September 30, 2006

Something wrong on my phone

This is my handphone. Can you spot anything wrong on this handphone?

Well, I think most of you can. Take a closer look!

Whatta "dut" is that grey patch and yellow spot??!

And for your information, the yellow thinggy is getting bigger!!!!!

Anyone can help me? :'(

Anyway, God bless you all!

Got HIGH in Add Maths

Today, freedom was discounted up to 90% compared to last Saturday. I could not go out, nor do anything I like. Just feel glad now because at last I can blog. :)

Physics this morning was rather interesting for me, for the first time of course. The light arrows sometimes drives me crazy, but I still can understand a little from the presentation, added with teacher's explanation. Pretty good to interject their presentation at back, whilst concentrating on several Add Maths question.

Add Maths in next class just make me feeling high. Besides with some question in the given extra exercise, I hardly listen to teacher's teaching in front, while I am like a crazy Add Maths bull twisting my brain. Because of this highness, I completing teacher's exercise on textbook right on spot. You know, I am always impatient de, hahaha.

Got Seng Ying's computer later, and later I discovered that that PC is, believe it or not, 6 TIMES SLOWER THAN MINE! The CPU speed is only 433Mhz, which is only qualified for Windows 95 only. Oh, I had a hard time dealing with that super slow PC, which just challenged my patience. I believe Seng Ying had a hard time to hear my complaint from phone. Soryyya!

Have a good sleep after that, with Lina shocked me up to cook rice. Duh, I simply still not used to cook using gas stove, and Mum taught me to cook using steaming method. Pretty good lecture for me though. For the sake of my overcooked rice, all have to wait until 2010 for dinner.

Being not able to go out at night, I am stucked up at home, prayed a good rosary, then now online, chatting and blogging.

Just realised, tomorrow is the start of the Month of Rosary. For this, I dedicate this month to Mother Mary, as I know, she will always be my spiritual mother, who guides me more closer to her son Jesus, and I also know, she cares for me as her son also.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, I bestowed all of mine, to you!

Praise the Lord!

September 28, 2006

Strip off ego

I put much hope on today, but it just didn't turn out to be the day I want.

I still remember, I had my probably brightest mood upon arrival at school Though battling with the sleep temptation, no problem for me to concentrate in morning Mass. I prayed with a delightful heart.

However, things started to go against me when I entered school. I felt like dumb and dumber, couldn't talk a thing, nor get around to talk. Everyone has their own clan to talk, but it's a "dut" no for me.

Fine, enough with that. Ego in heart continued to wreck my mood. I was just fed up with myself for playing my own emotions. Whenever I find someone, who sits near to me, prefer another person other than me for help in Add Maths, jealousy sparks off by shouting at heart, "What the? Why not me? Can't you see I am here wanting to help you?!!"!

Even worst, I am quiet and lazy to blast questions at Biology presentation. Feel so crushed when facing the super hard rock Add Maths question. Again, since I have not slept for previous whole night, my body is like drug addict, shivering for no reason.

Prefect meeting later added kerosene to fire. Totally dissatisfied with such a lame meeting. Better off without meeting since no room for us. Gratefully, Emma with her lovely smile thanked me for my early birthday wishes to her at early dawn. I smiled briefly, give her a five, which appeased my frustration.

You know what, how I actually wished to give her a HUG? I know this is indecent, and also not worthy to do so, but why not? Hugging is a great way to show affection towards each other, don't you think? Actions are better than words, do you agree?

Please, don't think too much........L.O.L.

Afternoon was great for me, as I take a 3 hours of satisfying nap. Skipped theology class at evening for no reason, however it's substituted with a great chatting at MSN. At MSN is totally different at school, can talk non-stop. Why? Wonder why?

Nevertheless, thank God for this dramatic, emotional day. Jesus, as my shepherd, lead me to go through all the ups and downs in life. I surrender all of myself to Him, as I know, He will never lose me.

Praise the Lord!

Midnight time

It's midnight by now. Everyone's is sleeping pretty soundly, I can feel it even though not really be with them.

Just sent an SMS to Emma, exactly at midnight hour, wishing her happy birthday for another time. That's my favourite way to wish people, regardless the receiver like it or not. 0000 mark seems so symbolic, it marks a new day, a new start, a new everything, and won't it be very good to wish others at this meaningful hour?

It's already midnight, and I am left all alone at here, still like a hyperactive nightowl. Feel glad by now, SMS has been sent, chatted with cousins at Kuching, watch numerous videos at Youtube, just feels so great. Though my brain is blanked out, I still feel joyful.

What kind of joy and strength are these, given by God? For the joy of the Lord, is my STRENGTH, is my HOPE, my LIFE.

Happy birthday Emma! Thank you for being my friend all this while! Hearthiest wishes from me for you!

God bless you all!

September 27, 2006

Night owl soaring!

Hi everyone and here I blog again!

Today was a totally sleepy day for me, especially in the morning. Out of 9 periods in school, can you believe it, I slept 5 of them! Walao! And this afternoon, I have slept 4 good hours! By the time I am blogging now, I found no reason at all to sleep again!

Seems I am really night-life person, huh? Let's it be activated throughout the night!

In this night, I trust in Jesus Divine Mercy, yes, totally trust and surrender to Him.

God bless you all!

September 26, 2006

Hard without a watch

Today, I had a hard time without a watch to tell me what's the time. I used to be the one to tell the time, now it's my turn now to ask the time. I just cannot figured out why I lost my my broken watch, and really, it's really hardcore for me.

Nevermind with that, I had done 2 great presentations this morning. First up is Physics, in which I counter-attack teacher's question about mirror periscope. Glad to have everyone's attention on me explaining all the lame stuff of mirror.

As for Biology, I think my group co-operated well, with me as the full-time backup. Since I do most of the job talking up front, I do not need to do the follow-up assignment, which my part is handed to Susie. Cool feeling.

Strangely enough, after those presentation, I don't feel anything great at first. Probably because of my ego of wanting other's approval, but failed to do so. With that, I just lazily went to patrol and slept at class for 2 periods. Slowly recovering from that ego hunger after that.

Seriously, when my mood is not good, ice-cream will be the best medicine. Recently I really love and want some ice-cream. Why? I just like the creaminess of it, seems that whenever I lick it or eat it by mouth, it just feels so satisfying. I can also GET HIGH from ice cream too! Hahahaha....:D

Well, tonight I am going to stay up as long as possible, as I want to watch tonight's match. Bad luck for me because Arsenal's match is not aired on TV3. Kinda annoyed because TV3 always choose the match I don't really like, but also watch it for the sake of football.

In this late night, I miss my Lord. I miss my loved ones. Only Jesus knows how I miss them, and also how I miss himself as well. Hope through the intercession of Mother Mary, I will grow more in faith, to become faithful disciple of Jesus, and also love others as myself.

Love you all! God bless you!

September 24, 2006

No point to get No.1

The Lord touched me again with his wondeful words.

He said, "If anyone who wants to be the first, he must be the last, and be the servant of all."

This is not saying that we must be underperforming , or give up at an instant in our daily life, but more surely, to remove the envy in our heart. This envy is the root of sin.

Have I in envy with anyone and anything? Don't I feel very jealous when I see others have those that I don't have? I had dozens of such experiences already in my liufe. Not only materialistic ones, even towards the aspect of relationship, people, money and so on.

So, that's why you will always see "Posted by Your Humble Servant", because I see myself as a lowly servant, with a thought that no point to be in race to get the highest, the more this and that and whatever else.

It's a late , quiet night now, and always, it's drawing me to miss my loved ones, and of course, my Lord Jesus Christ. Hope and pray through the graces of God, that the Lord remove my envious heart, and create a pure, child-like heart.

Love you all!

September 23, 2006

Pushed to the edge of patience

Chatted with Yien Houng this afternoon and evening. I wonder why, she's always bring something pessimistic about everything. Sometimes I do feel very frustrated about her statement of no feelings, hatred, can't do anything, bla bla bla.

Very hot and fiery debates with her. If only I can put in some famous quotes by the intelligent philosophers, or leaders of the Church, I could just shut her up easily. I was pushed really near to the edge of my tollerable patience. What a bad counsellor I am!

I wonder why she's behaving like this. Kristine said to me, her blog is only about sadness. What's has happened in the past? No matter how hard I tried to guide her, it's still returns in vain.

As for me, journey is life has to go on. God gives me this wonderful life, with wonderful family, super-duper good friends, with nothing to worry about. I should be thankful to God and joyful always for all of these.

Well then, I prayed that everyone on earth may have happiness in their own life. God will not forsake anyone, never ever.

God bless you all!

Free weekend

This is the Saturday I wanted so so much in past weeks! Feel very happy, at last get a day peace. Feel good to strolling at town this morning, browsing books, window shopping, enjoy chatting here, just feels so cool!

Yesterday I went to Emma house to pre-celebrate her birthday. Though it's pushed 6 days earlier, but everyone seems to have fun. I am the earliest arriving, with some jobs to fight off the virus. Her computer is so virus-proned, that I could hardly access into some poarts to control it. 2 couples are there too, Chew Rou brought her boyfriend, and Jsun Loong was paired with Su Yi. Guys dominated Emma's house, as her room is "badly invaded" by all of us.

It was a good reception there. I drank a lot, both wine and cocktail. Food there was also looking nice, but then since it was Friday, I couldn't eat much. Emma was looking pretty, sexy and cool , and gives everyone a warm welcome. Just a pity I didn't bring my camera there.

Nevertheless, it's another good experience at somebody's home. Waved goodbye to her at 2135, and I always like her cheerful smiles.

Thanks be to God for this free weekend! Praise the Lord!

September 22, 2006

Feeling good at dawn

What a night! Finally, after much trying and streching, I HAVE DONE MY BIOLOGY PRESENTATION SLIDE SHOW! Praise be to God, for I know He's always on my side throughout the peaceful, quiet night.

Now is near dawn already, means that I don't have my chance to sleep now. However, the joy in my heart, just keep me awake until now!

Isn't it good to be such joyful everyday?

Hope I will have a great party at Emma's home this evening. Hehehe....

God bless you all!

September 20, 2006

Just realised

Still early for me to blog something here, hahaha.

The personal message, "I will always miss you!" get some response from friends this morning. Kristine, even questioned me who's she that I mentioned here, where I just keep my mouth shut on that. Well, maybe good for me though, L.O.L. At least I know someone is or are reading my blog, cool man!

Just a quick feeling, that I realised that many things are still yet to be done! Moral projects are tonnes, plus by extra duties, presentations and so on. However, I try to keep my breath wide, try to take it easy and light, just for the sake for less pressure. Pressure sucks! It drives me nuts!

Life's still normal down at afternoon, where sleep filled them all. Unexpected tuition cancellationt left me still free going at evening. Hot water bath as always, makes me feel addicted to it. Also thanks to TV, MSN buddies, blog, internet for killing my time, but still, I HAVE NOT START THE STUDY ENGINE YET! Who cares about studying at now?

So don't think I am hardworking, I am no better than anyone of you.

Homework not done, projects left "dead", life's not in control, but, I believe no matter how terrible is it, God will always be on my side. He will inspire me what to do next.

Thanks to all my blog readers, and please do keep visiting!

God bless you all!

September 19, 2006

Moodless for everything

Now really no mood. Everything seems crazy to me right now, just want to sleep, sleep and more sleep.

I guess around and around is still those factors. Girls, studies, future. These are still haunting my mind whenever I am in such a big and terrible grief. Even hard to break a simple smile.

You may think the first factor I put upside there is "girls." Oh yeah, certainly it is. Sometimes I think I am not worthy to be someone's boyfriend, but still in my mind I still miss them very much. I know my principles, but down in my heart I am super rebellious to those "dut" principles. Seeing those couples in schools or at anywhere else make me jealous, but still, I have to surpress those feelings.

That "surpressing" is just not nice. Can't I just have a go?

Enough with that. My little heart decided to let it go and be it to God. My Lord will certainly take care and in control of everything.

God bless you all! Love you all too!

September 18, 2006

"Gunned" down

What again for tonight? Homeworks, emotions, jobs, and lots more to come. Just feel like being gunned down.

The morning at school is still rather cool and fun. I always enjoy Chemistry experiment with those weird reactions. Add Maths craziness is still widely spreaded, without sparing me of course. Even discussing those questions with teacher makes me feels dizzy about it.

Then gladly, I received a warm thank you from Chew Rou's parents for dealing their computer free-of-charge. Freed for a while at Parkson, trying to search for Emma's present but limited by money. While enjoying the sundae cone, I just window-shopped the Lazo Diamond. It's just unthinkable for me to buy that for her.

Life's at night is just running normal at night, in which I enjoyed the most. That will be perfect if there's a cup of coffee right now for me to enjoy. Feels divided whether to sleep or not.

What to do? Give everything to God.

Praise the Lord! Love you all!

Completely crap night

Oh, everyting seems crap for me now. Whenever I want to grip the gear and start doing something, I am starting to feel "it's completely crap."

Just now trying hard to do the collage of pictures in food fair and prefect night, as wanted by Madam Su. Yeah, I tried using Picasa, and guess what, it's turns out to be completely crap to me. Picture piling is just simply don't get me impressed. Then, I was forced to use word processors to do that, arranging those photos in order. But that will cause some problem regarding captions. Haih, is that job so hard? I really want to sleep by now!

That's not all, I still have the notes of Biology presentation yet to be done. School brochure is still on hold, as I am trying to take my time. I am just not good enough in designing, so that's why everything is still running slow. My expertise is only blogging.

So please, I am only good at blogging and computer maintanance. Promised myself not to say "yes" easily to things I don't like such as designing in the future.

Talk about blog, the fire sparked off at another corner of my Prefects' Blog. It's somewhat Junior vs. Senior there, where me, being neutral, tried to keep my fingers crossed and shut up. No point to be in the arguement after all. Let them commenting there as much as they wish then.

It's not only glooms only for the night. Very happy indeed to hear triumphant news from the Gunners for the victory at Old Trafford! What a sensational win despite the slow start for Arsenal for this season! Make my mood slightly better, but still overwhelmingly tired by these stagnant jobs.

What to do now? Goyang kaki and get fired by teacher? Or keep on working and fired by teacher for a lousy job? Haha, how now?

Let it be, nothing to worry about. Just move forward in God.

Praise the Lord!

September 17, 2006

Don't be afraid to carry the Cross

The cross that I have to bear, actually is nothing compared to the BIG CROSS Jesus bore for us. However, today I learnt, even this cross is looking stupid, it's supreme power of God, it's the unlimited love of God, that will never be found anywhere else except in God. This is wonderful words from Bishop's homily in Malay today. Touched my heart a lot.

Jesus asked me this question, and will always continue to ask me in the future.

"Who do you say I am?"

Will I going to answer the same way as Peter answered him, "You are the Meesiah," without inspiration of Holy Spirit? Am I still very depend on my personal human limited thinking? With only our human thoughts, WE CANNOT BE SAVED! Can you save yourself?

Jesus saved us, using the most unthinkable and and disgraceful methods to save all of us, that's is through the Cross. It's the ultimate wisdom of God. What a big salvation mystery!

Anyway, just a simple thought of mine. I realised how tiny I am in this world, that nothing in me is worth to be anything.

"If anyone wants to follow me, let him renounce himself, take up the cross and follow me."

Lord, strengthen your humble servant here, to be strong, and brave enough to carry the cross you have given me, to do your will, and to glorify your name.

Praise and glory be to God, forever and ever!

Thanks be to God

Really I want to pay my thanks and praise to God most high, for quiding me to go through the tough day.

Feeling great when Streamyx line is recovering from its sluggishness last few days. Glad also, Chew Rou entrusted her PC to me to get it fixed. It's just a simple project, just have some scares about her PC's display issues. Now, just wait for the time to hand it back. Some sense of loneliness pops in my heart when I started to miss my loved ones.

Very tired by now. Although it's Sunday, many work still have to be done. Pictures wanted by Madam Su and brochure wanted by Madam Jenny are all going underway today. I rely on God's hand to storm off all the challenges. If I can't do these small things, how can I do the bigger things in future?

Cool right? Isn't that always cool to get all things done?

God bless and love you all!

September 13, 2006

Still sick

Yeah, I am still a bit sick, now getting better. Thank God for that. I am currently just have some minor sore throat, and also some discomfort around the chest whatsoever.

Streamyx is still down and laggy. Take long time to load even this page for me to blog. It's so frustrating, given the money I paid them every month. Well, good chence for me to train my patience.

I am still OK, that's all I want to say. God gives me the strength to let me do His will, to glorify his name.

Praise the Lord!

September 11, 2006

Sluggish Streamyx drives me crazy

Yeah, sometimes I want to call TMNet as "TMNuts." The speed currently I have now is totally unacceptable to be called ADSL connection, far more poorer than dial-up! To make things worse, I also cannot log in to MSN, although I check already on the net that's it's ok, but it still turns out to be "service is currently unavailable"!! What the....

Haiya, forget about that. Today still a rather relaxing and somehow energetic. I had 5 hours of Add Maths maniac in the morning, in which I finished off the exercises to catch up with others. Haha, you don't know how big is my head after doing those questions, hehehe.

Thanks be to God also, because I didn't break the beaker after falling from the tripod. Miraculously, when I thought it's going to be "habis cerita", it's still standing still on the table, no cracks whatsoever. Luckily the solution didn't stain anyone too. Some evil grins pops up from me when I saw Angel broke the filter funnel, wuahahaha!

Back home brings a surprise when Mum prepare a special lunch for my aunt who arrived from Kuching in the afternoon. I had as much as I want in that meal, wakaka, so full and even find somewhat hard to even move. Then in that afternoon, I just blog for my class. Recently I found out really hard to blog for prefects because I find out that nothing actually big enough to blog for.

With chocolate in my mouth, I just slept for a while. Routine vespers and rosary follows. Still a OK day for me, except for this super lousy Streamyx! Really hope TMNet can improve next time.

God is my source to inspire, to realise all my lovely dreams. Praise the Lord!

God bless you all!

September 9, 2006

Happy man prevails

I am still happy at the end of the day, right now sitting in front of PC to blog. Hehehe.... :)

Everything went well for me in the morning. The Add Maths extra class, though wrecks my weekend, was not a boring one. It's also much quieter after many of my classmates joins next door for an earlier class. Plus, I am listening much as I was doing my own Add Maths at the very back of the class, with super fast speed that will never slow down.

Then I took at transit at town, where I have another creamy Cornetto Royale for myself before taking a bus home. Being at home was rather boring. I was still in quiet fire with my mum for my refusal to go to Kuching High Camp in coming December. I don't really know is it necessary to be angry for that. To me, the future is decided by me (of course God is the source), so is my coming holiday plans.

That camp, I think, will cannot compete with the camp in which Emma participated last 2 weeks. It has some marine activities, which I love it but never have the chance to try it. That Kuching High Camp, will be just another traditional Red Crescent camp, where I have been through in last 2 years.

So, why say yes even it's in Kuching? No point saying yes, so I refused. Easy enough.

Afternoon proves to be very boring, indeed. I can't stand it, so just went to sleep. In that sleep, I had a very strange dream. It's indescribable, the most I can remember that I said out sa\ome bad words, and also somebody threatening over someone else. Gangsterisme I guess, L.O.L. Hope I won't be in such things.

After that, I just prepare myself to the singing competition. The unhappy looks from my mother, sister and brother quite annoyed me. If they don't want to go, well just tell me and let me go alone! I also don't want them to go there with a bad mood. *SIGH*

So all of us went there. Saw Priscilla, Xian Mei and their gang busy preparing for their performance. They called themselves "Happy Girls", and to me, they performed better than others because they are mobile on stage. Others are just like trees, though some really good at singing. Happy for them also although winning nothing, for their bravery and guts on stage in front of many people.

Also went to take a peek of the 3P camp. Nothing much. Seems relaxing. Seems easy. I also don't how to comment anything on them. Just keep my mouth shut to play safe.

Back home after some unnecessary supper. Rosary and vespers as usual gives much satisfaction in the Lord. That wraps my day today, hope you won't be bored by this long post!

God bless you all!

September 8, 2006

Frustrated at start, happy at end

This what I have written this morning, in Physics period.

"Feeling so frustrated now. Frustrated because today is supposed to be a joyful day.

"Oh yeah, it should be joyful for me as today we celebrate the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary. It's my Holy Mother's birthday, don't play play.

"Luckily, I managed to storm off the Physics PEKA just now. It's the experiment in which I maybe can memorize after written about it many times already in last 2 exams. Feeling relieved, but also feeling angry to Physics subject.

"I don't like Physics, really don't like it. Nothing in Physics draws my interest. I am not criticising the teacher, but the subject alone. Maybe is the opposing character that I tend to oppose the favourites. I know, Physics is among the favourite subjects for the elite students (excluding me). They like it, they love it, they enjoy it, but it's a strong no for me.

"I just don't like Physics. Yeah, it's......."

Not yet done with my writing, I am called for my rejected PEKA. Feel so dejected. Why don't just take it, and give a low grade for me? Try my best to do another one, even do the experiment myself. Many at 4S3 said that I am very serious that time, oh yeah, I am. Why? You just don't know how annoyed I am at that time.

Not enough with that, I released it when penalised during Add Maths lesson. I said to Lik Wong loudly that I deserved this penalty for my stupidity. So stupid until don't how to buy a new book, or even put papers on it. Many looked at me that time, and since that I am getting cooler and cooler.

Then at the 90 minutes break before Chinese class, I went to the beach to release all of my erupted anger. Relaxing to see the yachts far away, remembering my dream to go sailing one day. I slept there for 30 minutes on a bench, trying to put the fire at heart off.

Well, it's still an OK day for me. Emma is surprisingly came back Miri today at 1630 something. I thought she's going home at tomorrow, but whatever, I am glad that she's back. And due to tuition and transport, I could not watch the singing competition, which I heard that it's interesting even not much are watching.

That's my eventful day. Thank God for his strength for perservere me to go through all the hi's and lo's in my life.

God bless you all!

September 6, 2006

Don't like it at all

*Written at school this morning*

Fine, I know I am not supposed to comment anything about the prefects. However, strings of undesirable happenings make mewant to vomit.

Spot check at 3rd period is rather a shock, ridiculous and absurd to me. We are called to record down anyone who has more than RM 50? What the "dut"? Whenever I checked a student, I wonder, is it a spot check, or "wallet check"? Whatever we got for this is only four cigarettes! L.O.L.!

Later at recess time, all of my colleagues still group in their own and chit chat non-stop. That's not all, even after 1000, some still buy drinks and ice cream, and surrounding 3 still-eating guys with those helpless looks! Oh.....

Is this the so-called "best prefect board ever"? Still doubt it.

Anyway, my mood is better now. Forgive me if I offended anyone.

God bless you all!

September 5, 2006

Bad luck

This is somewhat frustrrating to me! Arrgghhh.....

Just after I have finished the long tuition of Add Maths, my excitement to go home was blown off. Why? It just only for the sake of a shoe! I cannot find my right shoe! What the "dut"???!! I searched everywhere around the house, and even with some help, it's still in vain.

Things are not ended there. After I know I am going to enraged my dad waiting outside there for too long, I just went to the car bare-footed. However, he insisted to find it again. When he reversed the car, unknowingly, BAAAANNGGG! What the "dut" again! Luckily this time only the right signal light of the another car is damaged. Certainly Dad is unhappy to compensate for the loss, and I am very unhappy of everything, because it seems that all of that is caused by me.

Anyway, prayed hard just now, and my enotions is quite calm now. Sorry I pay for the another driver. Too bad for everyone though.

Nevermind, I want to keep hopeful in God!

Thanks for reading, and God bless you all!

Boring blog?

Yien Houng told me this morning that my blog is BORING. Oh yeah, I am still "oh yeah" ! Walao! Do you think it's boring? L.O.L.

Personally I also think my blog is like nothing much special. Compared with other's blogs, they are much much more better than mine.

Take Jordan's blog as example, he can express his point-of-view very professionally and we as readers can vividly feel his feelings and emotions. This is very good blog! Kristine's one is also one of my favourites because lot's of happenings can be known there, with her super good English also! And aso lot's of others one, I LOVE THEM ALL!

Unlike mine, my blog seems to like ONLY reporting everything I have done for that particular day, and occasionally put it some thoughts about it. Boring right?

However, I still keep myself optimistic. I will always try my best to present my best in this chamber. Neither I want to stop blogging since it gives me much joy from it.

So, please do keep reading all my 3 blogs and if possible, bookmark it! Hehehe...

God bless you all!

Bored sleepless night

Just woke up 10 minutes ago. I failed to have a good night sleep, since I slept at the living room just now! Haha, since it's so hot without the air-conditioner, so automatically woke up lo.

What to do in this late night? I could hardly check my email, downloads, update, news and so on. Luckily Geoffrey also having the insomnia, so both of us chatted for a while.

Nowadays my life is something like this. I also don't know why I like it. I really enjoy the dawn time, that's from 0300 to 0500. It's very quiet, without the need to worry about. If I can get out from my house at least now, the breeze is very refreshing just like natural air-conditioner. With the music through headphone, it's truly feel like heaven on earth.

Let the power of Lord's love, show me the way in my life, and guide me to do his will everyday. I cannot live without my Lord!

God bless you all! Love you all very much!

September 4, 2006

Sleep too much

Today is somewhat sleeping crazy, where I slept in the morning and all of afternoon! I do not really know what's the reason of it after all, just enjoy to sleep!

After the tiring works in Food Fair last week, I returned school with much joy and energy in my heart. I was lucky enough to be at the backstage in assembly to lead all of school members for the School's Oath. Kinda fun actually to chat with Dayang and Lydianna at the backstage, which I think they are very nice. I surely could see their disappointment in racial prejudice in the Prefect Board, which I think should be banned out of the school. Jealous of Dayang too because she told me she will going to many places such as Holland and Australia during holiday, even next week for her sister wedding at Kota Kinabalu!

You know, I am also the one who wants freedom at sometime, to travel care freely alone, regardless of places, as long as I am free enough. I really likes travelling!

After that in that spot check, I managed to "fish up" a DVD at 1B. It's easy to only need to do bag check in class, without have to deal with students outside. Sometimes I do fed up with them. Every time principals and teachers has to remind again and again about their attire, attitude, discipline and so on. Don't they think they also fed up of it also? Or do they want all the troubles on them? I only can sigh for them.

Likewise I said, I slept too much. I slept in Add Maths lessons, where somebody else are penalise where I am not. Tried to sleep again due to boredom, but failed, so just chit chat with friends. Back at home, I slept again, for about 3-4 hours. Even the intense heat and the smelly sweat wakes me up, I still force myself to sleep!

And the now, I am free like bird. I hope I can invert my day, that's sleeping in the day, active at night. Of course this is impossible, but surely, I enjoy nigh time more than daytime. It's so peaceful and free.

How's my friends at Langkawi now? Their presence is so missed in school. I hope all my friends can live, rest, sleep peacefully now, so that everyone may have a vibrant, hopeful tomorrow.

God bless you all!

September 3, 2006

Super sleepy

Whooa, by the time now, I am really out of my energy level. How I wish I can just jump into my bed and have a night of good sleep.

The Sunday Mass this morning gives me a very good reflection. Am I such a hypocrites just like Pharasees? Am I only giving lip sevice to God? Am I far away from my Lord Jesus Christ? The Lord taught me today, to accept His Word with a sincere, real, and soft heart (weird translation right?), for His Word shall never pass away and can rescue my soul.

I do have to agree. Sometimes we are too obsessed with things outside, we judged from outside. It's the inside that matters the most, which gives us a real picture of persons and things. My hope is that the Lord, gives me His strength, to let me have the equilibrium of externality and internality, so that in noth ways, I can please and serve my Lord, with a sincere heart.

Doing nothing much actually, as I always missed and daydreamed many people in my mind throughout the day. Sleep almost dominated the whole afternoon, as really I don't have enough sleeps for days already. SMS with Xian Mei after long sleep, then install numerous softwares, pray Rosary and vespers. Kinda disappointed also not able to watch The Apprentice, my favourite show due to the celebrity marriage ceremony.

As for next week, I dream and hope that everything will go smoothly, face them with patience, and also trust my Lord at all time.

God bless you all!

September 2, 2006

Time is running slow

Nevertheless, the sleepless nights continues for me. Still lot's of important software are yet to be installed, but yet I am here to blog some for myself.

I went to airport early in this morning, thanks to Emma's mother. It's rather an overwhelming sad and jealous feeling to see them go to Langkawi, without me being selected. As I waved goodbye to them and watch the plane flew away, it's makes my heart sink.

As a result of not getting enough sleep, I could hardly focus on something today. I nearly slept during homily, I cannot take good pictures at Food Fair, I was "giving up" working. Everything seems frustrating to me.

Talk about Food Fair, I only enjoyed to be a part time ice-cream vendor. It's really fun to dig the ice cream, seeing the smiling faces around the kids and adults, and also apologizing for not skillful enough to dig them. Haha.

Fun to show how "lan" I dig those ice creams!

Posing in front of Nestle ice box!

Tiring jobs followed as I am waiting impatiently to go home. Although not bodily tired, I do it kinda slow due to no mood. Too moody nowadays, not really know what's the reason. I guess still the same lame reasons stated long time ago, lol.

Back home, I just had a moderate bath and slept. Since then, I become more moody because my parents were nagging me to clean myself and do other things. Frustrated, as I am trying to be patient with them and also with my MOOD! Have another long long hot-watered bath after beng mooded.

And now I am here to blog and chat. It's a long long day for me.

Very miss my friends at Langkawi now, especially Emma. Hope and pray that they may return home safely next week. Also hope and pray that Priscilla will get well soon. I was missing her presence at church and also during food fair this morning.

That's for all for today! Hope you all don't get MOODED BY ME! L.O.L.!

Love you all! God bless you all!

September 1, 2006

Long long night

What a long night till dawn! It's already 0445 now!

My sleeping plan is corrupted by a sudden virus attack. It's called Brontok, a Malaysian-made worm. It comes into my PC for a second time already through my backup CD. Can't believe I am also backing up the worm? As I know PC can never ever be restarted, so I just quickly installed AVG. AVG managed to captured it. Still feeling not enough, I captured it myself deep-rootedly, searching for that worm everywhere, from registry, to folders, etc etc.

Later, since the backup CD is also infected, I need to download all the pictures needed to be given to Madam Jenny. I have to download it one-by-one, which is kinda tiring. Even strong coffee cannot prevent me from feeling sleepy. Rain outside even adds to this sleepiness.

It's rather exhausting by now, but rather happy can chat with Fr. Gabriel in this early dawn. I am awaiting for the rising sun, to bring me new hope, a new spirit, a new strength.

God bless you all!

Glad to help out

Anyway, I really enjoy this quietness of late midnight. Happy also to have help Priscilla to enquire to TMNet about her connection problem. I know what to do now, hehe.

Yesterday I was quite in fun at Catholic Family Day. Though not in it, but I can still feel the happy looks on everyone's face. We as prefects helped a lot at there, carrying foods, stuffs, sell, etc etc. Nothing ot be complaint at there, except my camera battery always runs out.

Back home with some sleepy heads and went to sleep as a method for celebrating Merdeka! Then later back to church with interesting start-outs in Mariology. I love this course, because I love Mother Mary very very much.

Several moments ago, I just take a sneak look at Emma's blog, and was really touched by her enchanting blog post. How I could wonder the girl who always look happy and cheerful is down into so deep into the emotional valley? That's make me understand her more, and adds a bit sadness to me too. Emma, if you wish to share with me, don't hestitate ya?

Emma and me in Prefect Night. She is my good friend, know her since Form 1.

This always draws me to think instability of teens' life. Often as teens, we don't know what this life for. We are so purged on studies, duties, tensions from parents, peer pressure, that until no room to be ourselves. We always have to wear the mask, that cover up who we really are, just to adapt into this society. We do feel tired of it, but this is reality!

Is it so hard to be happy? If so, why? If no, how to be happy?

As for me, I found happiness in hopes and dreams. That's why this blog is called "Chamber of Dreams", because surely you don't want all the glooms to pollute your dreams.

Always hope in God!

God bless you all!