November 30, 2007

Handphone bombs are everywhere!!

I saw this cover news this morning.

Hoho, a Korean-made handphone EXPLODES and KILLS!! The "bomb" even penetrates the bones, lungs, and the heart!!

Ew, I was like....


Come on man, we somehow cannot live without handphones. But alas, this thing, which we are chasing to nowhere, could also KILL US!!

So my dear friends, be prepared, because you will never know when will your handphone explode too! "Bombs" are now AROUND US!!

Be prepared. Handphones are like silent grenades now. It's still ticking away.... hohoho...

God bless you all!

PS: Sorry guys for lackluster photos. I have been blogging in front of my webcam recently. Still waiting for new camera. Hehe. ^^ Hope can get 1 soon.

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