May 2, 2007

Training, training, training

It was another full swing for training today. Have to say myself that I'm getting meaner and meaner against them. Starting to lost my patience.

Even so, I managed to had fun, that is becoming a casualty. Still remember that it's being casualty first in junior times provide initial experiences in First Aid Competitions.

But before that, as usual la....

Who won't hide his delight upon receiving RM50 as pocket money?

People say me look like a blind guy with that glasses, trying to promote Hotlink again bo...

So here's some pictures courtesy from Ngee Kiat when I was the casualty.

Me lying unconscious, waiting to be rescued...

Close shot when I was checked for breathing.

See both of them were looking so desperate to put me down. You all know why la...

Finally, I was "rested in peace" on stretcher.

I also witnessed our arch rival training at our next door. What can I say? Glad to announce that their performance are FAR BELOW MY EXPECTATIONS. It's true, so there's hope for Josephians!

But have to be VERY WARY of other teams la.... All are coming for that Championship ler! So don't ever underestimate any team! Including us!

Schooling again tomorrow. It's gonna be sleep-filled classes for me. Sigh....

God bless you all!

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