November 30, 2007

Handphone bombs are everywhere!!

I saw this cover news this morning.

Hoho, a Korean-made handphone EXPLODES and KILLS!! The "bomb" even penetrates the bones, lungs, and the heart!!

Ew, I was like....


Come on man, we somehow cannot live without handphones. But alas, this thing, which we are chasing to nowhere, could also KILL US!!

So my dear friends, be prepared, because you will never know when will your handphone explode too! "Bombs" are now AROUND US!!

Be prepared. Handphones are like silent grenades now. It's still ticking away.... hohoho...

God bless you all!

PS: Sorry guys for lackluster photos. I have been blogging in front of my webcam recently. Still waiting for new camera. Hehe. ^^ Hope can get 1 soon.

November 25, 2007

Christ the King

I will forever proclaim my Lord Jesus of the King of the universe, and more importantly, the King of my Heart.

Jesus Christ is my everything. Everyone should due homage to him because only in him, everything has its own existence. Without him, we are NOTHING.

Let His Kingdom come to us! He himself is PEACE.

God bless you all!

November 24, 2007

Someone please?

People, I need your help.

It's not a make up.


Sadly, it seems like no one can accompany me to go or convince me to go for movies. Damn.

So, can anyone call me out for a movie, especially after SPM, please?? I am really damn bored.

God bless you all!

November 19, 2007


I have been very bothered by the SPM.

Till I have emotional swings as if I am having PMS. Sienz.

What's more....


Oh damn it...

Or maybe I should be happy because gonna get a NEW camera?

Ah, I just got so strange now. OK, what I need now is calm down. CALM DOWN.

I'll continue to pray and pray. I trust in my Lord.

God bless you all!

Still sticking on to Friendster

Here's my simple, simple Friendster profile.

Although the hype of Myspace and Facebook is so high out there, I am sticking on to the simple, good, old Friendster.

It's because everyone is FORCING me to be in Friendster! And who tells Facebook to be so fussy about their networking rules?

Lovely comments from my friends just proves how dominant is Friendster! Mind you I have been a member of Friendster for over 2 years.

I love their comments. It's a terrific feeling to see you are noted on the Net. Haha...

But I really wanna Facebook.

I can only got stuck there. Huhuhu....

Anyway, I have to admit this is just a very boring post la. Here I bring you a slideshow on my pictures on my Friendster! Enjoy!

So hope you catch up with me on the Twitter! OK?

God bless you all!

November 12, 2007

Convo Flashback

Let's backtracks the time to my convocation ceremony last Saturday, shall we?

Yeah, our 5 years at St. Joseph's was drawing to an end. Memories, whether good or bad, are going to stay forever.

What's more, convocation marks our FREEDOM! Haha....

Well, here's all the pictures from me.... enjoy...

What a chaos back there....

With Chew Rou sitting with beside me throughout the ceremony. She beats me this time.... huhu...

Ah, Angel is as cute as ever...

Here comes the VIP! He looks on my camera! Cool!

Nah, the band. Seems like they are out of tempo. Whatever...

All and all I should say it was a boring functions. We talked like non-stop down stage, with the VIP urging for our attention. So embarrassing.

Anyway, I saw a teddy bear and started to get mad.

You see, cute or not?

I was really mad and crazy....

Well, in a nutshell, this is all about getting our well-deserved certificates.

Agree, right? Haha...

That's all for now. Gearing up for the final SPM lo!


Everyone please pray for me and each other! OK?

God bless you all!

November 6, 2007

Our days together are numbered

Surely, our school time before SPM, times to have fun with friends at school are very numbered now. Too bad. It's pity though that many friends didn't turn up to school and have fun.

Yesterday quite a number of us received certificates for the Australian Mathematics Competition. I am very glad to have obtained CREDIT grade. Hehe, didn't waste my 30 bucks for that.

But then...

Hey Leslie, why are you covering my handsome face? -_-"

This morning I also had rehearsal sessions for our convocation. Though only one-third of students turned up, it dashed out all my glooms as some funny things happened!

Just go to convocation ceremony this Saturday to find it out! Hehe...

Back at class, we could be more boring than playing around. Ah Bong really drove us insane.

I didn't really know what's happening to him to have himself blindfolded! In return, we just played him lo.

I let the pictures do all the talking to show how fun is Ah Bong la. Hahaha... That's the fun you'll get if you come to school. You won't get this original fun at home now, or at future times as well. Haha...

Study hard everyone! God bless you all!

November 3, 2007

Saturday morning spree

Hohoho, this morning I was at a relaxing mode la. Well, keep reading and as I always do, many pictures for you, my lovely readers to see.

Early in the morning, after Mass, we had some functions outside the chapel to celebrate Fr. Ding's birthday and 19th anniversary of his priesthood.

Means, FREE BREAKFAST!! Haha...

Cake for Fr. Ding from the famous Ma Baker. LOL, no candles?


Look at the aunties rushing for the cake...

Huhu, I have no share in this GOOD breakfast.

But here's my FREE BREAKFAST. Part of it of course, LOL.

See, it's 5 photos up there already! Wakaka... LOL...

After that, I went to school to be judge for marching competition. But then it didn't really go as early as I expected. So I just took my time to do some revision.

Yeah, you heard it, I really DID some revision!

Chemistry is so hard that I even wanna ask the F4 juniors le!

Anyway, there's a surprise again for Martin... (which turns out to be no surprise at all, sigh)

Surprise coming...

See? I told you it's not a really surprise...

But he still seemed happy la!

Enough with the surprises, we all head on to the competition. Only 3 teams participated. Kinda disappointing. But I just held on with my swinging mood la.

See we as judges also cannot help ourselves.

So the show began in some rains...

Hey march properly la! Is that called marching?

Sorry, I have to write this, with my mind thinking the other way round...

Get ready....

Nice... neat... steady...

What? Report still need paper? Duh...

Maybe I have made people mad for my certain changes. Anyway, I was very relieved that it was over. Win or lose, not that important la.

Being happy always is GOOD, isn't it?

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading it!

God bless you all!

November 2, 2007


I was really down to emo-ness yesterday...

I really don't know what has struck me to be like that. Studies? Future? Or even LOVE?

My mind is still in a mess la. Please someone defragment or reformat my brain?? Someone?

What I want is just some PEACE in my heart.

Then I can put a bright smile to face everyday! (OK, I know my smile doesn't look good at all la)

I trust in God. He will take care of everything. Surely he will.

God bless you all!

November 1, 2007

Joy of All Saints Day

My heart and soul is so much filled with joy. So are the numerous saints in heaven.

November 1st has always be an important date for me and all Christians. What a time to celebrate a great feast with all the saints in heaven, praising God forever more!

What's more, we can be friends with the saints! Through this friendship, I firmly believe that they'll always pray for us, as they are hoping us to join their company in heaven too! And so am I!

With that, my Lord has given me no chance for any despair. With my Lord, my hope in God, will never ever let me down.

Let my eyes be fixed to the Eternal Happiness in heaven...

Let's rejoice with all the saints in heaven! God bless you all!