November 30, 2008


I am still wondering, should I get myself a passport?

Am I want that much to get out of Malaysia? Hurm?

Do I really need to fork out 300 bucks for that little red book? Or better use that 300 bucks for other purposes? Let's say, eating? Or clubbing?

No idea. Still considering. I have thought too much.

God bless you all!

November 28, 2008

Robots on highway

You can only see this in paid-highways like East Coast Expressway in West Malaysia.

Just to wave the flags up and down repeatedly whole day! LOL, no more workers needed! Just batteries!

Honestly, I found myself complaining Sarawak roads for way too much times since I return home. What to do.... 

God bless you all!

November 27, 2008

Hope for a new start

For my team Arsenal. The recent turmoils and crisis are off. Hope the new captain Cesc Fabregas will bring in new hope.

Lot's of my friends who supported other teams admire him too. Young, handsome, and super-passer.

He's so important in last Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev. Though I only watched the last 15 minutes of the match (shame on me for being too sleepy), I knew he's simply brilliant.

His long, pin-point accurate pass to Bendtner,


Wow, sexy body... teeheehee... he's not supposed to take off his shirt la...

I was freaking happy. After all these "dut", Arsenal has found something back. Confidence and togetherness. And most importantly, A FREAKING WIN.

Big relief.

When you see your team walks out to the field, it will always be an upbeat feeling. Don't you think?

I will always support Arsenal. No matter what you people say out there. :)

God bless you all!

London's calling

How I wish to respond to that call!

With Airasia X now launching their London route, now anyone can get to Europe pretty easily! I have been yearning to go to London, and Europe at large, for a freaking long time!

Only 499 bucks (excluding those lame charges of course) to London? Oh come on....

Sadly after I checked out some flights departing next year, the price has already gone up to some 800 bucks. But it's still cheap, isn't it?

One day I gonna go there, that's for freaking sure!

God bless you all!

PS: Can anyone tell me what's that freaking recession everyone is talking about?

November 23, 2008

In Bintang Walk, KL

Currently relaxing away at Starbucks Bukit Bintang, not because of its coffee, but just wanna to feed my ONLINE ADDICTION.

Have to say, Starbucks stuffs are damned over-priced. And I don't really like KL. Perlis is far more peaceful. What to do, big city...

I am going home tomorrow lo. Fast fast go back....

God bless you all!

November 11, 2008

Langkawi here I come


So freaking excited now till I can't sleep the whole day!

I just hope I can enjoy as much as I can there. It's gonna be a wonderful traveling adventure.

And oh ya, there will be NO pictures for this trip because I don't have camera with me. Shame on me for losing my camera phone. Haiz...

OK, God bless you all!

November 7, 2008

Changed has come??

Everyone already knew this, but I just post this up, with my own style and my own thoughts.

Barack Obama has won! The Change has come to America. Obviously the whole world is celebrating his victory! Even my Form 1 brother is showing this as well!

So Americans dare to vote for change. When is Malaysia's turn? Don't say the lame "here not the same in America" reason. I really hope that change has come to Malaysia too.

God bless you all! Hope my exams can go away ASAP! :p

Don't say me is a pervert ok?

Really, please. Don't say me like that just because I point out this in Berita Minggu.

In case you don't read Malay, the title says "Women don't know how to choose bra." Simple as that. It says nine out of 10 women are wearing bra of wrong size.

Can I agree on it? Well, I guess I shall let the ladies out there to be the judge then.

Read last Sunday's Berita Minggu for more detail. Hahaha... I shall not elaborate any longer because I don't want troubles later on. Hehehehe...

God bless you all!

November 3, 2008

Lewis Hamilton - New F1 World Champion

What a thrilling race in Sao Paolo for the Formula 1 World Championship!

Finally, Lewis Hamilton is crowned as the youngest World Champion of Formula 1!

However, how close he is to be dumped out of the chamionship glory! I really thought Felipe Massa would take the crown after his perfect drive to win the race, and Hamilton was still struggling to catch up with Sebastien Vettel after the latter overtook him for 5th place, the minimal position needed for Hamilton to be crowned champion.

Who could have thought Hamilton, can be so lucky, to pass another driver at the final corner!!!

Man, this is so dramatic!

Lewis the Champion!

Surely he has driven his heart out. He won with full emotions.

What a perfect ending to this 2008 Formula 1 season! Definitely love it!

What's more, I am going to watch 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix next year! Yahooooo!

That's all for now. Gotta really give it a go on the final exams!

God bless you all!