December 31, 2007

Kuching Foods

OK, I finally wrapped up my entire Kuching trip travelogue, with FOODS. Yes, here are the foods you can only find in Cat City. I mean it.

They are all damn delicious. Let the pictures drive your saliva out now. Hehe...

The extra-spicy sotong kangkung. See how many chilli sauce there?

The cha kueh. First time tasted it, loved it at instance.

Another savoury belacan squid beehoon.

Though looking quite eerie, but the green noodles are very nice! That's really worth RM3.30!

The menu said that this is FIVE-COLOUR-TEA. Can you count 5?

Almost free and variety of Lo-lok at 3rd Mile. Courtesy from my aunt's patient. Yummy~~

Oh I crave this popiah very much....

Not forgetting this Kuching-style rojak! So many nut powders!

Yeah, I know this may be very common to you. But they called it American Fried Rice. Eastern + Western style?

Really love this wife biscuit!

Guys, drunk your girl with this "Drunken Lady." Lol...

Delicious beef dumplings...

And finally, the signature Kuching food, beef noodle!! Haha...

OK, wish you guys a very happy new year! Will back on normal posting on life, next, on Chamber of Dreams!

God bless you all!

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