October 9, 2007

Sleepless for history

Seriously, by this time I really want to have a good SLEEP. No more coffee.

History got me so mad, that I have to stay up the whole night to study it. Though I like History, but the History studies in school is just not relevant to me.

So sienz, you know.

History, when compared with other things in my house, is just so LAME.

O2Jam is so fun, but can history be fun too? Or can you imagine History being a FUN subject?

Even my Mee Sedaap looks more fun than History!!!

Yeah, victory for the noodles. LOL

So in this lonely, bored night.... I have and I can...

Come on, yell with me...


Ah, feeling much better!

But nevertheless, I will try my best, to be faithful on little things so to please my Lord. Never I like to see I fail my test, and I believe you too, isn't it?

God bless you all!


♣ShiRz♣ said...

If me was u i think i better choose noodles!!! it much more better coz noodles much more yummy than history text book la...

Anonymous said...

hey there. You might not know me. I come across your page by chance. I'm an ex-student of St Joe Miri, graduated in 1996, more than a decade ago. I'd apreciate it if you can give me the official website address of St Joseph Miri, if you dont mind. The one available on the net currently is so outdated. Thanks.

Your Humble Servant said...

Hehe, glad that you have visited my blog.

Sad to say that currently our school doesn't have any kind of official website. Though principal has been blowing whistles here and there about the website, but never really got it... hehehe

Anonymous said...

thanks, your humble servant. actually i just want to see the latest updates on the school. hopefully, they'll update it soon. by the way, I know one of the teachers there, my old friend...cikgu charlton, but we havent been in touch for so long oredy. we lost contact after we graduated from uni. I heard from a friend that he's teaching there. I wonder if he's a good teacher..hehehhehehehe...and is he fierce?

Your Humble Servant said...

Hehe, but I think they'll never get it updated.

Yeah, Mr. Charlton is our teacher here. In fact, he has been promoted to PK HEM, which is high-post disciplinary teacher. Fierce? I think he's really a nice, funny man la. I respect him a lot. He will be only fierce who are not discipline, make problems in school lo.

Anonymous said...

yes, he's a man with a good sense of humor. Oh really? Good for him. When we were in uni together, he jokes alot and it help brightened my days. Hahaha. yes, he's a nice man too. Trust me, if you have any problems, do consult him. He's a good listener and adviser. Thanks your humble servant for willing to chat with me i n here. Good luck in your SPM. by the way, I am Serene, from Kuching.