May 10, 2007

Vote me at Droool!

Well recently I am hot on reading blogs, replying each other at other's chatterbox and so on. Blogging is so fun, and it does keeps everyone together. A very good field for everyone.

Anyway, I find out a blogging directory called Droool.NET (Yes, 3 "o" there, haha)

You can see many blogs here should you're in no idea where to start reading blogs. That's why tell call themselves "The Ultimate Weblog Directory."

Not only this, you can also vote for your favourite blog! That's the one that Technorati don't have! Interesting right?

I also submitted my blog, hoping to gain some popularity in Internet. *winks

So what you all as readers can do?

That's right, VOTE ME!

You will find a "Vote me" button there on the left bar, click it and....

It feels like I am campaigning myself in an election. LOL

However, I know even those who has the highest votes won't have any prize la.

But then , please, VOTE ME. Haha...

Vote for Chamber of Dreams

God bless you all!

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