

Upon arrival at school, I just went to sleep on my desk since the chapel is closed. I just felt so lazy to go for duties because I think it simply makes no sense at that moment to control the students. I also felt nothing much I can do at the preparation works for the coming school function tomorrow. So, helplessly I went back class, play cards, check papers, chit chat, and sleep again.

Talk about exam, little bit I am disappointed because I lost to the top guy Ee Cheng by 1 point. Still, I am quite satisfied with my improvement. Nothing to regret actually, I had done my very best, and that's the fruit I reap. Simple as that.

If not I was forced to go to the training in the afternoon, I would rather to stay on to help the guys to prepare the function. When I saw them at Brighton shop houses, walking in a big gang, I was so eager to join them. Well, the training was still OK, whilst bringing back to the basics which need to be repolished. I could not say it's fun, nor educational, nor beneficial, but just OK.

As today is All Saints Day, I went to St. Dominic's Chapel at Taman Tunku for the Mass. This feast remind me that God has a call on me to holiness. As Christians, as quoted from Mother Theresa, "holiness is not luxury, it's a necessity." Quite true. How I admire the saints at heaven now, living with Christ happily ever after, praising God while nothing can take them away. I dearly hope that I can be one of them today.

Jesus said in Beatitudes, "Blessed as those who are poor in spirit, there's is the kingdom of God." I pray that my thirst and hunger for the love and grace of God shall never fade away. Only God can satisfy my needs, and I want to totally rely on him, just like the saints has done. 1 thing I know, when Jesus appeared in glory, we shall be like him, for sure.

With all the saints in heaven, let's praise the Lord!

God bless you all! Love you all!