April 29, 2007

Lame offer from TMNet

TMNet gave me an offer to upgrade my broadband service through the bill. It DOES look attractive, at first.

Well, upgrading to the toppest service for only RM1 is really a GREAT deal! I am already tired of my sluggish 512 Kbps speed, which doesn't enable me to watch online TV like ESPN and so on.

Oh how great it would be!

But wait first. Here comes the tricky part.

Can you notice something fishy up there? I bet you can't. Let's take a closer look!

LOL, that RM1 offer only for 3 months? And then it's hiked up to RM77 from 4th month onwards! Oh what a cover up ho! What a WEIRD and LAME offer! -_-"

Of course, I rejected the offer la!

And then I wonder, will the current 1Mbps users be given RM11 off ler?

God bless you all!

April 26, 2007

Don't deserved to be TIRED

Thanks to the installation of Malaysia's King, we students had a day off which we longed so much. Oh ya, Daulat Tuanku.

However, it's giving me no way out for a break today. I have to be at MRCS HQ for the whole day to rain my juniors for the Inter Unit First Aid Competition.

What can I say? Except me being syok sendiri there, I can't find any enjoyment of being there. I tell you better don't even dare to ask me how's my junior performing. I didn't dare to expect so much from them. So disappointing to discover that I start feeling losing commitment in training them.

I'm feeling want to yell......

"Why they just don't improve? Why my training seems in vain? Why they are in such lax attitude? Where's your DISCIPLINE???!!!"

That's why I stressed very much on DISCIPLINE.


Ah, I just hope I can get my new PC built as fast as possible la! Others just let it be because I know God is in charge in everything.

God bless you all!

April 25, 2007

Camwhoring Albert

Emma complained to me this morning about why I am not updating much nowadays. Haha, nothing to blog so no need update lo.

But, not update for long also make me feel something wrong. But then I really don't have any ingredients for blogging bo.

How le?

Ha, now just let you see some photos here la. Enjoy then! (I know loading this photos takes time.)

My brother, Mark, and me during last year's caroling. He's cute, isn't he?

My favourite meal at KFC. The chicken says it all why I like KFC so much.

Smash your screen now if you wanna hit me. LOL

Oh how can i forget this? Last year prefect night was really special.

Hungry for more? Wait for next time lo. From now on, I'll try my bets to put pictures in my blog, so that to enhance your enjoyment in reading this blog!

Hope you like this! God bless you all!

April 21, 2007

Went PC crazy

"PC Fever" is striking Miri now for its PC Fair. Of course, it's a much smaller one compared to the one at KL, but it's OK already for still-not-so-high tech Mirians.

Here come the pictures, but again, allow me to syok sendiri again....

Playing wheel chair!

Soaring with it! Oh yeah!

Enough la, let's see what's in PC Fair....

It's just so many LAPTOPS on sell there!

It's just UNBELIEVABLE PRICE! RM 59 for iPod Shuffle! What the....

The speakers and woofers are making big buzzes

TMNet make their presence felt.

Can you see where am I?

Sewing machine? I thought this is PC Fair, right?

So many MP3/MP4...

And so many pen drives.... with ULTRA CHEAP PRICE! Hey, this could be your best chance to get your own pen drive....

Oh how I love the Aero Glass feature in Vista! Perfect! Love it!

Introducing the most expensive PC in PC Fair, Asus Lamborghini selling at RM 11888!

You dare to buy?

Of course I bought nothing , though feeling so jealous of those who brought the laptops home. After that I went to Novena at Cathedral, before heading to Boulevard for PC again. Duh....

Being on the probably most comfortable public bus!

I decided to have a new PC, built on my desired specification.

So here's my specification of my DREAM PC:
  1. AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 3800
  2. 160 GB HDD
  3. 1 GB DDR2 RAM
  4. 256 MB ATI Graphic Card
  5. DVD Writer
This is crucial to have a Vista running on it. That's why I want my new PC to be in high-standard de.... But then have to try not to exceed RM 2000 le...

Whatever it is, I believe God will always provide. He will provide me anything I need, for sure.

OK, God bless you all!

April 19, 2007

Last ever Science Fair at St. Joe

This morning everyone was crazy for Science Fair. I can say almost whole school was in state of ecstatic for this Science Fair.

Yes, it's not really a GOOD Science Fair. I still remember last time there used to be good inventions, some really bizarre stuffs being exhibited. Hovercraft, dissection of frogs, open air rocket just to name a few.

But well, this year I visited almost ALL groups, with each ordering them

"Show me what you have."

LOL, like a boss eh..... Maybe they're annoyed by my request, but then it's fun to hear them trying to explain their theories and so on.

Luckily I had my cameras so here's some of the pictures....

Colourful changes in the milk... Nice...

Just look at Kouh Houh la, I simply cannot resist to put this picture.

Something convection here.

Home made solar cell. Still can generate some small currents at indoors, not bad la...

Fire in the hole! SE Grenade exploding!

Kristen and Mattheus are so happy presenting their atmosphere model!

Potatoes? Ya, it's potatoes, used to make coke bombs! Sadly all their coke are stolen.

LOL, trying the 4MIDABLE formula. Just look at my eyes....

I wish I can have more pictures but the batteries died half way. What the.....

Anyway, it's really fun to be my probably last ever Science Fair in my own school. Credits to everyone who have put all their hard work in making their experiments a success.

Praise the Lord Alleluia!

April 18, 2007

LOST in Maths Magic

Well, at least I can went to bed happily tonight. Praise the Lord!

Science week seems so hot at school currently. Today I carried all the newspapers stacked in my house in school for the recycling campaign. Not so much for caring environment, but is that I WANT OUR CLASS to WIN. Sadly, lot's of my classmates forgot it. I felt envious to see 4E's collection which is beyond reach by any class in school.

We're also forced to go for a talk after Add Maths. It's about Foundation Year of University of Queensland, with an Aussie lady speaking. Awesome and attractive. No wonder no one was making noise throughout the talk! Miss Irene is so surprised!

Got this for answering one question correctly. LOL

That's why I dare to say, those who study in Australia are EXPERTS in presentations. They show absolutely NO FEAR. Impressive.

Class was just boring, sleepy, and ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz......

Stayed for Maths Magic final round. We qualify to final as the top group, but then after much battle, we only get 3rd overall. What a disappointment.....

It's a super tight, defensive game where I can't score much. FRUSTRATING.

Later it was a time well spent. Got to chat with a lot of friends, and helping around, plus doing my own Add Maths revision. And oh ya, till now, Oh how I LOVE TRIGONOMETRY. LOL

Thank God for making his Love visible to mankind, through the sacraments of the Church. His Love is always great for us. Problem is, are we responding to His great Love? Are we taking his limitless love for granted?

Praise God Alleluia!

April 14, 2007

Being at my rival school

I was pleased to enter my rival school, Chung Hua to witness the Inter-school Chinese Poem Declamation Competition yesterday.

I call it "rival" school because of our near locations to each other. Not forgetting that we always compete with this school as well, well I can say, WE COMPETE IN EVERYTHING.

And you all know who always win de la....

Upon entry, I saw so many blocks, bragging their awards they've won....

Well I know they deserve that. Being a well-funded school, the facilities there are far more better than us as well. 6 blocks, with each 4 floors, ah, simply speechless.

Even their hall is AIR-CONDITIONED!

From outside, you see it's all using glass at sides, with automatic door in front.

Try to think, if it's the same with my school's hall, surely it's all broken within 1 week, isn't it?

Wow, it's just so spacious. And mind you, 20 air-conds!

Well, Kang Jiunn and me rounded the school first. Nothing but more jealousy fanned my fiery heart.

A dolphin mouthing the trophy. Their winning spirit maybe.

Our school used to have this too.

Don't know how many trophies they've won.

Enough being jealous of that school. The competition was completely dominated by home team. Credits to them for performing so well. But then, our school's representative were performing not bad. You know la, being first time ba....

Sebastian performing on stage for St. Joe. His poem style was SO FUNNY.

Then they have LONG entertainment time which is a NO NO on my school. Dances, singing, and Chinese orchestra.

My stay there paid off. Needless to say home team won them all, but Sebastian managed to salvage our school's pride for being No.2 in senior section.


Well again, wish to thanks again to my Chinese teacher for bringing us there. It was a well time spent.

God bless you all!