December 31, 2009

New toy before the New Year

Yesterday I bought myself something very major in my life. With my very own savings.

It’s my first ever on-the-road vehicle I buy in my life. :)


BICYCLE! Yeah! Equipped with big front basket, and back compartment, just suits me. One possible drawback is that it’s a single-speed. Hmmm

I have always wanted to buy a bike since my lecture rooms and laboratories are too near for to go by bus, and yet too far to walk. Furthermore, I can use that to exercise. :)

So I bought this bicycle from a specialized bicycle shop in Kuala Perlis.


This shop, only sells bicycles and anything related to it, and nothing else. Look at this!


Crowded with bicycles!

And it’s nearing the end of school holidays, so the boss was busy selling and repairing bicycles. Kids there go to school on themselves on bicycle, not like my hometown kids and us university students *ashamed face*.

The boss also promised me free services whenever I visit his shop. True enough, when I discover that the back tyre is punctured, he helped me to change the tyre tube. :)


Boss’ nephew helped to change the tyre tube, now install the back tyre back into position.


That’s the boss. Very helpful in my first impression. However, when I first walked into his shop with my shirt and laptop bag, he thought that I am a salesman! LOL!

So what a toy it is before the New Year! Yes, I had more body pains now, but anything la to make me healthier, more freedom and a greener Earth! Hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone! God bless!

December 28, 2009

Coffee on board, stranded at airport

I was flying again yesterday, back to campus, which now I called it a “jail.”

As always, MAS is the FAR better choice and I was content by their services.


Even their coffee, sugar and creamer are top class. And the best of all, you don’t need to PAY MORE for it. :)

However, despite all the flying fun, I was made stranded in darkness when I arrived at Alor Star airport.

This is because of misunderstanding between me and the taxi driver. He thought that I told him to fetch him from hostel to airport at 9pm, whereas I want him to do the exact opposite! Duh my fault *cover my face*


Yes, stranded in all darkness. Since my flight was the last of the day, thus airport is closed after some 30 minutes after arrival. Mosquitoes have spotted me as a delicious “hunting place.” Kinda sad and disappointed to wait like that in darkness.


The good thing is, I was not really alone that time. There’s another Malay aunty waiting for as long as me too. So together with the trolley uncle, I just listen and talk just to kill off the time.

Hmmm… then an hour later, uncle taxi finally reached airport, and it took me another an hour to reach “jail.”

Ah I just take this as a lesson la… there comes a new semester, hope I can do better this time.

God bless you all!

December 20, 2009

Crabs at Sibu

I just reached Sibu because my Dad forced my family and I to go Sibu to visit my sick grandparents. I just have to follow grudgingly because IT IS AN ORDER.

Just now we had some CRABS in Sibu. Crabs are one of the favourite food in Sibu, I must say.


So we went to this restaurant to have our dinner to get some crab. Located near bus terminal, that restaurant is one of the famous ones in Sibu serving crabs and pork legs.


My parents only have the mood to eat crabs, so no pork legs this time. Look how mouth-watering is that! There are 2 kilos of crabs!

I admit I am not that crab-craving guy la because it’s so hard to eat.  One also need to use FORCE to crack off their hard shells to get their little, but high-cholesterol meat.


Use HAMMER, you know? Hammer?

Arguably, crabs are the ones that can turn a table into a total messy “war zone”.


My bro ate these many crabs. These photos are from his phone camera too hehe.


So look at the “war zone”. We are the conquerors of the crabs LOL


And these are the total price of the dinner. 111 bucks, ouch. That hurts. Hmmm..

Hope I can have pork legs in the next few days. If so, I will be get less angry lo. :)

God bless you all!


I mean Japanese Bento set at Sushi King. I don’t know why recently I am just so crazy about Japanese food and also Sushi King (despite all those negative reviews about them in Miri).

So the Bento looked like this.


For some 16 bucks (lame service charge and tax excluded of course), I can have some rice, a bit fresh vegetables with lime, pickles, unagi fish, chicken, omelette, prawns, and so many stuffs, packed with rice in this kind of cute box. Ah, that Mat Kool ice cream as well.

At first glance, I felt that it might just looked like a on-board flight food!

Is it worth it? Well I think it’s OK and suit my budget well. I also felt quite full (not really 100%) after having that bento.  Having it with friends also adds to my satisfaction. :)

Hope I can have Sushi King again before I leave Miri next week. Huhu…

God bless you all!

December 11, 2009

VIP treatment?

My brother and I went to watch the movie “2012” a couple of days ago. As always, I parked my car at Civic Center (better known as Dewan Suarah) in order to save parking coupons. Hehe…

So off we went to watch movies and had some fun. When I come back, both of us are so amazed that this happens to our car.


Whoa, I never expect somebody to actually pitch a tent above my car! Maybe they think that my car will be overheated, and the driver will be very uncomfortable or something else. Hey man, I really appreciate that! Haha!


On the other hand, I would like to share a quite bad experience at Sushi King Miri.

Since my parents were not at home, my brother and I again went to Sushi King for our Sunday lunch. Having that good experience before at Penang and Miri, I expect another good experience here.

NO, I WAS WRONG. The restaurant was damned packed that we were lucky not to queue for our seats.

So both of us sat on the bar-style seat, where we’re supposed to get the sushi on the conveyor belt easily. Again, I WAS WRONG.

This is what I saw on the conveyor belt.


Totally nothing, what to eat?


See how empty it is! Can hardly to choose anything! :(


The same story here. Can see a glimpse of the boss who had a very hard time arranging the customers, plus yelling those Japanese words of “Welcome”, “Thank you” etc. Aren’t Sushi King employees supposed to yell those too? I remember the people of Sushi King Queensbay Mall kept yelling Japanese all the time. Haha!

See how la, I believe this is just one of those days. Probably I am going to eat there again during low peak times. Hehe… wanna join me? :)

God bless you all!

December 9, 2009

Jambu – very good :)

My mum harvested some jambu (rose apple in English, but let’s just call it jambu) in the wilderness somewhere behind my house compound.

Erm, not some, but for me, it’s quite a lot. Hehe…


Not including some more to be harvested in the future. There’s still so damn more on the tree. :)

I really like this fruit la because it’s one of the juiciest fruit you can find on planet earth. Plus, you can eat it just like that! No skinning at all required. Sometimes, you can just pluck it and eat it! Hehe…


Sliced jambu with my sister eating noodles and reading newspapers…

Jambu is one of the my favourite fruits of all time. After all, I am constantly ordered to EAT EAT EAT FRUITS AT ALL TIME by my mum. If jambu or mangoes, I take it gladly. If like durians, papaya, I feel really sick and grudgingly eat them. I am so choosy hmmm…

God bless you all!

December 7, 2009


Shalom! Since I was too bored and trying to avoid another afternoon nap, I went off to see a movie with my friend at Star Cineplex, Miri.

Seriously, it’s been really a while since I last went into cinema. Haha! The movie I watched in NINJA ASSASSIN, starring Korean superstar RAIN.


Look at his muscular muscles which I never going to have huhuhu…

To be serious, one really need to be brave to watch this movie, because from start to finish, there is BLOOD, BLOOD and MORE BLOOD (till a very ridiculous stage, I think).

The plot says a young man, Raizo, who tried to break away from the assassin-clan of Onuzu due to the clan leader has killed his teenage sweetheart and did not want to kill good people anymore. 

His breakaway is considered a betrayal, so there are always big fights between him alone, and the entire clan who wanna kill him.


Another take on Rain, preparing to fight fight fight…

With the help of the heroine, Mika (a forensic researcher) and her Europol agency, they try to hunt down the Onuzu assassin clan and leader, with their own lives at stake….

I remembered the show’s famous saying “I know you have a special heart” from Raizo. Haha so touching LOL

I think it’s a good movie la, 100% action-packed, adrenaline pumping, certainly worth my 10 bucks, but seriously, you need guts to see it. Hehe…

God bless you all!