December 31, 2006

Wonderful 2006

Well well well, as I have promised, here's what I can provide on my own all-year recap of the wonderful year of 2006.

So I go through it month-by-month, read on to know more.....

Let's start off from way way back in January. It's exciting to enter Form 4, where I expected much challenges and adventure. I made resolution that I always in peace, no matter what have to be it glory to God. Got to know many new friends upon reaching Form 4. Orientation sucked us too much freedom as I think we didn't have class for sometime. At that time, my egoistic heart made me want to take 14 subjects. I was elected as class monitor too, so from the start of the year I already had red tie on me already! Yeah.....

From February, life's at Form 4 was getting harsh, with all the exams started to crush and threaten us. It's completely different story from lower form. I had missed my life at lower form, and regretted not having the most fun out of it. Nevertheless life still have to go on. MRCS school unit had orientation at Taman Awam, and loved photography since there, to capture the sweetest (and also the worst) moments in life. That time I witnessed the breaking of Chieng's family from our school unit, which to me all due to politics and totally useless.

I had my first ever upper form exam in March. It's tough enough for me that time, managaed to get all the substandard marks. Luckily I didn't fail anyone of them! That time was season of Lent, so my life that time was very low-profiled. Nothing much happened in that month. Or if had, I also cannot remember, LOL.

April was an eventful month. Easter Sunday provided me much joy and hope for the Lord has risen! Training for Inter-Unit First Aid Competition heated up, with me becoming the team leader for my school. After 1 month training, we ended up as runner-up, trailing only 0.1 point from the champions? Regret? Got some la, but then this was enough for us since we didn't win any sections and we were all expecting to go home empty-handed. Great for the team, a vital confident-booster for me! Later I was selected as prefect, in which I had to undergo 3-day-KJD whose memory still vivid in me.

In May I started my prefect duties along with other colleagues. I only did the morning duty for the first week, as I was too eager and "addicted" to Mass everyday. Prefect's assignment drove me, which include school cleaning, essays, get signatures. I still remember I was punished and scolded heavily for being defiant in getting signatures. Witnessed my team Arsenal beaten by Barcelona in the Champions League Final at Paris, kinda disappointed but proud with their performance! The Sarawak State Assembly Election also made me happy, which saw Rocket flew high, winning 6 seats out of 12 contested! So cool man....

Moving on to June, the church camp organized by the Singaporeans invited by Fr. Gabriel made my short holiday very meaningful. I remember the kids and teens showing off their cheers "Waaa!!!" and "yo yo cool!" at there. World Cup fever struck me, with me following every match available for me to watch, even after school reopened. Also I was installed as prefects, where I wore blue blazers and pants. First time I felt myself being handsome, but then what a responsibility for me as well. That time all my colleagues was looking super duper terrific! But then, the girl-bullying video on YouTube crushed the school. The impact was big, very big.

July is a month without any holidays. Quite a busy month have to say. Not only busy in prefect jobs, but also in MRCS. Some relationship matters also gloomed my heart. Went on with it strongly. Flag sale was held for only 2 days this year, without any competition among the units. I still remember how crazy we are in front of the 4D shop, singing, joking loudly, being scolded by boss there.... LOL, it's just fun!

Moving in to August, it's an exciting month. It's started with Prefect Night where I became MC. It was a great success, and first time saw all my friends and colleagues wore so elegantly to a function like that. Participated the Inter-Clubs camp as quartermaster, which enables me to make more new friends! First time hashing at Canada Hill was a great experience. Started my "computer repairing career" at which I received quite a lot of requests to repair PC, and I enjoyed going to people's house to get the things done for them. No money received, just the rewarding experience.

September was running slow, with me staring to hate schooling life. Homeworks were piling up very fast. Very stressed out and moody too. September was a complete disaster.

October was back packed with much fun. So happy I could go Brunei after 10 years without leaving Malaysia, even though only as a transit to Limbang. Straight after that was the memorable MRCS Appreciation Night. My birthday was in low mood due to exam, as I only received 1 present. The final exam rolled up what I learnt in Form 4.

I think I had longest schooling session in secondary school life, where we had class all the way until the third week. To mark the start of holiday, I went to Similajau with friends in school unit, in whcih the 20 km walk in the forest was truly unforgettable. Later went to Lambir for the Youth Camp, where I gained the experience of being a vice camp commandant. It's then continued with intensive training for Inter-Chapter First Aid Competition. It's harsh, it's tough, it couldn't be fun at all.

December started with delight with coming back from Kuching as Champions! What a finale for me! All the hard work had paid off! How joyful to start the Advent! After that, whole month was relaxing. Caroling made my heart happy and had a meaningful Christmas, which eventually put a full stop to my wonderful 2006!

So, 2006, full of events, full of happenings, full of drama, yet what a blessing from God which guided me through all of these! Hope 2007 will be another amazing year for me! In God, I trust.

Praise the Lord! God bless you all!

December 30, 2006

Approaching year 2007 with joy

Yeah, I have not blog for sometime already (actually 2 days only) due to the internet degradation, plus u am a bit lazy lazy to blog too. LOL, anyway, here I am back in the blogger's world, trying entertain you with my words.

Well, let's start by congratulating St. Joseph's triumphant win at Hong Kong! OH YEAH! Bravo, bravo! Oh man, what a shocker and yet how amazing! Expect a glorious return for them when they are back tomorrow. Oh, you all have made the country and school proud!

If I am not mistaken, this is first ever school's achieve something from international arena. So, thumbs up! Bravo! Congratulations!

Well, day started as usual with going to Mass at Cathedral with Dad. Kinda touched with the following words of God....

"Do not love the world, anyone who loves the worlds, the love of the Father won't be with him."

Very true indeed. "Love the world" is more explained further down to be as "sensual lust, enticement of sight (satisfying eye), and pretentious life (useless glory)." All of these is not from God the Father. Why shouldn't we love the world? It's all because everything in this world is going to passed away. Simple.

Later I had some delicious kueh chap for myself, then proceed to HQ for Unit meeting. Not so fun for me as I have to write the minutes, while all my other friends kept on talking their plans for tomorrow's countdown, or other topics which didn't make any sense. Anyway, I enjoyed listen to it and poked in when I could. Somehow I found the junior members have the potentials to lead the unit for next year. Some of them (I really mean SOME) listened attentively to us on how to organize certain activities.

Well then, the meeting eventually ended at 1100, and I walked alone to Imperial Mall. Had a stroll at all the floors, where I window-shopped and being sad for cannot buy those techs. Ended up at KFC there enjoying 2 pieces of chicken just to sooth my moodiness.

Received a phone call that ordered me to wait in front of Maybank. Waited for such a long time which tested much of my patience. Used that time to think of her, to have a recap of 2006, seeing the peoples around, etc etc.....

Again when my family came, we went to workshop to repair the car. Never get what I want while going out with family, which explains why I am more inclined to go around myself. After some minor shopping at Soon Hup, all of us went home and rested for whole day.

Glad that the Internet has improvement already. I had no hassles signing into MSN, nor loading this blogging website. Hope it can improve more and more! I got lot's of job to do online!

It's second last day of 2006 now. I have to say I miss this year very much. Tomorrow, I promised you all to have my own all-year recap, and what I hoped for 2007!

I love you my Lord!

God bless you all!

December 27, 2006

Not so good, yet not so bad

It's raining very heavily outside there. I am stranded at home doing nothing except blogging, LOL

Strong earthquakes at Taiwan has caused some Internet service degradations. I cannot connect MSN, nor Yahoo, nor any international services, or online games. As long as the website is not hosted in Malaysia, it would be a hard time to load it. Very frustrating, but the grateful because till now can blog here.

Thumbs up for Google anyway for setting server hosts everywhere on earth, which allows me to blog now. Click here for details on this service degradation, if you are interested to know more. My bro even told me that it's informed from TV that this service downtime will last at least 3 weeks. Oh no....

Anyway, besides that internet down time, not really has done anything throughout the day. I washed my dirty school bags, which has followed me to the forests of Similajau and Lambir, and also the victorious moment at Kuching. Then I went upstairs to play football PC games.

Later I prayed for sometime before proceeding to study a bit of Chemistry. It drove me drowsy even only read one chapter, so eventually I slept with no worries.

Strangely I had flu right after I woke up. Don't know how many tissue papers has been wasted to wipe away the mucus from nose. (Yucks!) I am also having no idea why I felt so hot inside my body, but felt cold outside. Oh no, looks like I am going to enter to new year in sickness lo.

Just hope in God, my final bottom line that will let me down. Be it the Internet downtime, or being sick, just continue to hope for better tomorrow.

God bless you all!

December 26, 2006

Not in good mood, sigh....

Anyway praise God for guiding me through this day. Though not very good to me, but then I have no complaints, just glad the day is almost over by now.

Why not in mood? I also don't know, maybe you may want to have a chat with me to know why? LOL

Day started as usual, church and breakfast at town. I went past the crib again, and this time I managed to snapped some pictures of it.

Full look on the crib. I admit it's not as real as the real nativity scene 2000 years ago, but just let it be.

Closer look on baby Jesus. How adorable! He's the King of Universe!

Wandering around at town now is getting so lame, but then going home was lame too, since I had nothing to do in both places. Just take some photos at town, then went home dizzily.

Then while I was so boring at home, suddenly I saw one Royal Brunei Airline Boeing 737 always landed on Miri Airport, at around 8 times like that. That's one time where it took off before touching down!

Too bad I didn't have any pictures of it, but I spent time waiting for any planes flew by to let me have a shot of it. Maybe it's lame, but then at least gave me something to do.

FAX Fokker 50 flew by my house.

Hope I will have many good aeroplane shots tomorrow!

At first I want to go biking to airport so that I can have more planes photos. But then there's no air in my bike's tyre, and the air pump is broken! So lame, this added fuel to fire in me! So frustrated that time, I kicked the walls, the chairs, punched the tables, just to released the anger. Looking back, it's very unnecessary to be angry like that, right?

Bikes are there, but cannot use! :(

After routine prayer and dinner, all of my family went out since my house here was so hot. It's cool air-conditioned at Boulevard there, but then I didn't feel good, always had some uneasy hotness in my body. Went to have a look on the Thai expo, which to me not attractive at all. Wanted ice-cream so much that time, but by the time we went to McTreats booth there, it's closed! What the.... aarrgghhhhh.... so lame so lame....

And then while I went home, I kept on telling my family I have a "heart disease." Yes, do miss people right now. Just now at evening, I fantasized about her so much that drove me nuts all around. Whether I really have the so-to-say "heart disease," I surrender it to God. He knows me more than I know myself.

So, be hopeful, cherish the future! Hope in Jesus Christ our Lord!

God bless you all!

December 25, 2006

Nice Christmas

Well, praise the Lord for the nice Christmas for me today. Probably it's nice for me just because I don't fancy much on the presents. What's important is the abundant joy and peace in my heart.

This year I only attend the morning Mass as there's no midnight Mass in Chinese. I can see the baby Jesus in the manger early in the morning, in which I was feeling great! The carols were nice, and the entire Mass was simple but meaningful. With Fr. Gabriel's sermons, I can now more understand (only some) mysteries of the Incarnation of the Word of God. It's entirely out of God's Love.

After Mass I went to see the crib again. How much joy! How much hope! How wonderful, because the baby Jesus is the King of the Universe, the supreme Judge, and he is God, yet deigned to come to save us! That's why much mixture of emotions to me rushed to my heart that time.

This is kinda special....

A Christmas card from my cousin at Russia. It's all in Cyrillic.

After that I received many SMS wishes while on the way for breakfast, and sent (or forwarded) quite a lot too. Thanks for those who remembers me lo! Anyway, I didn't expect any presents, as Christmas to me certainly NOT based from presents, or Santa Claus, or snow flakes..... It's always about the birth of my Lord.

Quite sad about how Christmas meaningfulness has deteriorated due to much secularism. I don't heard "Merry Christmas" from the State's website, instead it's "Happy Holidays." Everyone's waiting (so to say) for Santa Claus (as if it exists) or others for presents, everyone's crazy about Christmas parties. Moreover, I don't like the short form of Christmas. (No need I write it here eh?) The X to me is mockery to Christ, it's a rejection of Christ.

But then I would always want to keep hopeful. That's why Christmas is celebrated right?

At home, I didn't really do anything, except spending long hours on playing games. Prayers are still vital to me in relishing this feast. Later I took a long nap. No visitations whatsoever.

After some time, whole family woke me up to have a small Christmas celebration. We had so much fun doing BBQ behind my house!

Bro and me cooking. Look at me wearing pyjamas slacks, LOL

Chicken wings on fire....

Lamb chops looks so tasty...

Dinner's ready!

Though many mosquitoes outside there, it's very enjoyable and we were all satisfied. I still can remember the rich food aroma now....

At night it's very relaxing. Just now spent time on reading Bible, so as enable me to write the previous posts. Christmas season will continue all the way till Epiphany (Jan 7) next year, so don't think Christmas is already over! It's far from over!

Oh ya, school's band was already off to Hong Kong! Wonder where they are now. Hope they can perform at their best there, and make our school and country proud!

Christmas is always very very very meaningful, never take the birth of Christ for granted, for His love is so great for us.

Merry Christmas!

The Word become flesh, and live among us

Today as you all know, is Christmas day, to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. It's a feast celebrated throughout the world, as it should be because the joy is simply overflowing.

Why Jesus was born into this world? Or should we ask who is Jesus Christ first?

In Bible, there's something as "The Word." In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word is with God, and the Word is God. Yes, everything in this world is created through the Word, because at that time , when God says, "Let there be Light!" and there's light! This Word, of course is Lord Jesus Christ.

So in his infinite love for us, because he loves us eternally, he emptied himself completely, and became man, and lived among us. He came to experience our pain and suffering here on earth, he came to preach the Kingdom of God, most importantly, he came to save us, out of his limitless love.

In Him there's Life, that enlightens all man. Christ's coming in Christmas, taking on our weak human nature, so that we may share his divine nature, which is eternal. The light shines in our darkness, deep into our heart. It's that light that brings happiness to us.

To all Christians, look at the Nativity Set in church with faith. Don't take it as decorations, just look at everything in it with faith. Sure you will feel how joyful and hopeful, because Jesus really loves you.

Have a merry and Blessed Christmas!

December 24, 2006


It's all about peace on today's Silent Night, Christmas eve.

Anyway, it's Sunday so all of my family went to Church for Mass. I found myself quite uneasy for the later cell group meeting, where I felt really lame while in it. Anyway, had some fun also, but still lame. Sigh, only God how lame I was that time.....

Then later we quickly went back home and had some rest, in a meantime preparing for Christmas. Again like yesterday, I did anything I could to keep me awake, from drinking, online, praying and so on. It's a very hard process for me.

Anyway, I got chance to quenched my sweat when my family went to Canada Hill for some hiking adventure. It was really fun and cool, though very tiring. The hills are really high, steep, and challenging, but then felt very good to have some exercise to burn off some of my fats. I still remember once I nearly fell off to the deep valley due to poor body balancing. Luckily I didn't and very thank God for that, if not......

Not so long after that, my family went out again for Christmas Eve dinner. It was a very patience-challenging one because we have to wait long for the food. Food was just nice and OK. After that have to wait again because my parents talked a lot with the boss over there. That time my siblings and I sang and made some fun.

Upon reaching home, I have to decide what should I say in each Christmas messages. Quite a dilemma le, what should I say to express my sincere wishes le?

Overall, it's a peaceful day, as my heart couldn't wait any longer for Christmas. Hope the day will come as fast as possible, as I longed I can see the glory of my Lord!

God bless you all! Merry and blessed Christmas!

December 23, 2006

I didn't sleep for the whole day!

Surprisingly, for first time since long ago, I didn't spend even a second to sleep! Simply wonderful but painstaking too. If I didn't sleep, it's all the lame stuff that I have to went through.

After the morning Mass, I already could feel the lameness around. No one else at home except my brother who was "sticked" to TV's cartoons. Nothing much I could do in front of laptop, only can check mail, play games, plus some chores to do. Even though I start to feel sleepy, somewhat I got the strength to resist it. LOL, seems like torturing myself le...

After the lunch I went upstairs and do some praying and studying. Looking at the Biology books drove me very sleepy, even without really reading at it! Luckily I had some refreshments like malt drinks and so on. Very lame till now right? Is "not sleeping" LAME?

Not so long after that I went to church for Novena. Kinda touched because I have not gone there for so long. Yup, it's a perfect timing to venerate my Mother Mary just days before Christmas, and what an awesome feeling! Wakaka....

Upon reaching home, I got an Airasia red cap form my cousin! Wow, how wonderful! Yes, I have to admit I am an Airasia fan....

I love Airasia, now everyone can fly.....wahaha

As a substitute for dinner, we had rojak, made by my Mum. Check this out!

Yummy Bintangor-style rojak! Wanna try?

To even add to my delight, finally I can make the monitor work for me!

Final straw for me! If still cannot then KO la...

OK lo, I think that's all from me for today. Maybe it's a boring post? Let you all to decide.

Yup, Christmas is getting very near by now! My heart's now is reserved for the birth of Christ in my own heart! Now I just want to rejoice, be joyful, and be grateful to God! Continue to hope as well!

God bless you all!

December 22, 2006

Wish have something new

Something new? What's that "new" thing? Anyway welcome again to my blog today, and hope you had a good day!

Anyway, day started much more relaxing than any other day, with me keep on repeating to do things I often do in the early morning. After Mass I went to school for a while to check for next year's name list, but disappointingly it's not there yet. I guess will have to wait for another week, and hope got some miracle changes there. Hahaha...

This morning my family and I went Morsjaya there for breakfast, together with the family of my sister's friend. While waiting for food, I took some pictures around, including the foods and drinks, just to break the boredom. Many have their eyebrows raised seeing me always holding the camera searching for targets. LOL

Went on to Servay to buy phone credit. Saw and Yien Houng and Andy working there. Andy asked me why don't go to school, in which I replied it's no use going back to school either with a cynical voice. LOL

After I went back home, I could do nothing except hide myself in my room, messaging and sleeping like a lazy pig. It's such a hot weather and yeah, still could sleep without air-conditioner!

Kinda frustrated also with network service when I was messaging Priscilla, where I had to wait for 4 hours for a reply! I received her reply at 1430, but then the time stated there is 1026, which simply drove me crazy and crazy! Glad to know at least she managed to escape the floods along all the way to Singapore. Hehehe, but then I still very unhappy with the "overtime SMS" le....

After I prayed, I tried to translate my blog, as well as my friends' blog into several languages, using the Google translation service. My blog, after undergoing translation to Chinese, it looks so lame, even until 100% wrong meaning! LOL, I even tried to translate to languages I don't know, where I found some fun. Hahaha....

Well, at night it's very relaxing yet lame to me. Why lame? It's because nothing much I can do while my bro was busy playing his "Club Penguin" game. Together with sis, we listened to "High School Musical" soundtracks for 2 rounds to spend the lame time. I like the song "Start of something new" very very much, because this duet song really express my feelings.....

Thus it wraps my day for today. Thank God for this day. I want to glorify God together with Mary, my mother at heaven, in the Magnificat, continue to be joyful in waiting the birth of my Lord!

Oh ya, have you all eaten "tang yuan"? Hehehe.....

God bless you all!

December 21, 2006

No more caroling

Have to think much to write this blog post before this, because seriously I don't really know what to blog now. LOL, well, just go on and read. Perhaps you may find something interesting down there.

After some photo-taking at town, I settled myself in front of laptop to post and upload the pictures. Seeing the desktop beside it really made me very disappointed of the faulty monitor. (I complained about it for many times already le, hope you don't mind, haha)

Then I went upstairs to sleep for about 5 hours. That drove me nothing to eat at noon, and yet not feeling hungry at all. A miracle right?

Felt fresh after that nap, so it's favourable for me to pray. Since my bro was still hot on playing his games, thus I went on to watch DVD and TV drama with my sis. Nothing eye-catching, just for the sake of wasting time, as all the Korean dramas are about love, love and love, which draws me more deep into jealousy. LOL

Well, I miss the caroling sessions very much now, where it was so enjoying to sing the Christmas songs aloud with others until very late at night. Now it's no more, I felt so lame and boring at home. What's more, now I am still wearing the Santa's hat! Whatta.....

Bear in mind everyone, the main character in Christmas, is ALWAYS Jesus Christ! Not Santa, nor Christmas tree, nor flying snow, nor gifts, but is Jesus, which is born to save us all! He came to bring us peace, joy and love! Could anything else give us these?

5 days to Christmas!

God bless you all!

Some morning walk down the streets

This morning I enjoyed some cool walks at the central city center. At the same time I took some pictures of something interesting or provoking. LOL...

I think many of us won't want to use the bridge right? (Including me, just see where's my position, hahaha.....)

Still in construction, wish it can finish faster.

Fresh pork for sale! You know which part is that?

This was once the busy port in Sungai Miri, where the opposite is the site of old General Hospital. See the river so shallow now, and no more activities at port.

My favourite fast food restaurant, KFC!!! I always eat here, especially when my wallet is "fat."

A row of Malay stalls beside the old cinema. Quite smelly.

WHAT?? You mean I can buy Xpax there? Or get free one at the rubbish bin????

I wonder what are those hanging there??

Iban songs?

Yummy! Haha...

Seeing this make me want to buy this for her Christmas present, but then.... sigh...

Tortoise for sale! To be eaten and not to be kept as pets! LOL

That's all from me at this morning! God bless you all!

December 20, 2006


Yup, the 3-day-caroling was finished! Feels ecstatic after we sang the last "We Wish you a Blessed Christmas" at the last house. So good and so cool!

Syok sendiri first at home!

Allow me to rewind back. We started at Anita Shop at Boulevard first. That time can say it's a public caroling because many people saw us singing there.

Sang aloud by the streets....

Then all of us went house to house to sing. As always, it's always us that benefit the most where we ate and drink as we want. LOL, we even pack so much drinks le.

It's long-waiting for me for them to come to my house. Finally they came at around 2140. I felt they sang terrifically well, despite the heavy rain.

"Felix Navidad, pa-rep-pam-pam-pam....."

"Glo----------ria, in excelsis deo......"

A shot with Xian Mei at kitchen! People say her is "ah mo" LOL la... I say she's so beautiful!

I called Priscilla and let her listen to the caroling from KL. Well then, my phone sucks that made her heard mostly the noisy sounds, as reported by her. LOL, I was speechless that time....

Some thunders roared across the sky that made some girls frightened, but not cried. It's a climax at the last house, as we enjoyed the last supper there and went home with much joy at heart.

So, caroling has already passed, Christ has given me the chance to spread His Good News through singing. It's another great experience for me, and I want to 100% thank God for that! I hope in coming Christmas, I will be filled with ultimate joy and hope when I see Baby Jesus in the manger, which came to save us, just because He loves us.

Yeah, praise the Lord!

Burn, burn and burn

So boring right now so I decided to blog something over here, later I will tell you more about what will I do at night.

This morning after I reached home, Mum wanted me to do some cleaning at the patio area there, since the caroling team will be coming later at night. I cannot describe to you how dirty is that place, and it took lot's of effort to clean up that place.

Glad and felt great I can quenched some sweat to deal with all the rubbish and the stuffs in both indoor and outdoor storerooms. Just show you all how they look like la...

So crowded with unwanted things, wonder why still want to keep them. Sigh...

Even worst with the outdoor one, it's a habitat for mosquitoes, LOL

What's more, my brother and me went on to burn the useless things, including some furnitures! Check these out....

See my bro the burning expert used his skills to burn them all.

Everything was on fire.... Sad to cause the pollution, LOL

It's done and we are waiting for the caroling team to arrive, and hope we can throw a good reception for them!

Oh ya, glad also that this Blogger is now OUT OF BETA! So my friends out there, if you wanna try blogging, use Blogger! LOL

God bless you all!

December 19, 2006

Satisfied, very satisfied

It's always good to be satisfied to be satisfied at the end of the day. LOL....

The start of the day went on smoothly with me doing the things I always did for past few days. Planned to go town alone to look for something, but then my negotiations with Mum met a failure, so I just obediently went home just some minutes before 9. Mum and my siblings were very surprised to my sudden decision to go home.

There I had an hour of rest, before all of us went out to shop at Imperial Mall. Since my mood was good that time, I throw a treat of pearl milk tea to my siblings, which indeed make them happy. Seeing their happy mood, of course made me happy too!

We reached home at noon and had fried kueh tiaw as lunch. Since the PC was occupied by my brother, I couldn't do a thing so I took a nap. There I dreamed about her again, saying wanna wish me "Merry Christmas" through phone with her own voice and so own. I could hardly back to reality when I woke up later. LOL

Later we got prepared for caroling later. It's hooping 8 house to visit this day, but then despite the tiredness, we were all rewarded with all the drinks and tasty foods there. So nice that they never mind about our voice or how terrible we sang that time. Three of us carried so many things home le.... hahaha....

Felt great also when received Priscilla's SMS saying she reached Kuala Lumpur safely just after we finished the last caroling session at around 2230. I cannot avoid being jealous of her because she can enjoy the rest of the holiday there. Hope she will have a lot of fun there lo.....

Thank God for this day, because I couldn't be more satisfied than this. As it's going to be nearer to Christmas, let's allow God to help us to prepare our manger in our hearts, welcoming Christ to become our true Lord!

God bless you all!

"Dying" monitor

Recently I always complained about my quite troublesome monitor here. So let me explain and show something.

So when I switched on the monitor, it becomes.....

Nothing but some "rainbow"??

So frustrating because I cannot use the PC, simply because of the MONITOR!!!

Trying everything to get it working and displaying! Arrgghhhh...!!!

But then, more funnily, the monitor can function properly ONLY AT.....


No joke, I know it's seems upright, but it's real, I really need to tilt it! It simply doesn't make sense because it make me hard to read the screen!


Anyhow, just hope can get a new one, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

God bless you all!

December 18, 2006

Eventful day

Praise and thank God for He has made me to go through today's events, which at the end of the day, I felt GREAT for it, yet VERY TIRED!

The week started with a Mass at Carmelite Chapel. Initially I wanted to have my confession at the morning at Cathedral, but Mum wanted me to go afternoon one. Truly enough, there were lot's of people at the morning one, which was quite unusual as today can say still early. Anyway, I just followed Mum's order and that's all.

Later I went to HQ for the first new YLC meeting. I can say this meeting is none of my business, because I no longer took any parts in it anymore. The new leader are the all expected ones, and of course I had my confident on them. Looking at their caliber, surely they are going to ROCK! Hahaha....

After some while I went home, while taking a detour to do shopping. Back at home I continue to do my examine of conscience, which was very painful for me. Have to gone through that because that's the price I have to pay if I want to be freed from sin. Slept for quite a long time later, then continue to prepare myself for the confession.

Then the moment of confession finally come. I was very nervous that time, only God knew how hard my heart pumped, and how HOT is my body. I just confess my sins and listen the advice from priest with my eyes closed. And after that, when I come out, I felt very very very GREAT and GOOD! It's always suffering before, but after that happiness and grace of God are flowing to myself. Ahhh....

In evening, I joined the caroling group and went house-to-house, including at General Hospital. This time the caroling didn't have much people, only at around 30. I admit I didn't sing very well, plus making so many mistakes and get scolded. At hospital I become the trolley man where I pushed the presents around to be given to patients.

As always, when I see the patients, I felt very sorry for them. So pitiful they cannot live a normal life like us. Really have to appreciate what I have now. I prayed for them also so hat all of them may regain their health soon. Then we enjoyed a lot at people's house, whilst keep our manners there.

Anyway, that caroling will continue for next 2 days, so many works have to be done, especially to improve my voice! But then, for now, I want to enjoy the drinks I got today first! Hahaha...

Back home at around 2250. I had many problems with my old PC's monitor, where it's very certain it's time to call it a day for that monitor. That's why I am using laptop to blog now. Hope can get a new LCD monitor! LOL

Thank God for the healing power of confession. Through it I was freed form slavery of sin, and be in the state of grace. A state where God's grace and strength will flow directly into our souls without any obstacles. Hope in God, I continue to prepare myself for Christmas!

It's 7 more days to Christmas!

God bless you all!

December 16, 2006

Take it easy

Hello everyone! First of all thanks for your kind visit here!

So let me talk about this quite cool Saturday. Early morning I went for Mass at Cathedral there, since Mum didn't have exercise in the morning. It's a fast Mass that ended very early indeed.

After my delicious breakfast at Kwantung Street, I strolled around town area. It's still early, sometime between half past 7 and 8. It's a vibrant morning, everyone still busy around with their own jobs. Without going anywhere, I walked as a loner down the streets, watching people around me, cars around me, building around me, plants around me and so on. It's been a while to go out like this. I also went to some places where I think no many of us will go to such places. Guess what?

I did went to bookshop to buy some more books for next year. Not so much but only 1 History book and 2 novels for school. It's still very early, so I can say I am the only customer there, where I listened to the workers' gossiping there. Bus failure later on delayed my time to go home, so take another time out to have something to drink.

I did miss her again when I was at bus going home. This time is more in positive way. When the bus passed by airport, my mind was fantasizing about meeting her on that airport. This made me nearly missed the bus stop where I supposed to stop! I couldn't help myself but laughed and laughed as I went home.

At home I did some house cleaning as ordered by Mum. Later I appear in fornt of PC again to watch some online TV. Not so long, I gave way to my brother and went to sleep. After lunch I went to sleep again for some more hours. Sleeping seems to be my only business. Hahaha....

Later at night we went to Boulevard to do some shopping for coming CNY. Except Mum, everyone got something for themselves. For me I had 2 new shirts. We spent about RM300 there, and everything is paid by credit card. LOL, showing off? During shopping my brother kept on disturbing me because I don't install his favourite game. I didn't respond anything, and after some patience he stopped making fun. Surely he knows it's hard to force me to do whatever I don't like. LOL

So that wraps up my day till now. Tomorrow supposed to be a joyful Sunday, because Christmas is just days away now! Let's rejoice in the Lord!

God bless you all!

December 15, 2006


Just finished watching the movie "Titanic." Still have the romantic senses and also deep reflections in me. Hahaha....

Anyway, yes, weirdo for me. When I see back, I feel very ridiculous and ashamed for myself. But then, I still can hold my heads high for now. LOL...

The day started as usual way, as you have read in my many previous posts. This morning I took some time to browse Physics. Yeah, it's SO BORING, reading at it was like lullaby to me, could not understand anything at all. Since I was drawn so drowsy, so I just slept for sometime until 2 like that. No lunch for me lo.

I was quite active at afternoon, trying to make additions to my blog. Yes, you didn't so anything new now, but at that time, I put a poll asking all of you for your opinions. It's a lame question, "What should I do to her?"

Not so long after putting this, I felt not so good at it, so I just simply took it down. I realized that if I put such polls, it would only bring trouble to me and her too. I also realized I was making it so publicized until I was making myself no privacy. Seems like if I do this, I want to tell all the world that I like her. Fair enough, so I just took it down lo.

If can I try not to talk about this matter by any means. No more "missing" at MSN, no more publicity, no anything. Just force myself to shut up.

OK, then later at night I went to Indoor Stadium for school band's public show. It really tested my patience for so long as the speeches. The opening show of choir also made me little bit frustrated. Have to wait for about an hour (or more) before the real show started. I must say they performed very well, winning many claps and shouts from the crowds present there. Only a quarter of the stadium was filled, but the roars supporting the band were very loud as thunder.

Then my family and I went for a drink then went back home to watch "Titanic." Later went ahead to watch the Asian Games, which step into the last day. By now I am quite sleepy now, and my little brother here still sticking around me to watch me blogging and chatting. LOL....

So that's all from me at this late night. Hope tomorrow is going to be a delightful day, and no more weirdos from me! Hahaha.....

God bless you all!

December 14, 2006

Too sensitive, think too much

Think too much, another "disease" that started a whirlpool in me. What a dilemma....

So allow me to have a description of my day today, then slowly you will know what happened to me actually.

Thursday's morning began as usual with a Mass, then I recite an early rosary after the laud prayer. Morning was very easy-going, staying at home, doing stuffs that I always do, like reading newspaper, online, chatting, and so on. Eventually it's all nuts to me, so I fell asleep at around half past nine.

Mood did not go on as I want at afternoon, as many thoughts about her started to "strike" me. I started to get to "think too much" trap, where I just felt so bad about myself. Strongly I felt all the "missing", "dreaming" are just some "make up" for the sake of my ego and desires. Or maybe it's just a make up, for no reason at all. Or even to catch people's attention only! In Chinese saying it's like "making own troubles."

I still have that question, do I really like her? Do I ever and really miss, appreciate and love her sincerely from my heart? Or is it all a make up?

Still I am very keen on my dear "love everyone" policy. I think this will make me happier and more wonderful.

To kill off that bad mood, I went to play some online games, plus another PC football game later. Didn't turn to be better mood after those games. So I just changed my personal message to "Enough! I don't want to miss you anymore!" With some angry and sad emoticons also.

Later at night my siblings and I went to caroling practice. More people turned out today and surely that was great. I had some voices to change the songs, but it's all rejected. Whoosh, never mind for who am I among them. I sang not so well but still can be satisfied with it. Sang along with my bro and sis as we went home with much delight.

So now here I am to write this blog lo. Currently the movie "Titanic" is on TV3. Watching such a romantic story like it made me to miss her even more. LOL. I have to say this blog is very hard to write, very hard to express my feelings in a proper, specific yet discreet way, so that your thoughts can still keep wondering around.

Anyway, I let and surrender all my heart and soul to Christ Jesus. In Christ I want to love him daily more and more. Allow me to fully to on you Lord, and guide me in a safe cruise to all the trials in this temptatious adolescence stage of my life.

God bless you all!

December 13, 2006

OK for everything!

Haha, here again I blog for a second time for today!

After I have blogged something this morning, I went to have some quick looks on my new books. Thanks to my sister who willingly helped me to pack all the books with emboss cover. Unusually, after I browsed through the new Chemistry SPM reference book, I spent 1 hour of flashing back the chapters in Form 4! LOL, still studying in holiday? Not my cup of tea of course!

The SUCCESS series from Oxford Fajar also include a free CD in each books, which can be played in VCD player. The contents are rather lame on how to used the book, and some motivational talks. I was not flattered by it, since the word SUCCESS was kept repeating all around. As if whoever who used their series will sure become successful.

Nevertheless, it's a good reference series. Despite the price tag, I still recommend Oxford Fajar series to everyone!

Some of my F5 books, gearing up for SPM next year lo. Feeling headache when seeing these books le.

After some studying, then I went upstairs and read Bible. It's always hard to understand whenever I am not prepared to read it wholeheartedly. Only in God's guidance then I understand gradually after reading the same verse and chapter again and again. LOL, eventually I felt drowsy then went to sleep lo.

Night time was again spent at the usual way. This drew me to total boredom. I missed her very much now, but then I could not find her anywhere. Feeling sad about it. Nothing much I desire, just want to be closer and remain friends with her. I want to share something I have to her, like the championship won at Kuching a fortnight ago, so that it's going to be more meaningful to me. I wish I can do something that can make her happy, and certainly her smile will be huge reward for me. IS THAT SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE?

Anyway, praise and thank God for today. Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, making me even conscious on my preparation towards that big feast. Let the baby Lord Jesus be born again in my heart this year.

God bless you all!

Sleepy in the morning

Well, this could be the very first time I am blogging here in the morning, where the sun now is rising way up high. Just feel some excitement here.

OK, just want to say what actually happened last night. After I have blogged my last post, I went on chatting and watched the Asian Games. Till now Malaysian contingent has collected 5 golds, but a bit funny to see many karate athletes lose in the final games, causing Malaysia to have hooping 14 silver medals. LOL. I grinned sarcastically seeing our results.

Then later, while I was reading some blog around, suddenly our house encountering low current. Means still got electricity, but most appliances cannot work properly. Only some small lights can be switched on, others just "dead." It's freaking dark around, and looking down from upstairs, only some house with some dim lights, and also the road lights which are further away.

I just felt like it in this totally dark night. I prayed for sometime, and reflecting all the things that had happened this year. To have a full recap of the events, people, my feelings that time, was very terrific, especially in that silent, dark night around. So cool, yet so fun, so calm, so peaceful.

My mind was flying non-stop until 0340, where finally I fell asleep. Not so energetic when I woke up 2 hours later, and I strive hard to concentrate at Mass. Glad not to go anywhere today, though I wish I can go somebody's house again, just like the previous 2 days.

You cannot based your peace in this world. The main source of peace is God, and it's based from God. Only in heaven, you will find eternal peace.

God bless you all!

December 12, 2006


At least I managed to laugh out loud like above. LOL... It's not really a day filled with glooms, far more than that. Cool man....

This morning I went to Chew Rou's house to do some PC optimization jobs, in which I performed some "tricks" in order to speed up her PC. Her house is full of dogs around, but, for the first time ever, I felt no fear to those dogs, just walked past them while they were barking furiously. You cannot imagine how many dogs are they, whether they are big or small and so on. Quite satisfied with my job there, and she's just a nice girl to talk to kill off the boredom. Her house is wooden one, with some traditional culture inside such as altar, incense etc etc. Anyway, it's a good experience at there, and I enjoyed it!

Then back at home I enjoy the sumptuous "char kueh tiao" prepared by Mum. So yummy. Then I escaped upstairs to play my favourite games, before went for a nap, again. Sleeping seems to be the only thing I can do when I am bored at home. LOL....

Oh, tell you my monitor here becomes little bit "crazy." It suddenly turns off without warning, or does not display anything when starting PC. I have to shake it, or tap it strongly then it can display properly. I wish I can get a LCD monitor to replace this bulk CRT monitor. Sure nicer with its better colour and visual resolution. Plus, it's much slimmer and lighter too.

At night my family and I went to Boulevard to buy ink of printer. Saw big crowds around the fun fair, which seems to be always the same, and costly too. I did managed to find some LCD monitors there, but the price is quite high, hard to find one lesser than RM600. Anyhow, just wait because still can use the current one. (LOL, if cannot use how can I blog now le?)

I remember and treasure the words of Mary from Guadalupe, "I am your merciful mother." Yes indeed, she's always my merciful mother. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us your mother to become our mother when you're hung on the cross.

Yes my Lord, everything I have is yours. Let me be counted to be among your flock, and make me don't want to leave you again.

Itudia, praise the Lord!

December 11, 2006

Happy day

Very happy lo!

Today still as usual started with a Holy Mass. Then breakfast at the same place, ordering the same food and drinks. Boring start huh?

This morning I had an computer appointment at Shirley's house. It's the second time I have been there so I am still familiar with the surroundings, not got lost like last time. Many people at there, which were far beyond my expectations. As always, when there's such many people, especially kids, some gossips and misunderstandings around as I was reformatting her PC. I was very talkative in explaining at the PC stuff, in addition with some life chats, since it's such a long time didn't see her already.

In addition, the family there was willing enough to treat me with coffee, nice biscuits and some kind of sweeties. Kids there were fun, as I cope with their mouth using some wits. LOL....

Then I followed them to Parkson. Shirley then throw me an KFC treat with was still nice with the juicy chicken. Saw the band gang around, and had their eyebrows raised when I was walking along with Shirley. LOL, surely got "detour" in their mind again. Really thanks to Shirley to let me have such a day like this, and also that KFC meal, even though I had it for many times already, LOL!

Waved goodbye to them then went straight back home. Due to the tiredness, I jumped into my super comfortable bed and took some nap. No dreams whatsoever, just some deep sleep.

Talk about dreams, I did have a dream with her inside! The dream was a happy one, so probably because of that, I was happy and motivated for the whole day! Is that some power of dreams?

Evening and night time were spent in the old usual way. You will say what would I do without me saying it right? LOL... But later maybe I have a chance to go to airport at around 2330. So it's still a happy day!

I want express deepest thanks to God for this happy day. That's exactly the way I want to live my everyday life. Hope the Lord help me to go through all the trials in life, no ceasing to bless me with all his abundant grace and love. It's always joyful in the presence of the Lord.

God bless you all! Praise the Lord!

December 10, 2006

Keep hoping

Hello again to all the viewers of the World Wide Web who has kindly spend some time to this minuscule blog. Glad to have you here!

Second week of Advent started with Sunday Mass at Cathedral. It's like "home sweet home" since I have not been in Chinese Mass for about 3 weeks. So nice and yet so cool. Bishop Lee preceded the Mass, and I had problems to catch his homily in Chinese.

The words in Gospel, "All people on earth shall see the salvation from God" gave me much hope. Quite touched when realized from homily, that God never ceased his salvation plan. No matter how big is the sin of the human race, He still wants us back, He still want to save us. That's why His Son, Jesus came down to free us from sin. The final and most complete salvation will be reached upon Christ's second coming. That's why in Advent, not only we prepare for Christmas, but also Jesus' second coming.

Met a lot of people there who I didn't see for a long time. It's either they have become more handsome or prettier. LOL. This student group was still the same and the caroling practice was still "cold." Anyway, it's great to be back, even though only left for 3 weeks.

Didn't go anywhere after that since the clouds in the sky gathered around and became darker. Rain eventually dropped heavily, and thus it gave me a nice sleep around. No dreams for me, although I wished I could have made some, including some sweet dreams with her of course, LOL.

Then at evening I involuntarily played table-tennis with Dad. I was obviously frustrated with my fragmented mood, the net kept blocking the ball. I slammed hard the table in anger. Dad just looked at me helplessly. Probably my skills need much polishing.

Later at night my family and I went out again to have dinner. It's not my desirable Pizza Hut meal, however it's at the small restaurant at Riam Willow Road. Nevertheless, it's an enjoying meal, and much more affordable too. The cost of whole family, I think is equivalent to a person's meal at Pizza Hut. LOL, what a difference!

Back at home I continued with my daily routine rosary and prayer. After that I chatted, besides viewing websites which I think teenagers won't be interested in such things. In rooms, Chew Rou even dragged me from four corners to confess something, since I put the phrase "It's only that I care about you." Well then, I didn't mention any names, but chat with the flow in which I think it's fun.

Regarding this, I always hold on to my social relationship policy "to be friends and love each other." That's a strong one, very useful to anyone. I will be always willing and more than happy to help anyone in need. In the case of boy-girl relations, I still apply the same principle, wary that "not to have so to say special feeling anymore." It's simply ridiculous to have such "feelings" when you felt some attractions to her, or she ever did something good to me, or more kept in touch whatsoever bla bla bla bla.......

I ever had that for so many times, and still have it now. Ridiculous, but....... sigh.....

Everyone is indeed special to me. It's OK for me to miss somebody who I had not seen for a long time, or to go to anyone's house, or being attracted to someone....... As long as I treat everyone as special and unique, it's an accomplishment to me!

In the coming week I want continue to have that HOPE. Hope, especially in God, cannot fail when it's based on solid ground. It's that hope which will bring much happiness to me and everyone.

God bless you all!

December 9, 2006

Cool weekend

What an enjoyable weekend! I longed for such weekend for a long time already. But then, today also reminds me how fast time has passed since the competition in Kuching back in last week. The memories were still vivid in my mind.

OK, let's get started to the topic. As usual as any other day, I woke up early in the morning, and went to attend Holy Mass at Cathedral. Then I went to HQ to present the report of the competition. Office people there looked at the photos with amazement, as they were also laughed at Ming Chai wearing batik during the performance night! LOL, no offense, they even make fun of him, and kept on laughing that we were the only team to wear formal that time. LOL, but then good to see them laughing though, nothing abnormal. They even saw my syok sendiri pictures, which should not be there.

Then the rest of the morning I spent to wander alone in the city. I walk here and there, with my mind spinning around on many things. Only God knew what I thought. Initially I want to have some Italian food, but then the shop which I thought is open was still under construction. LOL, what the..... No choice, so I went to pamper myself with a quite luxurious (so to say) meal at KFC. The chicken there is still as yummy as ever, and the new Zinger Maxx burger is also quite OK.

Tell you, not only I am an ice cream freak, I am also a fast food freak! LOL, so you always have the chance to see me eating alone at KFC, or McDonald's or Pizza Hut whatsoever.......

Later at home, it's all about boredom. Bored. No good TV shows, nothing new on Internet that I can see. Just feel so odd to that boredom. Completely different from what I did last week. And funnily, I could not sleep well in afternoon too! What happened to me actually huh?

Glad not to go out at night time because I was so fed up with it. Just prayed alone at home make me feeling great.

Yes, first week of Advent gone. Have I started to prepare myself for Christ's second coming? Next week, no matter what, I have to make a confession. Hope God continue to help me to get prepared, and dare to put down any excessive worldly things, just for my loving Lord Jesus.

Remember, nothing at all, whether on the world, whether it's past or present or in future, nor anything else, can seperate us apart from the love of God!

God bless you all!

December 8, 2006

LOL, it's 100th post....

Hahaha, you might not be aware, but statistic at the Blogger dashboard shows that this is the 100th post! What a milestone for me since I opened this blog back in August 16th.

Very thank you for your continuous support lo. Hope you all can continue take your time to view my little tiny blog here. Hehehe....

The day started off as usual, very very relaxing. It's a meaningful Mass for the feast day of Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary. I have write something about this down there, so if don't mind just take a look.

Then the rest of the day was spent to relax. Enjoyed some roti canai, then went online, doing chores. I really dislike books when I felt asleep just after I read some Biology from newly bought reference book. And I slept in morning again.

Maybe I should go to Parkson, since Chew Rou has invited me to join them to go out for a movie. LOL, regret now is very useless. My mind kept on missing somebody when I tried to sleep, again and again that drives me crazy. Sigh.....

At evening I played table-tennis with Dad. It's been a while since I last hold the bat, and somehow I am still OK in playing it. Dad even told me that if I keep playing for a month I can be very pro already. Doubt a lot, since I know I am still suckers in ping pong. LOL.

Then went to Parkson (ah, finally) to have some outings with family. This time Dad drove Toyota Land Cruiser "Ninja Turtle", which is very big in size, and quite many functions too. Hehehe, we were so excited to be on the "new" car! Went to Parkson with me doing nothing there, except had some ice cream treat and nothing else. I am an ice-cream lover.....

Later at night, I received a link, which as a Christian, deeply touched by it. No matter who you are, just click the link below and take a look.....

I don't think there's any graphic "tricks" there, so believe what you gonna see there.

Thank God for letting me to feel great for all this while. After seeing the link, I humbly pray, that God continue to pour his abundant blessings and grace to us poor sinners and take away our sins. By the intercession of Mary, who was immaculately conceived, we may soon obtain salvation and free from slavery of sin and be with God in all eternity.

We are just sinners with nothing, without God's mercy, can we still live in this world? Couldn't we be condemned way way earlier for our sins? But then, you all, including me, should always trust in God's Divine Mercy.

God bless you all!

Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary

Today the Church celebrate the feast of Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary. It's an important feast, whereby we contemplate the singular superb grace given by God to Mary to be preserved from original sin from the point of her own conception.

How can this be? By the power of God, Mary has been preserved from sin from the "reverse justification," by which Mary has earlier shared the salvation earned by Jesus being crucified on the cross. She should be without sin to become worthy as Mother of Jesus, who is God.

We should together with Mary praise God today. Truly, Gabriel even called Mary "full of grace", which means God preserves her from the stain of sin in all her earthly life, right from the beginning of her conception. It's through this state of "full of grace," sinless and pure, that enable Mary become Mother of Jesus, which also Mother of God.

Use some logic, Jesus who loves his mother so much, could he allow sin to stain her?

O Mary, grant that through your intercession, I may have pure heart and soul all of my life. Never let sin conquer me again. Star of the sea, guide me closer to your son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you all!

December 7, 2006


Like I have said, life's back to normal tempo, where everything now running very relaxing and smooth. No more training, but lot's more sleeping! LOL!

I woke up early today, something like 0420 to watch some football action on TV3. Had a lot of snacks around my table, while watching and listening the boring game and commentaries. Felt great and satisfied seeing myself to be in the newspaper for the championship won at Kuching. Hehehe....

Then I just prepared myself to attend morning Mass at Carmelite Chapel. Learned that Jesus is the shepherd, that's willing to die for his own sheep. How blessed are we to be his flock! Oh....

Upon reaching home after Mass, it's totally relax time. Bored after played some PC games, I went upstairs to sleep! Rather unthinkable to sleep at morning huh? Haha..... I simply could not resist the sleeping temptation. What a sleeping tsunami...

After finished making the morning dreams, I woke up in so blur mind, yet to know what was going on. Unwillingly I helped Mum to put the clothes under the sun and wash Dad's shoes. Suddenly turned into "moodless" mode when I didn't have to appetite to have lunch. I wanted pizza sooooooo much that time!

In the afternoon, I browsed some more websites, before I went to sleep again! This time the sleep was not very nice because I was not sleepy enough to sleep. Even I turned left and right, how tight I hugged my pillow, it still proved useless. It just felt that sleep for nothing this time. Sigh... Better not to sleep that time, sigh again....

At night I went to caroling practice at church. Glad to sing again, but then lot's of people who I missed so much didn't turn up for that. Anyway, I just sang aloud with others, whilst giving opinions on improving the songs. LOL, that time I seemed the only one to have lot's of actions and words pouring out non-stop. Others also looked tired.

So back at home to prepare for Feast of Immaculate Conception for tomorrow. After that, It's rocking chatting session, both and MSN and Yahoo! Hahaha! Took me a while to get settled to write this blog entry! Luckily keyboards still in good condition for me to type. Hahaha, if not certainly no updates on this blog!

Thank God for giving such a relaxing day of today! It's been a while for being like this already! As Advent went along, I continuously need God's blessing day-by-day to strive hard, to get prepared, to be in my best form for Christmas this year. I want to make it more meaningful, and celebrate it with my total heart and soul!

Lord Jesus, please bless all my friends, wherever they maybe, who I sorely miss them now. Grant, my Lord, to them safety, joy, and peace! Lord, keep me and let me always remain in your LOVE.

Glory be to God in highest! God bless you all!

December 4, 2006

Yes! Finally, WE DID IT!

Hahaha, I think by this time all of you had known the victorious win at Kuching last weekend, taking home the champion of Inter-Chapter First Aid Competition! Not only me, but also my teammates, trainers, managers, just everyone, are very happy! WOW! Praise the Lord!

So, allow me to have a recap of the competition, while my memories there are still vivid in my mind. Hehehe....

So on Friday, the team met up at airport after the morning's training session. Everyone of course were already looking forward to the competition.

LOL, so happy until have to syok sendiri with the boarding pass!

The alliance of Josephians and Columbans! Hahaha!

Everyone there wished us sincerely and surely put hope on us. Ming Chai even say he's gonna take the trophy back. As soon as we entered the departure hall, it's already a long line so we just to have to be patient. No choice, it's Airasia ma!

A shot in front of Boeing 737-300 to Kuching!

After an hour of ear-hurting flight, we arrived there and I just couldn't hide my delight being there. It's going to be another adventure there. Then we went to Branch's HQ which is way below my expectation. Haha....

This is the "not so big" Sarawak Branch HQ lo. Just like an old motel.

We slept at this place that night, LOL.

That night we went out and have some food at some Malay stalls nearby. Roti canai there is much more cheaper and many varieties, such as delicious roti tisu, rota cheese, roti whatsoever, it's just so nice! But then my mood suddenly went down that night, until I could not train well and get angry over little things. Strange but it's unavoidable, sorry team.

That night's sleep was not so good as the air conditioner made the room too cold to sleep. Even it drove me to sleep IN BATHTUB! LOL! Can you believe that? People who went into the toilet shocked when seeing me shivering like drug addicts in the bathtub. LOL!

Then the next morning the teams assembled at HQ and depart to Kota Samarahan,. where the competition venue is located. It's the same place as I have went through last year, so I was quite familiar with that place. Hard to get along with other participants from chapters because time was tight and rules restrict us from doing so, I mean during the competition. Anyway, we found out some chapters are really friendly!

Team at briefing time!

So bandaging and immobilizing relay ignited the competition. It's such a grand and less stressful because this time wasn't the "one-go" rules. For this we performed well and it's a great start for us.

Trying to do the jaw bandage.

With Ming Chai do the leg-immobilizing.

It's a high-paced games and we enjoyed it. However, the next part of the competition, which was the Quiz Bee, was totally a disaster for us. The question were mainly IHL, and the answers were very close to each other. I could still remember the dejected looks on Qi Ying, Wan Lin and Ming Chai whenever we got it wrong. Out of 25 questions, we only get 14 correct. Not a good one, but never mind, it's just the start.

Later we got our time to practice the performance song together and later we dressed very formally to there. Just take a look below.

We looked great!

Cannot leave out Wan Lin la....

So we sung "Start of Something New" at that night. We were lucky to be the only team to have the lights off for presentation. It's not a good one, but at least we were on stage. Other teams performed way better. Serian team shone with their traditional dance, and Stampin team present their cool rock-and-roll dance. Sibu team had an impressive foot drill show. Other teams had their own eye-catching show.

Our show in the dark....

After that, we went planning strategies for the next day. Dr. Subra, our team manager had a lot to advise us. It went on until midnight.

Day 1 over, how's Day 2?

Probably I was the earliest one to wake up. It was still early so I spent some time reading the books. By 7 o'clock all were ready and quarantined right after breakfast time. We had to deal with 6 scenes, and I think we had our ups and downs there. So go ahead to see the pics...

First up was the bedsores. We looked in good shape while demonstrating the treatments.

Treating the only conscious casualty in the competition. LOL.

Me performing CPR lo...

All were busy treating only 1 casualty!

Explain things to a mother. Haha..

The strange thing in traditional-based scenarios was that it's only 1 casualty in every scene. We felt that we cannot show our best in such way since we were usually trained to deal with many casualties. Problems arise in community-based scenarios where we didn't use suitable "kampong language" which our audience did not understand what we want to express. So, after the last scene, we were absolutely relieved! Cool!

We were late for the closing-ceremony, where we sneaked in through the back door. Hearts were pounding in full speed as we were anxious about the results.......

A bit disappointed that we didn't get the best for test-scenarios. We did get the best bandaging and immobilization, as it had been confirmed already. So we just wait....

Sarikei was 3rd, Kuching was 2nd. At this point I felt Sibu will be the champion. But the VAD's in front of us said we are the one, we thought they were making fun.

So that's the moment....

"Now the champion is....... TEAM F, from Miri!!!!!!!!!!!!"

What else, we jumped and leapt skyhigh! What? WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Many congrats flowed to us after that, as we were still in a sense of unbelieve and amazement! This was certainly so fantastic!

The team with victorious pose and smile!

It has been a long time since IUFAC victory for school back in last year. What a moment!

Waved goodbye to everyone after we reached Kuching. While my other teammates enjoying themselves at the Riverside, I went to Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral, which was within walking distance. After Mass I had to run back to HQ due to time constraint. LOL...

After much excitement at Southern Sarawak, we left Kuching with much memories. As I stepped on Miri Airport, it's an overwhelmingly triumphant feeling, nothing can match it ever!

Good reception was received as almost all the families and trainers come to receive us. Simply great reunion!

And at home....

Yes, I did it! I have made my school proud! Yeah!

Thanks and praise to God for his wonderful deeds both here and in Kuching. He really helped the team with all the graces, though we always took it for granted. And from now on, I 100% believe, hope in God can brings us many wonders that we never expect!

So that's for all for my post here. Remember to look out for more photos at my Photobucket!

Praise the Lord!