October 28, 2010


After over 590 posts, and 4 years of blogging here, today I have decided to move on to my very own hosting on Wordpress.

Please head on to http://albertko.asia for further updates.

Till then, God bless you all.

October 25, 2010

Thank you McDonald's! :)

I received a postal mail this evening, and I was really glad to have FINALLY received it.

Woooooo... it's a letter from McDonald's Malaysia. Certainly should be something really big. Haha.

With an anxious heart, I tore up the envelope...

Congratulate me for winning some FB contest!!

It was really late considered I won this at July 30th this year, and yet I only received it nearly 3 months after that. Grrr..

But better late than never. So, see my rewards for being in Facebook all the time..

A lot of Sausage McMuffin with egg coupons! Wow!

At 1st view, I really thought I won myself 5 free burgers. However, there's a catch...

SEE "It's yours with any menu item purchased"

Even so, this term doesn't really bother me. I can just buy anything I want and get that free burger. Let's say, hash browns, coffee, apple pie...

The only thing that freaks me out is that THERE IS NO MCDONALD'S IN PERLIS. Not happy.

So, thank you McDonald's Malaysia. I would love you more if and only if you can have an outlet in Perlis.

God bless you all!

October 22, 2010

KFC Afternoon Cravers review

Few days ago, I went to KFC to try out their new Afternoon Cravers menu.

It is only available in weekdays, from 2-6pm. So it was a great opportunity to try what they have in store for me.

So I ordered Fizzberry Mix and Cheesy Fries. Just to try out and waste $$$.

Fizzberry Mix

It is actually a very simple drink. With a berry mix at the bottom, 7-up is added till the brim, with those ice. Tasted less gaseous than other carbonated drinks. Not too bad. But not any one of the experiences mentioned above. Hehehe

Cheesy fries

I do love this one, far better than Cheesy Wedges. You can slowly indulge the cheese with those fries. Nice presentation as well. I'd love it if they include this in their normal menu.

With the total of RM6.30, it makes up a very nice snack in the afternoon. Non-Sarawakians should also MUST try the 3-layer-tea! Haha! Try it!

God bless you all!

Microcontroller 8051

Without a shadow of doubt, this is the most daunting and scary course for all diploma students, irrespective of which course.

The book
If you're really into this electronics engineering field, you will think that actually 8051 micro-controller is pretty basic. Sort of a child's play. However, for most of us, we really struggled.

Not only struggling with this book (admit that this book is good), we also have to struggle with this.

8051 trainer's board

Seems very happy to show it off

Enjoying himself? :)

Using that trainer's board, we're supposed to write a program, load into the chip, and see whether it works correctly or not.

Sadly, most of the time is NO.

However, work must carry on, whether I like it or not.

My teammate, always wanting to do work :)
The schematic diagram of the mini project.

The crazy connection from 8051 to this, to that..

All blown-up LEDs...

Trying to become a micro-controller model :)

Just try my best, and I think the rest will take care of themselves really.

God bless you all!

October 18, 2010

1st experience at Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Mall Penang

After my interview for internship at Penang, I decide to try something totally new in Penang. After all, it was my birthday weekend, so, just spent more money haha..

Manhattan Fish Market is actually a localized-imported-franchise which specializes to fish products. It claimed to serve the best fish and chips in the world.

This is the interior of the restaurant.

I loved it whenever the restaurant is empty. Much more peace, quiet and serenity, and I get my food fast. Haha. Maybe not so good for my eyes, but whatever...

I went on to order the cheapest food I can find in the menu.

This is a promotional item: Pirates of the Mediterranean. I have some rice with corn, fresh broccoli, some more fresh carrots...  and fish of course.

With some lemon to add some sour twist. Nice. Maybe small portion...

The toppings on the fish is actually add-ons, which cost more money. Sigh.

So, it's actually a simple meal. I was slapped 20 bucks for it.

Well, at least I am still in budget and tried something new. Plus, the convenience of getting online for as long as I can there made it more worthwhile.

Perhaps I should eat more stuffs like this instead from now on.

Roti telur rocks haha

God bless you all!

October 8, 2010

One major wire GONE

Introducing my latest acquisition today...

Tada... This is my new Logitech wireless mouse. I really need this since my previous cheap mouse keeps broken at times I need it the most. Very sick with it.

And by saying "at times I need it the most," I actually mean ALL THE TIME when I am using my computer. Using the track pad is really awful.

With this mouse, I just need to plug-in...

... and forget. This nano-receiver is really small, that carrying it around will be very risky. Logitech makes it so small, so after plugging in, there's no need to get it out.

I even got an exchange unit from the shop due to some defects. So, actually I am holding an even newer mouse.

I really hope this time will never disappoint me anymore. I am expecting no more than 3 years life span. The longer the better. Go Logitech.

God bless you all!