October 17, 2007

Poster-making is COOL

I have been assigned to lead a team to do activity posters, or as whistle blowers to come to Church Youth's Activity.

A huge, hard chunk to swallow because I never know anything of art, or decorations whatsoever. If I do this alone, surely nothing will come out.

Thankfully, God sent me so many helpers, or I should call them companions, to help each other accomplish this never-ending task....

Kinda cool, right?

Again I say, without the help of my teammates, everything will be in vain...

I wish to extend my heartiest "Thank you" to Leonard, Pascal, William, Jude, Priscilla and Joyce for all the hard work and your creative brains. Hope we can work together well for many times to come.

OK, just some "thank you" post la! Haha...

God bless you all!

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